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                Certificate In Astrology
                Please note: Course structure is current as of 15 September 2008

              The Certificate in Astrology program is designed to take students to a competency level where
              they possess the information required to start practising as an astrologer. It will give you the
              skills to interpret a natal chart and provide simple predictive outcomes.
              Each level will take you deeper into this mystical world of astrology and your own natal chart.
              Working with the planetary myths and archetypes and by aligning ourselves with the planetary
              movements we learn to re-connect with the natural rhythms of the universe.
              Certificate in Astrology- Course Content
                Astrology 1                                                                                  - 24 hours
                Astrology 2                                                                                  - 24 hours
                Astrology 3                                                                                  - 24 hours
                Lunation Cycle Workshop                                                                        - 6 hours
                Astrology Transit Workshop                                                                     - 6 hours
              N.B. Most of the hours shown above represent hours of face to face teaching and do not reflect time for
              external study and practical training.

              Certificate in Astrology Module Descriptions and Study Options

              Astrology 1 (2 hours a week for 12 weeks)
              This very popular module will introduce you to the fascinating world of Astrology. Level 1 will give you a
              basic understanding of the twelve signs and houses, the elements, the planets and how they influence
              our growth. You will also have fun working on your own Astrology chart.
              Astrology 2 (2 hours a week for 12 weeks OR Intensive)
              For students who wish to expand their knowledge from Astrology 1. Astrology 2 will provide a greater
              technical knowledge, along with an in-depth look at how your astrology chart can work for you in
              everyday life.
              Pre-requisite: Astrology 1
              Astrology 3 (2 hours a week for 12 weeks)
              Astrology 3 is designed to fill the gap that exists from completing Astrology 1 & 2, by taking them to a
              completion point. By the end of Astrology 3, students will have enough information to start interpreting
              charts and to make simple astrological predictions.
              Pre-requisite: Astrology 1 & 2, Astrology Lunation Cycle Workshop
              Co-requisite: Astrology Transit Workshop
              Lunation Cycle Workshop (One day workshop)
              The Lunation Workshop teaches and explores the process of the lunation cycle. This 28 day orbit of the
              moon shows how the death and re-birth process is mirrored within our lives. Students will be taught how
              to calculate a woman’s fertility cycle and its relationship to the lunation phase will be explained.
              Pre-requisite: Astrology 1
              Astrology Transit Workshop (One day workshop)
              Transits are the primary tool used to make astrological predictions. This one day workshop covers the
              basic transiting movements of the planets in our solar system and explains how this information is used
              in conjunction with the birth chart to make astrological predictions.
              Pre-requisite: Astrology 1 & 2

              Certificate in Astrology Study Plan
              The Certificate is normally completed over one year, however students have a maximum of two years in
              which to complete this Certificate. Please note that the subjects may only be offered in the terms shown
              below, however the course can be commenced in any term.
              3 Term Recommended Study Plan
                   term one                           term two                           term three
                     Astrology 1                        Astrology 2                        Astrology 3
                                                        Lunation Cycle Workshop            Astrology Transit Workshop

                 The College reserves the right to change the course curriculum to reflect the changing needs of the
                                    profession and to retain leadership in academic standards.
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