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					 FI R S T
 H OLD IN GS                NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                              S E P T E M B E R            2 0 1 0

                     FROM THE CORNER OFFICE
                   Hi all                                      merry days of merely developing new         they won‟t.
                                                               fuel retail sites when and where you
                   It has been a while since we have had       pleased, as long as the number of           In the mean time, the cladding market
                   a newsletter.                               sites you operated remained within          looks very attractive, for the following
                                                               certain limits. Future sites required       reasons:
                   Now Spring is busy happening around         licences, which was a whole new                   A portion of the materials are
                   us. As always, it is the sign of good       story. Then, of course, new environ-                    imported, so we make use
                   things to come!                             mental legislation kicked in as well,                   of the strong Rand.
                                                               (National Environmental Management                The jobs are normally too com-
                   I see the moon is waning fast, so           Act, 1998). So our main customers,                      plicated for somebody
INSIDE             shortly all our Muslim colleagues will
                   be done with their annual fast. The
                                                               the fuel retailers, were going to be
                                                               severely curtailed in how many new
                                                                                                                       from China to undertake
                                                                                                                       it, and
THIS               month of Ramadan, and the fasting
                   that goes with it, is intended to teach
                                                               sites they could build. Since new
                                                               sites were our bread and butter, it
                                                                                                                 they are large enough to war-
                                                                                                                       rant us spending time on it
                   Muslims about patience, humility, and       was clear that we were in for dropping                  to get it right.
ISSUE:             spirituality. It is also intended as a      sales.                                            The construction industry gen-
                   period of purification. Ask anybody                                                                 erally works with deposits,
                   who has been on a fast: your body           In spite of this, we had a last hurrah in               which means the cash
                   gets rid of stuff it does not want in a     2004, coming from the rebranding of                     flow is quite good.
Cotlands       2   hurry. Apparently, the first verses of      Sasol & Total instead of new                      We get warned about the job a
                   the Qur‟an were given to the Prophet        sites. Anticipating the slowdown in                     bit earlier as well, so we
Project            Muhammad during the month of                our traditional market, we tried to                     don‟t have the problem of
                   Ramadan as well, so the customs             diversify away from the petroleum                       having to guess what our
                   associated with it goes right back to       companies, with some success. The                       capacity should be all the
                   the founding of Islam. We wish all our      likes of Shoprite, Continental, Fo-                     time.
Supporting     2   Muslim colleagues and their families a      schini, Moneygram, Yamaha, Free-                  We are supremely well posi-
                   blessed month!                              world Coatings, Ackermans, Steers,                      tioned to take advantage
one another                                                    Virgin Active, Citibank and Cape                        of the situation, since we
                   Back to FAH. We have literally been         Town Stadium all ended up in our                        have all the required
                   through the „valley of death‟. And we       factory, but we never really managed                    infrastructure in place.
                   are not out of it yet. Everyone‟s faith     to make money from the bulk of these
Business       2   has been rather severely tested by          projects. Sales may have increased
                   the experience. A bunch of our col-         fairly steadily, but so did the over-       Elsewhere in the newsletter you will
relations          leagues have departed for other             heads. So the breakeven point was a         see a note of appreciation from Hyun-
                   pastures, and we wish them well.            moving target, and it kept eluding us.      dai Somerset West for the cladding
                                                                                                           work we did there. I think it bodes
                   For those who have remained: Thank          In retrospect, there was a couple of        well for our cladding business,
Baby boy for   2   you for still being here and slogging it    things we could have done differently,      branded as AfriClad!
                   out with the rest of us in difficult cir-   but without actually having tried that,
Christian          cumstances. Your patience and               it is a bit hard to know if it would have   Our traditional customers in signage,
                   fortitude is really appreciated. I‟ll       worked. One would have been to              such as Caltex and Total, are starting
                   happily go to war with all of you.          shrink the business back down to pre-       to spend some money again. Engen
                                                               2004 levels, stay in the old building,      IBD is also busy expanding again.
Spring         3   The good news is that we are still          and only pursue the oil industry –
                   here. The odds against that was             inside and outside SA. Another would        As most of you know by now, we
                   quite big.                                  have been to set up our own rigging         have sold the paints business to
                                                               and pursue maintenance work a lot           Kuba. Because of our tight cash
FAH’S          3   The question is: where to from here?        earlier.                                    position, we needed the rather large
                                                                                                           loan we made to that business to be
got talent         Maybe I should answer that by look-         Any which way, there is no telling how      repaid. To a large extent, this was
                   ing at where we were:                       that would have panned out. What            achieved, and it sure helped our cash
                                                               we are facing is more imports from          flow during a bad period. We wish
                   Aerodyne Sign Technology grew               China, although the buyers are now          Kuba and Mario well with their solo
Happy          3   steadily, if unspectacularly, for 4         discovering that signs need replace-        venture. I‟m still proud of our associa-
                   years before we bought it. We started       ment parts, and not having local            tion with Awlgrip, and hope to use the
Clients            getting pressure about BEE quite            backup is rather inconvenient, at           product for years to come.
                   early, so we did a deal long before         times. So expect the pendulum to
                   most other companies. (To this day,         swing back a bit. Caltex e.g. did not       All told, I think we have weathered the
                   the likes of Pick „n Pay and Shoprite       go for imported signage. But the long       storm, and we are in for a good
All Paints and 4   has e.g. not done BEE deals                 term trend is for oil majors to get out     year! We sure need it.
                   yet. Makes you think, eh!?) We grew         of retailing. The people who take
Products           mostly in the oil industry, but we knew     over the sites may not be so worried        Again, thanks for the patience. It will
                   the game was going to change be-            about their brands, and hence their         be worth it. You‟ll see!
                   cause of new legislation that was on        signage. Then again, they may
Birthdays      4   its way. The Petroleum Products             be. We‟ll have to see how it pans           Wynand
                   Amendment Act of 2003 changed the           out. I presume in the cities they will
                   game completely. Gone were the              spend on it, and in the rural areas

