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 The Newsletter of Cancer Support France — Association N° W163000037
   Volume 5 Issue 1                                                                                    January 2009
               Patron: Professor Alain Daban, former Head of Radiotherapy, CHU Poitiers,
                            President of the Reseau Onco-Poitou-Charentes

    In this issue                       Great oaks from little acorns grow ……..
                                               Looking out at the falling leaves a week or so ago, I was reminded
                                        of this saying, and felt that it had a certain resonance with CSF. Seven
                                        years ago we consisted of a dozen members crowded into our dining
Conseil News             p. 2           room in Benest; we now have 14 groups (soon to be 16) covering 36-38
                                        departments across the country. Much of the growth has occurred in the
                                        past 12—15 months.

                                               Any gardener will tell you that it is quite natural for a tree to lose a
AGM Notices              p. 3
                                        few leaves—perhaps even the odd twig here and there. Such is the way of
                                        things with even a healthy plant. More important are the strength of the
                                        trunk, the depths of the roots and the supply of nutrients. At the same
                                        time, there is occasionally need for a little judicious pruning and shaping,
Out & About with the p. 4
                                        and perhaps a little additional feeding and watering to ensure continued
President                               healthy development.

                                              It is no different with CSF. We may lose a few valued members
From the Medical         p. 4           here and there, a branch may need propping up, an input of new ideas is
Journals                                sometimes required. We hope that the current restructuring of our
                                        Association will ensure that its growth continues unabated. As with
                                        gardening, there is the appropriate season for such activities—and the
Around the Regions       pp. 5-7        tasks are not to be rushed. I am pleased to be able to report that the
                                        development of the new ‘Charente-Plus’ branch is well advanced, and
                                        progress is being made with the changes needed to the central
                                        management structure. The latter, however, is very unlikely to be
Toulouse Canceropole p. 7               completed before the AGM in February. Once the details have been
                                        agreed by all the branches, the Statutes will need to be re-written and
                                        submitted to an EGM for approval; this step in particular cannot be
                                        rushed—it is vital that we get it right. So a full flowering of the
Useful Information       p. 8           modernised CSF may be a little delayed!

                                               In the meantime, we are pleased to welcome our newest group,
     We are sorry that, for             CSF-Sud de France, and to report that they, and all our newer branches,
    reasons of space, some              are doing well. Plans for training are well-advanced for next year, and
   articles and photographs             there is already the prospect of another group forming in the South.
   cannot be included in this
             edition.                         We wish you all a happy and healthy 2009—and a good growing
                                                                                            Andy Shepherd

                          Imprimé par CTAA, Bâtiment ‘Le Nil, 138 route de Bordeaux, 16000 Angoulême
                   Conseil News
      With the imminent reorganisation of CSF to Breakdown of traffic by continent (%):
form a separate Charente branch and a central,
coordinating group, we regret to announce the                                   Sept.                   Oct.
departure of some members of the existing Conseil.    North America             62.2                    51.7
      Vice-President Paul Martin has announced that
                                                                 Europe                    19.1         31.5
he does not wish to offer himself for re-election at the
next AGM. He has been a member of CSF for just over              Australia                  3.2          3.0
two years, and has made a valuable contribution,
particularly in the development of new groups around             Asia                       2.8          2.0
the country. With his wife Anthea he was also
instrumental in starting the ‘Friends’ group which has           South America              0.2          0.3
done so much to raise money for this nationwide
                                                                 Africa                     0.1          0.4
                                                            Unassigned                7.1                5.9
       Our training coordinator, Claire Wilson, feels
that with the pressure of other commitments it is time Breakdown of traffic from Europe (%):
for her to step aside and allow someone with wider
training experience to take over this important rôle.                                Sept.              Oct.
She has been instrumental in organising the initial
training delivered around the country to the many new       France                   58.1               65.4
groups we have had – particularly in the past year.
                                                            Great Britain            31.9               25.1
       Angela Mckean, policy coordinator, has resigned
from CSF with effect from 17th November, to                 Netherlands               3.6                1.3
concentrate on other projects. We thank her for her         Germany                   3.6                2.5
insightful work in developing the raft of policies which
guide our work.                                             Other Europe              2.8                5.7
       Last, but by no means least, our Secretary          The five most active referring domains produced 509
Frances Wilkinson is moving sideways. She expressed a      ‘hits’ in September and 826 in October. (These are
wish last August to stand down from her rôles as           contacts passed on from other websites).
Secretary and Office Coordinator, but allowed herself
to be persuaded to continue until the AGM. In the          In October, the most active referring search –engines
meantime, she has led the development of the new           were:        Google (95 hits), MSN (8) and AOL (3)
Charente-Plus branch, and will continue to do this at
least until its Inaugural General Meeting sometime         These figures show that the CSF website is doing well
early in the New Year. There is no doubt that she will     as a publicity tool. What they do not show (see quote
be as great an asset to the new branch as she has been     below!) is how many of these ‘hits’ turned into actual
nationally in the past three years.                        contacts with potential clients or volunteers. For that
                                                           information, we must await returns from the groups.
              Not only, but also …
                                                             ‘ Statistics are like a bikini: what they reveal is
Ralph Bramley, who has organised our website for the           interesting, but what they conceal is vital. ‘
last two years, has asked to hand over the
responsibility to someone else as soon as possible. We      In 2008 we printed 600 copies of Touchlines (5
wish to thank Ralph for all his work, which has done so     editions). The printing costs were 1290 euros, the
                                                            postage costs 240 euros (excluding envelopes). This
much to bring CSF to the attention of a wider public.
                                                            gives an average cost of 2.55 euros per copy.
                                                            Most of our members receive their copy by e-mail;
       Ralph has provided some statistics which may be
                                                            about 80 receive a ’hard-copy’. The rest are used
of interest. These are for the months of September
                                                            for publicity purposes at exhibitions, or are
and October 2008:
                                                            distributed to hospitals and other outlets.

