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					Campfire Lodgings
Campfire Lodgings
703301 - Campgrounds

Campfire Lodgings Business Details:

Address: 7 Appalachian Village Rd

City: Asheville

State: NC

Zip: 28804-9635

County: Buncombe

Campfire Lodgings Website:

Phone: 8286588012


Campfire Lodgings Contact Details:

Contact: Donna Henry

Title: Manager

Gender: Male

Employees: 2

Campfire Lodgings Business Resume: Campfire Lodgings is categorized under 703301 -
Campgrounds and is located in Asheville, NC. It´s bussiness postal address is 7 Appalachian
Village Rd, on Asheville (a city located in Buncombe County with a Postal Code of 28804-
9635). For phone contact you can dial 8286588012 , remember to ask for Donna Henry who
is the Manager of this Business, that it has an estimate of 2 employees.

Postal Contact Label:

Campfire Lodgings
7 Appalachian Village Rd - Asheville
NC 28804-9635 USA