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									August 2004

   Warm welcome for Wayne
Wayne Pearce, our new manag-              for Mobile refinery in nearby Alabama       and improve loop. It is apparent that
ing director, joined SAPREF on            as well.                                    we are on the right track to becoming
16 August. We spoke to him on                                                         a world-class entity. Since it is so evi-
his second day at the refinery.           How long will you be here?                  dent that we have the momentum for
                                          I am on a four-year assignment but          world-beating performance (look at
Please tell us a bit about your back-     as you know these things can easily         quarter 2, 2004) continuity of purpose
ground.                                   change depending on circumstances.          is the key.
I was born and brought up in Wales,
but have lived elsewhere for the          What is your management style?              What qualities do you appreciate in
past 24 years while working in the        I believe success comes from two            people?
oil/chemicals business. I achieved        things: committed, aligned people,             Honesty, openness, participation
a degree in chemical engineer-              and systematic management                     and recognition that we share
ing from Bath University and                 approaches. So naturally I                    common goals, and that we
worked for BP for a year during              am very excited about the                      share the challenge of deliver-
that time. In 1983, on leaving               IIE (Investment in Excellence)                       ing performance togeth-
university, I joined Shell’s                programme and believe devel-                            er. I like very much
Carrington plant in the                      oping people is critical to                            SAPREF’s ‘One Team,
north-west of England                          success. This is not the                             One Purpose’ slogan
where we manufactured                                                                               too. I like to see deter-
polymers. This was fol-                                                                             mination to succeed, a
lowed by spells at Stanlow                                                                          willingness to hold one-
refinery and chemical                                                                               self accountable and
plant (UK), Geismar chemi-                                 Wayne                                    people who are players
cal plant (Louisiana, USA),                            Pearce, left, gets                           rather than victims.
                                                      a warm African
back to Stanlow where I
                                                    welcome from HSE
worked with Richard Parkes                     (health, safety and environment)                      What do you dislike?
– in fact he was my boss – in chemi-             technician Bradley Scheepers         I tend to be somewhat impatient, so
                                                     at a cocktail function.          I don’t enjoy people who don’t come
cal operations, and then later at the
refinery. I then moved to the London      end of the story, of course, because we     to the point quickly. I like a direct
head office as part of the operations     are on a journey in which we are striving   approach. I also dislike paperwork.
excellence team for Europe and Africa     for world-class performance. I am also
before going back to Louisiana. This      excited at the recent ISO 9001 certifica-   What do you do for fun?
time I was site manager for Norco         tion, which gives SAPREF clear external     I am passionate about most sports,
Chemicals, a large facility near New      recognition and verification of a sys-                        # turn to page 2
Orleans; later I took on responsibility   tematic approach – a plan, do, review
                      Shutdown                                   Team                                        Members of
                      is just                                    SAPREF                                      LION start-up
                      around                                     achieves                                    team visit
                      the corner.                                ISO 9001.                                   UK refinery.

page 2                                    page 5                                      page 7
         p e o p le

      on the move                                   Mark to ensure
     John van Belkum has been appoint-
     ed OMUTDE (oil movements, utilities
     and despatch) production unit man-
     ager, replacing Mendo Joxo who has
                                                        safe production
     left.                                          ark Hobbs has joined the TR
     Shaun Govender has been appointed              (Technical Reaction) section as
     to the new position of operations
                                              process engineer: operating windows
     reliability advisor, from mid-August.
     Marine manager Joost Boonstra has        to lead a project which will contribute
     retired to the Netherlands. He has       to ensuring safe production across
     been replaced by George Franklin.        the process units throughout the
     David Bird succeeds Anoop Patel as       refinery.
     plant unit manager lubes complex.
     Anoop is LION start-up manager.
                                              Mark grew up in Eldorado Park near
                                              Johannesburg, and after graduating
                                              with a BSc in chemical engineering
                                              from WITS university he joined Polifin
                                              in Sasolburg, later moving to Caltex in
                                              Cape Town.

