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Search engine marketing, link popularity used to measure the site is the number of links to other sites, also known as "the number of links, "or popularly known as "links from external sites", "is the number of links to other sites. " In the English vocabulary, there is a technical term "Inbound Link" to describe the "links from external sites. " "Outbound link".

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									Link Popularity

Building link popularity is one of those classic       When identifying your potential main linking
chicken and egg situations. If you want to             sites, it is worth undertaking a bit more detailed
improve the popularity of your web site then one       research. If possible, examine the source code
of the most effective methods is to generate           and the backend of the web site. Check for the
inward pointing links. The difficulty is that most     proper use of frames, headers, titles, meta tags,
Webmasters are only interested in linking to           alt tags. Do you think that keyword locations and
popular web sites!                                     density seem appropriate and “optimised”? A
                                                       good quality web site will be attractive to the
Research indicates that most Search Engines’           search engines and, therefore, the web searcher
algorithms contain some measure of link                should find it.
popularity when ranking a website. Theoretically
those websites that have the most links pointing       Web searches are responsible for a high
to them must be important and thus worth               percentage of your traffic. So when you are
indexing. It can be tempting to use FFA (Free for      designing or redesigning your site, make sure
all) link programmes to “boost” your popularity        you take the critical optimisation factors into
artificially. Unfortunately the search engines and     account. Do contact Web-Optimisation for
directories can view links to such site as             professional assistance with your web site.
“spamming”. Indiscriminate use of these
programmes may lead to having your web site            The most important element of any website is
de-listed.                                             content. People will visit, stay, and return if your
                                                       content is relevant to their needs. It seems
When making a request for a link exchange, you         everyone has put a website together but not
should only contact the owners of web sites that       everyone has put together a website that adds
offer a good match with the content and theme          value to the Internet community. The most
of your web site. The website’s theme or topic         popular web sites are the ones that have
and general layout is the first thing to review.       valuable information or resources for their
Sites with themes or topics that are related to or     audience. The best web sites fill a niche in their
compliment yours should be considered as your          market, the design and content is themed and
main link partners. There are a couple of useful       the site provides the information that their
tools that can help you to identify target sites,      potential customers are looking for. Review your
the Google Toolbar will help you to identify the       content. If you website is set up to sell a specific
“importance” of a web site.                            product, don’t simply try to sell to your visitors,
                                                       give your visitors some history or interesting facts
Ideally, the target site will have a links page or     about your product, set up links to companies
resource area. If the site does have a links page it   that supply you and who provide additional
should be easy to find, be well designed and           information, discuss different uses of your
contain good quality links. Some sites may have        product, have information on accessories, etc.
instructions for linking to them and they may          Give them something (related to what the site is
even publish a links policy.                           about) to read and digest. You want to be a
Remember that establishing a link from another         resource for your customer!
site will form an association with them and,           Successful web sites need to be popular, you
therefore, it is important that you only associate     need good quality links, and to get links, you
with credible organisations. And, you should           need to demonstrate to other webmasters that
always ensure that links to your web site              your site is worthy of a link. Take the time to
originate from well designed, content rich web         design your website properly and optimise it for
sites that are attractive to both potential            both potential customers and search engines.
customers and search engine spiders. · Carrholm · Armathwaite · Cumbria CA4 9QY        T 08700 270 575
Make sure your website has content that people
want and that the website is easy to navigate
and user friendly. It might take a little more time
to get it up and running, but it will be worth it,
ten times over.

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