 Page 2                                                                                                Touchlines
                        Annual General Meeting, 2009
     The Annual General Meeting of Cancer Support France will be held on

                            Thursday, 5th February, 2009
                             PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF DATE
                       In the Salles des Associations, 16350 Benest
                                    Commencing at 10h45
                                 Coffee will be available from 10h00

                    AGENDA                                     is hoped that it will be in existence before the
                                                               AGM. Following this, an explanation will be given
                                                               of the progress made in reorganising the central
      1.    Apologies for absence                              functions of CSF, and the reasons for the
      2.    Minutes of the previous AGM                        proposals being made.
      3.    President’s Report                           6.    To ensure the continuity of existence of a central
      4.    Treasurer’s Report                                 national body for CSF, it is necessary to elect the
      5.    Progress Reports                                   statutory minimum number of officers for the
            (a) New Charente-Plus Branch                       ensuing year. The meeting will be asked to
            (b) Central reorganisation                         empower them to appoint members to serve on
                                                               a working party to produce the necessary new
      6.    Election of Bureau
            (a) President
            (b) Treasurer
            (c) Secretary                                You will notice that, in effect, items 1-4 concern the
      7.    Plans for forthcoming year                   previous year; items 5-7 are about the future. Votes on
                                                         the minutes, and the President’s and Treasurer’s
                                                         reports will be taken by a show of hands. Those
                Notes on the Agenda                      entitled to vote are those who were members of CSF
                                                         during 2008, plus branch representatives.
1.    Members and friends are requested to sign the
      appropriate attendance sheets by the door on       The election of officers will be conducted by secret
      arrival.                                           ballot. Each branch is entitled to three votes (which
2.    The minutes of the previous AGM were               may be distributed as they wish) as has been
      circulated in the April edition of Touchlines.     established by past practice. If (as expected) the
      Copies will be available for consultation on the   Charente-Plus branch is already operational, then there
      day of the meeting.                                will, de facto, no longer be any individual members of
3.    The President will report on the previous year’s   CSF (central); thus individual members will not be
      activities, including an explanation of why        entitled to a separate vote. Postal votes are not
      reorganisation has become necessary. A vote to     permitted, but it is possible to appoint someone
      accept the report will be taken.                   present at the meeting to act as a proxy.
4.    The Treasurer will present the accounts for 2008
      and the Budget for 2009. A vote to accept these    Nominations for office, with the approval of the
      will be taken.                                     nominee and duly seconded, should be sent to the
5.    Frances Wilkinson will report on the progress      Secretary by 28th January, as should requests for a
      made in establishing the new Charente branch. It   proxy vote.

