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					                                                                                                                         Established in 1978

                                                 Artistic Profile
         South African based Afrofusion and Contemporary Dance Company

                                                              Thabo Rapoo and Muzi Shili in Flesh by Gregory Vuyani Maqoma

                  “Nyakaza o fetohe – making a difference through dance”

   This motto embodies what MIDM does, has done and has stood for three decades while
         contributing to the development of arts, culture and heritage in South Africa.

                Founding and Artistic Director:                    Sylvia Magogo Glasser
                Deputy Artistic Director:                          Themba Nkabinde
                Operations Manager:                                Mandisa Dangazele
                Resident Choreographer:                            Thabo Rapoo
                Assistant Company Managers:                        Muzi Shili and Faith Maseko
                Projects Administrator:                            Jabulani Sydney Nyandeni
                Rehearsal Director:                                Sonia Radebe
                Financial Manager:                                 Busi Radebe

Moving into Dance Mophatong was registered as a Trust in 2001. It has been a registered fund-raising organization since 1984 (No.
                    01100412 0009) with Section 18A status and is registered as an NPO (001-291 NPO).
MIDM background
The disciplined creativity has produced wonderful individual dancers and great new
choreographers. Long may Moving into Dance Mophatong remain in the forefront of beautiful
expression in our country and the world (Justice Albie Sachs 2008).

Moving into Dance
Mophatong Company was
founded by Sylvia Magogo
Glasser in 1978 as a
non-racial dance company.
Since inception she has been
the Artistic Director of Moving
into Dance Mophatong. The
work it has performed has
been an original blending of
African movement, ritual and
music with Western
contemporary dance forms
and music.

MIDM aims to present work
that is thought-provoking,
innovative, yet accessible.
Their work is characterized by
its sheer physical beauty, and                     Luyanda Sidiya and Sonia Radebe in Blankets of Shame by Sylvia Glasser

its spiritual expressiveness.

Since 1990 the company has performed to enthusiastic audiences in Africa (Angola, Congo,
Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lome and Nigeria), Australia, Canada, the United States of
America, Malaysia, Israel, Jordan, Europe (Croatia, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, The
Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland) as well as in Southern Africa.

The professional Dance Company consists of up to 10 dancers between the age of 20 and 30. All
members of the company have been trained in Moving into Dance Mophatong’s teacher training
courses. The Company are versatile performers, equally at home in theatres as they are in
arenas, schools, community halls, conferences and product promotions.

The Company teaches workshops and classes in Contemporary, Afrofusion, African Dance and
Edudance and have also received numerous awards, both international and local.

•   MIDM uses dance as a powerful force which has made a direct difference to hundreds of lives
    and impacted on thousands more.
•   MIDM uses the performing arts as a tool for education and training for youth and a means of
    providing job opportunities for trained dancers, teachers and choreographers.

As stated by the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund:
“Moving into Dance has enriched and enlivened cultural life. Its greatest achievement, however,
has been its impact on the lives of thousands of young South Africans, demonstrating the powerful
influence of the arts.”
Current repertoire

Blankets of Shame
Choreographed by
Sylvia Magogo Glasser

Blankets of Shame explores the
concept of stigma and denial through
imagery relating to birth, death, love,
lust, brutality, abuse of women and
children and healing. People’s capacity
for cruelty and disassociation as well
as their potential for tenderness and
compassion are examined. Blankets of
Shame lifts the blankets of silence
through a ritualistic journey
interweaving dance, music, the human
voice and fabric.                                            Luyanda Sidiya and Sonia Radebe in Blankets of Shame by Sylvia Glasser

Press quote:   “The crude headlines of child molestation, death and disease are turned into a deep ritual that is both
               raw and healing… elegantly devised with a sophisticated structure…” (Heather Mackie, The Weekender,
               27-28 May 2006.)

Ek sê…Hola!
Choreographed by Gregory Vuyani Maqoma

                                                                   Gregory Maqoma has given Ek sê … Hola! in
                                                                   which he blends Kwaito with contemporary
                                                                   dance, a face lift to celebrate Moving into
                                                                   Dance Mophatong’s 30th anniversary. The
                                                                   work challenges the notion of our urban dance
                                                                   forms and blends them with contemporary
                                                                   classical music of the west, thus creating a
                                                                   new vocabulary that remains uniquely South
                                                                   African. This work is energetic and inventive
                                                                   and builds bridges between popular urban
                                                                   dance forms and theatrical contemporary
                                                                   dance and music.

