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Selection &Gift Guide

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The Best Cellars Christmas Gift Catalogue offers a convenient solution to finding the ideal
Christmas gift(s) for clients, colleagues, friends and family. Our range of gift ideas covers a
broad spectrum of products and budgets while ensuring good taste and a touch of class.
Whether it’s for the home or office, we’ve got it covered.

Boutique labels is our specialty and this catalogue features the best examples we’ve seen this
year. Choose from our unique selections or contact us on 02 9361 3733 or 1300 799 597 to
have gifts customised to fit your style and budget. Whatever the gift, we’re sure it will be
gratefully received.

Our service extends to fast and on time delivery. All you need to do is phone your order(s) in
or email it through to us at and we’ll take care of the rest.

We also specialise in beverage catering for private and corporate functions. We can take care
of everything from wine to glass, ice and tubs hire. Whatever the occasion, we provide
personalised, professional and prompt service. So call us for all of your festive season
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From all of us at Best Cellars, we wish you a Happy Christmas and a Safe New Year.

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                                                                Christmas Selection & Gift Guide 2010

Our Favourite Champagnes...
       Laurent Perrier
       Our perennial favourite. We don’t really need to say much about Laurent
       Perrier except that it is, hands down, one of the best-value Champagnes on
       the market. Laurent Perrier always comes up trumps in our blind tastings.

       Brut NV                               Brut Vintage 2000
       750ml $59.99 in any six               750ml $109.99 in any six

       Grand Siecle NV                       Brut Rosé NV
       750ml $230 in any six                 750ml $115.00 in any six

       Champagne Jean-Paul Perardel
       Here’s a ’just arrived’ Champagne which we absolutely love. It's made by De
       Sousa (Grand Cru producers). The Brut NV is a blend of Pinot Meunier and
       Chardonnay that has had three years aging with two years on lees and one
       year post disgorgement. It’s obviously our entry-level Champagne, but it is
       terrific value and far better than many ‘commercial’ Champagnes at the-same
       price point.

       Brut NV
       750ml $44.99 in any six

       Champagne Larmandier-Bernier
       (Estate-Grown Biodynamic Champagne)
       Rated as one of Champagne's top 5 producers by Andrew Jefford in his
       celebrated work, "The New France". This estate is meticulously run by Pierre
       Larmandier and his wife Sophie. The vineyards are biodynamically managed
       and the average vine age is 35 years (most Champagne vineyards are
       considered 'old' and due for replanting at 25 years). Yields are kept very low
       by Champagne standards, 50 hl/ha on average. In the winery, the approach
       is classic 'minimalist' with indigenous yeasts, long, slow ferments of up to two
       months and minimal sulphur is used. A variety of fermenting vessels are
       utilised including large oak vats and even barriques. The very low dosage
       levels are designed to be as neutral as possible. In other words, everything is
       designed to maximise the expression of the vineyard, commune and vintage.
       The resulting wines are a wonderful expressions of their origins, fine and
       delicate, yet with a mineral intensity that keeps one coming back for more.
       They are remarkably good food wines.

       Brut Tradition Vertus Premier Cru NV
       750ml $84.99 in any six

       Brut Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru NV
       750ml $89.99 in any six

       Champagne Lombard
       While brand new to the Australian market, Lombard has been wowing Europe
       since 1925. This relatively small Champagne House is producing wines of
       unbelievable quality at unbelievable prices. Make your
       Christmas even merrier!

       Brut NV                                Grand Cru Brut 2004
       750ml $67.99 in any six                750ml $81.99 in any six

        Brut Rosé NV
        750ml $81.99 in any six

                              Best Cellars
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                                   Christmas Selection & Gift Guide 2010

          More of our Top Selling Champagnes
                                               Louis Roederer
                                               Long before Louis Roederer Cristal became Hip-Hops must have item (and
                                               thus, creating a new wave of ’fine champagne aficionados’) Louis Roederer
                                               had already built a band of loyal followers. From aristocrats to commoners,
                                               Louis Roederer is a dangerously drinkable Champagne for all.