 Volume 5 Issue 1                                                                                         Page 3
                                     Out and                      Land-mine radar detects breast cancers?
                                     About                        As women readers will confirm, having a mammogram is a
                                                                  procedure which can hardly be described as comfortable and
                                    with the                      indeed many women terminate their examination early
                                    President                     because of the discomfort. And each mammogram does
                                                                  expose the women to a small dose of radiation, itself a risk
                                                                  factor for developing cancer, especially for young women
                                                                  who may have many mammograms over the years if they
                                                                  are in a high risk group. On the other hand MRI scans are
                                                                  very time consuming & expensive.
On Friday December 5th, your President went to Paris. No, it      It appears that technology used to detect land-mines has
was not a pre-Christmas shopping outing, it was to attend a       been adapted to detect breast cancers. Radar breast
day conference laid on by the Institut National du Cancer         imaging has the advantage of being much more comfortable
(INCa).                                                           as the patient lies face down with the breast in a ceramic
This was the first meeting laid on specifically for               cup whilst the images are taken. There is no external
associations. Its aim was to inform the delegates about the       pressure on the breast and there is no sensation from the
way in which INCa gives financial support to projects             radar beams passing through. In addition the breast is
dedicated to improving the life of people affected by cancer.     subjected to much less radiation than conventional
Presentations were made explaining how the selection              mammography during this technique, described as being the
process works, and how to ensure an appropriate                   equivalent of speaking into a mobile phone at arm’s length.
application. In the afternoon a number of projects that had       A detailed 3D image can be obtained in only 6 minutes
been supported by INCa during the last three years were           compared to 45 minutes for a MRI scan.
presented. Quite apart from the value of all this information,
                                                                  Imaging in this way, developed by Prof. Alan Preece & Dr Ian
I was able to make contact with a number of key people
                                                                  Craddock from the University of Bristol, is under trial in
within INCa, ensuring that the name of CSF was known. One
                                                                  Bristol Hospitals to compare the imaging systems for their
of the first questions I was asked, once our work was
                                                                  efficacy. So far only 60 women have been screened in this
understood, was, ‘How can we help you?’ Clearly this was a
                                                                  way but the trial will continue for several months. The
valuable initial exercise, but it remains to be seen what fruit
                                                                  particularly exciting aspect of this work relates to imaging in
will come from these contacts. You may rest assured that I
                                                                  younger women because standard mammography is more
will do everything I can to capitalise on this promising
                                                                  difficult to interpret in younger age groups and the more
                                                                  detailed 3D images obtained by Radar Breast Imaging should
A full report of the day is in preparation. Please contact the
                                                                  be more accurate to read. See
national office if you would like a copy. All CSF-Branch
                                                                  for further details. also
presidents will receive one as soon as it is ready.
                                                                  has good descriptions of this technique and other
Institut National du Cancer is the second-largest organisation
                                                                  developments in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
in France that campaigns on behalf of people affected by
cancer. The website is most useful, and has an English flag so                                               Dr. Sue Pocklington
it is possible to access a lot of material in English.
                                                                  Nightly bathroom visits reduce bladder cancer
                                                                          Sleeping uninterruptedly through the night is
INCa’s summary of the day can be found here:                      considered healthy. But a new study shows that multiple       nightly visits to the bathroom can help keep a person
Agenda/op_1-it_247-ta_1-id_2276-bakhistory_1-la_1-                healthy. Researchers in the United States discovered
ve_1.html                                                         noticeably reduced risks of bladder cancer among people
The press report can be found here (in French)                    who have a strong need to urinate during the night. People                        who go to the bathroom at least twice nightly reduce their
dossier_presse_associations.pdf                                   risk of cancer by around 40 percent for men and around 50
                                                                  percent for women and were more marked among smokers
                                                                  than non-smokers. The study was conducted on 884 bladder
                                   Linda Shepherd, President
                                                                  cancer sufferers and 996 without the cancer by the National
                                                                  Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland and was published in
                                                                  the International Journal of Cancer (Vol. 123 [7]). . According
            From the Medical Journals                             to the German Cancer Research Centre, the US researchers
On this occasion the original article is in Engineering &         believe that the cancer risk increases when the bladder is
Technology magazine and my thanks go to Ivan Langley for          exposed to cancer-causing agents in the urine for a
drawing my attention to a technological development that          prolonged period. But multiple trips to the bathroom during
has potential to improve screening for breast cancer.             the daytime have no effect on the risk of contracting bladder

