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                                               Coloured Stone
                                                                                         COLOURED STONE REPORT NO. CSJ90303568

                          E.G.L. South Africa                                                IDENTIFICATION                           NATURAL EMERALD

             TERMINOLOGY AND GRADES                                                          COLOUR                                   MEDIUM-DARK TONED
1. COLOUR: Which is Hue, Saturation(vividness) and tone                                                                               SLIGHTLY BLUISH GREEN
   GRADES                                               ICSL EQUIVALENT
   Exceptional                                                      100
   Excellent                                                      95-90                      CUT                                      PENDELOQUE (Long Pear)
   Very Good+ to Very Good                                        85-80                                                               MIXED
   Good+ to Good                                                  75-70
   Moderately Good+ to Moderately Good                            65-60
   Medium+ to Medium                                              55-50                      DIMENSIONS                               11.74x6.66x4.03mm
   Fair to Medium+ to Fair to Medium                              45-40
   Fair+ to Fair                                                  35-30
   Fair to Poor                                                   25-20
                                                                                             CARAT WEIGHT                             1.8580
   Poor to very Poor                                               15-5
                                                                                             COLOUR GRADE                             65
2. CLARITY: The degree to which a gem is included or flawed.
   Free of inclusions at 10X                                             100                 BRILLIANCY                               25-30
   Eye clean at 10X                                                    90-80
   Very lightly Included                                               70-60
   Lightly Included                                                       50                 CLARITY                                  INT: 30 / EXT : 50
   Moderately Included                                                 40-30
   Heavily Included                                                    20-10
   Excessively Included                                                    0
                                                                                             FINAL GRADE                              30 (FAIR)
3. BRILLIANCY: Light internally reflected back to observer
   Theoretical                                                          100
   Excellent                                                           85+
   Very Good                                                          80-75                  COMMENTS
   Good                                                               70-65                  SAMPLE
   Moderately Good                                                    60-55
   Fair                                                               50-35
   Poor                                                        35 and below

   This relates to the overall assessment of quality and is based on scale
   deduction relating to the various individual parameters that are considered to
   be out of optimum. Final grades cannot be higher than the relevant colour grade.

This report is based on the ICSL Coloured Stone Grading System parameters
                                                                                      ORIGINAL                      This report expresses an opinion at the time of
                                                                                                                    inspection of the stone not a guarantee valuation or
                                                                                      appraisal. No representation or warranties as to the accuracy are made. It is a term
published in detail since 1982 and has appeared annually in the ICSL Coloured         of the agreement under which E.G.L. expresses an opinion that E.G.L. is expressly
                                                                                      held harmless by customers including, but without limitation for any claims or
Stone Price Guide                                                                     actions that may arise in connection with the preparation of this certificate or
                                                                                      action based upon the customer’s use of the certificate.