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Newsletter - 2010 Dec version 1


NEWSLETTER                                                 December 2010

INSIDE:                                        IMPORTANT NOTICE

Page 2: From the Commodore                     Please note that the New Year Get-togeth-
Page 3: Race results 2010                      er at the Netherwood Hotel, Grange will
Page 4: Membership & Boat Park matters
                                               now take place on January 16th 2011 and
         Editor’s note
Page 5: Secretary’s notes                      not January 9th as stated in the yearbook.
Page 6: 2010 Frostbite series                  This was due to a double booking by the
Page 7: 50th Anniversary events                hotel.
Page 8: Junior notes                           Meet at 12.00 noon to chat and partake of
         Cruiser Corner                        the hotel’s tasty snacks.
Page 9: Owen’s Winter Sailing Tips
Page 10: Grand Christmas Caption Competition
Page 11: Winter Walks                          We hope to see you there.
Page 12: 2010 in photo’s
         ____________________________                 _______________________
                                          From the Commodore

                                                            went right down to the last race. I say most of the tro-
Well what a whirlwind 2010 has been!                        phies - of course that man Fearnley booked his place on
                                                            the top of the podium with a week to spare! Well done
As another season draws to a close, it seems difficult      Mark and Kiera on yet another victory and thanks to
to believe that just a few months ago we were reeling       everyone else for continuing to support this excellent
from the 2009 flooding. The changing rooms and              series.
clubhouse were like a building site and the harsh
weather that heralded the start of the year seemed to       NT Liaison
be dashing any hopes of getting back to normal in the       We’ve recently had another meeting with Mike Pember-
foreseeable future.                                         ton, the new area manager of the National Trust. Whilst
                                                            many may feel “we’ve been here before”, all the attend-
But once again SWSC rose to the challenge, and now          ees from SWSC felt this was the most positive meeting
here we are with better kitchen facilities, great new       we’ve had in years and that there are grounds for some
seating, and a warm glow arising from challenges met.       cautious optimism on this front.
We started the season with social events “on hold” due      Further meetings are firmly scheduled over the winter,
to the lack of facilities, yet by the year’s end we’ve      and our collective fingers are crossed that we will be
had everything from curries to halloween train rides in     able to reach agreement on securing the future of our
our social calendar, not to mention the “B” word*           club and paving the way for substantial improvements
* Barbecue (shhh!)                                          to our facilities.

                                                            Looking forward to next season, there is no doubt that
                                                            there are difficulties to be faced, largely due to the cur-
                                                            rent economic situation. However, we are doing some
                                                            very careful budgeting over the winter and I am confi-
                                                            dent that with your support, we can actually become
                                                            more financially stable in 2011.
                                                            On a more positive note, next season is of course our
                                                            50th Anniversary. We’ve got lots of exciting ideas lined
                                                            up - both on and off the water – more details of which
                                                            can be found elsewhere within these pages.

                                                            Looking back over the years I think we can agree we
                                                            have an awful lot to celebrate, not least our unique sur-
Anyway, what’s been happening recently?                     roundings. I was reminded of this whilst braving the
                                                            sub-zero conditions as OOD in the last of the Frostbite
Annual Dinner                                               races – when the snow is on the mountains and the sun
We all had a great time at the awards night. It was a       is shining it’s hard to imagine a nicer place to sail. (The
really convivial evening with Windermere Golf Club          Caribbean? - Ed.)
doing us proud yet again with an excellent meal and         John Thornley
great hospitality. There were certainly a few sore
heads at the following day’s race (I was fine – hon-

But next year it’s all change, as we push the boat out
and return to the Netherwood at Grange for an extra
special 50th anniversary dinner, of which there are
more details elsewhere in the newsletter.

Frostbite Series
What a fantastic series this has been, once again. It
opened with a real snorter to blow away all the cob-
webs, after which the weather settled down to give us
race after race of good close tactical racing. All 8 rac-
es were sailed, and the fight for most of the trophies                 ........ and it’s goodbye to 1846 - Ed.

