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Friends of Iziko South African Museum Newsletter20112675317


									           Friends of Iziko South African
                        Postal address: P O Box 61 Cape Town 8000 South Africa
                   Physical address: 25 Queen Victoria Street Cape Town South Africa
        Phone: 021 481 3913 Fax: 021 481 3993 Cell: 072 225 6893 E-mail:

                        NEWSLETTER – FEBRUARY 2008
Welcome to a new year of interesting lectures and activities with the Friends.

LECTURE PROGRAMME FOR 2008: Lectures are scheduled for the last Tuesday of each month
from February to November and take place in the T H Barry Lecture Theatre at 19:00 unless otherwise
stated. Lectures are free to members on presentation of a current membership card and non-members
pay R20.

LECTURES in 2008

Tuesday 26 February

Topic: Hitching a ride with a Great White shark
Speaker: Alison Kock will open the 2008 lecture programme.
Time: 18:30 for 19:00
Join Alison as she takes us inside the world of the Great White shark (literally). Alison, with the
National Geographic's Crittercam Unit, teamed up to attach small cameras to the white sharks to
learn more about these misunderstood animals. She will describe how they attached the
cameras and why cameras are the perfect tool to learn about the hunting and social behaviour of
sharks. She will also show a video from the sharks’ perspective.

Tuesday 25 March

Topic: Elephant management in South Africa – why it is necessary and what the options are.
Speaker: John Hanks
Time: 18:30 for 19:00

This lecture will look at the decline and subsequent growth of elephant populations in South Africa in
relation to the limited areas available to them. The way in which elephants can regulate their own
numbers will be outlined, with explanations of why interventions by man have become necessary. The
range of options available for the management of elephants will also be looked at. The presentation will
conclude with an update on the status of elephants elsewhere in Africa.

Tuesday 29 April

Topic: A marine geotourist's view of volcanoes
Speaker: Dr John Rogers
Time: 18:30 for 19:00

Dr John Rogers, a marine sedimentologist in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of
Cape Town, will present a talk on volcanoes, partly based on personal visits to various volcanoes
around the world. This will include divergent-boundary volcanoes like those of Iceland and the Mid-
Atlantic Ridge, hot-spot volcanoes like those of Hawaii and Réunion, and convergent-boundary
volcanoes like those of Vesuvius, Santorini and Krakatoa. This presentation will include placing
volcanoes in their plate-tectonic setting and the screening of a DVD of footage of volcanoes. Hand
specimens and books will help to further illustrate the lecture.
Tuesday 27 May

Topic: African Black Oystercatchers: On the rocky road to recovery
Speaker: Dr Douglas Loewenthal
Time: 18:30 for 19:00

The African Black Oystercatcher is currently classified as near-threatened by virtue of the fact that the
population size is so small and numbers have decreased, or were previously recorded as decreasing. Dr
Douglas Loewenthal will argue that there undoubtedly has been an overall increase in the global African
Black Oystercatcher population (despite some local population declines), and will discuss the often
complex and interrelated factors that have been responsible for these population changes as well as the
overall improvement of the species' conservation status.


Date: Thursday 12 June
Time: 18:30 for 19:00
Venue: The Whale Well
Speaker: Dr Tim Rideout
Title: The grandeur that was Rome

The Friends and the S A Archaeology Society will co-host this illustrated presentation that will take the
audience on a journey from Trier to Rome, Pompeii, Capri, Herculaneum, Tivoli and Palmyra – following
the path of the once powerful Roman Empire.

Cost: Members of both organisations – free                Visitors – R20


Date: Saturday 12 April 2008
Activity: On Safari in Cape Town
Leader: Councillor Owen Kinahan
Time: 14:30 – 17:00

Join historian Owen Kinahan and the Friends on a walking safari in the central city. Hunting will be
strictly limited to following the clues that will lead us to creatures wild and domestic, real and
mythological, of fur, feather and foot. They are celebrated and camouflaged on and in buildings.

Put on your Great Explorer outfit and come as a bwana (or bwanette)! Equip yourself with binoculars and
butterfly nets – and much enthusiasm! The hunt is all on flat terrain and will take about two hours.

Cost: Members – R20        Non-members – R25


Date: 2–4 May 2008
Activity: A three-day natural history excursion in the Montagu district
Leader: John Almond
Join John Almond for a three-day natural history excursion, based at the secluded MontEco Nature
Reserve near Montagu. The reserve is embedded in the ruggedly appealing hill country of the western
Little Karoo, 40 km northeast of the town. The weekend will begin with a tractor drive up the Langeberg
followed by a potjiekos lunch; the group will then head off to MontEco Nature Reserve. Time will be
spent enjoying veld walks along stony river beds and over scenic koppies on the reserve with stops to
enjoy the rocks and fossils, vegetable life, goggas and a picnic lunch.

MontEco Nature Reserve offers shared accommodation in comfortable guest cottages as well as a
shady camping ground with a lapa. Included in the cost is the tractor drive, potjiekos lunch and two
night’s self-catering accommodation.

