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					Masters in Finance
Employment Report 2007
Access the world’s most diverse pool
of global business talent
                                                  Director’s Summary

                                                  We are delighted to report that 2007 has proved to be
                                                  another successful year for our world-leading Masters in
                                                  Finance (MiF) programme with 96% of full-time
                                                  graduates receiving an offer of employment within three
                                                  months of graduation.

                                                  The market continues to be strong for our graduates,
                                                  supported by the efforts of our business development
                                                  team to diversify our recruitment partners. Their success
                                                  is reflected by the number of graduates securing roles
                                                  not only in the traditional fields of investment banking
                                                  and asset management, but in areas such as private
                                                  equity, venture capital, consulting and in finance roles
                                                  within industry. Thanks to their excellent technical skills
                                                  and strong financial sector experience, graduates have
                                                  also successfully secured senior lateral hire positions
                                                  across a range of sectors and the continued demand for
                                                  our students shows that recruiters value the skills,
                                                  leadership and global outlook of our graduates.

                                                  Our Global Reach

                                                  With unparalleled access to the headquarters of the
                                                  world’s leading finance companies, it is unsurprising that
                                                  more than half of our students have chosen to remain in
                                                  the UK after graduation. However, the diversity of our
                                                  community is reflected in the fact that employment
                                                  opportunities have dispersed geographically more than
                                                  ever, with 28% of our graduates relocating to Asia.
                                                  Europe (outside the UK) and North America have also
                                                  proved popular in 2007.

                                                  As well as appealing to new recruiters on graduation, our
                                                  Masters in Finance students also create valuable links
                                                  with employers around the world through treks and
                                                  company visits. 2007 saw students participate in the
                                                  second annual Dubai trek, owing to the buoyant market
                                                  in the region. Additionally, the first Career Services led
                                                  ‘Asia Trek’ proved successful and students will continue
                                                  to explore opportunities in locations such as Beijing,
                                                  Mumbai, New Delhi, Shanghai and Singapore.

Contents                                          With recruitment well under way in 2008, we look
                                                  forward to continuing to work with our recruitment
                                                  partners to match our great global talent to their great
The London Business School Advantage         4    opportunities. We hope that this report is helpful in
                                                  setting out the choices of our MiF students.
How to recruit from London Business School   5
                                                  If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact
MiF2007 Class Profiles                       6    me or a member of the Career Services team who will be
                                                  happy to help.

MiF2007 Career Decisions                     7    Best wishes,

MiF Recruiters                               8    Diane Morgan, Director, Career Services

MiF2007 Employment Profile                   9

MiF2007 Salary Information                   10

                                                           Masters in Finance Employment Report 2007         3
The London Business School advantage

London Business School graduates provide the
outstanding global business capabilities, diversity,
international outlook and professional experience
that make a real difference to business.

If you are looking to recruit truly world-class business
talent, there are many ways to get to know our students
and to raise awareness of your company on campus.
Whatever your requirements, Career Services will work
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you need.

We provide our students with the global business
capabilities required for success. Our programmes
are consistently ranked among the top ten in the
world, and we are committed to our vision to be
the pre-eminent global business school.

London Business School’s 1,400 degree students
and 5,000 executive education participants come
from 130 countries. Our 89 world-renowned faculty
members come from more than 30 countries and
produce world-impacting research including the               • Executive MBA (EMBA) – A dynamic, 20-month
annual Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and Global              programme for fully employed, mid-career managers
Investment Returns Yearbook.                                   and professionals. EMBA participants make a real
                                                               and immediate impact on their organisations.
We have more than 40 Corporate Partners and our              • EMBA-Global – Participants receive MBAs from both
students are employed by over 200 different companies          London Business School and Columbia Business
each year.                                                     School in New York. Designed for fast-track executives
                                                               able to demonstrate sustained management experience
Our 27,000 alumni lead big organisations, run governments,     with an international focus.
transform communities and start new businesses in over       • Dubai London-EMBA – This world-class programme
120 countries.                                                 transforms ambitious and committed mid-career
                                                               managers into senior and influential business men
Diversity                                                      and women. The programme provides a breadth of
                                                               knowledge across every discipline of business and
London Business School awards more than 800                    management and the skills to influence strategy at
degrees each year. Our students leave campus with              all levels in an organisation.
sharp decision making and problem-solving skills, a          • Sloan Fellowship MSc – A full-time, 10-month
strategic mindset and a global view of leadership.             masters in management emphasising leadership
                                                               and self-development. Designed for successful
We offer the widest range of rigorous degree                   executives, professionals and entrepreneurs with
programmes of any top business school. Our                     significant experience of decision making at
seven programmes suit people at all stages of their            strategic levels.
professional development:                                    • Masters in Finance (MiF) – This unique, specialist
• MBA – Develops multi-skilled professionals into              masters degree in finance is widely regarded as the
   tomorrow’s leading global players. The 15-21 month          pre-eminent postgraduate qualification for finance
   programme is rigorous and flexible. It provides             professionals. Meets on a full-time and part-time
   students with the knowledge, skills and attributes          basis.
   for success in global business.                           • PhD Programme – Primes exceptional scholars
                                                               for faculty positions in leading business schools,
                                                               universities and research institutions.