                                               Brut Premier NV              Cristal Brut 2002
                                               750ml $69.99 in any six      100 points Wine Spectator
                                                                            750ml       $325 in any six

                                                                            Cristal Brut Rosé 2002
                                                                            100 points Wine Spectator
Best Cellars is Australia’s First Australian                                750ml      $695.00 in any six
     Ambassador for Louis Roederer

                                                Champagne Gosset
                                                Established in 1584, Gosset is the oldest wine house in Champagne and is
                                                also one of the smallest Grand Marque Champagne producers. Whilst the
                                                Champagnes that they produce have never been plentiful in quantity, they
                                                have distinguished themselves with the consistently superb quality
                                                throughout the entire range of Champagnes produced. Starting with their
                                                flagship Champagne, the superbly aged Grande Reserve multi-vintage, it is
                                                clear that they have sought to exceed all standards required by the region.
                                                Firstly, and most strikingly, the presentation is remarkable in heavy dark
                                                antique bottles that are unique to Gosset. Instead of ageing this Champagne
                                                for 3 years on lees before bottling, Gosset have aged this blend for four and
                                                a half years. After bottling, this Champagne is then aged a further 6 months.
                                                From the superbly smooth and well rounded flavours of the Grande Reserve
                                                to the elegance and perfume of the brilliant Grande Rosé non-vintage
                                                Champagne to the incomparable Grande Millisime vintage, it is clear that
                                                these Champagnes have been concieved for the most demanding
                                                Champagne enthusiast.

                                                Grande Réserve Brut               Grand Millésime Brut 1999
                                                750ml $98.00 in any six           750ml $144.99 in any six

                                                Grand Rosé Brut
                                                750ml $119.99 in any six

                                                 Champagne Jacquesson

                                                 For the past 20 years, Jean-Hervé and Laurent Chiquet have been
                                                 scrupulously practising traditional methods: respect for the soil, control of
                                                 yields, optimum grape ripeness, vinifying each separate parcel, under wood
                                                 and on its lees. These demanding methods have but one purpose: to allow
                                                 the great terroirs of Champagne to express their full character in their

                                                 Cuvée No. 734 NV                    Cuvée No. 734 NV
                                                 750ml $79.99 in any six             1.5L Magnum $200.00 in any six

                                                                      Best Cellars
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                                                                           Christmas Selection & Gift Guide 2010

    Sparkling Wine for Christmas & New Year
Here are some of Australia’s top examples of sparkling wine, plus some exciting imported fizz that we believe are too
good to exclude. Throughout the year, we sampled many sparkling wines, and were often blind tasted. So here’s a
selection of our favourite bubbles in each price bracket. Most are available in gift boxes.

                      Thorn Clarke ‘Sandpiper’                                                Katnook Estate
                      The Thorn Clarke sparkling has a
                                                                                              ‘Founder’s Block’
                      slight pink tinge. Its affordable and                                   This is one stylishly packaged
                      easy to drink. It is the perfect                                        bubbles. It looks expensive,
                      christmas bbq lunch bubbles.                                            tastes expensive and at this
                                                                                              price, you’ll have plenty of
                      Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV                                                change left over.
                      750ml $14.50* in any six
                                                                                              Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV
                                                                                              750ml $14.99 in any six

                      Blue Pyrenees                                                           Croser
                      Our favourite Australian vintage                                        Australia’s best selling bubbles -
                      sparkling is back! Wonderfully                                          Croser vintage and non-vintage.
                      complex and easily mistaken for a                                       Both are very easy to drink -
                      sparkling twice the price.                                              light, in the green apple
                                                                                              spectrum. The perfect
                      Vintage Brut 2006                                                       ‘celebration’ bubbles.
                      750ml $19.99* in any six
                                                                                              Brut NV
                                                                                              750ml $22.99 in any six
                                                                                              Brut Vintage 2007
                                                                                              750ml $32.99 in any six

                      Yarrabank                                                                Kreglinger
                      Yarrabank is such a stunning drop.                                       The flagship sparkling wine from
                      It’s beautifully complex and there’s                                     the people who make Pipers
                      an understated elegance about it                                         Brook & Ninth Island wines, this
                      that we just love, love, love. It’s                                      is yet another example of an
                      also very well priced.                                                   excellent quality Tassie bubbles.
                                                                                               Winemaker Rene Bezemer has
                      Cuvée Brut 2006                                                          adopted organic principles and
                      750ml $32.99 in any six                                                  the result is a superb aperitif-
                                                                                               style sparkling.