                                              He describes himself as easygoing,
     Bunker operator Lucas Bengu retired
     from JBS (Joint Bunkering Service) on
                                              fun loving and excitable. In a library
                                                                                                      Mark Hobbs
     31 July after six years with SAPREF.     or bookshop, the first place he goes is
     At his retirement party with col-        the science section, and he also reads     body-boarding and golf. He is married
     leagues, he received a gift from Chris
                                              biographies and science fiction. He        to Diane and they have a baby boy,
     Barkhuizen, JBS manager.
                                              enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking,    Ethan.

                                              Morgan Reddy                               # from page 1
    long servers                              cracks a B Com
                                                                                         and especially rugby. I played rugby for
                                                                                         many years; I also used to play squash,

    C  ongratulations to the following
       long-serving people whose anni-
    versaries came up in July and August:
                                                                                         but these days run a bit and go to the
                                                                                         gym. I am looking forward to learning to
                                                                                         play golf here, and to exploring South
    5 years                                                                              Africa with my family.
    Suzette Bull, HR systems administrator
    Chris Kalaba, area engineer: central                                                 Please tell us a bit about yourself?
       zone                                                                              I am a fairly serious person and enjoy
    Percival Mhlanga, operator                                                           reading. I am married to Wendy and
    Kosi Naidoo, operator                                                                we have two children aged 11 and 12
    Naren Sukaih, inspection manager                                                     who will continue at boarding school in
    10 years
                                                                                         England. Wendy has worked as a special
    Sam Munsamy, administrative clerk
                                                                                         needs child assistant, as a supervisor
    15 years
                                                                                         in banking and as a Shell outpost focal
    Sunil Bodh, process technician
                                                                                         point while in New Orleans.
    Adrian le Roux, mechanical fitter
    Razia Rassool, corporate accountant
                                                                                         What are your impressions of
    Glynis Shaik, process chemist
                                                                                         SAPREF so far?
    Ronnie Naidoo, engineer reliability
    25 years                                                                             I’ve had a very warm welcome during
    Sagren Frank, production supervisor                                                  my visits in the past few months, and
    Tiger Moodley, lab technician                                                        it’s clear to me that “One Team” means
                                              Felicitations to Morgan Reddy who
    Nelson Naicker, process technician        recently graduated with a B Com degree     something real to people here. My con-
    Devan Reddy, operator                     from Unisa. It had taken him five years.   tacts have also been very professional
                                              Said Morgan, “I did it for the enjoyment   and well organised. I would say we are
    30 years
                                              and hopefully to improve my chances of
    Keith Crowe, senior plant inspector       promotion; it was a lot of work.”          making huge progress in our relations
    Martin Graskie, mechanical supervisor,                                               with our neighbours, the authorities
                                              • Team, please tell Columns about your     and the environmental lobby groups
                                              academic achievements.
2                                                                                        – but there is more to be done.
                                                                                           f a r e w e l l

         Richard                                           Parkes
  reflects ...
                                               ieved during a time in which SAPREF
                                               has perhaps experienced its highest
                                               staff turnover, due partly to us deliver-