  Page 4                                                                                                           Touchlines
                 Around the Regions                             year. Many fund-raising events have taken place and all have
                                                                been well attended. These included a Quiz night, book sale,
CSF-Basse Normandie
                                                                Coffee Morning and Flower Arranging events, along with the
Life is ticking over in Basse Normandie as we head off into
                                                                sale of our own CSF Christmas cards, which have proven to
winter. Linda Shepherd came to meet some of our members
                                                                be very popular.
at a special pre-wedding lunch we were having for Margaret
who was one of our first members. Margaret met Wynford
at the CSF Basse Normandie launch that was held in March
2007. They were married on 25th October 2008 at St Martin
de Landelles. The church was full of family and friends who
watch on with enormous joy and I am sure everyone wishes
them many years of health and happiness. They are
currently on honeymoon in Marrakesh.
November and December is quite busy for everyone and we
are no exception. We are holding a Christmas Fayre on
Saturday 22nd November in Montcuit . If anyone wants to
come along they will be welcome, there is a variety of stalls
and of course plenty of vin chaud! We are also having a
Christmas carol concert where a group called Cantamus is
singing some carols for us and there will be lots of
opportunities for everyone to join in. The concert will be
held on Friday 12th December 2008. For further details The Committee have worked hard to ensure that as many
please contact Jenny Luck.                                      organizations as possible in our area are aware that we exist,
CSF-Sud de France                                               and we are looking forward to a busy and productive 2009.
Members of a new group of volunteers met in Cailhau, Aude Finally, we would like to wish our members, and all the other
(11) on 2nd December 2008 to elect a President (M. Jeff CSF groups throughout France a very happy 2009.
Turner), a Secretary (M. Keith Redfern) and a Treasurer CSF-Coeur de France
(Mme Judith Bourne). The group will form a new association We have now had 2 meetings and have approximately 20
“Cancer Support France – Sud de France (11,09,66)” that will people who would like to become members of our branch,
offer help by telephone to English-speakers suffering from 10 of whom would also like to become Active Listeners.
cancer who live in the departments of the Aude, the Ariege We have received our Association number with a very quick
and the Pyrenees Orientales.                                    turn around thanks to our prefecture in Moulins so we are
Volunteers from each of these departments will bring a wide now official! Our AL training is scheduled for the end of
range of skills and experiences to the new association. Many January and we are all looking forward to that so we can
members have had personal experience of cancer, either as start publicising ourselves when we are fully trained.
patients or as carers or healthcare professionals. Others We have lots of ideas for fundraising and for raising
have had previous experience in providing support as trained awareness of our branch and are looking forward to really
counsellors or bring similar valuable experience to the new getting going in the early part of 2009.
association. It is expected that the new branch will be ready Our grateful thanks go to Paul Martin who is always there to
to provide aservice people affected by cancer early in 2009. answer our many questions. Our thanks also go to the
Cancer Support France is particularly looking for volunteers Secretaries of the other branches who responded to our
in the Ariege and the Pyrenees Orientales.                      email asking for advice and ideas on how to start the ball
                     Jeff Turner, President CSF – Sud de France rolling.
                                                                  News from Deux Sèvres & Vendée.
DORDOGNE EAST AND LOT MAKE PROGRESS IN 2008                  We have had an incredible and hectic few months with many
Dordogne East and Lot branch recently completed a second
                                                             different events and meetings since our last report.
training course and are proud to announce that we now
                                                             Fundraising has been fantastic. A Bring and Buy And Summer
have a total of eighteen Active Listeners. There is a further
                                                             Fair by All Saints Anglican Church in the Vendée at Puy de
training course scheduled for 2009, which will increase the
                                                             Serre raised an unbelievable 1599.22€ in just under four
availability of Active Listeners to twenty two.
                                                             hours. It was a brilliant day and we made many new friends.
The training session took place at Gourdon, and thanks to
                                                             Thank you all for your wonderful help and support. Many
the generosity of the Mairie, the facilities were provided free
                                                             thanks also go to Maureen and John Whatmore who
of charge. Rosie Laxton from the Gers was our Trainer, along
                                                             grabbed at the offer from the mayor at Geay to have use of
with additional help from our own facilitators for the first
                                                             the Petite Salle for free on the 4th and 5th October. They
session on the 13th November, and Tony Benstead from
                                                             organized a very successful and well attended Braderie and
Dordogne South came along to facilitate on the 19th. All the
                                                             Vide Grenier for our branch. Thank you for the hard working
delegates enjoyed the training course, and are now
                                                             team of helpers and again to Maureen and John for
equipped to help whenever needed.
                                                             providing everyone with a superb meal on the Sunday
We have had a very successful first year and are grateful to evening. Thanks also go to Hailey and her husband of “ Reel
all our members who have supported us throughout the