Casual Day     5
       PAGE     2
                         COTLANDS PROJECT
                         I have a lot of new school      in the new to enter our       anything to donate in the
                         art material for children as    lives and homes.              next 2 weeks, please let
                         I had a business in that line                                 me know and we can find
                         and want to clean up my         I know times are tough for    a place to store it before
                         braairoom that has been a       all of us, but apart from     handing it over.
                         “storeroom” for the past        showing gratitude for what
                         few years. I made contact       we do have and helping        Ciske, Shaakiera and I will
                         with Cotlands and re-           people less fortunate than    also be doing a creative
                         ceived a “wishlist” of          ourselves, we could also      activity with the kids on
                         things that they need.          use this opportunity for a    the 27th of September
                         I believe that clutter          bit of media coverage if we   2010 during their holiday
                         just causes blockages in        as a company donate           programme.
                         our lives and if we start       whatever we can put to-
                         decluttering and give           gether and even consider      Thanking everybody who
                         away things like bed-           challenging other compa-      will be contributing to this
                         ding, etc, that we don’t        nies to do the same in a      project in advance.
                         use and that just take          local newspaper.
                         up space and have no                                          Mariëtte
                         real resell value, we           I will circulate Cotlands’
                         make space and invite           wishlist and if you have

                         Supporting one another
                         After the rush of the           department, Production
                         Green Point Stadium             and Jeremy's new rig-         of cash, and it of-
 “We need to             contract, it is actually a      ging team (partly the         ten stops us from doing
 support one             pleasure to work with a         result of the Green Point     our job. We do not have
 another and             client like Total, where at     Stadium installation we       much control over that.
                         least the scope of works        have done). We also           We do however have
                         remains more or less the        look forward to the           control over our atti-
 each small              same from day to day.           Capitec rollout, produc-      tude towards it. We
 success.”               Not saying that there are       tion in September and         need everyone to do
                         no challenges there.            installation in October.      everything we can do,
                         Wolf from          Hyundai                                    better than we nor-
                         Helderberg is a happy           With regards to the our       mally would. We need
                         client despite the fact         current financial situa-      to support one another
                         that that job was also a        tion I would like to point    and appreciate each
                         continuous on-site de-          out the following. Yes,       small success.
                         sign and re-design.             we      are      strug-
                         Thanks to the Technical         gling because of the lack     Van Heerden

                                                                        Baby boy for Christian

During Toshi’s visit a lot of new strategies were dis-
                                                                   Congratulations to Christian and his family.
cussed. More about Africlad / Alpolic Seminar @ Nitida
in the next issue.             Photographer: Theuns

                                          SPRING by Shaakiera                                         No
                                                                                                                PAGE   3