                                                                                               Vintage Brut 2004
                                                                                               750ml $38.99 in any six

                                 Imported Bubbles...
                      Petites Vignettes &                                                     Serafini & Vallformosa
                      Paul Louis                                                              We’ve found the perfect dry
                                                                                              styled Prosecco and an utterly
                      Its got to be good when in a blind
                                                                                              delicious Spanish Cava -
                      tasting, they were often picked as
                                                                                              delightfully fresh and the perfect
                      $60 French Champagnes. True,
                                                                                              thirst quenchers for summer.
                      they’re French but at a fraction of
                      the cost of Champagne! Both wines
                                                                                              Serafini ‘Bollicere’ Prosecco NV
                      represent excellent value for money
                                                                                              750ml $22.50* in any six
                      and both are too good to exclude
                      from the catalogue.                                                     Vallformosa Brut ‘MVSA’ NV
                                                                                              750ml $19.99* in any six
                      Les Petites Vignettes Pinot Noir
                      Chardonnay Sparkling NV
                      750ml $19.99* in any six
                      Paul Louis Brut
                      Blanc de Blancs NV                          Best Cellars
                      750ml $16.99* in any six                    Ph: 1300 799 597 or 02 9361 3733
                                                                  Fax: 02 9331 7892
  * No Gift Boxes                                                 Email:
                                                                       Christmas Selection & Gift Guide 2010

                                      Sparkling Reds
For something different, or if you just want to add a bit colour to your Christmas and New Years celebrations, then
just add red...sparkling red, that is … Did you know that turkey and sparkling red go hand in hand? Indeed,
Christmas pudding and sparkling red are also an excellent match - there’s an endless choice really, but whatever the
match, you can have a lot of fun with the stuff!

                  Primo Estate ‘Joseph’ Sparkling Red NV
                  The Primo Joseph sparkling red is the ultimate Christmas indulgence. Presented in the most
                  beautiful bottle, it mirrors what’s inside - elegant, classy and stylish. What makes this extra
                  special is that it’s a blend of museum vintages from the last 40 years, treated to ‘Methode
                  Traditionelle’, rested on lees, aged and liqueured with ultra fine ports. A powerful and complex, yet
                  graceful and lively sparkling red... This one will certainly get you noticed.

                  750ml    $67.99 in any six

                   Ulithorne ‘Flamma’ Sparkling Shiraz 2005
                   Ulithorne Flamma Sparkling Shiraz is one of McLaren Vale’s best-kept secrets… but its so good
                   that I’m sure it won’t stay a secret for too much longer. “... fresh blackberry, cherry and plum on
                   the nose... Crisp dark berry flavours are strikingly precise, with a degree of finesse I don’t think
                   I've ever encountered in a sparkling Shiraz. Only lightly bubbly, which allows the fruit to shine.
                   This is a genre that I'm usually only able to appreciate on a cerebral and perhaps perverse level,
                   but this is wonderfully balanced with a clean crisp personality and a long, juicy finish. Without
                   doubt the most appealing version of this style I've ever drunk." Stephen Tanzer's International
                   Wine Cellar, July/August 2007.

                   750ml    $34.99 in any six

                  Mitchell ‘Peppertree’ Sparkling Shiraz NV
                  This is a sensational sparkling Shiraz. It’s a blend of different vintages, some as old as 20 years,
                  which gives the wine many layers of flavour. Considering its quality and complexity, it’s extremely
                  well priced. One of the best sparkling reds going around, Mitchell Peppertree shows “fragrant
                  mulberry aromas, complexed by hints of spice. It has lovely ripe fruit flavours on the palate, as
                  well as a touch of earth and leather. The palate has appealing opulence without being over sweet.
                  The sweet/savoury nature of this wine sets it apart from many other sparkling red styles and well
                  worth seeking out.” Toni Paterson ...This is the perfect match to Christmas turkey.

