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           On Contemporary
                 2008                                                    Hosted by the
             South Africa                               Department of Industrial Psychology - University
                                                                    of the Western Cape,
                                                                         South Africa

                           (5th Annual)

                        Erinvale Hotel & Spa, Somerset West, Western Cape,
                                          SOUTH AFRICA
                               30 September 2008 – 02 October 2008


                                  Special Pre-Conference Workshop(s)
                                           29 September 2008

                 (Workshop 1: Structural Equation Modeling Workshop – Prof. Peter Bentler: UCLA)
      (Workshop 2: Coaching in the Workplace – Dr. Martie Lancellas and Marieta van Staden: Strong Foundation)

     ‘Current Trends in Human Resource Management, Organisational
       Behaviour, Industrial Psychology and Strategic Management’

The 5th International Conference on Contemporary Business (ICCB) will take place during 30 September 2008 –
02 October 2008. Pre-conference workshops will be presented on 29 September 2008.

This event will provide opportunities for discussion, debate, promotion of knowledge and development of skills. In
addition, it will provide sufficient opportunity to delegates to engage and network with prominent national and
international academics as they share their experiences and expertise.

             Conference Registration Form – attached.
            Latest date for conference registration: 22 August 2008

(Both the Conference Registration Form and Abstract Submission Form can also be downloaded from the

           (“CLICK”/SELECT ICCB icon on the UWC web page for full details and relevant documentation)
Conference Theme:

    ‘Current Trends in Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Industrial
                          Psychology and Strategic Management’

Conference Programme
We have experienced a phenomenal response to the Call for Abstracts from both national and international academics
and are currently in the process of peer-reviewing all abstracts received.

More information on the final Conference programme will be made available in due course.

Distinguished speakers/ Keynote speakers
The 2008 Conference Programme will feature a range of events to cater for the diverse scientific and practical interests
of delegates.

Programme events include:

International and National Keynote speakers:

Various international academics of high standing will participate in our Conference as Keynote Speakers.
Please visit our Conference website for full details: (Official website of the University of the
Western Cape. "Click" on the ICCB icon on the opening web page for full details regarding the ICCB, venue,
accommodation and events!)

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

     •   Prof. Peter Bentler (UCLA) - "An overview of some recent developments in Structural Equation
     •   Prof. Tony Travaglione (Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia): "Link between values
         enactment and organisational performance"
     •   Prof. Dirk van Dierendonck (Erasmus University, Rotterdam): "Servant Leadership - Recent
         developments in theory and research".
     •   Prof. Adre Boshoff (Emeritus, University of Pretoria): "Problems, Opportunities and Challenges of doing
         organisational research in a Third World Country"

•        A range of Full Papers featuring scientific and practice content from leading authors and practitioners.
•        Numerous Focus Papers featuring the key results from the most resent research in a range of practice areas.

Conference Venue
The conference will take place at the Erinvale Hotel & Spa, Somerset, West, Western Cape, South Africa. This venue
is located at the foot of the picturesque Hottentots-Holland mountains – an area well-known for its prolific bird-life
and natural scenic beauty. The auditorium will host the keynote and plenary sessions. Other rooms in the conference
centre will be available for parallel sessions. All the conference rooms are equipped with facilities for PowerPoint
presentations. The area for registration and the information desk will be located in the entrance hall of the Conference

For more details regarding the Conference venue, please visit the official website of the Erinvale Hotel & Spa:

Somerset-West is well-known for its wide variety of boutique hotels, and luxury guest houses. All hotels and guest
houses are in easy reach of the Erinvale Hotel & Spa. A list of addresses of hotels/ guesthouses appears on the
Conference Websit (

Please note that a special accommodation package has been negotiated with the Erinvale Hotel & Spa. Conference
delegates are strongly recommended to contact the Erinvale Hotel & Spa (Conference Venue) for accommodation
during the conference. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Erinvale Hotel & Spa: ACCOMMODATION RATES: R715-00 p.p (Single), Bed & Breakfast
                                           R560-00 p.p. (Sharing), Bed & Breakfast

For more detaile information about Accommodation, reservations and rooms, please contact the Erinvale Hotel
& Spa directly.
                                           CONTACT PERSON:
                                              Genine McIntyre
                                   Conference & Banqueting Coordinator
                                            Erinvale Hotel & Spa
                                  P.o. Box 2941, SOMERSET WEST, 7129
                                                South Africa
                                            Tel. +27 21 847-1160
                                             Fax +27 847-1169

For more information on Hotel Accommodation, please consult the Erinvale Website:

We strongly recommend that your booking for accommodation at the Hotel be done as soon as possible. We
reserved 55 rooms for conference delegates on a “first come, first served basis”. However, the Erinvale Hotel
& Spa does offer more accommodation, depending on occupancy rate at the time.

