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					                                                                      Hardware              Hose & Fittings        Industrial Ventilation

                                                                                     Materials Handling

                                                                           CHAIN & FITTINGS
                                                             Lubrication Equipment           Machinery             Materials Handling
                                                                                            & Accessories
                                             Drag Chain Kits                                                        Winged Grab
                                             • Comprises of                                                         Hook
                                               hi-tensile Gr70                                                      • New style of grab
                                               chain complete with                                                    hook
                                               a grab hook, sling                                                   • Does NOT de-rate
                                               hook and lug link                                                      chain

                                                                                 Model Number                  Lashing Capacity
         Model Number                   Lashing Capacity         Paints & Spray 6MM GRAB WHK
                                                                                           Power Tools              2300kgSafety
        6MM X 5M DRAG                        2300kg                              8MM GRAB WHK                       4000kg
        6MM X 6M DRAG                        2300kg                              10MM GRAB WHK                      6000kg
        7MM X 5M DRAG                        3000kg                              13MM GRAB WHK                      9000kg
        7MM X 6M DRAG                        3000kg
        8MM X 5M DRAG                        4000kg                                                                 Grab Hook
        8MM X 6M DRAG                        4000kg                                                                 • Standard Grab
        10MM X 5M DRAG                       6000kg                                                                 • De-Rate chain by
                                                                      Welding             Workshop Equipment             Workwear
                                                                                                                      25% when using
        10MM X 6M DRAG                       6000kg
                                                                                                                      these hooks
        13MM X 6M DRAG                       9000kg
Custom lengths available
                                                                                 Model Number                  Lashing Capacity
                                             Load Binding                         6MM GRAB HK                       2300kg
                                             Chain Kits                           8MM GRAB HK                       4000kg
                                             • High tensile Grade                10MM GRAB HK                       6000kg
                                               70 load binding
                                               chain kit complete                13MM GRAB HK                       9000kg
                                               with two grab hooks
                                                                                                                    Slip Hook
         Model Number                   Lashing Capacity
        6MM X 9M LOAD                        2300kg
        7MM X 9M LOAD                        3000kg
       8MM X 7.5M LOAD                       4000kg
        8MM X 9M LOAD                        6000kg
        10MM X 9M LOAD                       9000kg                              Model Number                  Lashing Capacity
                                                                                  6MM SLIP HK                       2300kg
                                             Grade 70                             8MM SLIP HK                       4000kg
                                             Transport Chain                      10MM SLIP HK                      6000kg
                                             • High tensile load
                                                                                  13MM SLIP HK                      9000kg
                                               binding and drag
                                               chain available by
                                               the metre or in a                                                    Claw Hook
                                               500kg drum
                                             • Chain is plated in
                                               yellow zinc
                                               dichromate for
                                               corrosion protection

  Model Number             Mtrs/500kg             Capacity
     6MM HITEN                625                   2300kg                       Model Number                  Lashing Capacity
     7MM HITEN                460                   3000kg                        6MM CLAW HK                       2300kg
     8MM HITEN                350                   4000kg                        8MM CLAW HK                       4000kg
    10MM HITEN                225                   6000kg                       10MM CLAW HK                       6000kg
    13MM HITEN                134                   9000kg                       13MM CLAW HK                       9000kg

                                MH08                                                                                                 571