                  750ml    $29.99 in any six

                  Seppelt ‘Original’ Sparkling Shiraz 2006
                  Heralded as Australia’s benchmark, Seppelt Original Sparkling Shiraz is synonymous with quality
                  and value. It’s hallmarks are spice, leather, earth and chocolate with fine tannins. If you prefer
                  drier style Sparkling reds, this is for you.

                  750ml    $18.99 in any six

                  Louis Boillot Bourgogne Mousseux ‘Perle Rouge’ NV
                  If you’re after a lighter option, this gorgeous blend of Pinot Noir & Gamay from the French house
                  of Louis Boillot is just the tipple - delicate, fresh and simply delicious.

                  750ml    $28.99 in any six

                                                                  Best Cellars
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                                                                       Christmas Selection & Gift Guide 2010

                                    Premium Wine Gifts
                                                       Tapanappa Wines
                                                       Tapanappa is a new Australian fine wine company founded by Brian
                                                       Croser (Petaluma founder), focusing on cool climate single vineyards.
                                                       Formed in 2002, it is a partnership between the Croser family of
                                                       Piccadilly Valley, South Australia; the Crazes family of Lynch Bages in
                                                       the Medoc of Bordeaux, France; and the families of Bollinger of
                                                       Champagne, France. Brian Croser’s approach has always been to
                                                       identify ‘distinguished sites’ vineyards, matching the climate, soil and
                                                       geology of the right variety and then fastidiously managing the
                                                       vineyard to maximise quality.

                                                       These wines are presented in a Tapanappa Gift Box

                                                       * ‘09 Piccadilly Chardonnay
                                                       From a cooler vintage and it shows. And we like it. Fruits of nectarine and
                                                       melon fruits with some citrus overtones. The oak shines in its textural
                                                       footprint with some soft cashew and subtle lees spice that gives the wine an
                                                       extra edge of complexity. All finishing with a wonderful savoury edge with
                                                       refreshing acidity to bring you back for more.

                                                       * ‘08 ‘Tiers’ Chardonnay
‘06 ‘Whalebone Vineyard’ Merlot                        The 2008 Tiers Chardonnay has been named in Australia’s Top 100 Wines by
Voted ‘Merlot of the Year’ by Penguin Good Wine        Robert Geddes MW in his latest edition of The Gold Book, Australian Wine
Guide. This is serious Merlot - it’s overall quality   Vintages. This is indeed a work of art from Brian Croser, the Australian wine
is superb: grippy, bold & beautiful.                   master. Here you’ll find exciting bright fruit, ginger and pineapple skin zing,
$74.99                                                 citrussy acidity and five star character.
* ‘06 ‘Whalebone Vineyard’ Cabernet Shiraz
“Last year's '06 Merlot sold out in the blink of an    * ‘09 ‘Foggy Hill’ Pinot Noir
eye and so this year I have given the nod to the       The palate starts with the brighter fruits and meaty savoury characters
imperial Whalebone Cab/Shiraz. Fiendishly              develop but the best is yet to come. The structure of this Pinot is rarely seen
difficult to pin down, the flavour and aroma of        in a Pinot at this price point.
this wine shapeshifts in the glass as you try to       $39.99
keep up with every intricate nuance. Lighter on
its feet than one would imagine, this sensational
red should last for twenty years in the bottle,        * ‘07 Wrattonbully Shiraz
but its balance is so finely tuned already that I      Blackberry fruits, liquorice, meaty spice and a hint of red capsicum adding
would bet that its fans will not be able to keep       another level of complexity. The palate is far richer than the nose suggests:
their hands off it.” - Matthew Jukes’ 100 Best         juicy red and blue berry fruits with a saline like spiciness that finishes dry and
Australian Wines 2010                                  savoury with fine, elegant-grained tannins.
$74.99                                                 $39.99

                                                       Mt Langi Ghiran ‘Cliff Edge’ Range
                                                       Originally established in the 1870’s, Mount Langi Ghiran’s reputation is
                                                       built on vision, quality and passion. Nestled in the Grampians at the
                                                       southern end of the Great Dividing Range, Langi is one of Australia’s
                                                       most distinguished wine producers.