Cost in self-catering cottages: Members – R1 100 Non-members – R1 300
Cost for campsites: Members – R800 Non-members – R950

Date: Wednesday 21 – Sunday 25 May 2008
Activity: Fossil hunting in the Beaufort West district
Leader: Roger Smith

Join our ever-popular palaeontologist, Roger Smith, and the Friends for the 17th Karoo fossil hunting
excursion. Fossils 2008 will be in a different part of the Beaufort West district than before and the group
will visit farms not previously explored on other trips. Shared accommodation has been reserved at
Travalia Guest Farm 45 kms from Beaufort West.

Included: Four night’s shared accommodation, including breakfast and dinner, at Travalia Guest Farm
where camp sites are also available for those who prefer this option. Also included in the cost are
morning and afternoon refreshments provided in the field.

Not Included: Lunches for four days and any additional snacks and drinks you may require during days
out on the slopes. Lunch boxes can been arranged at Travalia for R15.00.

Cost for dinner, bed and breakfast: Members – R1 300 Non-members – R1 600
Cost for campsites – no meals: Members – R600 Non-members: R700



A crowd of around two hundred enthusiasts, including forty fortunate Friends, attended the run-up of the
Shackleton engines on Saturday 19 January at Ysterplaat Air Force Base.

The enthusiastic audience was certainly not disappointed as the Grand Old Lady, Shackleton number
1722, was awakened from her slumbers and wheeled out on to the runway. After meticulous last-minute
checks, the ‘Shack’ was finally ready. With a deep growl each engine was fired up in turn until all four
were blasting forth in a sweet symphony. Then followed the finale with the engines run up to full throttle.
The brute power of the engines was finally unleashed on the runway. The ‘Shack’ buckled and strained
as the brakes struggled to hold her firmly in check – one could almost sense the desperate longing to
become airborne yet again. Finally, the testing complete, the engines were shut down and the captivated
audience clapped in appreciation of a truly wonderful performance.

Watch the press for details of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the ‘Shack's’ arrival in South Africa on
26 February.

Thanks to new committee member, John Taylor, for arranging this last minute special for members.
fascinating exhibition will be on display at Iziko South African Museum until 12 March. If you have not
already visited the exhibition do take this opportunity to enjoy this collection of award winning
photographs from around the world. From vivid, colourful landscapes, to intimate portraits of animal
behaviour, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition offers an extraordinary insight into the
beauty, drama and diversity of the natural world. Don’t miss it.

SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR 2008: Your 2008 subscription was due for renewal on 1 January if you have
not already sent us your membership renewal please do so before 31 March. A renewal form was
included with your previous newsletter or one can also be downloaded from our website, and returned to
the office with your payment. Should you make an electronic payment or a direct deposit into the Friends
bank account it is very important that you include sufficient information on the transaction so that we can
identify it. This is very important as there are many unidentified deposits in the bank account every

If you have not received a 2008 membership card or any acknowledgement of a payment made to the
Friends please contact the office.

HELP US PLAN PROGRAMMES FOR YOU: Whilst the hard-working committee has a lot of ideas
for future lectures and outings, this is your organisation and we would like to receive suggestions from
you. Do let us know if there are interesting places you would like to visit or good speakers our members
might like to listen to.

WEBSITE: Keep up to date with all the activities at Iziko South African Museum on the website – This will take you directly to the Friends page where you will
find the latest newsletter as well as previous newsletters. A membership application form and a gift
membership form can also be downloaded should you wish to give one to a friend. You will find some of
the images from previous outings which will give you an idea of the kind of activities enjoyed by the
Friends. The Iziko website is regularly updated by our very own committee member – Melissa Stander.

ELECTRONIC TRANSFERS: There are an ever-increasing number of unidentified deposits in the
Friends bank account. Please ensure when making an electronic transfer or depositing directly into the
bank account that your name and the word ‘subscription’, or relevant activity, is clearly stated and that
you forward a copy of the transaction by fax, e-mail or post to the Friends office so we have a paper trail.

OFFICE HOURS: The Friends office at the Iziko South African Museum is attended by Maxine Davies
and Jill Franks on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00–16:00. Should you wish to make contact at
other times you may phone Maxine at 072 225 6893.

OUT OF OFFICE: I will be away from 11–31 March tracking Greek and Roman civilisations through
Libya, Tunisia, Sicily and southern Italy. Jill Franks will be in the office as usual on Wednesdays and
Fridays from 10:00–14:00.

WELCOME TO ALL NEW MEMBERS: It is a pleasure to welcome the following new members who
have recently joined the Friends – we look forward to meeting you at our future activities in 2008:

Dianne Arnold, Loretta Daniels, Diana Hayes, Jeanne Jackson, Hans Kranold, Peter and Louise Lane
Penelope Lazarus, Linsell family, Ruth Suter, Martin Wittenberg, Jane Yeats

SHARING LIFTS TO LECTURES: A member of the Friends who lives in Constantia would like to make
contact with other members nearby with a view to sharing lifts to lectures. For further information contact
her at:

Maxine Davies
Editor – newsletter
Friends of Iziko South African Museum

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