          e said farewell at the               ing on our employment equity aspira-
          end of August to Richard             tions and also due to the massive pull
          Parkes, our managing                 on good quality people for the country
director for the last five-and-a-half          at large.
years. Richard shares his thoughts
and feelings about leaving and                 It has been particularly difficult manag-
recalls some of his SAPREF experi-             ing SAPREF’s reputation. Globally there     Richard Parkes receives a farewell gift from
                                                                                           Liziwe Mda on behalf of Team SAPREF.
ences:                                         is mounting pressure on industry
                                               to focus more on its environmental
“South Africa is now a much better place       impacts and in South Africa communi-        Another exciting project that I am sorry
than when I studied here in the late 60s.      ties have found a strong voice. This is     to leave is the development of the Multi-
It is fantastic to live and work in a multi-   good and I have found it very exciting      Point Plan. We are seeing some interest-
racial society and I will fondly remember      and, of course, challenging to steer        ing results from the air quality network
my Team SAPREF friends and colleagues          SAPREF through some fairly troubled         in South Durban, which indicate that
in all parts of the company. It has been       waters, brought about by community          SAPREF may not have as much impact
a great experience working with such a         pressure and at times by our own per-       on air quality as previously thought.
wonderful mix of people, both inside           formance. A highlight for me is the         The Multi-Point Plan is industry’s, the
and outside SAPREF, and Durban will            Community Liaison Forum, which is           community’s and the authorities’ best
always have a special place in my memo-        now beginning to function. It is the        chance of getting real information on
ry and in my heart.                            community’s best chance of influenc-        the sources of pollution and on the true
                                               ing where we put our resources in           impacts on people.
I have very mixed feelings about leav-         terms of environmental improvement,
ing. I have been here longer than initially    and it is our best chance of showing        When I leave SAPREF I will be based in
planned, and it has been harder than           them that we really do care and that        the UK and will return to our family
I anticipated to achieve what needed           we can be trusted to deliver. I feel we     home in Chester. As a result of a major
doing. But I do believe that improvement       are really beginning to motor in this       restructuring, Shell will be managing its
is a journey and in recent years SAPREF        area.                                       global refining interests in one manu-
has achieved many milestones along this                                                    facturing organisation. I will be one of
road. First there was the change proc-         My biggest disappointment has been          five regional vice-presidents report-
ess, shifting away from plant towards          our spills performance, especially the      ing to executive vice-president Lynn
people and including the new logo.             Tara Road petrol leak. I wish I could       Elsenhans, and I will be responsible for
Coupled with this was IIE (Investment in       convey to everyone at SAPREF just           refineries in parts of Europe and Africa,
Excellence), which we extended beyond          what it feels like to stand up in front     including responsibility for Shell’s inter-
our fence into our communities. We             of an angry audience and effectively        ests in SAPREF. Naturally, I am delighted
were the first crude refinery to obtain        try to defend the indefensible. It has      that my association with SAPREF will
ISO 14001 for the full scope of our opera-     certainly been character-building! I        continue.
tions and now we also have ISO 9001 for        believe, and have been told, that we
all our activities.                            have done a world class job at remedi-      Until I see you all again, may I leave
                                               ating the contaminated land and             you with one thought? Eliminate those
A very special moment was when we              everyone involved in this project can       spills, every single one and your world
commissioned the SRU4/SCOT units,              be proud of the work they have done.        will start to turn around. Please invite
which almost halved our sulphur dioxide                                                    me to the party when you celebrate a
emissions. We have twice achieved five         The management of our transfer              breakthrough performance in spills.”
million hours without a lost time injury       lines to Island View has been a major
                           and our plant       challenge for many of us, and I leave
                           reliability has     just as we are considering the recom-
                           significantly       mendations of the report on the way
                           improved.           forward for the lines. I am sure the
                                               findings will reflect all the hard work
                             This has all      that has already been put into making
                             been    ach-      our pipelines fit for purpose.
Leonard Mbokazi gave a superb ren-                                                         Bas Kikkert led the farewell proceedings
dition of ‘Shosholoza’.                                                                    with humorous stories and fine music.
               n e ws