                                                       These wines are presented in a Mt Langi Ghiran Tin Gift Box

                                                       * ‘09 Riesling   * ‘08 Pinot Gris        * ‘06 Shiraz      * Sparkling Shiraz
                                                       $22.99           $22.99                  $23.99            $34.99

                                                       Absolut Vodka ‘Glimmer’ Limited Edition
                                                       Over the years, Absolut Vodka has released a stunning range of limited
                                                       edition bottles for the festive season, but for 2010 the brand has taken a
                                                       bold step marking the first time Absolut has changed the shape of its
                                                       iconic bottle. Absolut Glimmer has been designed in crystal pattern-
                                                       shaped glass. The concept was to make the bottle mimic the look of
                                                       classically cut crystal and when placed in various light conditions, the
                                                       bottle will appear differently as it reacts to the light. A special signature
                                                       cocktail has also been created for Absolut Glimmer, taking a pure
                                                       minimalist approach to showcase the vodka. That cocktail, Absolut
                                                       Crystal Clear, is simply Absolut Vodka and sparkling water poured over
                                                       ice. $39.99
                                                                            Best Cellars
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                                                                                 Christmas Selection & Gift Guide 2010

                 Hampers Galore
                    Christmas Day Essentials
                    A beautiful pack for Christmas day featuring a range of gourmet
                    traditional goodies alongside a bottle of bubbles. Presented in a
                    christmas-designed gift box.

                    Hamper Includes:
                    * 1 bottle Bidgeebong Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay NV
                    * Puddings on the Ritz traditional Dutch cinnamon cookies 120g
                    * Puddings on the Ritz mince tarts 220g
                    * Puddings on the Ritz christmas cake
                    * Connoisseur Collection festive humbugs 110g
                    * Connoisseur Collection honey pecan 50g


                    Organic Deluxe
                    A deluxe hamper, packed to the brim with delicious gourmet organic
                    products. Presented in an eco timber box decorated with satin ribbon
                    and raffia.

                    Hamper Includes:
                    * Rosnay Red Blend 2005
                    * BBQ apron
                    * Bio-Grape fine water crackers 130g
                    * Bio-Grape quince and grape paste 170g
                    * Organic Soul brazil nuts 110g
                    * Ozganics balsamic dressing 250ml
                    * Nature Organic Foods ratatouille sauce 375g
                    * Delverde organic tagliatelli 250g


                    Vigne Picnic
                    An excellent quality picnic set filled with essentials.

                    Hamper Includes:
                    * Vigne picnic bag 25 litre capacity cooler
                    * 2 dishwasher safe acrylic glasses
                    * Plastic cutting board
                    * Stainless steel cheese knife
                    * Stainless steel waiters friend
                    * 2 satin blend napkins
                    * Bidgeebong ‘Triangle Series’ Red Blend 2009
                    * Amadeus long life brie or camembert 170g
                    * Bio-Grape organic blueberry and grape paste 170g
                    * Bio-Grape organic fine water crackers 130g
                    * Nuova Cucina orange and ginger biscotti 160g


                    Eco Cheeseboard
                    A great gift idea for lovers of cheese and wine.

                    Hamper Includes:
                    * Belvoir Park Estate Shiraz
                    * Bamboo cheeseboard
                    * Amadeus longlife brie 125g
                    * Bio-Grape quince & grape paste 140g
                    * Bio-Grape organic fine water crackers


                                         Best Cellars
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                                         Fax: 02 9331 7892
‡ plus freight                           Email:
                                              Christmas Selection & Gift Guide 2010

                 Prestige Wine Gifts
                      Wine Carrier with 2 Glasses and Accessories
                      Stylish wine presentation box in faux leather. Hinged lid contains four
                      wine tools (wine drip, wine stopper, waiters friend & wine pourer);
                      silver look accessories with a carry handle and latch closure and a
                      bottle of wine of your choice:
                      * Katnook Estate ‘Founders Block’ Sauvignon Blanc 2009
                      * Katnook Estate ‘Founders Block’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2008