Choreographed by Thabo Rapoo

This work explores issues about
the importance of the role played
by women in traditional society
and how that impacts on
contemporary living in term of
values and morals.

“Botlhale ba phala bo tswa
phalaneng” – Mapela Mabuza
(Thabo’s Mother)

“The beginning of wisdom is to                                           Mpho Kunene and Muzi Shili in eMandulo by Thabo Rapoo

know who we are” Tlokwe Sehume (Thabo’s mentor)
Choreographed by
Gregory Vuyani Maqoma.

This work is inspired by the
Japanese spirituality, philosophy,
rituals and discipline in line with the
spiritual healers and prophets of
Southern Africa. Stripped of all
excess, the work is based on the
minimal aspects of unencumbered
flesh. Flesh persists, even when
transformed after death.

                                                                                       Moving into Dance Company in Flesh by Gregory Vuyani Maqoma

Press quote:            “A Kaleidoscope of dance food for the soul…” Sunday World – World of Business, 17 September 2006

Hanano – Blessing of the Earth
Choreographed by
Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe.
                                                                                      The Land, the Earth, the Horizon, the
                                                                                                Sky, All connected.
                                                                                              We dwell for years, but..
                                                                                          do not know its power, strength,
                                                                                         Through our blessing of the earth
                                                                                    we learn to feel, hear, smell the energy…
                                                                                       Through our feet, toes, knees, eyes,
                                                                                               fingers, back, chest,
                                                                                                  head and torso.
                                                                                     In this way we connect ourselves to her
                                                                                                 unlimited powers,
                                                                                             and can acquire strength, power,
Sonia Radebe, Muzi Shili and Vincent Mantsoe in Hanano by Vincent Mantsoe

Press quote:             “The binding connection is Mantsoe’s rhythmic flair twinned with his spirituality which informs each gesture, each
                         step.” (A.Sichel, The Star Tonight, 15.03.95)

Kgotla - Meeting Place
Choreographed by Thabo Rapoo

Kgotla is a place where people meet to
deal with conflict resolution and other
issues that affect the community.

                                                                                                     Moving into Dance Company in Kgotla by Thabo Rapoo

Press quote:             “… new pieces like Thabo Rapoo’s fascinating Kgotla, interrogating traditional values…” Adrienne
                         Sichel, Sunday Independent, May 2, 2004
Layers of Time
Choreographed by
Gregory Vuyani Maqoma

Originally choreographed in 1998,
this work was revived in 2004 to
celebrate ten years of Democracy in
South Africa. The boot was originally
the symbol of hope for better things
to come. It begins as an element of
oppression, is used, rejected and
finally absorbed. The work examines
dance through time, life through layer
by layer. It is a celebration of the past,          Moving into Dance Company in Layers of Time by Gregory Vuyani Maqoma

 the present and the future, revealing
the difficult history of our journeys to success.

MiDance with Hugh
Choreographed by Themba Nkabinde

Stimela was first created by Themba Nkabinde for the MIDM Company in 1995 to Hugh
Masekela’s song of the same name. In 2004 by special invitation from Barbara Masekela, SA
Ambassador to the USA, the MIDM Company performed at the Kennedy Center, Washington in
celebration of 10 years of Democracy in South Africa. For this special event Themba Nkabinde
and Gregory Maqoma collaborated on a reworking of Stimela. Under the title of MiDance with
Hugh it was performed with internationally renowned musician Hugh Masekela for the grand finale
of the evening.

