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                           Looking on the positive …
                           It continues to be a difficult time for many economies worldwide and especially                                       MAIN STORY
                                                                                                                                                 Helios delivers Galileo
                           for aviation. However many projects are progressing regardless of the recession,
                                                                                                                                                 timing service
                           because they have a safety or security imperative, or because they are key to
                                                                                                                                                 CAA ERG
                           improving efficiencies. We profile some of them in this issue of ON AIR!.
                                                                                                                                                 Regulatory reviews
                                 The Fidelity project (see below) deserves special mention. It has been a
                           very high profile contract for Helios. The multi-partner project management                                           Military ATM
                                                                                                                                                 Procuring the next
                           aspects have been challenging and our team of Ray Jones, Andrew Sage and
                                                                                                                                                 generation system
                           Stuart Mitchell has done an excellent job over the four-year duration of the work.
                                 Finally, last month we were delighted to welcome a royal visitor to our                                         SURVEILLANCE
                                                                                                                                                 Helios manages WAM
                           Farnborough offices: Dame Mary Fagan, The Queen’s representative for the                                              validation
                           county of Hampshire, who presented us with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.
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                                                                                                    Mike Shorthose, Managing Director

                                                                                         Fidelity goes live!
 AUTUMN 2009
                         Helios delivers Galileo timing service

                         Representatives of the Fidelity consortium at the Final Review meeting in Brussels (left to right): AOS (Jerzy Nawrocki), NPL (David Hindley), CNES (Jean-Paul
                         Cardaliaguet), PTB (Andreas Bauch), INRiM (Franco Cordara), Helios (Ray Jones), PROGENY (Michel Brunet), TRT (Andy Batchelor), Helios (Stuart Mitchell),
                          GSA (Frédéric Domps), NPL (John Davies), K-T (Stefan Bedrich), NPL (Graeme Parkin), OP (Pierre Uhrich), NPL (Setnam Shemar) & Helios (Andrew Sage)

                                alileo, the European satellite navigation system, is                                   Frederic Domps from the GSA commented: “Since
                         G      currently under development. When it reaches full                                the start of the Fidelity project, Helios has been the
                         operational capability, Galileo will provide users with                                 overall coordinator for the supplier side. This has meant
                         accurate global navigation and timing services. Precise                                 dealing with all of the complex project management
                         timing plays a fundamental but often neglected role, not                                related issues associated with a large international
                         just in navigation, but also electricity distribution, the                              consortium attempting a novel, complex, technical
                         functioning of email and the Internet, deep space                                       development. We are very happy with the performance
                         exploration and telecommunication networks.                                             of the team”.
                              For the GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA) Helios has                                      The Fidelity project started in May 2005. Helios was
                         successfully led the pan-European nine-member Fidelity                                  the technical lead for the specification and design
                         consortium to deliver the Galileo Time Service Prototype                                phases, and led the planning activities needed to map
                         Facility (GTSPF) for the In-Orbit-Validation phase of                                   out the future migration path of the GTSPF over the
                         Galileo. The GTSPF is a vital component of Galileo. It is                               lifetime of the Galileo system. The implementation and
                         responsible for maintaining Galileo System Time (GST)                                   test phases were followed by deployment at the
                         close to the International Atomic Timescale. This                                       operational site, and GTSPF operations started in May

News and Information     facilitates both the timing performance of Galileo and its                              2009, with Final Review and handover to the customer
           from Helios   interoperability with other radio navigation systems,                                   in September 2009.
                         such as the US GPS and Russian GLONASS.                                                       The GTSPF is now ready to support the                   ☞
    News and Information from Helios

           implementation of Galileo through the next phase of         to satisfy its stringent user requirements. ■
           development and on into operation. The GTSPF has been       For further information contact ray.jones@askhelios.com or

           shown to meet all performances needed to enable Galileo     stuart.mitchell@askhelios.com.