                      Wine Carrier with 3-piece Accessories
                      Stylish wine presentation box in faux black leather. Hinged lid contains
                      three wine tools (wine stopper, waiters friend & wine pourer); silver
                      look accessories with a carry handle and latch closure and a bottle of
                      wine of your choice:
                      * Katnook Estate ‘Founders Block’ Sauvignon Blanc 2009
                      * Katnook Estate ‘Founders Block’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2008


                      Premium Leather Two Bottle Wine Bag
                      A stylish two bottle wine bag luxury-finished in polished buffalo leather
                      with suedex lining and thermalite insulation that will keep wine chilled
                      for up to 4 hours. (Wine not included - call us for a full list of our wine


                      Wine & Chocolate Gift Set
                      A delightful gift for the chocoholic - a bottle of Cirillo ‘The Vincent’
                      Barossa Grenache, impeccably matched to chocolate, plus 6 assorted
                      chocolates elegantly presented in a gold cylinder with a black satin bow.


                                          Best Cellars
                                          Ph: 1300 799 597 or 02 9361 3733
                                          Fax: 02 9331 7892
‡ plus freight                            Email:
                                                Christmas Selection & Gift Guide 2010

                           Presentation Gift Boxes
Got the gift but need to wrap it? Easy! We’ve got that covered too.

                                                 Suede Presentation Box
                                                 Crafted in faux suede and lined in a silk paper finish with an iridescent
                                                 sheen, this presentation box is sure to add a touch of class to your gift.
                                                 Available in single or double. Available in chocolate only, as shown.
                                                 (Wine not included - call us for a full list of our wine selections).

                                                 Single $9.99     Double $12.99

                                                 Single, Double or Triple Cardboard Carry Packs &
                                                 For something simple, yet effective and affordable, these carry packs
                                                 are the perfect solution. We can instantly dress it up by adding a

                                                 Single $3.50 available in white, black or red
                                                 Double $4.50 available in black or white gloss
                                                 Triple $5.50 available in black or white gloss

                                                 Wine Cylinders with Ribbon
                                                 Edgy packaging. This cylinder tin comes with a metal lid. Available in
                                                 either silver or gold and adorned with a satin bow with gold or silver
                                                 print. Choices include ’Celebrate’ or ’Season’s Greetings’.


                                                 Single or Double Timber Gift Box with Perspex Lid
                                                 Adds an instant sophistication to any gift. Made from quality pine, these
                                                 boxes come with a clear Perspex sliding lid and wood shavings to
                                                 complete this simple, yet effective package.

                                                 Single $18.99        Double $19.99

                                                 Double Poplar Timber Gift Box with Divisions
                                                 A simple, yet elegant packaging solution created from poplar wood and
                                                 finished with a light coat of lacquer. It features a gold hinge and latch
                                                 closure, plus a bottle rest and divider which can be easily removed.
                                                 (Wine not included - call us for a full list of our wine selections).


                                                                       Best Cellars
                                                                       Ph: 1300 799 597 or 02 9361 3733
                                                                       Fax: 02 9331 7892
                                                                            Christmas Selection & Gift Guide 2010

                                       Riedel Glassware
For the ultimate splurge, the statement doesn’t come any bolder than world-renowned Riedel glassware. Riedel is the
benchmark in wine glasses and decanters. Each product is created to perfectly complement the wine. We’ve got
some great Riedel ‘Vinum range’ glasses below. If you’re after a different style, please contact us and we’ll order it in
for you.

                Riedel Vinum                                     Riedel Vinum                                       Riedel
                Cuvée Prestige                                   Riesling G.Cru/                                    Vinum
                                                                 Chianti Classico                                   Burgundy
                $75.00 twin pack
                                                                 $75.00 twin pack                                   $80.00 twin

                   Riedel                                             Riedel                                         Riedel
                   Vinum                                              Vinum                                          Vinum
                   Shiraz/Syrah                                       Gourmet                                        Malt
                                                                      Glass/                                         Whisky
                   $80.00 twin pack                                   Water
                                                                      $45.00 twin                                    twin pack

                        Spiegelau ‘Soiree’ Decanter
                        Spiegelau, a member of the Riedel group, combines over five centuries of hand craftsmanship
                        and innovation with the most advanced modern glassmaking technologies to produce superb
                        glasses that are ideally suited for today’s wine lovers.