Mummy, mummy, I have seen this piece only once
and I know what it’s about
Choreographed by David Thatanelo April

The revival of the “African” Swan entrances and amuses

Mzansi-Africa Delight
This work is derived from the joy and delight we take in
celebrating our rich South African culture.
The collage was created by Gregory Vuyani Maqoma
incorporating works of Sylvia Glasser, Vincent Mantsoe,
Muzi Shili, Gregory Vuyani Maqoma and David Thatanelo April
from the Company repertoire

                                                                        Gregory Maqoma in Mummy, mummy by David Thatanelo April

Speaking with Tongues & Ngoma- Music
Choreographed by Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe
The body becomes the music and the music becomes the dance.
Stone Cast Ritual
Choreographed by Sylvia Magogo Glasser
This work uses stones collected from the beach to embark on a mesmerizing ritualistic journey
during which the dancers create intricate polyrhythms and call-and-response patterns of sound.
The work evokes images of the sea and nature as well as traditional work movements such as
grinding corn.
                       ancient african
                    rhymythmical ritual
                      resounding rocks
                   hypnotically weaving
                      waves of worship
                        ways of work
                         stone cast
                     changes of image
                     images of change

                                                                                 Moving into Dance Company in Stone Cast Ritual by Sylvia Glasser

This work is dedicated to Mr. Jelte van Wieren, Cultural Attaché to the Netherlands Embassy in
South Africa from 1991 - 1994.
Press quote:             "The repetition of dancers progressing in a ziggurat pattern across the stage ...created a hypnotically
                         beautiful effect of considerable integrity". (M.Jenkins, The Citizen 15.03.94)
                         "Sylvia Magogo Glasser showed that she is the doyenne of African-dynamics." (M.Beukes, Die Beeld,

Choreographed by
Sylvia Magogo Glasser

                                                                  Threads is a cross cultural and cross generational
                                                                  artistic collaboration between Sylvia Magogo
                                                                  Glasser and Lebo Mashile. Created for MIDM’s 30th
                                                                  anniversary, Threads aspires to seamlessly merge
                                                                  dance and poetry. This piece can be thought of as a
                                                                  verbal dance or a physical poem.

                                                                  The collaboration deals with gender relationships,
                                                                  cultural and artistic identity in South African society.
                                                                  Glasser and Mashile’s experience in vastly different
                                                                  fields and their deep admiration for each other’s
                                                                  work has lead to a unique blend of the imaginative
                                                                  and the real, the young and the mature, the
                                                                  movement of poetry and the language of dance.

Lebo Mashile and Itumeleng Hlapane in Threads by Sylvia Glasser

Press quote:             “When incantation and trance-like dancing combine in this way, or better still, when verbal virtuosity is
                         matched by the lithe ingenuity of the body – and particularly in Threads” (Chris Thurman, The Sunday
                         Independent 2nd November, 2008)
                         “Glasser’s choreography has been enriched through collaboration and the dancers are strong and
                         dramatic, the work is powerful but deeply lyrical”. (Tammy Ballantyne - Business Day 28 October
Choreographed by
Sylvia Magogo Glasser
This choreography was inspired by
Bushman or San rock art and trance
dancing. The San were the indigenous
hunting and gathering people of
southern Africa. Their trance dance or
healing ritual and their rock art were
both part of their complex belief system.
It is likely that their rock art arose out of
the experiences of the shamans or
medicine men. During the healing ritual
the medicine men acquired supernatural
potency and they experienced an
altered state of consciousness.                                                             Moving into Dance Company in Tranceformations by Sylvia Glasser

Tranceformations explores the physical sensations, hallucinations, and transformations visualized
and experienced by the ritual healers while in trance. All the images in the choreography were
depicted on the San rock art. The dance shows what the shamans do, feel and see. The final
transformation in our journey takes the San into the modern world. This dance pays tribute to a
dispossessed people and their culture.
Press quote:             "Breakthrough for S.A. dance as art. Its all too rare that a South African work (with the emphasis on
                         African) boldly breaks new ground choreographically, aesthetically and culturally." (A.Sichel, The Star
                         Tonight, 11.10.91)

Virtually Blond
Choreographed by
Gregory Vuyani Maqoma
An emotionally charged work, which is
edgy and confrontational in its dealing with
how the body unconsciously reveals one’s
hidden narratives and asks “What do we
keep hidden or secret, and why?” “How
much of ourselves are we prepared to
reveal to others and ourselves?”

                                                                   Nhlanhla Mahlangu, Thabo Rapoo and Sonia Radebe in Virtually Blond by Gregory Vuyani Maqoma

                                                                                Xiif – Hunger
                                                                                Choreographed by Thabo Rapoo

                                                                                People finding themselves in a foreign and
                                                                                strange world; away from their home and yet
                                                                                never to see their loved ones; hoping that by
                                                                                rebelling someday they will meet them and go
                                                                                back home; longing and starving to see the
                                                                                loved ones that they might never see again.