                                                      Page 2
                                                Race results 2010

Congratulations to all this year’s trophy winners:

Troutbeck Tray                       April Meeting 1st Dinghy     Steve Roberts
Saturday C Cup                       April Meeting 1st FF         Steve Backhouse/ Harry Gumz
Barometer Trophy                     August Meeting 1st Dinghy    Bob and Barbara Woodruff
Belle Isle Cup                       Belle Isle Race              Mark and Arran Fearnley
Barrel Buoy                          Commitment Award             David Balshaw
Commodore’s Cup                      Commodore’s Day              Team Oston
Skirtful Cup                         Easter Weekend               Chris Tooley
Flying Fifteen Trophy                Flying Fifteen Day           Peter and Lynne Holt
Martin Shepherd Memorial Trophy      Frostbite Series 2010        Mark and Kiera Fearnley
Wilkinson Cup                        Grass Holme Race             Steve Roberts
Gummers How Cup                      Gummers How Race             Mark and Arran Fearnley
Butler Tray                          July Meeting 1st Dinghy      Mike Deane
Blake Holme Bowl                     July Meeting 1st FF          Joe and Eva Marsland
Dyer Trophy                          June Meeting 1st Dinghy      Mark and Arran Fearnley
Eunice Vase                          June Meeting 1st FF          Bill Cockshott/ Julie Tomkinson
Junior Plate 1                       Junior Series 1              Tom Oston
Junior Plate 2                       Junior Series 2              John Wingeatt
Kay Trophy                           Kay Trophy Race              Mark and Arran Fearnley
Ladies’ Trophy                       Ladies’ Day                  Mel Vause/ Christine Gibson
Cumbria Crystal                      May Bank Holiday Meeting     Peter and Lynne Holt
Daniels Trophy                       October Meeting 1st Dinghy   Mike Deane
Claife Cup                           October Meeting 1st FF       Bill Cockshott/ Julie Tomkinson
Classic Flying Fifteen Trophy        Overall 1st Classic FF       Steve Backhouse/ Harry Gumz
Ramp Holme Plate                     Rampholme Race 1st Dinghy    James and Judith Downes
RNLI Trophy                          Rampholme Race 1st FF        Peter and Lynne Holt
Scott Park Cup                       Autumn Sailing               Christine Gibson/ Diane Collinson
Ladies’ Committee Trophy             Friendly Series              Joe and Chris Marsland
Newby Bridge Plate                   Saturday Sailing             Joe and Chris Marsland
Aeslian Bowl                         Summer Sailing               Jack Thompson/ Diane Clubb
Fell Foot Plate                      Sept. Meeting 1st Dinghy     Mark and Arran Fearnley
Newton Plate                         Sept. Meeting 1st FF         Steve Backhouse/ Harry Gumz
Spring Trophy                        Spring Series                Steve Roberts
Storrs Park Trophy                   Storrs Park Race             Mark and Kiera Fearnley
Lady Windermere Trophy               A Series                     James and Judith Downes
Shipside Shield                      B Series                     Joe and Eva Marsland
Enterprise Cup                       C Series                     Mark Fearnley
Eunice Trophy                        D Series                     Steve Backhouse/ Harry Gumz
Waterhead Cup                        Waterhead Race               Mark Fearnley and Arran Fearnley
Walrus Cup                           Whitsun Meeting              Joe and Eva Marsland
Bosun's Cup                          August Meeting 1st FF        Joe and Eva Marsland
OK Trophy                            OK Day                       Mike Deane
Oppie Cup                            Oppie Series                 Isobel Russell
Topper Trophy                        Regatta Top Topper           Stephanie Wingeatt
Pursuit Trophy                       Pursuit Race Series          Bill Cockshott/ Julie Tomkinson
Junior Navigator                     Junior Commitment Award      Harriot Pulman
Top Hat Trophy                       Topper Series                Elinor Pulman
Trafalgar Day Trophy                 Trafalgar Day Race 2010      Mark Fearnley

                                                     Page 3
       Membership & Boat Park Matters                                              Editor’s note