                Ray Jones                                                  Stuart Mitchell
                Ray joined Helios in 2005 with extensive                   Stuart joined Helios in 2006 from a background
                experience in technical leadership and project             in aeronautical engineering. He has been
                management of complex systems development.                 deeply involved in Fidelity during his time at
                From the start, Ray has been at the heart of               Helios; supporting Ray Jones and leading the
                Fidelity as technical lead for the system                  studies for the future development, operation
                specification and design, and as overall project           and institutional structure of the TSP. Aside
                coordinator for a diverse nine-member                      from Fidelity, Stuart has undertaken a range of
                consortium. Ray’s previous experience includes             technical and business consultancy projects,
                making substantial contributions to both Galileo           including providing advice to public and private
                and the European Geostationary Navigation                  organisations on the technical development,
                Overlay Service (EGNOS), a GPS augmentation                commercial exploitation and market strategy
                service supplying guaranteed positioning for               for navigation related services.
                safety critical applications.

    Preparing for another                                              range of suitable comparators at a more detailed level than
                                                                       is possible in the annual PRC ATM Cost Effectiveness (ACE)

    quinquennium!                                                      reports, in particular through additional investigation of
                                                                       external factors and quality of service indicators. The

      Helios helps ERG with                                            reports of the benchmarking project are available on the
                                                                       CAA website (go to www.caa.co.uk and search for “cost

          regulatory reviews                                           First audit of ACT
             n the UK, public services are increasingly provided by         The Service Quality Regime (SQR) is a scheme under
        I    private entities operating as a monopoly and requiring    which an airport is required to pay rebates of airport
                                                                       charges to airlines when specified standards are not
           strong independent regulation. For example, the Economic
           Regulation Group (ERG) of the Civil Aviation                              achieved. The SQR in place at Heathrow and
           Authority (CAA) undertakes periodic reviews of                            Gatwick airports resulted from the price cap
           the cost and quality of service provision at                              decision for the fifth quinquennium (which
           Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports as                                covers 2008/09 to 2012/13). As a sub-contractor
           well as NATS En-Route plc (NERL). Such                                    to Steer Davies Gleave, Helios has supported an
           reviews are carried out typically for a 5-year                            ERG audit of the SQR, focusing on the Aerodrome
           period or “quinquennium” and often result in                              Congestion Term (ACT), a measure of airfield
           the setting of a price cap (the maximum                                   disruption leading to lost or deferred aircraft
           annual increase in charges allowed during the next period   movements which may be attributed to the airport operator.
           of five years).                                                  Our role was to: (1) investigate and validate the
               Helios has recently assisted ERG with two elements of   processes involved for identifying, recording, attributing
           these reviews.                                              cause and communicating the impact of events that have
                                                                       an impact on service quality (defined in terms of runway
           Benchmarking NERL’s cost-effectiveness                      throughput) and quantifying this impact; (2) auditing the
               ERG is conducting its “CP3” price control review        calculations of the rebates that have been payable; (3)
           covering the third period of five years since NERL first    making recommendations for improvements to the scheme.
           received its licence. Helios was engaged to understand           Paying particular attention to the views and experience
           NERL’s cost-effectiveness compared to other en route air    of the entire range of affected stakeholders – airlines, IATA,
           navigation service providers (ANSPs). Our benchmarking      airline operators committees, NATS and BAA – was critical
           work used data available from the EUROCONTROL               to the success of both projects. This was achieved through
           Performance Review Commission (PRC), as well as some        extensive stakeholder consultation both through workshops
           other non-European ANSPs. The project gained insights on    and on a bilateral basis. ■
           cost-effectiveness from analysis of NERL compared to a      For further information contact mike.fairbanks@askhelios.com.
                                                                                     News and Information from Helios

Military ATM
    Procuring the next                                                    Training news – Helios and Policy Tracker are running