      Shutdown 2004 looms                                                                   SAPREF
    A                                                                                       hosts
           fter about 20 months of plan-          person will also be medically tested,
           ning, SAPREF’s six-week long           and many of them, especially fitters
           major turnaround starts on 14
    October. It will involve a complete shut-
                                                  and boilermakers, will go through a
                                                  competency assessment programme.          parliament
    down of crude distiller 2, the visbreaker     Supervisory skills levels will receive
    and sulphur recovery unit 4, as well as       special scrutiny.
    minor shutdowns of the platformer (for
    catalyst regeneration), alkylation unit and
    luboil plant (for cleanout). Some integ-
                                                  Says turnaround manager Terrence
                                                  Pillay, “We have developed training
                                                                                            S   APREF hosted members of the
                                                                                                national and provincial environ-
                                                                                            mental affairs parliamentary portfo-
    rity projects will also be undertaken,        and testing modules and everyone,         lio committees at the refinery on 3
    which will involve the upgrade of piping      including SAPREF people, will need        August. The committees had spent
    susceptible to high temperature sulphur       to improve their skills. This will be a   the previous day with the minister of
    corrosion, and the replacement of the         stressful time for many of us. I appeal   environmental affairs and tourism,
    furnace coils on the high vacuum unit.        to everyone to be flexible during         other government members, envi-
                                                  this period and think of the greater      ronmental lobbyists, the media and
    The main focus areas will be HSE (health,     good - and SPIS (SAPREF Performance       business representatives on a tour of
    safety and environment), quality, adher-      Incentive Scheme). Each of us has a       South Durban, and at a community
    ence to the schedule and cost control.        role to play in ensuring the success of   meeting.
    There will be about 2500 contractors          the turnaround.”
    working on site, who will undergo up                                                    The chair of the committee, Eliza-
    to three levels of HSE induction. Each        Terrence said two of the four main        beth Thabethe, said the refinery visit
                                                       mechanical contractors involved      was to get a balanced view on pollu-
                                                          are black economic empow-         tion issues in South Durban, and to
                                                             erment companies, with         hear SAPREF’s views on a bill that will
                                                             the other two companies        regulate air quality in South Africa.
                                                              likely to qualify as such
                                                               before the turnaround.       Lora Rossler, sustainable develop-
                                                                                            ment manager, presented an over-
                                                              • For more information,       view of our business and strategic
                                                             see the Shutdowns public       imperatives.
                                                            folder in Outlook.

      Terrence Pillay, (front, second from left) and the Shutdown Team.                     Richard Parkes, then managing di-
                                                                                            rector, explained the impact of our

          Seeking solutions at IV
                                                                                            production processes and outlined
                                                                                            the many initiatives taken since 1993
                                                                                            to reduce our environmental impact.
                                                                                            He also gave SAPREF’s views on the
      If Mike Conway-Nunn has anything to
       do with it, Island View will soon be
      shaking off its Cinderella image and
                                                                                            bill, and the amendments we would
                                                                                            like to see. This was followed by a
                                                                                            very wide ranging question-and-an-
      turning into a world-class installation.
                                                                                            swer session and a refinery tour.
      Says Mike, who took over as oil move-
                                                                                            Said Lora, “I think we helped the
      ments technologist at Island View in
                                                                                            committee get a balanced view on
      June, “Any negative views that may
                                                                                            the various issues; they want to see
      exist about Island View no longer fit;
                                                                                            countinuous improvement and will
      many best practices have been imple-
                                                  Mike Conway-Nunn, now at Island View.     be monitoring progress, so we need
      mented here, and there are pace-
                                                  impact on the environment and our         to be especially vigilant. However,
      setting elements, some of which are
                                                  neighbours. Our neighbours are very       the meeting was most cordial and
      ahead of the refinery.
                                                  nearby, nearer than at the refinery,      our visitors seemed to leave in a
                                                  so it is crucial for us to be seen as     positive mood.”
      “And yes, there are opportunities here
      for us to implement new technology.         good neighbours - and naturally our
                                                  performance must match that per-          Members of community organisa-
      It’s about finding world-class solutions
                                                  ception of us.”                           tions and shareholder representa-
      to ensure that there is no negative
                                                                                            tives were also present.


Kaefer Thermal
safety record
O   n 6 July, Kaefer Thermal achieved
    three million hours without an
LTI (lost time injury), making them
the first contractor to have worked
so many hours without an LTI on any
SAPREF controlled site. It is also a best-
ever for any Kaefer Thermal site.

                                              The quality focal points meet to review the auditors’ findings. Dhavan Moodley said
                                              that without their efforts, ISO 9001 could not have been achieved.