 Volume 5 Issue 1                                                                                                    Page 5
Fish and Chips” for the donations from meals sold at lunch       How has our first year gone? In my personal view extremely
time on the two days.                                            well, thanks to a very active, motivational and dedicated
Four of our team took part in the RACE FOR LIFE on Sunday        committee:- Gill Miles, President; Paula Strangeway, Vice
28th September. It was a gorgeous, sunny morning and the         President; Rebecca Valtonen, Secretary and Barbara Smith,
course was around a commercial nursery in a lovely               Treasurer; as well as equally active and dedicated members,
situation. It was a great atmosphere and good to see blokes      in total 36.
taking part and wearing their pink t-shirts with style!          A number of events were organised by members, generally
Some good contacts have been made in the Vendée. In              at their homes, to raise awareness of the Association and of
September. Thelma, our Vendee co-ordinator and Ivan              course much needed funds, success being achieved as you
attended a book swap in St. Christophe du Ligneron. Two          can see below:-
other team members Carole and Janet attended the                 Paula Whitehouse: Coffee Morning
information display wearing the official T – shirts. The four    Anne Manley: Coffee Morning
talked to a great many people, giving out leaflets, answering    Anne Fletcher: Coffee morning
questions and providing information. As a result a lot of new    Jill Digger: Coffee morning
contacts were made in the area.                                  Rosemary Humphrys: Cheese & Wine event. All the above
On the 23rd September we were invited by Le Pont drop-in         raised in total 1924 euros, a tremendous achievement. A
centre in Sion to an informal lunch as a “ get to know you”      round of applause for all organisers. ( “Coffee Morning”
for both sides. Five team members from the Vendee along          doesn’t quite describe the events as they included sale of
with their partners attended the lunch. We presented the         cakes, books and other attractive items)
centre with a large display stand for information on Cancer      A funded walk was organised by L’Alliance in the form of
Support along with more leaflets and contact information         Denise Ellingworth, a non member, therefore all the more
which they where pleased to receive. We where made very          creditable, all proceeds given to C.S.F. Gascony:- 228 Euros.
welcome and it was good to get to know each other on a           Sale of Xmas cards, with C.S.F. logo, raised 200 Euros.
more informal setting. A big thank you to everyone for an        Tombola (Raffle) sales will close 12th December but it’s
enjoyable day.                                                   looking good at this stage
We have attended two interesting meetings in the last few
weeks. On the 12th September in Parthenay at Pays de             The jewel in the crown of our fund raising activities was a
Gatine offices where we met 13 other British organizations /     “BLOOPS” event. For those who have not come across this,
associations from the local area and did a short presentation    and I certainly hadn’t:- when you go into a shop and a
about ourselves. On Friday 3rd October Carol Denise and          garment sings out to you, BUY ME, and you do, but on arrival
myself went to a meeting at CHU Nantes. Dr Martine Lani-         at home or after the first time of wearing it tells you it was a
Bayle gave a talk about the psychological effects on people      mistake well that is apparently a BLOOP. That explanation
affected by cancer. There were a number of other                 provided by the organiser of the event, Marina Martin. Such
associations that attended who gave support to those with        purchases (BLOOPS) were donated by members and
specific cancers eg. Prostate. They are of course all French     supporters alike, and as you can imagine a lot of work was
organizations. We are waiting for a list of the associations     required in sorting and organising the products for the sale
that attended so we can make contact with a view to              and that was provided by:- Dorothy Joyner, Anne Manley,
networking and sharing information.                              Suzanne Thorne, Paula Whitehouse, Mandy Clarke. The
On Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th November we held         premises were kindly donated by physiotherapist Sophie
a training course for Active listeners including telephone       Brochard in the town of Marciac. A friend of C.S.F. Perry
skills. Ten of our members attended the course and the           Taylor donated his time in creating a Cartoon for the posters
feedback has been very positive. We now have a fully             which were put up around the town by another of our
trained team in both of our departments.                         members Delyth Potts. Another Friend of C.S.F, Wendy
Thank you Jenny, Judith and Lesley for all your time and hard    Welton, spent an entire day ironing a mountain of garments;
work in planning co-ordinating and delivering the event.         she has now recovered and is on an extended holiday. No
Thanks also to Sally and John Lanario for providing the venue    record was kept of numbers passing through the door but it
and the superb lunches.                                          was a significant number that gave rise to 1031 Euros.
FUTURE HAPPENINGS.                                               Members and friends alike should feel proud of themselves
We will be having stands at a number of Christmas Fairs over     even though they had a lot of fun working together. Marina
the next few weeks. On Monday 5th January 2009 we will           Martin also paid tribute to the help given by our Secretary,
hold our AGM at 2.00pm venue Chez Lanario Les Ourieres           Rebecca Valtonen, in helping and guiding “as only Rebecca
79130 Secondigny.                                                can”.
For information contact Avril Andrews on 05 49 72 56 39.     One further Function/Event worthy of specific mention was
          Happy New Year to you all. Avril Andrews. President.
                                                             the “Claudius Regaud Open Day”, an opportunity to
C.S.F. GASCONY                                               showcase to both staff and visitors alike the range of
                                                             services available to people with cancer. For those who are
Here we are close to the end of our first year; A.G.M. takes not aware, Claudius Regaud is a much respected cancer
place 19/01/2009 at Mont de Marrast, Gers and we treatment centre and hospital in Toulouse.
confidently expect a large turnout of members.