Okaile Lekarapa and Sonia Radebe in Xiif – Hunger by Thabo Rapoo
Target Audience
The Company members are versatile performers, who are in demand for their artistic
performances in theatres as well as performing in arenas and community centres. Their work
excels equally at schools, conferences, corporate events and product promotions.

MIDM’s performances and festivals
(These are some of MIDM Company’s performances)

   •   FNB VITA Dance Umbrella 2000, Johannesburg. Performed WoMooniCity, Naka and ten
       other new works choreographed by MID
   •   Arts Alive at Dance Factory in contemporary African evenings
   •   Morija Festival in Lesotho
   •   FNB VITA Dance Umbrella 2001, Johannesburg. Performed Construction, Chair this
       Chairy World, sessaP EmiT and Motswa hole
   •   Performed in Shifting Rites at the Playhouse Theatre in Durban
   •   To celebrate the CDTTC 10th Anniversary, took part in the Spring Day and November
       Celebratory Week
   •   Community Outreach in Chiawelo and Sebokeng
   •   Women’s Festival in Durban
   •   Arts Alive in Johannesburg
   •   Dance Indaba in Cape Town
   •   FNB Dance Umbrella, Johannesburg: Premiere of Sonke Sisonke – Every Body,
       performances of Ek se … Hola! and other work by the Company
   •   Rhythm Colour at National Festival of the Arts in Grahamstown
   •   Performances for WSSD delegates at Dance Factory and Moyo in Melrose Arch
   •   Women’s Festival in Johannesburg
   •   Dance Indaba in Cape Town with VDT
   •   FNB Dance Umbrella 2003, Johannesburg. Performed Concepts, Need to Want, Time
       Passes and other work by the company members.
   •   Performances for the 25th Anniversary of MIDM Company at Wits Theatre and Dance
   •   Young Choreographers @ the Dance Factory season
   •   Season at the State Theatre, Pretoria
   •   FNB Dance Umbrella 2004, Johannesburg. Performed Screen Factor 8 and Kgotla
   •   New Dance festival 2004, Johannesburg. Performed Virtually Blond.
   •   FNB Dance Umbrella 2005, Johannesburg. Performed Concept.
   •   Season at Dance Factory, Johannesburg. Performed Virtually Blond for schools.
   •   Jomba festival 2005, in Durban. Performed Virtually Blond and Once in our life, the journey
   •   Arts Alive opening 2005, Johannesburg. Performed Sophiatown.
   •   Season at Dance Factory, Johannesburg. Performed Tranceformations for schools.

   •   FNB Dance Umbrella 2005, Johannesburg. Performed Virtually Blond and Journey.
   •   Season at Dance Factory, Johannesburg. Performed Blankets of Shame.
   •   Season at the Tesson Theatre, Johannesburg. Performed eMandulo, Catching the Bird
       and Flesh.
   •   Apartheid museum performance, June 16th. Performed Rhythm Colour.
   •   National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Performed Blankets of Shame and Catching the
   •   New Dance festival 2006, Johannesburg. Performed Rhythm Colour.
   •   MIDM Junior Company performed Sophiatown at Mosadi wa Konokono Awards.
   •   Mpumalanga Schools Festival in Secunda
   •   Oude Libertas Festival in Cape Town, collaboration with Jazzart. Performed eMandulo.
   •   FNB Dance Umbrella 2007, Johannesburg. Performed Blankets of Shame, XiiF – Hunger
       and Flesh.
   •   Cape Town Festival 2007. Performed Blankets of Shame.
   •   Blankets of Shame performances in Grahamstown – Rhodes University and BB Zendani
   •   Performance for Gauteng Dance Manyano – Dance in a Lake and MIDM performs extract
       from Flesh.
   •   Performances and workshops at PACOFS in Bloemfontein.
   •   Performance of Blankets of Shame at University of Johannesburg Arts Centre,
       Alexsan Kopano -Alexandra, Mphatlalatsane - Sebokeng, Rabasotho Hall - Thembisa,
       Kagiso Hall - Kagiso, Protea South Community Hall – Protea.
   •   Teach workshops, coordinate and facilitate for Gauteng Carnival – Pale Ya Rona.
   •   Arts Alive Joint performance with SABT and BTA, MIDM performs Flesh.
   •   The Knysna Play house in Eastern Cape. Performed Flesh and Mzansi Africa Delight.
   •   FNB Dance Umbrella 2008, Johannesburg. Performed Hanano, duet in Blankets of Shame
       and Ek se… Hola.
   •   Ukukhula Komdanso Festival, University of KZN, Durban, performed Flesh, BOS (duet)
       and Ek se…Hola.
   •   Arts Alive Festival 2008, Dance Factory. Collaboration with BTA and SABT, performed Xiif
       – Hunger
   •   MIDM 30th Anniversary season at the Wits Theatre, Performed Threads and Ek se…Hola.
   •   Mogale City community Arts Festival performed Flesh.
   •   United Cultural Development Conference hosted by Cultural Development Trust (CDT),
       performed extract from Flesh