Many thanks to everyone who managed to return their             First a thank-you to all who have contributed copy,
membership renewals so promptly, it makes my job so             photo’s and, yes, cartoons during 2010. If there has
much easier. To the few who have forgotton, please can          been anything that you feel should be changed then
you get your renewals back to me as soon as possible.           please let me know. As a notice I once saw in a bare,
And to the very few who are un-decided whether to re-           white-tiled, iron-barred Glasgow chippy said, ‘We
new or not, we really do need you to come back to us            welcome constructive criticism’.
next year, so put pen to paper and get that cheque writ-
ten! Where else are you going to find such a friendly and       I am currently pursuing sponsorship for a special edi-
enthusiastic sailing club situated on such a beautiful lake     tion in March 2011 to celebrate 50 years of SWSC. I
all for a maximum cost of £50!                                  have one or two sponsors in my sights but the
                                                                printing/distribution will be quite expensive so if any-
I would like to welcome to the club David Wilson who            one can suggest, or indeed offer, other sponsorship it
joined us recently with his Laser Stratos and who, with         would be most gratefully received.
John O’Donnell, has competed in most of the Frostbite
Races this year.                                                The March edition, like all others, will depend on your
                                                                input so please send me your contribution, don’t be
Sailing has now finished until next year, and I hope eve-       shy. The following list may trigger your creative side,
ryone made the most of what Windermere and the weath-           we need:
er had to offer . I am looking forward to the Winter
Walks which by amazing coincidence usually manage to            Current articles - about club, boats, individuals, etc.
finish quite near a Pub! Also don’t forget that the New         History - of club, individuals or whatever.
Year Get Together is now taking place on Sunday 16th            Photo’s - some from the past would be good.
January and not as detailed in the Yearbook. Next season        Copies of interesting old documents.
promises to be an exciting one with lots of events              A crossword, quiz, or other competition.
planned, and our 50th Anniversary to celebrate. If all goes     Artwork?
according to plan you will receive a new Yearbook, boat         Interviews?
parking stickers and notification of OD/AOD duties in           and memories - lots of memories.
plenty of time before the start of next season.
                                                                Clearly I am going to be overwhelmed with copy so I
 I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year, and            can’t guarantee to include everything, the pages availa-
look forward to seeing you on the water next year.              ble will depend on level of sponsorship, but I will do
                                                                my best.
Mark Griffin
Membership Secretary                                            Send your contribution to:
                                                       or, for those who prefer
                                                                quill or biro, by post and I will type/copy them.
Boat Park information:
                                                                All copy to be received by 19th February please.
 Please can everyone make sure that they take away all
their belongings with them when vacating their Boat             John Waldron
Spaces at the end of the Frostbite. I have noticed that the
site is accumulating an assortment of trailers, boards and
assorted rubbish which may end up costing the club
money to dispose of, so please take it away with you.

Next years boat space allocation:

I will try to accommodate all requests for particular spac-
es, and will try to keep people in the spaces they had this
year as far as possible. The site is far from ideal as a boat
park, and I may have to make some changes as we are
short of spaces for bigger boats. If you end up in a new
space, it will have been done for a good reason and it is
nothing personal and I really do like you as a person!

                                                                Children from the caravan site in Fell Foot Park enjoying the
                                                                ‘facilities’ in 1952.