    generation system                                                    a one-off Spectrum Auction Masterclass at Farnham
                                                                 Castle 16-20 November. This unique event will help regulators
                                                                 and bidders alike learn about the theory and practice of
                                                                 spectrum auctions. This event was run for the first time in
     he UK military ATM environment is very diverse and is
 T   supported by a wide range of equipments and suppliers.
                                                                 Thailand during the summer and received rave reviews from
                                                                 delegates who loved the ‘hands-on’ mock auctions and chance
                                                                 to refine their bidding strategies. We have a few places left on
 With much equipment approaching its out-of-service date,
                                                                 the November course, so book now to avoid disappointment!
 obsolescence is becoming a major concern. The UK
                                                                 Over the summer months Helios successfully delivered a two-
 Ministry of Defence (MoD) set up the Joint Military Air         day Surveillance Seminar focusing on Mode S and ADS-B to
 Traffic Services (JMATS) project to address its future needs    Arab ANSP members of ACAC. Helios also delivered a three-
                                                                 day RNAV and PBN training course for Spanish firm INECO,
 through a potential partnership with a suitable supplier.
                                                                 and some of their customers.
      Working in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers
                                                                        Need help with your airport project? – Helios will
 (PwC), Helios advised MoD on the procurement and
                                                                        be exhibiting at two major European airports events. A
 financial impact aspects of JMATS. To inform and define         perfect opportunity to come and talk to us about your
 the procurement process, Helios undertook an extensive          requirements.
                                                                 ■ One of the top events in the airport industry calendar,
 review of similarly sized ATM procurement projects and
                                                                   Global Airport Development (GAD) is
 derived a set of lessons learnt in terms of strategy,             not to be missed. This year’s conference
 evaluation, contract conditions, risk management,                 takes place on 16-19 November in
                                                                   Berlin. Quote Helios VIP code
 performance and efficiency management and supplier
                                                                   KN2218HELEM when you register at www.icbi-gad.com and
 management. Through this procurement benchmarking                 get a 25% discount off standard registration rates.
                                                                 ■ ARC/QLAIR Conference (3-4 December, Amsterdam): the
 process, Helios was able to transfer knowledge to MoD on
                                                                   QLAIR project – which Helios has been supporting for the
 the best practice strategy for a procurement of this type.
                                                                   past year – focuses on the future of airport and aviation
      Working with PwC, Helios supported the                       developments in conjunction with a sustainable future for
 establishment of “as-is” and “should-cost” financial              the surrounding areas. Helios will be on stand 12 and we
                                                                   hope to see there. For more information, visit
 models providing evidence-based advice on the likely cost
 of replacing current assets and putting in place
                                                                        NAV09 Air Conference – Helios is helping to organise
 maintenance contracts, by applying industry benchmarks.
                                                                        the Royal Institute of Navigation’s NAV09 Air
 Using @Risk modelling to analyse the costing                    Conference on 25 November at Imperial College, London. The
 uncertainties, the consultancy team supported the MoD in        conference is called “Aviation’s Future Trajectories” and will
                                                                 cover both the near-term steps to minimise environmental
 establishing realistic cost profiles for the procurement.
                                                                 impact and maximise efficiency, and long-term navigation
      In addition to the direct benchmarking, contract           requirements in the context of SESAR. Speaker organisations
 strategy and budgeting benefits for this procurement            include NATS, UK CAA, EUROCONTROL, Imperial College, and
                                                                 the University of Westminster. To register visit www.rin.org.uk.
 project, Helios’ work is being used to support the MoD’s
 ongoing approach to procurement, including setting                      Spectrum news – Helios has begun work for the
                                                                         Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory
 expected contract lifetimes and transition times.
                                                                 Commission (BTRC) on a project to update the national
      The JMATS prime contractor, PwC commented: “Helios         frequency allocation plan (NFAP) and review the policy and
 have worked with us advising MoD on a procurement               prices for radio spectrum licenses. Increasing demand for
                                                                 mobile services has led to the need to update the NFAP and
 strategy for JMATS, which has included reviewing
                                                                 BTRC is keen to ensure that this demand is met. The project
 procurement strategies worldwide and also supporting            will also provide training and capacity building to BTRC to
 the detailed cost modelling of alternative structures.          further strengthen its capabilities.

 Helios has brought deep knowledge of the ATM industry                  Helios speaking at CEAS 2009 – Alex Goman will
 and market and a broad understanding of the strategic                  present at the CEAS 2009 European Air and Space
                                                                 Conference in Manchester. The conference themed “New
 issues which has enabled them to engage with the
                                                                 beginnings: challenges for aerospace innovation” will run from
 commercial aspects of our work. They have enhanced our          26 to 29 October. If you are unable to attend but would like a
 offering to MoD and have been good to work with.” ■             copy of Alex’s paper, visit our website after the conference.