                                              Team SAPREF proud
                                               as ISO 9001 achieved
Seen at a celebratory function in July               riday 13 August 2004 was a great     “There was no major finding. We can-
with a trophy presented by Kaefer                    day in the history of the com-       not relax now, however; we need to
Thermal’s head office were, from left,               pany. Having spent four days         work with renewed energy on cer-
Renata Fuccenecco, risk control man-
                                              at SAPREF, two international auditors       tain areas to achieve an exponential
ager; Eric Dladla, safety officer (C.U.I.),
Rob Ross, general manager; and Ernest         from Det Norske Veritas were happy          improvement in performance. Yes,
Gumede, safety officer core contract.         to recommend us for ISO 9001:2000           we have taken a big step toward some
                                              certification.                              best practices, but we still have to put
                                                                                          in place a number of items that will
 Twelve                                       This significant milestone applies to       lead to a deeper engagement of qual-
                                              the whole of SAPREF, including Island       ity in various parts of the business.”
 run Comrades                                 View, Joint Bunkering Services and the
                                              Single Buoy Mooring.                        Having ISO 9001 means the company
                                                                                          has a quality management system and
                                              Said Dhavan Moodley, business excel-        processes in place, and competent
                                              lence (BE) manager, “It was our tough-      people in control of those processes,
                                              est audit yet, but the auditors were        toward achieving customer satisfac-
                                              very impressed with our professional-       tion.
                                              ism. We see this achievement as our

 T   welve runners, from both                 entry into the world-class arena and        Production manager Nils Bosma said
     SAPREF and contractor ranks,             it will enable us to compare ourselves      he was exceptionally grateful for the
 completed the 2004 Comrades                  better with world-class companies.          drive and commitment of the BE
 Marathon       from     Durban  to                                                       team and the quality focal points.
 Pietermaritzburg, a distance of 87           Team SAPREF whooped it up at Richard Parkes’s farewell function on 17 August as
 km. They were, shown above from              he thanked them for the hard work that had gone into the IS0 9001 achievement.
 left, Javier Barrios (SAPREF temp),
 Dominic Hlophe, Des van der
 Merwe, Phumi Nhlapo, Emmanuel
 Mqadi (Minolta), Morgan Naidoo
 (Fluor), Siyabonga Khomo (Contract
 Cleaning Services), and Selvan
 Moodley (LTA F&C). Unable to be in
 the photo were, Keith Crowe, Kris
 Naidoo, Krish Pillay and Solomon
 Mjwara (Thekwini Cabling). Dominic
 and Phumi ran their first Comrades,
 and Keith accomplished his person-
 al best time.

          p e o p le
                                                                               Refinery Utilisation
                                                    90 %

    Our people                                      80 %

    get credit for                                  70 %

    production                                      60 %

    record                                          50 %

    set in Q2                                               Jan 2004    Feb 2004      Mar 2004      Apr 2004     May 2004       Jun 2004

           production record was set for             scheduling (E&S) manager, said the          schedule, which was produced using a
           the second quarter of this year,          demand for increased utilisation of         complicated linear programming model,
           our best effort since November            the refinery had been boosted by the        and this had boosted production.
    2000. There were a number of con-                strong margins prevailing, and the
    tributory factors, many of them peo-             end of the Sasol supply agreement           Happily, the record affected the SAPREF
    ple-related.                                     which meant that oil companies could        Performance Incentive Scheme (SPIS)
                                                     now source their products where             positively, resulting in a ‘best ever’ over-
    Said Nils Bosma, production manager,             they pleased. He also said E&S had          all performance in the second quarter.
    “This record crude throughput was                given feasible operating instructions,      Key performance indicators like gross
    achieved mostly through operational              and communication had been good             refinery margin-gap (which includes
    excellence; in particular, the crude             between themselves, operations and          production), total recordable cases,
    planning and operation of the distillers         technology. Also, better unit reliability   employment equity and percentage
    to their limits without a need for slow-         had led to better unit availability, he     action items completed, delivered excel-
    downs were the pillars of this success.          said.                                       lent performances. However, trends
    I thank everyone for their contribution                                                      for 2004 indicate that total recordable
    to this ‘magis’ moment.”                         Technical auditor Jitesh Jairam said the    cases, oil spills and unplanned downtime
                                                     panelmen had shown more discipline          remain the biggest concerns moving
    Rodney    Youldon,     economics     and         in following the product optimisation       forward.

                   Pump                               reliability                            on the up and up
    T  he reliability of the centrifugal pumps
       at central zone has skyrocketed. Mean
    time between failures has climbed from
    37.5 months (in January 2003) to 61.8
    months (in May 2004). And the causes,
    not surprisingly, are people-related.