                        The ‘Soiree’ Decanter is wonderfully elegant, generously proportioned and surprisingly
                        affordable. The beautifully tapered long neck allows excellent aeration and maximum
                        breathing space for your wines.

                        NOW ONLY $17.99 (valued at $60)

                                   For the wine connoisseur who has it all...
                            Winesave is simple - a black can of inert gas that you spray into an open bottle of wine in order to
                            preserve the contents. What makes it different is the inert gas - Winesave is 100% Argon, a
                            naturally occurring atmospheric gas that is completely inert so that it imparts no flavour or effect on
                            wine whatsoever, whilst preventing oxygen (in the air) from coming into contact with the wine and
                            oxidising (spoiling) it.

                            Winesave is without question the most effective method of preserving open bottles of wine, even
                            more effective that the commercial nitrogen-dispensing machines often used in many wine bars and
                            restaurants. Argon has always been considered the best inert gas to use for wine preservation, the
                            difficulty until now has been in its storage and delivery system. Winesave has a unique method of
                            containing the Argon (through its precision-designed canister) which allows for effective home use.

                            The beauty of Winesave allows you to have numerous bottles of wine open simultaneously, drinking
                            them over many nights or weeks without any degradation of wine quality whatsoever.

                            $29.99                                       Best Cellars
                                                                         Ph: 1300 799 597 or 02 9361 3733
                                                                         Fax: 02 9331 7892
                                                                              Christmas Selection & Gift Guide 2010

                          Ready-Made Mixed Dozens
We’ve taken the pain out of selecting the ‘right’ wines for you with these mixed dozens. Over the course of the year,
we tasted and rated hundreds of wines. The wines we’ve selected for each of the four mixed dozens were too good to
exclude. In fact, they’re so good, we’ll make you look like a true wine connoisseur. So whether its for the home or
office, the mixed dozens featured in this catalogue are sure to cover all situations. Better yet, because we’ve bundled
them in a pack, you’ll save even more! Order now in time for Christmas - you wouldn’t want to be empty handed or
lacking in the wine department.

                                    The Boardroom Mixed Dozen
                                    The wines in the Boardroom mixed dozen have been specifically chosen with
                                    executives in mind. There’s some pretty serious wines in this pack; some well known
                                    brands, some boutique and all in high demand.


                                    2   btls - Les Petites Vignettes Pinot Noir Chardonnay NV, Burgundy France
                                    1   btl - ‘09 Pikes ’Traditional’ Riesling, Clare Valley South Australia
                                    1   btl - ‘10 Pierro ’LTC’ Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Chardonnay, Margaret River Western Australia
                                    1   btl - ‘09 Mt Difficulty Pinot Gris, Central Otago New Zealand
                                    1   btl - ‘09 Oakridge Yarra Valley Chardonnay, Yarra Valley Victoria
                                    2   btls - ‘10 Crawford River Rosé, Henty Victoria
                                    1   btl - ‘08 Port Phillip Estate Pinot Noir, Mornington Peninsula Victoria
                                    1   btl - ‘08 Voyager Estate ‘Girt By Sea’ Cabernet Merlot, Margaret River Western Australia
                                    1   btl - ‘09 Head Wines ‘The Blonde’ Shiraz Viognier, Barossa Valley South Australia
                                    1   btl - ‘09 Two Hands ’Angel’s Share’ Shiraz, McLaren Vale South Australia

                                    $289.99 (total value $382.89 - Save over $92!)