                                                                      And each flower and herb on
                                   Everything is blooming most        Earth's dark breast
                                                  recklessly; if it   rose from the dreams of its
                                                  were voices in-     wintry rest.                    how long
                                    ..if we did stead of colors,      ~Percy Bysshe Shelley, "The
                                                  there would be      Sensitive Plant"                the winter,
                                    not some- an unbelievable
                                    times         shrieking into      Yesterday the twig was brown    spring is
                                    taste of      the heart of the    and bare;
                                                  night. ~Rainer      To-day the glint of green is    sure to
If we had no winter, the spring                   Maria Rilke, Let-   there;
would not be so pleasant; if we     prosper- ters of Rainer           Tomorrow will be leaflets
did not sometimes taste of ad-      ity would Maria Rilke             spare;                          follow.
versity, prosperity would not be    not be so                         I know no thing so wondrous
so welcome. ~Anne Bradstreet                      And Spring arose    fair,
                                    welcome. on the garden            No miracle so strangely rare.   ~Proverb
No matter how long the                            fair,               I wonder what will next be
winter, spring is sure to                         Like the Spirit     there!
follow. ~Proverb                   of Love felt everywhere;           ~L.H. Bailey

                                                  FAH’s GOT TALENT
                                                                      A musical
                                                                  not to be missed.
                                                      Michael will be featuring as Jacob and
                                                            as The Baker. Wishing
                                                                Michael loads of fun.
                                                       Tickets are available from Michael.

Happy clients...                              “Hi Wynand

                                              Just a note of apprecia-
                                              tion to you and your staff
                                              for the excellent work
                                              you all did for us at
                                              Hyundai. I must compli-
                                              ment you on the level of
                                              professionalism dis-
                                              played by all your people,
                                              their general neatness
                                              and courtesy that went
                                              along with it. It was great           Seattle Light boxes
                                              having them here.                     illumination.
                 HYUNDAI                                                            Another satisfied cus-
  This letter was received                    Best wishes
  from Wolf Kreft of Hyandai,
  Somerset West.                              Wolf “
                                                                                                         PAGE   4

  All Paints and Products
  First African Paints – Now    our final finances in place   but be warned, we are
  trading as All Paints and     till the Deeds Office is      operating a lean and
  Products                      working again, Customs        mean operation, mainly
                                have not been clearing        on the road visiting cli-
  First African Sgns has        shipments, and hence the      ents, advising on jobs,       “..we will
  sold its majority share       long wait for Total Or-       looking for new work! As
  holding in APAP, as we        ange!                         Richard Branson says “
  are now known. Kuba is                                      There is no time to sit in    working

  the 100% shareholder          Mario is now employed         an office, in this competi-   together on the
  now, but this will change     by the new company; as        tive age”! As one com-        projects where
  in due course. Wynand         soon as the final finances    mentator commented,
                                are through he will not be    spoken like a true virgin!    FAH is using
  has stepped down as a
  director, now leaving         around at FAH anymore.                                      AWLGRIP,
  Kuba and Michael as di-                                     I must thank all at FAS/      hopefully for
  rectors of the new entity.    The good news is that we      FAH for a great ride, we
                                                                                            lots and lots of
                                will continue working to-     have had some great
  We are now in new prem-       gether on the projects        times, some real good         new projects –
  ises in Epping, much          where FAH is using AWL-       laughs, some real good        positive waves
  closer to our main client     GRIP, hopefully for lots      headbutts – thanks gals
                                                                                            here please! “
  base, which makes life a      and lots of new projects –    and guys.
  lot easier. The Civil Ser-    positive waves here
  vants strike has impacted     please! When you in the       Kuba Miszewski
  heavily, we cannot get        area come and visit us,

FREDDIE                        BROWN                                   03 September
MARIëTTE                       BEUKES                                  05 September
EUNETT                         ISAACS                                  06 September
ASHLEY                         BEUKES                                  10 September
MARIO                          JULIUS                                  18 September
GEORGE                         MOLAKENG                                19 September
CINDY                          CARELSE                                 25 September
DAPHNE                         JOUBERT                                 25 September
HEINRICH                       SHIELDS                                 25 September

MARGARET                       MAY                                      01 October
HILTON                         SOLOMONS                                 07 October
BRADLEY                        BROWN                                    10 October
JEREMY                         VAN REENEN                               11 October
CISKE                          VAN WYK                                  12 October
WERNER                         SCHULZ                                   16 October
LESTER                         JACQUIRE                                 17 October
THEUNS                         GOOSEN                                   28 October
First African Holdings

Olive Grove Industrial Estate
Ou Paardevlei Road, Somerset West
PO Box 1238, Strand, 7139, South Africa

Phone: 021-851-8500
Fax: 021-851-8505
                                     SHOWING THE WAY

   Casual Day..we’ve got spirit                  Photographer: Liewe Heksie

    Fulfilling fantasies...Liewe Heksie, Grietjie Appel….

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