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					Leonard Hagg

Roundtable Plan

          My position for the plan was Public School Nutritionist. I feel all my concerns were addressed
and are being researched. The geneticist will be conducting long-term affects of the GMO’s for future
plans of cultivated seeds. The organic farmers will be provided with greenhouses coming from taxes on
seeds and patents sold from the GMO seeds. This will protect the plants in the organic farms from
contaminates from the GMO fields as well as provide a more controlled environment with possible
longer growing seasons and higher yields. The agribusiness farmers will provide the school with produce
which addresses common allergies, produce which has higher nutritional value, and product with higher
shelf life for off season produce. The organic farmer will provide produce that is fresh, natural and tasty
along with being affordable. The seed seller will provide education for all the seeds he sells and will train
the 3rd world farmer who has decided to go with the agribusiness path and is promised a position on
the farm. Research will be done by the geneticist to determinate the state of the soil and develop a
strain which could replenish the fields when needed. The UN food provider will be able to maintain his
food supply with the food reserved with longer shelf life.

The Plan meets all of my needs as defined by my role.

Providing healthy and nutritious lunches within a budget.

I did not have to compromise on anything and we were able to find compromises that in the real world
would be tougher I feel. After doing this project I realize just how truly complex the situation really is. I
knew GMO’s are a tough topic but I didn’t think of all who are involved. The 3rd world farmer was the
one who had to compromise the most I think. He had to give up his farming traditions, although he was
compensated and educated, he still had to let go of his livelihood.

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