    Said area engineer Chris Kalaba, “This has
    come about due to a combined effort
    from the people of operations and
    maintenance. Two areas that have made
    an impact on reliability are the thorough
    unit checks (which are audited), and
    failure investigations on the spot. Central
    Zone has long seen that ‘on the spot’
    RCAs (root cause analyses) are critical; this
    approach has helped the team identify
    and learn from problems before the
    evidence is lost.”                                     illustration of excellent behaviour in     Some of the central zone team
                                                           equipment care by all central zone and     that contributed to a big improve-
                                                                                                      ment in pump reliability - seen
    Said Andries Burger, production unit                   support people; that is why a ‘feather     with their feathers, if not their
    manager: central zone, “This is an                     in the cap’ has been awarded to each       caps.
                                                                                                      new s

                             LION team                                                 working
toward                                     The flawless start-up team:
                                           front, from left, Anoop
                                           Patel, flawless start-

flawless                                   up manager; Daya
                                           Ballia, OBL commis-
                                           sioning supervisor

start-up                                   FSU; Mbulelo Yokwe,
                                           process engineer;
                                           Simphiwe Mazibuko,

M    ost of the LION flawless start-up     LION project tech-
                                           nologist; and Casmir
     team visited BP’s Coryton refin-      Memela, senior oper-
ery in the UK in June/July 2004 to         ator FSU. And back,
glean best practices.                      Graeme Merrick, E&I
                                           engineer; Bongani
                                           Dube, senior opera-
Said start-up manager Anoop Patel,         tor FSU; and Tjalling
“As Coryton’s Penex unit is very similar   Terpstra, project
to ours and has been operating very
                                           • Unable to be in the
successfully, we wanted to benefit         photo: Rob Pearton,
from their experience. In fact we spent    IBL commissioning
three very fruitful days talking to and    supervisor FSU, and
                                           Glen Mathys, LION trainer.
learning from a range of people, typi-
cally about such issues as operations,     with lists of “who is doing what                                      Glen
maintenance, and instruments and           by when” to ensure a flawless
                                                                                                                 trainer on
electrical, with particular emphasis on    start-up.                                                             the LION
start-up and shutdown.                                                                                           project
                                           Training is receiving high priority                                   start-up
                                                                                                                 team, won
On the visit were Anoop, Daya Balliah,     from the team, the aim being to                                       the Phil
a former shift manager who is now          train the central zone shifts how                                     Santilhano
a commissioning supervisor; Glen           to operate a unit that they have                                      Award for
                                                                                                                 ‘student of
Mathys, trainer; Bongani Dube, sen-        not seen. Documentation is cur-                                       the year’
ior operator; and Rob Pearton, also        rently being produced.                                                for 2003 at
a commissioning supervisor. Also on                                                                              the annual
                                                                                                                 SA Institute
the visit were four members of the         In August 2003, a LION team
                                                                                                                 of Welding
LION project, Tjalling Terpstra (man-      visited Shell’s Hiede refinery in                                     certification
ager), Aura Cueller, Mbulelo Yokwe         Germany, where a similar Penex                                        dinner.
and Graeme Merrick.                        plant is running. There, the
                                           emphasis was more on learning with a
Anoop said that the flawless start-
up team had also been working on
                                           view to influencing the design phase.
                                           Anoop said that members of the LION
ten quality areas, and workshops
had been conducted on most of the
                                           project had now visited both Shell and
                                           BP refineries, and had taken the best    but achievers
areas. Registers have been compiled,       from both for SAPREF’s project.               very year, SAPREF sponsors a Junior
                                                                                         Achievement mini-enterprise

         STAR SCHEME winners                                                        course at the training centre for about
                                                                                    40 grade 11 and 12 learners; the course
                                                                                    aims to equip them with business

T  he following people were the win-
   ners of the STAR SCHEME for first
quarter, 2004.
                                           4. HSE: Des Brown
                                           5. GOOD FELLOWSHIP: Claude Asiah
                                           6. ACHIEVER: None