4      London Business School
London Business School                                           contact the relevant Career Services contact below to
Masters in Finance programme                                     discuss your needs
                                                                 • Alumni Career Services
The Masters in Finance degree programme enables                  We can also meet your recruiting requirements for
individuals to enhance their managerial effectiveness            ‘experienced hire’ positions. London Business School has
within the field of finance. Participants gain a solid           more than 27,000 alumni from its degree and Executive
foundation in the principles and practice of finance and         Education programmes in more than 120 countries. The
are equipped with the analytical tools and skills required       London Business School Alumni Job Board and CV
for sound financial decision making. The programme               Database services will help you to identify high-calibre
allows graduates to contribute to organisations at an            talent efficiently and cost effectively. To post a job to
enhanced level in finance positions, either within the           alumni or to search the Alumni CV Database, please visit
financial services or consulting sector, or in a functional or contact Nadim Choudhury
finance role.                                                    (email: or tel: 020 7000 7421)

The Masters in Finance is designed for individuals               Key Contacts
wishing to advance their career in finance, or change            • Alumni Career Services
their area within finance, as well as those who have                Nadim Choudhury Email:
exposure to finance in a current or previous role who now                             Telephone: +44 (0)20 7000 7421
wish to deepen their financial knowledge.                        • Financial Services
                                                                    Helen Green       Email:
As can be seen in this report, participants come from a                               Telephone: +44 (0)20 7000 7410
rich diversity of industries, responsibilities, backgrounds         Ewa Kolaszewska Email:
and nationalities, bringing a wealth of experience to the                             Telephone: +44 (0)20 7000 7436
programme. However all have previous finance                     • Global Industry
experience, a high level of intellectual ability, the capacity      Joanne Calver     Email:
for hard work and the motivation to take on a demanding                               Telephone: +44 (0)20 7000 7430
and challenging role.                                               David Morris      Email:
                                                                                      Telephone: +44 (0)20 7000 7432
How to recruit from London Business School                       • Management Consulting
                                                                    June O’Connor     Email:
There are a number of ways to recruit from London                                     Telephone: +44 (0)20 7000 7418
Business School. You are welcome to:
• Advertise jobs online to our students on Career Central        Statement of professional standards
Post your position online, free of charge                        Please familiarise yourself with our Statement of
• Review our CV Books                                            Professional Standards for recruiters which can be found
Our CV books contain individual CVs of MBA and MiF               on our website at
students looking for full-time positions or summer
assignments. Contact students directly to discuss
vacancies or, alternatively, contact Career Services
to discuss suitable students
• Search our students’ CVs
Register on Career Central and we will provide you with
online access to CVs from our MBA, EMBA, Masters
in Finance and Sloan students.
• Recruit on campus
London Business School provides facilities for you to
present and interview on campus. Presentations are
an excellent opportunity for students to learn more              Disclaimer
about your company. You can also host a networking               The information in this report is compiled from data provided
event, where students and your representatives can meet.         to London Business School by the students and recruiters.
                                                                 London Business School has not independently verified the
Career Services is delighted to assist you with scheduling       information, and gives no warranty as to its accuracy.
your presentations, and subsequent interviews. Please

                                                                           Masters in Finance Employment Report 2007             5
    Masters in Finance 2007 Class Profiles

Masters in Finance 2007 Class Profile                                     Countries Represented

Graduates                                                      133        Argentina               Mexico
Female Students                                                25%        Austria                 Netherlands
Age range at graduation                                        23-38      Brazil                  Nigeria
Years relevant work experience                                 6          Bulgaria                Pakistan
Years experience range                                         2-14       Canada                  Romania
Average GMAT Score                                             680        Chile                   Russian Federation
                                                                          China                   Singapore
                                                                          France                  South Korea
                                                                          Germany                 Spain
                                                                          Gibraltar               Taiwan
                                                                          Greece                  Thailand
Masters in Finance 2007 Regional Background                               Guatemala               UK
                                                                          Hungary                 USA
                                     Africa 2%                            Indonesia
                                     Asia 55%                             Iran
                                     Europe (excluding UK) 19%            Ireland
                                     North America 12%                    Italy
                                     Central/South America 8%             Japan
                                     Australasia 1%
                                     UK 3%

Masters in Finance 2007 Educational                                       Job Location prior to Programme

                                     Engineering, Technology,                                     Africa 3%
                                     Science, Maths or IT 17%                                     Asia 44%
                                     Business or                                                  Europe (excluding UK) 10%
                                     Management 31%                                               Middle East 5%
                                     Finance, Accounting                                          North America 18%
                                     or Economics 40%                                             South America 7%
                                     Social Science, Law, Arts                                    UK 13%
                                     or Humanities 12%

*  This is a current profile. Our admissions decisions are taken in
   accordance with best equal opportunities practice.
** Typically, participants have six years relevant experience, although
   each applicant will be considered on his/her own merit. The School
   values diversity and promotes a positive work and study environment.