   •   SA National Day for the SA High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and at other
       venues in KL.
   •   Company gave performances and ran workshops at International Children’s Festivals in
       Canada (Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg).
   •   Company formed the core of the Matlotlo MID Company which represented South Africa at
       EXPO 2000 in Hanover, Germany.
   •   Invited to perform and do collaborative work at Caritas Gala in Zurich
   •   Participated in 18th Dance Week Festival of Contemporary Dance in Zagreb, Croatia
   •   Company performed at Souk Ukaz in Amman, Jordan
   •   Prix Courage Award ceremony in Zurich
   •   North American tour with educational workshops and performances in Albuquerque,
       Vancouver, Banff, Calgary and Ottawa.
   •   Muzi Shili and Greg Maqoma spent 3 weeks in a workshop process with Adzido Pan
       African Dance Ensemble in London
   •   Participated in the Harare International Festival of the Arts
   •   Invited to perform at the Kennedy Center to celebrate 10 years of Democracy
   •   Kuopio Dance Festival Finland – numerous performances at all venues
   •   Maitisong Festival in Gabarone Botswana.
   •   Dance performance in St Polten, Austria, numerous performances at all venues.
   •   Dance performances in Luxembourg/ Bolzano, numerous performances at all venues.
   •   Dance performances in Sweden, numerous performances at all venues.
   •   Dance performances in Sweden, numerous performances at different cities and in different

Conferences, Diplomatic and Corporate Functions

2000   Urban Futures Conference, Johannesburg, Gauteng;
       Technikon SA (Public Management & Development) 2ND Biennial Exploration Conference -
       Gold Reef City; Nedcor dinner for Pres. Mbeki’s advisor, Wiseman Nkulu; Billiton Open
   •   Technikon SA at Gold Reef City
   •   Netherlands Embassy Open Day
   •   DACST conference in PE
   •   SANEC dinner
   •   Multichoice at Technikon SA in Gold Reef City.
   •   Business Touring Exhibition
   •   Opening of the Origins Centre Wits University
   •   Standard Bank values
   •   SAMRO logo launch
   •   Wesbank conference
   •   GenGame for Urban Brew Production Company
   •   MTN launch – Lindiwe and Sonia
   •   Cell C production – National tour
   •   Humanity Team Conference
   •   National Empowerment Fund Launch at Constitutional Hill.
   •   AWCA Function in Illovo
   •   End of the year function for Living Link
   •   Soccerex 07
   •   Eskom Managers Award ceremony
   •   Europassistance Award ceremony
   •   Africa Day celebration
   •   CIPRO ISO 9001 Certificate ceremony
   •   Premier’s Service Excellent Awards
   •   Gauteng Tourism Authority/Miss World/Host City
   •   Soccerex 08
Dance and Choreographic Awards
Awards & Achievements
The success of Moving into Dance Mophatong has been acknowledged through more than thirty
National and International Awards.

Local Awards

FNB VITA Special Awards

1997: Sylvia Magogo Glasser and MIDM were awarded the FNB VITA Special Achievement
Award: "For developing a uniquely South African voice in contemporary choreography and dance,
acknowledged both here and abroad. With your distinctive style, your ongoing education and
outreach programmes have since 1978 made dance accessible to communities throughout South

2000: Sylvia Magogo Glasser Special Award for being one of South Africa's national treasures and
foremost pioneers.