                                                         Page 4
                                                   Secretary’s Notes

The 2010 season and my first full season as secretary is          At a recent meeting of our small planning group with
now over and we look forward to the 2011 season and               Mike Pemberton and Phil Crosby of the National
the club’s 50th anniversary year. With some of the ac-            Trust, plans for Fell Foot Park and the role of the
tivities that are being planned, it looks like it will be a       sailing club in those developments were discussed.
memorable and enjoyable year, both from the point of
view of the sailing but also on the social front.                 It is clear from the meeting that the sailing club is
                                                                  seen as an integral part of the park, that the National
Last year started at low ebb with a flood damaged club-           Trust will support us in as many ways as possible
house, no usable changing rooms and a very poor rela-             and Mike Pemberton wants to help us overcome our
tionship with our landlord, the National Trust. From              deficit budget, which has concerned the committee
my point of view it was very frustrating with endless             and trustees for a couple of years. Without divulging
letters sent to them but with little feedback and actions         any of the park plans, which are still confidential, we
taken with little consultation which affected the club,           can expect to see increased boat parking space and
such as the new floating jetty installation. However,             improved facilities over the next few years if Mike’s
over the year there have been vast improvements on all            plans are accepted.
fronts. With the appointment of Mike Pemberton as the
general manager of our area of the National Trust and             As a measure of goodwill, Mike Pemberton has
subsequent changes of management within the park,                 agreed that we can use the boathouse (old café) free
relations with the National Trust have improved dra-              of charge for a proposed 50th anniversary regatta and
matically and we can feel confident of a better future            at other times provided it does not clash with other
for the club.                                                     use. This could greatly improve our social functions.
                                                                  Another meeting with the Trust is scheduled for Feb-
Already we have seen an improvement with better                   ruary when we hope to review our licence of the site.
cleaning of the changing rooms, thanks to Phil Crosby
as the acting park manager, and relaxation of the BBQ             At the AGM, a question was raised about boat park
ban which allowed us to enjoy a number of social eve-             security and concerns about many boat insurance
nings towards the end of the season. Also, thanks to              policies where a secure park is assumed. We have
club members Tony Ford and Angela O’Donnell we                    now arranged that from the start of the new season,
now have lockers with padded cushions in the club-                the gate to the boat park and boat users’ car park will
house and easy chairs courtesy of AXA insurance and               be locked with a chain and padlock. Phil Crosby will
Mike Deane.                                                       provide this and it will have the same key as the park
                                                                  gate. It is the club’s responsibility to make sure that
There is now a flood watch and contingency plan put               members have access to a key. Many members al-
together by John Waldron and myself so that if the wa-            ready have a park key and it is possible to have one
ters come up again, then we can save as much of the               cut, but we will also ensure that a key is kept in the
clubhouse as possible and be up and running again in              Bosun’s locker in the same way that there is a club-
quick time. It was tested recently when the water rose            house key (or there was until someone forgot to re-
to the third step of the clubhouse but fortunately then           turn it). It will be club members responsibility to
receded.                                                          close and lock the gate after they arrive or leave as
                                                                  the security of everybody’s’ boats will depend on it.

                                                                  Finally, can I wish you all an enjoyable Christmas
                                                                  and a happy New Year. I look forward to seeing eve-
                                                                  ryone in the new season.

                                                                  Phil Bissell

Some aspects of the flood plan may be considered un-
conventional - Ed.
                                                         Page 5
                                              2010 Frostbite Series

The statistics:

All 8 races sailed
40 boats took part
Lowest number of starters 15
Highest number of starters 28
Average starters per race 19.4

 Race 1. A wild day with strong winds from the north and a
busy day for the safety boat crews. 18 starters but only 9
finishers. John Curtis made his first declaration of intent to
sail a different course from everyone else. Among the
crews retiring was John Dickson, having decided that he
was unlikely to win with his foot protruding from the bot-
tom of his Mirror.

                                                                 Race 2. 28 boats on the start line and 2 seconds to go, but
                                                                 wait ... is that 666 over the line already? You don’t get
                                                                 away with it by hiding at the other end of the line, John.
                                                                 As OOD that day it was terrific to see this many boats out.
                                                                 A ‘dinghy day’ with Robin Rose from Royal taking the
                                                                 honours in his GP14.
                                                                 Races 3 & 4. Again the dinghies kept up the pressure with
                                                                 Mark & Kiera Fearnley putting their stamp firmly on race
                                                                 3 and Darren Prior returning to prove that sea sailing has
                                                                 done him no harm by pushing Robin Rose into second
                                                                 place in race 4.

Race 5. Mark and Darren again dominated with Mark
taking first place.
Race 6. Led again by the dinghies, helped by John
Curtis who decided that the OOD had put too many
marks in the course and coaxed astray two of the lead-
ing Flying Fifteens. A very close race with Chris Ell-
wood in his Streaker holding off the other dominant
contenders. It was good to see the rising juniors en-
joying the series, Joseph Quick, Owen Bugler, Harriot
and Eli Pulman and Tom Oston having taken part, as
well as Kieran Fearnley of course.
                                                             Race 7. Mark Fearnley held off a strong Flying Fif-
                                                             teen challenge to clinch the series. Sorry Mark, but if
                                                             you could just go a little slower next year we may get
                                                             a photo.
                                                             Race 8. An admirable turnout of 15 boats enjoyed(?) a
                                                             bitterly cold breeze with John Atkinson and Elizabeth
                                                             Moreton from Royal taking this last race. With tem-
                                                             peratures below zero all day the big challenge was
                                                             boat recovery on an increasingly icy slipway.