Transportation to and from Conference Venue
Somerset West, Cape Town (South Africa) is approximately 35 kms from the Cape Town International Airport. You
can reach the conference site from the airport through public microbuses or taxis, charging their normal rates.

However, the Erinvale Hotel & Spa offers a special transportation service to and from the Cape Town International
Airport. Such service will be available on a 24 hour basis at the Hotel and also for the duration of the Conference.
Transportation to and from the Cape Town International Airport can be arranged with the Conference & Banquiting
Coordinator, Genine McIntyre (see contact details above).

Alternatively delegates could make use of the normal car rental facilities available at the Cape Town International

Please contact the Conference office: Dr. L.A. Bosman (Tel. +27 21 959-3181 or e-mail:
should you require additional information regarding transportation to and from the Conference venue.

Tourism and Travel
Somerset West is located in the Western Cape Province of South Africa near to tourist attractions, including Table
Mountain, various historical buildings, the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, the picturesque Cape Point Nature
Reserve, to mention only a few!

Sight-seeing packages will be available for accompanying persons as well as for Conference participants after the
Conference. More information on scenic trips and day visits will be available to delegates at the Conference.

Please contact Dr. Leon Bosman (e-mail: for more information.

MORE EXCITING NEWS! Colloquium for                                      Young       Researchers/Students                in
Organisational Behaviour and I/O Psychology

The 2008 ICCB will also provide young researchers and students with an opportunity to learn from the key figures in
scientific research that will be attending the 2008 Conference. It is envisaged that young researchers and students share
their current research topics with a panel of distinguished researchers and methodology experts. The panel will then be
able to engage with students in a supporting fashion to build self-confidence and eagerness to initiate and complete
current research endeavours. Students from South African Universities are especially encouraged to attend this

Conference Programme
 PRE-CONFERENCE                                Workshop 1:
 WORKSHOP(S):                                  Structural Equation Modelling: Theory and Practice with EQS
 29 September 2008                             Presented by:
                                               Prof. Peter Bentler – Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Statistics

                                                (For more details, see information below)

                                                Cost of Workshop:     (1) Conference Delegates attending: No extra cost
                                                                          (Included in Conference fee)
                                                                      (2) Workshop attendance only: R1000-00 for day.
                                                                          (Non-conference delegates)

                                               Workshop 2: (Full day Workshop)
                                               Coaching and Mentorship in the Workplace: Theory and Practice
                                               Presented by:
                                               Marieta van Staden – Consultant: Strong Foundation

                                               Cost of Workshop (Full day): R1000-00

 CONFERENCE:                                   The Conference Programme, with details on different Tracks, and
 30 Sept. 2008 – 02 Oct. 2008                  parallel sessions will be provided in due course. Further communication
                                               will follow.

More details on Pre-Conference Workshop(s):
            (Presenter: Prof. Peter Bentler - Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Statistics UCLA)

This full day workshop covers beginning to advanced topics in structural equation modeling (SEM), and provides practice
in setting up and running models. Participants will get a free (time-limited) copy of the EQS program (for Windows)
to use on their computers. An hour at the end of the day will be devoted to assisting participants on their own models on
their own data. A background in basic statistics and linear regression is required; exposure to matrix algebra will be helpful
but not necessary.

The morning session provides an overview of SEM, and the EQS approach to setting up and running models. Topics
include: Typical models (path, factor, Lisrel-type). Latent variables. Identification, estimation, testing, interpretation. Test
statistics and fit indices. Model modification: z, LM, and Wald tests. Best practices with non-normal data: Satorra-Bentler
tests and Yuan-Bentler residual-based statistics.

The afternoon session includes: Mean structure models. Growth curve models, and their automatic setup. Multi-
sample/multi-group models. Missing data estimators, tests, and SE’s for normal (Jamshidian-Bentler) and non-normal
(Yuan-Bentler) data. Kim-Bentler tests of homogeneity of means and covariance matrices.