  Page 6                                                                                                          Touchlines
We were invited to attend this day as exhibitors, following       resource library has also been added to with a number of
our initial approach to the hospital, and subsequently            useful leaflets. It was particularly pleasing to discover that
entering into a contract with them for the provision of           the organisers of the day want to include us in their
services to Anglophone cancer patients (We discovered that        newsletter, as well as the hospital itself wanting to include
people from as far afield as the Lot attend this hospital). We    us in their leaflet of services. We are indebted to Rosie
shared a stand with an organisation helping people with           Laxton, Pearl Lloyd and Holliann Packer for their efforts in
tracheotomies, an area, coincidentally, that could give rise to   creating and manning the stand for the entire day.
a need for our specific services.
                                                           Positive contact has also been made with ASP32, a French
Our stall was decorated with Union Jacks and the Stars and organisation providing palliative care, and future collabora-
Stripes, with a variety of posters and flyers plus:-       tions are planned for next year.
A phone - We are on the end of one                                Active Listening: an encouraging number of members have
Toy cars - Yes! we can help with transport                        attended courses, therefore we are now in a position to
A candle - We can shed light on things                            more effectively utilise those funds referred to above in
A dictionary - We can help with translation                       providing the client services we have been established for;
A globe with a clock on it - We have all the time in the world.   indeed we have been providing such services to a number of
                                                                  clients during the past 11 months or so. Two support
                                                                  sessions for all our Active Listeners have also been provided,
                                                                  which were found to be very valuable.
                                                                  May I finish on a purely personal note and pose the
                                                                  question: Am I proud to be associated with such people?-----
                                                                  ---See if you can guess!!
                                                                                                                  John Docherty