FNB VITA Choreographer of the Year/Best Choreographer Award

1995:   Sylvia Glasser - Stone Cast Ritual
1996:   Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe - Hanano Blessing of the Earth
1999:   Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe - Phokwane
2001:   Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe - Barena
2002:   Gregory Maqoma - Southern Comfort

FNB VITA Young Choreographers Grants/ Phillip Stein FNB Young Choreographer's Grant

1994:   Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe
1997:   Gregory Vuyani Maqoma
1997:   Vincent Mantsoe
2002:   Themba Nkabinde
2005:   Portia Mashigo
2007:   Thabo Rapoo and Constance Kau

FNB VITA Most Outstanding Performance by a Male/Female Dancer

1999 & 2001: Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe
2002: Gregory Maqoma

FNB Vita Pick of the Fringe/Stepping Stones Awards

1992: Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe - African Soul
1993: Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe - Gula
1995: Zakhele Nkosi - Spiritual Tour Experience
      Gregory Vuyani Maqoma - Here, There and Where
1996: Gregory Vuyani Maqoma - Heaven and Earth
2001: Muzi Shili - Me and My Partner
2002: Lucky Ratlhagane – Rhythm in Us

FNB VITA Most Promising Male/Female Dancer Award

1992: Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe
1994: Portia Mashigo
1998:   Thabiso Lekuba
1998:   Shanell Winlock
2000:   Stephen Phele and Constance Kau
2003:   Thabo Rapoo and Khabo Qubeka

Gauteng MEC Award for Best Choreography in a Contemporary Style

2001: Vincent Mantsoe
2002: Gregory Maqoma
2007: Gregory Vuyani Maqoma - Beautiful me

Gauteng MEC Award for Most Promising Male/Female Dancer in Contemporary Style

2007: Itumeleng Hlapane - Xiif - Hunger

Gauteng MEC Award for Most Outstanding Male/Female Dancer in Contemporary Style

2002:   Gregory Maqoma and Constance Kau
2007:   Muzi Shili
2007:   Sonia Radebe - Blankets of Shame and Xiif - Hunger
2008:   Luyanda Sidiya - Blankets of Shame, Xiif - Hunger and Flesh

Gauteng MEC Award for Most Outstanding Presentation of an Original of Contemporary Dance

2007: Gregory Maqoma - Beautiful Me

Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Dance

1995:   Vincent Mantsoe
2002:   Gregory Maqoma
2004:   Portia Mashigo
2008:   Thabo Rapoo

Tunkie Award for Leadership in Dance

2003: David April
2005: Sylvia Glasser

Arts and Culture Trust Awards

2004: Sylvia Glasser - Lifetime Achievement Award
2008: MIDM - Cultural Development Project

International awards

1995: Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe- Gula Matari - First Prize 1st Contemporary African Dance
      Competition, Angola.
1996: Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe - Gula Matari Vth Rencontres Choreographiques Internationales
      de Seine St. Denis, France. Vincent Mantsoe awarded an Achievement Award by the
      TASA Corporate
1998: Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe - Hanano Blessing of the Earth VIth Rencontres
      Choreographiques Internationales de Seine St. Denis, France
1999: The Prix decouverterfi-spectacle vivant from rfi Paris
Applause from critics
“…In years of watching dance from Amsterdam to New York, to Tokyo and South Africa nothing like
Blankets of Shame has left quite the impact on me and the person I attended.”
Charlene Smith, Grocotts Mail June 30 2006.
“It has the scale, complexity and performative norms to justify a large stage and a large audience”. Heather
Mackie, The Weekender, May 27-28 2006
“Glasser’s choreography has been enriched through collaboration and the dancers are strong and dramatic,
the work is powerful but deeply lyrical. As has been her focus for some time, she brings out issues such as
women abuse through dance and this is handled skillfully”.
Tammy Ballantyne - Business Day 28th October 2008.
“A new cultural narrative, offering unlimited opportunities of melding poetry, music and dance was created.
Artistically appealing, courageously executed, even traditionally non-theatre audiences were left in awe of
the possibilities available to artists in the country to create new work which stretches the traditional
boundaries between dance poetry and music. It was history in the making”. Edward Tsumele, The
Sowetan Time Out, 31st October 2008
“Moving into dance Mophatong has stayed true to its vision of developing a South African dance vocabulary
that speaks to all of us. That the company has not only survived but grown over the past 30 years, is tribute
to the determination and dedication of the company, its founder Sylvia Glasser, its resident choreographers
and its management headed by director David April. Congratulations! (Nicola Danby – 2008 MIDM
Anniversary Booklet).