                                                             Well done to all who took part and officiated for this
                                                             very successful series.

                                                        Page 6
                                2011 season - 50th Anniversary events

One or two dates for your shiny new 2011 diary. These events are being set up as part of our 50th Anniver-
sary year. We hope that a high proportion of members will support them.

Saturday 15th October 2011. Annual Dinner and prizegiving. For 2011 this will be held at the Netherwood
Hotel at Grange so that we can celebrate properly and have room to invite some past members.

13/14th August 2011. 50th Anniversary Regatta Weekend. We want 50 boats on the start line for this
event so all holiday leave is cancelled!

More details of all events will be in the March newsletter.

As part of our 50th Celebrations we have decided to do something a bit special with our entry to the South-
port 24 hour race next September.
Regular followers of the event will remember that a couple of years ago two enterprising lads sailed the en-
tire race without a single crew change, in order to raise money for the Sail4Cancer charity.
We’ve had a long hard think about how to put a different spin on that, and the plan we’ve come up with is to
turn the idea on its head and use 50 different crews instead! This seems a fitting way to celebrate our anni-
versary, whilst encouraging members old and new to get together for a fun weekend; and also to support this
worthy cause.
The idea is that each crew pairing will do a single lap in the boat before handing over to the next crew. Ob-
viously we want as many current members as possible to come along and have a go – as helms or as crews –
but what we’d also like is to welcome past members to come and have a sail too.
We’ve already spoken to the event organisers at WLYC and they are very supportive, and have provisional-
ly agreed to give us the start number 50 for our challenge!

Whilst this seems a long way off, for this to happen a fair number of things need to fall into place:
First and foremost we need sailors, and the sooner you all get your names down the better! Expect to get re-
minded a lot over the ensuing months, but the date for your diaries is 10th / 11th September 2011.

We need past members. Who do you know who might be up for it?

We need a few “watch leaders” to help with the considerable logistical challenge of ensuring that every crew
is ready to jump in at the right time.

We also need help with lots of other things like publicity, organisation, fund-raising, boat preparation.

So if you want to join the team, either as a sailor or as helper too, please ‘phone John Thornley on 015395
61202 or email

                                                   Page 7
                                                    Junior Notes

It has been another excellent year for our juniors and a few have even stayed on and sailed in the Frostbite series, well
done guys I am proud of you.

Next year we will start early on in the season by having just selected classes to begin with whilst we find our sea legs
before I invite you to turn up on mass. So please note the dates below in your diaries (well, you should have one).

Toppers and Lasers (go on then, Mike and Joe’s K1's too) your first session will be on Saturday 26th of March.

Oppy and Tera sailors (experienced) we will see you on Saturday 2nd April.

And, new for next year, begginer Oppy sailors your first day will be 9th April ( No other junior sailing just helpers

These days will begin with a briefing in the club house at 11am, lunch at 11.30 and on the water at 12.00 for an after-
noon training session.
The first junior day proper will be on Saturday 23rd April, juniors are asked to sign on in the club house at 10.00am,
there will be a briefing at 10.30 and we will be sailing by 11.00am. In the afternoon juniors will be invited to take part
in the practice race.

A reminder, junior is a state of mind not an age thing so if you’re an adult who Laser sails then come to Laser Day and
pass on your skills. Any help with Committee boat and rescue boat would be appreciated, or turn up with your two
man boat and grab yourself a crew, either a keen junior or their mum and dad, many of whom can sail and are desper-
ate to get out on the water other than in a rescue boat.

So start writing to Santa for your new sailing gloves and I look forward to seeing you in the new year.


                                                  Cruiser Corner

If you have not yet given details to Mark about your cruiser for inclusion in next year’s yearbook, please do so as soon
as possible. Also please pass on any thoughts about what the club can do to enhance your cruising enjoyment to Phil
Bissell or John Waldron. We hope to introduce one or two new events/ initiatives next year so ideas will be most wel-
come. Phil in particular always welcomes your thoughts by e-mail.