 For further information contact mike.shorthose@askhelios.com.
        News and Information from Helios

                                                                                                                the system is installed. This process is expected to be

Flight trials for new                                                                                           completed by June 2010.
                                                                                                                     This project follows on from Helios’ previous work in
                                                                                                                this area for EUROCONTROL – a generic safety case and

surveillance system                                                                                             approval guidelines for WAM, and the South African air
                                                                                                                navigation service provider – where Helios, jointly with

                      Helios manages WAM                                                                        Austro Control, constructed the safety case for their newly
                                                                                                                installed WAM system in Cape Town. ■
                                                                                                                For further information contact alex.goman@askhelios.com.

                                 validation                                                                 Alex Goman
                                                                                                            Alex joined Helios' growing Operations Team in 2006
                                 orth Sea helicopter operators, off-shore production
                       N         companies and the UK’s largest air navigation service
                                                                                                            after completing a degree in Physical Chemistry at Oxford.
                                                                                                            As well as working on Wide Area Multilateration, Alex
                                                                                                            manages the South East England Development Agency’s
                           provider, NATS, all share a desire to improve the safety of                      “Air Traffic Management Knowledge Network”
                                                                                                            (www.southeastknp.co.uk/ATMKN) on behalf of the
                           the flights that ferry essential supplies and personnel out to
                                                                                                            Farnborough Aerospace Consortium. The ATM KN aims
                           the oil rigs off Aberdeen. NATS are in the process of                            to create wealth by forging partnerships between
                                                                                                            universities and businesses. Alex also takes a keen interest
                           installing a new system that will increase levels of safety by                   in issues related to aviation and the environment, and
                           providing their air traffic controllers with an improved                         contributes to media publications and conferences on the
                                                                                                            subject (see HOT AIR!).
                           surveillance picture of this area.
                               The majority of the oil production platforms in the                            Time warp
                                                                    North Sea lie beyond the                   A Helios consultant was travelling up and down the country.
                                                                    reach of conventional                      One day he found himself in a place where the temperature
                                                                    surveillance systems – the                 goes up sharply in the day and down at night. This had an
                                                                    coverage from which                        effect on his watch. He noticed it was 1/2 minute fast at
                                                                    currently extends out to                   nightfall, but at dawn it had lost 1/3 minute, making it only
                                                                    around 80 miles off-shore.                 1/6 minute fast. One morning - May 1 - his watch showed the
                                                                    Wide Area Multilateration                  right time. By what date was it 5 minutes fast?
                                                                    or WAM – an up and                              Please send your solutions to onair@askhelios.com. All
                                                                    coming means of                            entries must be received by 31 December 2009. We will give

Oil rig positions in the
                           surveillance, described previously in the Summer 2008 issue                         a bottle of champagne to the first correct answer drawn at
  North Sea on which       of ON AIR! – was identified as a technology capable of                              random after this date. The answer will be published in the
WAM is to be installed
 and current extent of     providing a gap-filling surveillance capability using a series                      next edition of the newsletter. Good luck to everyone!
        radar coverage
                           of low power compact receiver units installed on the oil rig                        And the winner is …
                           platforms.                                                                          Here’s the correct answer to the conundrum in the last issue: The
                                                                                                               cleverest candidate knows that only three possibilities exist: 1) W,
                               Over the summer NATS undertook the phased
                                                                                                               W, W; 2) W, W, B; 3) W, B, B. However W, B, B is not possible,
                           implementation of the system on 16 oil rigs and contracted
                                                                                                               otherwise in the first round, whoever saw two black blocks on the
                           Helios to manage and undertake the flight trial validation
                                                                                                               backs of the other two would have immediately shouted ‘white’. In
                           aspects of the work. Helios’ approach uses data generated                           the second round he knows that the only possibilities left are W, W,
                           by bespoke flight trials and a selection of operational                             W and W, W, B. However, nobody says anything. In the third round
                           helicopter traffic, so called ‘targets of opportunity’, to                          he can see that the other two have white blocks on their backs and

                           determine the in-situ performance of the surveillance                               they can see each other’s blocks as white too. If his block was
                                                                                                               black, they should deduce that their block is white! Since they have
                           system. The results will help NATS evaluate the system’s
                                                                                                               not said anything, he knows his must be white. Congratulations to
                           suitability to provide an interim “flight following” service
                                                                                                               James Ager of Manchester Airports Group who wins the
                           and locate helicopters in the event of an emergency, while                          champagne draw. ■

                            Helios is a management and technology consultancy supporting business,           For further information, contact Mike Shorthose by email:
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