6        London Business School
Masters in Finance 2007 Career Decisions

Company Sector

Investment Banking                        50%
Industry                                  11%
Asset Management                           8%
Venture Capital/Private Equity             8%
Central Banks/Ministries/Regulation
/Public Finance                           8%
Commercial Banking or Corporate Banking   7%      Job Function
Consulting                                5%
Insurance and Pension Services            1%      Doing Deals (M&A, PE, VC, etc.)                34%
Private Banking                           1%      Markets (Sales, trading, structuring)          22%
Rating Agency                             1%      General Management                             15%
                                                  Asset Management                               12%
                                                  Consulting or Strategy                          6%
                                                  Research                                        6%
                                                  Other                                           5%

                                                Primary Location

                                                                              UK 53%
                                                                              Asia 28%
                                                                              Europe (excluding UK) 8%
                                                                              North America 6%
                                                                              South America 4%
                                                                              Africa/Middle East 1%

                                                       Masters in Finance Employment Report 2007       7
    Masters in Finance Recruiters
    Companies that hired students from the full-time MiF Programme in 2007

Please note that many more companies presented on our campus and/or posted opportunities for our students.

ABN AMRO                                   ISIS Equity Partners               NPS (National Pension Service)
AIG                                        Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss          Orga Consultants
Actis Capital                              JP Morgan                          Orbis
AMKO Capital                               JS Group                           Pimco
Arcelor Mittal                             JSC TuranAlem Securities           Prytania Investment Advisors
A.T. Kearney                               KBC Securities Romania             Pulsar Energy Capital
Automotores Gildemeister S.A               KC Capital                         Samsung Electronics
Babcock & Brown Ltd                        Korea Development Bank             Samsung Securities
Bain & Company                             Korea Electric Power corporation   Savings Bank of Russian
Banco Santander Central Hispano            Kuber Capital                          Federation
Bank of Japan                              Lehman Brothers                    Schroders
Barclays Bank PLC                          LG Electronics                     Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Barclays Capital                           Macquarie                          Spring Capital Asia, Limited
Barclays Global Investors                  McKinsey & Company                 Standard Chartered Bank
Barclays Wealth                            Merrill Lynch                      Straumur Investment Bank
The Boston Consulting Group                Monetary Authority of Singapore    The Stock Exchange of Thailand
BNP Paribas                                Moody's                            Tribunal de Contas do Distrito
Calyon                                     Morgan Stanley                         Federal
Cambridge Place Investment                 Mourant                            University of Lahore
    Management                             National Banking and Securities    VOGA Advisory
Charlemagne Capital                            Commission                     Wilshire Associates
Citigroup                                  Nokia
CJ Group
Climate Change Capital
Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank
Development Bank of Japan
Diamond Management and
    Technology Consultants
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
Dubai World
DZ Bank
El Paso Advisors
European Research
Fortistar Capital
General Motors
GIIC Fineco
Goldman Sachs
Houlihan Lokey
ICICI Prudential
Industry Corporate Finance Limited
ING Bank
International Monetary Fund

8       London Business School
Masters in Finance 2007 Employment Profile

Major Recruiters in 2007

Credit Suisse                    10
Barclays Group                    6
Deutsche Bank                     6
Lehman Brothers                   5
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein    4
Morgan Stanley                    4
Standard Chartered Bank           4
JP Morgan                         3
Bank of Japan                     2
BNP Paribas                       2
Citigroup                         2
Houlihan Lokey                    2

                                      Masters in Finance Employment Report 2007   9
      Masters in Finance 2007 Salary Information

      By Region                  UK Pounds                                            US Dollars***

      Overall        Salary         Sign-on         Year End                Overall     Salary     Sign-on   Year End
      Mean           £54,205        £16,583         £15,064                 Mean        $112,520   $34,423   $31,270
      Median         £58,000        £18,018         £14,700                 Median      $120,399   $37,402   $30,515

      UK             Salary         Sign-on         Year End                UK          Salary     Sign-on   Year End
      Mean           £61,343        £17,418         £16,340                 Mean        $127,338   $36,158   $33,919
      Median         £58,000        £20,000         £17,500                 Median      $120,399   $41,517   $36,327

      Asia           Salary         Sign-on         Year End                Asia        Salary     Sign-on   Year End
      Mean           £47,506        £17,333         £17,034                 Mean        $98,614    $35,980   $35,359
      Median         £46,946        £18,398         £15,645                 Median      $97,452    $38,191   $32,476

***     US Dollars converted at 2.0758 dollars to the pound on 31 October 2007

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United Kingdom
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