Would anyone be interested in a club boat jumble next year? Let us know - there must be plenty of potentially useful
gear lying in our sheds, lofts, garages and spare rooms. It would be good to swap it all around between us, we don’t
want to give up these useful spaces do we?

Tips for the cruising sailor - part 2.

Always aim to avoid this view from your boat.

(Dismasted between Rhum and Skye)

                                                        Page 8
                                            Owen’s Winter Sailing Tips

Owen has had an eventful year and in this issue he offers some useful tips for the winter dinghy sailor:

1. When moving on a flooded jetty in winter...................................always concentrate on what you are doing.

2. To get maximum boat speed it is of course important that you keep
your foils in tip-top condition. In practice however, you may find that
they are useful in many other ways.

3. Always try to choose your moment to capsize.


                                                           Page 9
                                                  Competition Page

First prize:

£20 voucher from Maiden Marine.

Get those new gloves you promised yourself all
through the 2010 season!


                                                                    You can put in as many entries as you wish.

                                                                    Send your entry to John Waldron at:


                                                                    Or by post to:

                                                                    Brow Cottage, Tarnside, Crosthwaite, Kendal
                                                                    LA8 8BU.

                                                                    To be received by 9th January 2011.

Entries will be judged by an independent party.

The winner will be announced at the New Year


Note: Any legal action resulting from the coincidental appearance of any one individual on more than one photograph will be
strongly resisted.

                                                Winter Walks

        Date               Leader             Walk description                Start point            Grid Ref.
9th January 2011       David & Isabel    A New Year low level walk       Meet in the station    SD 364 763
                       Huggett           of about 5 miles or so in the   yard on the north side
                                         south of county around the      of Cark-in-Cartmel
                                         Cumbria Coastal Way.            railway station at
                                                                         11am (off the B5277).

30th January 2011      Wyn Roberts & A fairly low-level walk             Clapham Parish            745 695
                       Cherry Flitcroft around Ingleborough area         Church at 11 am.
                                        (not up Ingleborough).

13th February 2011 Chris Marsland A walk along Leck Beck                 Cowan Bridge, near        Explorer OL2
                                  taking in waterfalls, the              Kirby Lonsdale, on        Yorkshire
                                  gorge of Easegill Kirk, a              the A65. Village hall     Dales West.
                                  dry waterfall, a sink hole             car park immediately      635 765
                                  and some potholes. Fairly              on the left after turn-
                                  easy walking through some              ing NE off the A65
                                  interesting moorland and               just after the village
                                  limestone scenery. About 8             shop/ post-office.
                                  miles.                                 11am start.

27th February 2011 Gordon Smith          A low-level gentle walk of      Leave A590 at Back- 369 816
                                         approximately 6 miles in        barrow, through low
                                         the beautiful countryside       and High Brow edges
                                         around Bigland and Beck-        then left, SSE for ~2
                                         side with spectacular views     miles, I will be at the
                                         of Mar Cymru.                   layby just before the
                                                                         turn for Beckside.
                                                                         Start at 11am.

13th March 2011        Pete & Lynne      A gentle amble up Pasture 10.30 am start from             410 131
                       Holt              Beck followed by a steeper Hartsop Village Car
                                         ascent to Threshthwaite       Park.
                                         Mouth and on to Stoney
                                         Cove Pike (2000 feet of as-
                                         cent). Fine views from Cau-
                                         dale Moor and John Bell's
                                         Banner. We descend down
                                         Rough Edge passing Cau-
                                         dale slate mine served by
                                         reputedly the steepest track
                                         in Lakeland to the Brothers'
                                         Water Inn (6 miles in total).

The routes are all reasonably easy, the March walk being the most strenuous. Boots and packed lunch are
the order of the day and all walks aim to finish within convenient distance of refreshment. It is useful to let
the walk leader for the day know on the previous day if you are coming. In the unlikely event of problems
the walks organisers are Judith and John Bentham.

                                                   Page 11
2010 in pictures

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