1978    Moving into Dance Company was founded by Sylvia Glasser.
1980    First public performance of MID non-racial company at Wits University
1988    First dance performance at Johannesburg Art Gallery
1994    Performance of Moving into Dance Company at the inauguration of President Mandela on
        10th May.
1995    Vincent Mantsoe and the Company performed Gula Matari in Luanda (Angola) at the 1st
        Contemporary African Dance Competition.
1996    Performed for Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands on her State visit to South Africa.
1998    20th anniversary season at Wits Theatre
2000    Represent SA at Expo 2000 Germany
2003    25th anniversary season at Wits Theatre
2004    Perform Sylver Synergy at main Festival NAF Grahamstown
        Perform at Kennedy Center with Hugh Masekela as part of SA 10th Anniversary
2006   Perform Tranceformations at opening of Origins Centre for President Mbeki
2008    30th anniversary season at Wits Theatre
        Thabo Rapoo performed his solo work for the Indonesian president
2009   Invited to perform at Dance Umbrella Gala
About our outreach programme
Moving into Dance Mophatong and its educational programmes are in the business of:
   • Flexing minds, liberating bodies and fine tuning souls.
   • Changing the way teachers teach in schools.
   • Creating cutting-edge choreographers.
By using dance as a tool for education and
training for underprivileged youth and a
means of providing job opportunities for
trained dancers, teachers and
choreographers, MIDM has broken the cycle
of poverty for hundreds of people and
created a range of possibilities for their
While recognizing and working to ameliorate
the socio-economic problems
that South Africa is still experiencing,
MIDM’s work also celebrates the vitality,
energy, resilience and talent that is
evidenced in our communities.
                                                                                             Batsogile Primary School 2004
The organization runs a Dance Training Course and an Outreach Programme which incorporates
Edudance, a methodology in which dance is used to teach academic subjects.
“I think it’s a good thing that there is Blankets of Shame to teach young people about life”.
(Zodwa Mthembu - Madiba Comprehensive H. S., 8.5.07)

“To help people because some people
carry their pain around and end up
killing themselves, which is not right.
This show will make a difference”.
(Zimasa Bikitsha – Tersia King Academy)

“The performance was very good and
impressive”. (Nyali Phikolomzi –
Masiqhakaze Secondary School 30.7.07)

                                                                      FET outreach programme at Isiseko Primary School 2007

Schools, Performances, Lecture-Demonstrations

These are some of the schools MIDM has taught at and performed at:-

2000   Hillcrest Primary; Foundation School; Kings mead School
2001   Holy Rosary Convent; Queens High School, St Stithians Arts Festival, St Mary’s Girls
       School, Highveld, North West and Mpumalanga Schools Festivals
2002   Alexandra high schools attended performances / workshops at Alexsan Kopano, St
       Stithians, Hillcrest, Kings mead College
2006   Mount Waldorf School
2007   Performance at St Stithians.
       Blankets of Shame performance at St Peter Claver.
       Blankets of Shame performance at Tersia King
       Blankets of Shame performance at Azara High School,
       Several CWCI performances at Constitutional Hill.
       Performance in Rustenburg – Retief Primary School.
2008   Blankets of Shame performance at Craighall Primary School
       Blankets of Shame performance in Orange Farm
       Dance workshops for learners at King David Primary – Linksfield
       Dance workshops for learners at the Alexandra Education Centre
       Regular bi-weekly teaching at schools by Company including Isiseko Primary
       School in White City, St Peter Claver in Pimville; Modiopo Primary School in
       Thembisa; and Qhoweng Primary School in Sharpville
2009   Afrofusion and Contemporary dance workshops in Botswana - Maitisong

2006 onwards Open class quarterly performances at Dance Factory

About our touring performances
“Thanks for being part of the Festival - it was a pleasure working with you and your company”.
(Terry Fortune Arts Project Manager Cape Town Festival. 8 March, 2007)

“Danced with verve and energy
to a superb musical score one is
moved from outrage to sympathy
in a heartbeat. I have seldom
seen a love scene better realized
given the bleak business that
surrounds it”. (Francis Gerard,
Project Coordinator of the
Origins Centre Wits University,

                                                                                Bakgomana Primary School 2004

“Thank you for a completely superb performance last Sunday afternoon in the Knysna Playhouse.
Your brilliance transported the audience to a wondrous world of physical and emotional prowess,
resulting in a truly spiritual celebrated of humanity”. (Sue and Stephen Gurney, audience
members, Knysna Playhouse Theatre).