Depending on time constraints and participant interest, some of the following topics may also be covered: Correlation
structure methods for normal and non-normal data, and categorical variables. Case-weighting for complex samples and
robust statistics (Yuan-Bentler) for outliers and influential points. Multilevel models with ML (Bentler-Liang) and robust
tests and SEs (Yuan-Bentler); HLM approaches. Mixture models. Internal consistency reliabilities: alpha, 1-factor, x-
factor, arbitrary model, maximal, dimension-free, greatest lower bound.

Peter M. Bentler has been an elected president of the Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology, the Psychometric
Society, and the Division of Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics of the American Psychological Association. He is the
elected 2007-8 President of the Western Psychological Association. Karl Jöreskog and he are the joint 2007 recipients of
the American Psychological Association’s Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award for the Applications of

            (Presented by: Dr Martie Lancellas and Marieta van Staden – STRONG FOUNDATION)

A one day workshop that will provide Practitioners and Managers/Leaders with a brief introduction to coaching. This
will include the similarities and differences between coaching and other methodologies, what constitutes an effective
coaching style as well as an introduction to a model for coaching.

This interactive workshop provides an opportunity for you to gain an understanding of coaching as well as an
experience of coaching others. This will allow you to understand and use coaching values and methods in order to
have transformational discussions.

The benefits of coaching includes the unlocking of leadership potential, improving performance, self-awareness and
general wellbeing. . The workshop is also aimed at facilitating skills in listening more effectively and asking
powerful questions.

What you will gain from attending this workshop:
   • Understanding the benefits of a coaching style when interacting with people
   • Fostering effective communication that allows the other person to find their own answers
   • Delivering desired and measurable results through coaching
   • An understanding of how coaching can complement your current knowledge and skills

Why you cannot miss this event:
Coaching is growing in popularity within the South African context and has been shown to have marked return on
investment for the sponsoring organizations. An Fortune article (2000), described the ROI of coaching as 600%. In
the context of organizational change and each person needing to grow in their leadership capacities, coaching is an
empowerment vehicle that allows for the effective integration of learning into practical competencies.

Registration and Conference Fees
Registration for Conference:

Kindly complete and submit the attached Conference Registration form. The completed Registration form must be
returned to: Dr. Leon Bosman at e-mail: or Fax: +27 21 959-3906. The office of Dr. Leon
Bosman will acknowledge receipt of your official registration via return e-mail.

Registration Fee:

The Conference Registration fee includes conference activities (inclusive of Structural Equation Modelling
workshop – 29/09/08), refreshments, lunch during the conference, cocktail event and Conference dinner.

The applicable Pre-Conference workshop fee applies to person(s) wanting to attend either one of the workshops

     1.    Pre-Conference Workshop (29 September 2008)
               -   Workshop 1: Structural Equation Modeling (Prof. Bentler)       R1000-00 (This does not apply to
                                                                                  delegates who will be attending
                                                                                  the full conference.)

               -   Workshop 2: Coaching and Mentorship in the Workplace           R1000-00 for full day workshop
                               (Marieta van Staden – Strong Foundation)
     2.    Full Conference (Included: 3 Day Conference, inclusive of Structural   R3 500-00 (Three Thousand Five
           Equation Modeling workshop, Cocktail event, and Gala Dinner) -         Hundred Rand)
           Accommodation during Conference is excluded from the Conference Fee.
                -  SPECIAL STUDENT RATE (For registered full time students only   R1 500-00
                   – proof of status will be required).
     3.    Student’s Colloquium (Included: Colloquim and Lunch)                   R300-00

Banking Institution:    ABSA Bank
Name of Account:        University of the Western Cape – General Deposit Account
Branch:                 Public Sector Western Cape
Branch code:            631609
Bank Account no.:       40 5089 3930
Swift code:             ABSAZAJJ
Your Reference: Use information provided below and fill in your name and surname in block letters (All the
information below must be used as your reference)

          1 0 0 1 1 1 / 1 2 0 5 0 9

TO LEON BOSMAN – Fax no. +27 21 959-3906 OR e-mail:

                                        Official Conference Office address:

                                       Department of Industrial Psychology
                                         University of the Western Cape
                                                Private Bag X17
                                              BELLVILLE, 7535
                                                  South Africa

                                              Tel. +27 21 959-3181
                                              Fax: +27 21 959-3906


Please direct all registration enquiries to Leon Bosman (Tel. +27 21 959-3181 or e-mail:


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