                                    ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ Mixed Dozen
                                    With Friday drinks in mind, this is the perfect dozen for ‘easy end-of-week’
                                    wind downs. Great wines at an affordable price - you will impress even the thriftiest


                                    2   btls - Redbank ’Emily’ Brut NV, Multi-Regional Victoria
                                    1   btl - ‘08 Oakover Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Margaret River Western Australia
                                    1   btl - ‘10 Pepper Tree Verdelho, Hunter Valley New South Wales
                                    1   btl - ‘09 Heartland ‘Stickleback’ White Blend, South Australia
                                    1   btl - ‘08 The Prodigal Son Sauvignon Blanc, Adelaide Hills South Australia
                                    2   btls - ‘10 Save our Souls Rosé, King Valley Victoria
                                    1   btl - ‘09 Waipara Hills Pinot Noir, Waipara New Zealand
                                    1   btl - ‘07 Moonvine Cabernet Shiraz Merlot, McLaren Vale Western Australia (100% biodynamic)
                                    1   btl - ‘08 Two Brothers ‘The Block Cutter’ Cabernet Merlot, Margaret River Western Australia
                                    1   btl - ‘09 Elefante Tempranillo Shiraz, Castilla Spain

                                    $144.99 (total value $213.39 - Save over $68!)

                               more mixed dozens over the next page!

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                                                                                 Christmas Selection & Gift Guide 2010

Dinner Party Mixed Dozen
We’ve selected the perfect mixed dozen for entertaining. All food-friendly, the wines
below will please even the most discerning palate.


1   btl   -   Yarraburn Sparkling Cuvée NV, Yarra Valley Victoria
1   btl   -   ‘06 Seppelt Original Sparkling Shiraz, Victoria
1   btl   -   ‘10 Earth’s End Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough New Zealand
1   btl   -   ‘10 Pizzini Pinot Grigio, King Valley Victoria
1   btl   -   ‘08 Scarborough ’Green Label’ Semillon, Hunter Valley New South Wales
1   btl   -   ‘10 Josef Chromy ‘Pepik’ Chardonnay, Relbia Tasmania
1   btl   -   ‘10 Rockford ‘Alicante Bouche’ Rosé, Barossa Valley South Australia
1   btl   -   ‘09 Mt Difficulty ‘Roaring Meg’ Pinot Noir, Central Otago New Zealand
1   btl   -   ‘07 Château Mont Redon Cotes du Rhône, Rhône France
1   btl   -   ‘07 Tim Adams Shiraz, Clare Valley South Australia
1   btl   -   ‘08 Oakridge Yarra Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Yarra Valley Victoria
1   btl   -   ‘06 Crawford River ‘Nektar’ Dessert 375ml, Henty Victoria

$254.99 (total value $343.23 - Save over $88!)

Summer BBQ Mixed Dozen
The temperature’s already rising and no doubt you’ve already cranked up BBQ once
or twice the last few weeks...ever had to run out to the bottleshop at the last minute
to fetch some vinos? Never waste time again with this mixed dozen that will
complement any bbq outing - whether at home or at the park!


1   btl   -   Thorn Clarke Pinot Chardonnay Brut NV, Eden Valley South Australia
1   btl   -   ‘07 The Prodigal Son ‘Aromatique’ Riesling Gewϋrztraminer, Multi-Regional South Australia
1   btl   -   ‘10 Devil’s Lair Fifth Leg White, Margaret River Western Australia
1   btl   -   ‘08 Trentham Estate ‘La Familia’ Pinot Grigio, Victoria
1   btl   -   ‘10 Skillogallee Riesling, Clare Valley Victoria
1   btl   -   ‘09 Spinifex Rosé, Barossa Valley South Australia
1   btl   -   ‘08 Rimauresq Petit Rosé, Côtes du Provence France
1   btl   -   ‘09 Le Chat Noir Pinot Noir, Pyrenees France
1   btl   -   ‘08 Roundstone Gamay, Yarra Valley Victoria
1   btl   -   ‘07 Trentham Estate Merlot, Victoria
1   btl   -   ‘07 Corvo ‘Calanica’ Nero d’Avola/Merlot, Sicily Italy
1   btl   -   ‘10 Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato 375ml, Yarra Valley Victoria

$198.00 (total value $259.40 - Save over $61!)

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                                                  Christmas Selection & Gift Guide 2010


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