Leadership training, empowerment and job creation
   MIDM has developed choreographers and performers, as well as skilled teachers who are
   invited to perform, choreograph, teach, and present papers throughout Africa, Europe and the
   We are trendsetters in choreography and a dance technique called, Afrofusion - an integration
   of African movement, ritual and music with Western contemporary dance forms has become
   the unique signature of the Company.
About our collaborative projects
I worked with both the learners and the
professional company at MIDM. It was a
wonderful experience to work with them all.
The learners showed curiosity and energy
and I found them full of joy and passion for
their dance. In working with the company I
used improvisation as one method and was
impressed by the way they undertook the
tasks given. They showed a deep
understanding of movement and worked with
sincerity, honesty and sensibility. Annika
Notér Hooshidar - Senior lecturer, University
College of Dance, Sweden

                                                          Muzi Shili in Once in our life, the journey begins by Sbonakaliso Ndaba

“My experience of working at MIDM was great, and the staff, dancers and trainees really gave me
a warm welcome. The best moment for me during the process was when everybody, including
myself, was telling personal stories to each other and we realized how similar all of our stories
actually were”. Once in our life, the journey begins – Sbonakaliso Ndaba from
Phenduka Dance Company in Durban.

   •   Performed Talas at the State Theatre with Tribhangi Dance Theatre
   •   Paola Beck Benefit Concert at the Wits Great Hall
   •   Performed in Nigeria for Dunhill Symphony of Fire with a large group of dancers under the
       auspices of Maqoma Dance Theatre.
   •   Created new work with Jazzart for Dance Indaba in Cape Town
   •   Danceformation and Cementation with Vuyani Dance Theatre was performed for WSSD
       delegates and at the year end
   •   Rhythm Colour was performed with Vuyani Dance Theatre around South Africa
   • CityScapes directed by Jay Pather and in collaboration with Siwele Sonke, Tribanghi,
       SABT, Nritya Rupam, Our Hour Pantsula Company, Sibikwa.
   • Sbonakaliso Ndaba from Phenduka Dance Company choreographed a piece for MIDM
   • Jay Pather collaborationg with the MIDM FET students, Dance Umbrella Festival.
   •    Oude Libertas Festival collaboration with Jazzart in Cape Town.
   •    ADT and MIDM performance at Museum Africa.
   •    SABT and BTA for Arts Alive.
   •    Trinity Entertainment for Gauteng Carnival.
   •    Swedish South Africa collaboration.
   •    MIDM with Lebo Mashile on Moving into Poetry.
   •    Sonia Radebe with Dance Factory on Macbeth by PJ Sabbagah.
   •    MIDM and Lovelife for the CWCI project of Blankets of Shame.
   •   The Knysna Playhouse Theatre
   •   FNB Dance Umbrella Festival
   •   Lebo Mashile’s Book Launch
   •   SABT and BTA for Arts Alive
   •   Tribute to Anna Nell show
   •   Via Volcano, Taxido, PKDK, Hlabelela Ensemble, - Soccerex
   •   MIDM and NISAA for Blankets of Shame
   •   United Cultural Development Conference hosted by Cultural Development Trust (CDT),
       performed extract from Flesh

“My inspiration comes from seeing MIDM’s dancers with all their personalities, different skills and their
willingness to open up their hearts and souls”. Catching the Bird - Marie Brolin-Tani from Skånes
Dansteater in Malmö, Sweden

                                                   Moving into Dance Company in Catching the Bird by Marie Brolin-Tani

                                                     Photographs by John Hogg and Suzy Bernstein

                     Themba Nkabinde
                     Deputy Artistic Director/Company Manager

                      P O Box 711
                      2113 South Africa

                      T: +27 11 838 2816
                      F: +27 11 838 2976
                      Mobile: 082 511 6762


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