                                                                                TOULOUSE CANCÉROPÔLE
                                                                  On September 21, 2001, Toulouse experienced the greatest
                                                                  industrial catastrophe of its history with the explosion of the
                                                                  AZF chemical plant. Thirty people died, more than 5000 were
                                                                  injured and a quarter of the city was affected. This terrible
                                                                  day constituted a major trauma for the people of both
                                                                  Toulouse and France as a whole. In view of the desire
                                                                  expressed by the French President to initiate a major
                                                                  national project to accelerate the fight against cancer, the
                                                                  Toulouse Metropolitan Area and the City of Toulouse
                                                                  decided to make this 220-hectare site in southern Toulouse
                                                                  available for a new Cancéropôle. Unique in Europe, the one
                                                                  Billion Euros - Toulouse Cancéropôle constitutes a major
                                                                  public health project that will combine academic, scientific,
                                                                  technological, medical, clinical and pharmaceutical skills
                                                                  from both the public and private sectors, with the same
We had a lot of interest from other exhibitors, many of           shared objective: to work together to reduce cancer. When
whom had come across English speaking people contacting           completed the new centre will integrate human and medical
them for help, so they were pleased to know of our                resources drawn from a global pool and research will be
existence. Some had Anglophones helping them and many of          propelled forward hand in hand with on site patient
our leaflets were enthusiastically taken.                         treatment. The scale of the planned resources can be likened
                                                                  to the military rationale of the overwhelming force needed
We also had interest from the professionals, especially
                                                                  to confidently fight and win a war. The Toulouse Cancéropô-
radiologists, the people who take blood and specialist
                                                                  le will Innovate novel drugs and treatments to prevent and
nurses, plus some doctors. We gave out all our information
                                                                  treat cancer,undertake fundamental and technological
to these people, to the other organisations or directly onto
                                                                  research on cancer, seek knowledge of carcinogenesis in diet
the wards and hospital information stands. Because patients
                                                                  and environmental factors, employ 3.500 highly skilled
come from so far to the hospital, we will in the future need
                                                                  researchers working in 300,000 m/sq of building space and
to co-ordinate with other CSF groups when appropriate, and
                                                                  bring synergy from Academic, Medical and Industrial fields.
make sure their details are also displayed at any further
                                                                  It will have consistent and continuing funding from the
                                                                  Public and Private sector. Battles against cancer will be
One of the most useful aspects of the day was to meet other       fought at places like Toulouse Cancéropôle until the war is
organisations and find out what they had to offer and             won !
increase awareness of our France-wide Association. Our  

 Volume 5 Issue 1                                                                                                       Page 7
                                           Useful Information
                                                            Deux-Sèvres & Vendée (79, 85):
                                                                 Avril Andrews     05 49 72 56 39
      Association Office & Siége Social
                        Le Bourg                            Dordogne Est/Lot (24, 46):
                      16350 BENEST                               Jenny Kain 05 53 59 40 73
           Open every Tuesday 10h00—12h30                   Dordogne-Riberac (16s, 24w):
                 and by appointment                              Valerie Wareham 05 53 90 62 03
                   National Help-line
                 Télé/fax 05 45 89 30 05                    Dordogne-Sud (24, 33, 47):
                                                                 Tony Benstead      05 53 54 46 67
     An answerphone service operates outside office hours    
                                                            Gard-Hérault (30, 34) (prospective):
                                                                 Contact Mavis Nugent
                   Useful Contacts                          Gascony (31, 32, 65):
                                                                 Gill Miles 05 67 32 18 56
President: Linda Shepherd                              
      05 45 29 08 93                                        Mayenne (53):                                     Dawn Campbell 02 43 90 24 11
Treasurer: Andy Shepherd                                     
      05 45 29 08 93                                Rhone-Alpes (01, 07, 26, 38, 42, 69, 73, 74):
Secretary: Frances Wilkinson                                     Craig Alciati 04 76 56 77 09
      05 45 31 53 67                                                                  Sud-de-France (09, 11, 66):
                                                                 Jeff Turner 04 68 69 41 45
                  Regional Groups
Basse-Normandie (14, 50,61):
      Jenny Luck 02 33 60 27 82
Bretagne-Est (prospective)):
      Contact Oliver Elphick 02 96 29 65 90                                     Touchlines
Bretagne-Ouest (29, 56w, 22w):                               Published in January, March, May, July, September
      Oliver Elphick 02 96 29 65 90                                            and November
Charente-Plus (16, 17, 86,87)(in formation):
                                                               Copy Date: 10th of preceding month
     Contact Frances Wilkinson        05 45 31 53 67           Items for inclusion should be sent to the Editor:
                                                                               Andy Shepherd
Cœur-de-France (03,18, 58):
                                                                      La Roche, le Bourg, 16350 BENEST
     Teresa Cox 04 70 67 94 87                                               E-mail:
Creuse (23):
      Patricia Tonge               05 55 80 28 61                 Please send photographs as separate files

  Page 8                                                                                                Touchlines

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