                                                                                    Two of the participants in a recent
                                           7. TEAM: Shift 3 Fire Crew
                                                                                    course have gone on to win the top
                                                                                    two places out of 216 in the whole of
Fairall                                    Ian Norton
                                                                                    South Africa in Cambridge University’s
2. INNOVATION: Team Fire Station           9. RUNNERS-UP : Anoop Patel, Andre
                                                                                    young enterprise examinations. They
3. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Martin Graskie        van Rensburg, Vinod Lalla, Lynelle
                                                                                    are Reshen Naidoo and Larissa Brijlal
                                           Pennington and Kobus Human.
                                                                                    of Kingsway High School; both got

b a c k               c hat

                                                                                                           1. Use the clues along-
                                                                                                              side to complete the
                                                                                                   1 C
                                                                                                              crossword, and send in
                                                                                                              as many entries as you
                                                            G                                                 can.

    up to R300                                       5 H
                                                                                                           2. Photostat copies will be

      in our                                           B
                                                                                                           3. Writing to be legible or
                                                                                                              entries will be disquali-

     SAFETY                                          2
                                                                                                           4. Completed entries to

     wordplay                                                                                                 be placed in the boxes
                                                                                                              provided at shift man-
                                                                                                              agers’ offices in the
                                                                                                              refinery, IV Site 3 secu-
CLUES                                                                                                         rity and at the refinery
Match the clues to your reflec-                  NAME : _____________________________     1st prize: R300  5. Closing date:
tion of HEARTS and MINDS. How                                                             2nd prize: R150     30 September 2004.
sharp are you?                                   SECTION:____________________________     3rd prize: R50   6. Competition is open
                                                                                                              to SAPREF employees
                                                 STAFF NO.___________________________
1. Moving from Calculative to                                                                                 only.
   Generative (7 letters).                                                                                 7. Winners will be notified
                                                 TELEPHONE EXT. ______ email _____________________________    by email.
2. The Changing process (7).

3. It’s the way we do things at
   SAPREF (10).
                                                          Award for Leonard
                                                    Our community liaison officer, Leonard Mbokazi,
4. Using this to entrench                           was awarded a trophy and certificate recently after
   Behaviour (5).                                   organising a STEPS course for 25 teachers from
                                                    Isipingo Secondary School in July. The awards were a
5. Connected to your Mind (6).                      token of appreciation from the teachers. Facilitators
                                                    Gail Lambshed and former Team SAPREF member
                                                    Sandi Koenig were also acknowledged with trophies.
6. It’s an Intervention in                          Feedback from the course included ‘uplifting’, ‘excel-
   changing Mindsets (9).                           lently presented’ and ‘very enlightening’.

                                                 Best treatment
 Lubes safe                                      available, says Sister
                                                                                                        KNOW YOUR
                                                 F   eedback from the SAPREF Health Week
                                                                                                        HIV STATUS
W      ith two lost time injuries in March
       and one in July, SAPREF’s safety              held in May was that easier access to HIV
                                                 testing would be appreciated. LifeWorks, an
performance seemed to go off the
boil. Then came a remarkable achieve-            HIV/AIDS agency, were thus invited to be on            THEN YOU’LL
ment: on 25 July, Lubes had worked               site for two days in June to offer voluntary
                                                 counselling and confidential testing for
                                                                                                        KNOW THE
four years without a total recordable
case. Also, for the whole of 2003, they          HIV/AIDS.
had no first aid case – with only one
reported this year to the end of July.           Says Sister Lynn McClellan, “It is vital that
                                                 everyone should know their HIV status.
                                                                                                        YOU NEED
Said safety manager S’bu Zulu,                   Anyone who is HIV positive can then deal
                                                 effectively with the virus; this is not wish-
                                                                                                        TO EXTEND
“This is a magnificent achievement;
fundamental      to    their    success          ful thinking, it is a realistic hope based on          YOUR LIFE ...
were     good    housekeeping,     RAP           scientific research. And they don’t have to
(risk      assessment        procedure)          do it alone – we are
                                                                                 For more information on SAPREF, visit
communication,       and      engaging           offering the best avail-
contractors in work discussions. So,             able treatment to any                                Proud
let’s keep our motivation up and keep            team member who                                     to have
on applying the 4 Whats. Don’t lose              asks for it.”                                      achieved
hope.”                                                                                                  ISO 14001

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