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					2011 Postgraduate

aviation supply chain management

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GC132                              aviation supply chain management                         career outlook
Graduate Certificate in Aviation   at rmit
Supply Chain Management                                                                     Graduates will be competitively positioned for
                                   The Graduate Certificate in Aviation Supply Chain        advancement within aerospace manufacturers
                                   Management focuses on the specialised sector of          (e.g. Airbus, Bombardier, British Aerospace,
                                   the aviation industry that relates to the development    Rolls-Royce, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney), airport
School of Aerospace, Mechanical    and maintenance of dynamic transport                     authorities, free trade zones, maintenance and
and Manufacturing Engineering      infrastructures. Picking up where land and sea           repair organisations (MRO), air parcel carriers,
                                   logistics drops off, it deals with freight forwarders,   consultancy firms and organisations dealing with
                                   free trade zones and movement of parts for               aviation insurance and finance.
                                   maintenance repair organisations.
                                                                                            program features
                                   Developed to enhance the capabilities of those
                                   working in the sector, it provides a firm grounding      Teaching methods
                                   in transport policy, planning and business               Teaching consists of a mix of master classes and
                                   management.                                              workshops, online support and interactive project
                                   Designed for current and future practitioners            teams using a variety of tools.
                                   involved in air freight management or air logistics      Assessment
                                   operations, the program provides a professional          Assessment is ongoing throughout the semester
                                   career pathway in the specialised sector of the          and may include examinations, essays/reports,
                                   aviation transport field.                                oral class presentations, group projects, research
                                                                                            projects, laboratory projects and practical
                                   mode and duration                                        assignments.
                                   Six months full-time or one year part-time.
                                                                                            Program structure
                                   Delivery is face-to-face. Distance education is          The graduate certificate consists of 48 credit points.
                                   available for Australian residents only. The program
                                                                                            The following is an example of courses offered.
                                   has semester one and semester two entry.
                                   Note: international students can only study full-time.   Core aviation generalist units            Credit points
                                                                                            Ů Aerospace industry infrastructure                12
                                   pathway                                                  Ů Aviation safety systems                          12
                                   The Graduate Certificate in Aviation Supply Chain        Select two electives
                                   Management is a specialist program allowing for          Ů Aviation supply and demand interfaces            12
                                   articulation into the Master of Aviation Industry        Ů Aviation supply chain strategic management
                                   Management.                                                and policy development                           12
                                                                                            Ů Aviation supply chain support structures         12
                                                                                            Ů Integrated logistics support management          12
entrance requirements                                                                      Fees
All applicants                                                                             Program fees may vary according to the courses chosen and fees
Academic                                                                                   are invoiced on a semester basis. RMIT reserves the right to adjust
A first degree or significant industry experience, including evidence                      fees on an annual basis but no fee increase will exceed the annual
of further professional development through in-house or externally                         increase cap of 7.5%.
run training.                                                                              Further information is available from the relevant program contact
Applicants should also supply:                                                             or at
Ů a brief personal statement by the applicant indicating their reasons                     Australian residents
  for undertaking such a program                                                           Fees for 2011
Ů a letter of support from their employer indicating their support for                     $11 760 total program cost.
  the applicant’s personal development (this can include, but is not
                                                                                           Fee Paying Places (FPP)
  limited to, financial support) and their willingness to give the
  student access to data and information required for the                                  Programs by coursework are offered on a Fee Paying Places (FPP)
  completion of their assessment tasks.                                                    basis. FPP students are required to pay the complete cost of their
                                                                                           program. FPP fees vary according to each program.
Applicants not meeting the above criteria will be considered on an
individual basis after personal interview (face-to-face or electronically)                 The prices quoted are total program prices for 2011. Tuition fees are
with the program coordinator.                                                              subject to annual adjustment and are not fixed for the duration of
                                                                                           your study. Changes to fees are applied from 1 January each year.
International/non-Australian residents only
                                                                                           FEE-Higher Education Loan Program (FEE-HELP)
English language
                                                                                           Students offered an FPP may be eligible for the FEE–HELP (FEE–
One of the following:                                                                      Higher Education Loan Program) scheme, which enables eligible
Ů IELTS (Academic)—6.5+ (no band less than 6.0)                                            fee-paying students to obtain an interest-free loan. For further
Ů TOEFL Paper-based—580+ (TWE 4.5+)                                                        information:
Ů TOEFL Computer-based—237+ (TWE 4.5+)                                                     Postgraduate Commonwealth Supported Equity Places
Ů TOEFL Internet-based (iBT)—overall score 92,                                             RMIT has a limited number of government-subsidised CSP in
  minimum 20 in all sections                                                               postgraduate coursework programs for applicants who meet
Ů REW—English for Academic Purposes Advanced 2                                             entrance and equity criteria. For further information please visit:
application procedures
                                                                                           International/non-Australian residents only
Australian residents
                                                                                           For the latest fee information, please refer to our web site:
Timely applications for coursework programs are due by:                          
Ů 10 November each year (semester 1) and
Ů 31 May each year (midyear semester 2).                                                   scholarships
Applications will continue to be accepted until all places have been                       Many of RMIT’s scholarships are based on financial and living
filled. You are encouraged to lodge your application early.                                circumstances. Before letting money worries control your life and
                                                                                           upset your studies, check the web site and contact the friendly staff.
Midyear applications open on 1 May, visit
                                                                                           Further information:        Scholarships Office
Apply via: RMIT Direct Application Form
                                                                                                                       Tel. +61 3 9925 2811
           Tel. +61 3 9925 2260
International/non-Australian residents
Apply any time via: International Student Application Form
                    Tel. +61 3 9925 5156

australian residents                                                                        international/non-australian residents
Contact: Margaret Tein                                                                      Contact: International Services
Tel. +61 3 9925 6150                                                                                 GPO Box 2476
Email:                                                                              Melbourne VIC Australia 3001                                                                 Tel. +61 3 9925 5156 Fax: +61 3 9925 6925
Further program information:                                                                Email:                                                    

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