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                                                                           EDITION 2

               Setting an               In the Spotlight        Faculty Focus –
               International Standard   at World Expo           Faculty of Science and IT
               Australia –              Colombo Plan Scholars   Alumni profiles
tHIs eDItIon   A Global Classroom       Reunion                 and class notes
alumnI | 02

                                                    GloBal movement toWaRDs
                                                    CommunIty enGaGement
                                                                                                  Development and Community Partnerships at
                                                                                                  the university of newcastle and the current
                                                                                                  President of the australian universities
                                                                                                  Community engagement alliance.
                                                                                                  “our students are our future and we must
                                                                                                  continue to support and facilitate their
                                                                                                  increased engagement within the global
                                                                                                  community. Being part of a global civic
                                                                                                  engagement network such as talloires

a GloBal                                                                                          provides opportunities for the university in
                                                                                                  such matters as student programming and

                                                                                                  international student exchange” said associate
                                                                                                  Professor Fitzgerald.
                                                                                                  ‘there is increasing evidence that our young
our world is one of international connections       In march 2010, the international talloires    people seek to become more involved as
through business and trade, politics and            network comprising over 100 universities      active and conscientious participants in society
economics, health and well-being, personal          from 38 countries across 5 continents,        and it is for the higher education institutions to
relationships and far-flung families, and           held its inaugural convention in Bellagio,    help develop the skills of our young people to
the daily news and events to which we are           Italy. the network represents a global        become effective global citizens.
exposed. the strategies and activities of the       movement towards civic engagement in
university of newcastle both reflect and            higher education and offers worldwide         It is good to see the university of newcastle
create these international connections, for         mentoring, knowledge exchange,                taking its place as a leader in this arena.’
staff, students and alumni.                         professional development and                  he said.
                                                    international partnership opportunities.
these strategies and activities can be seen in                                                    Associate Professor
internationalising the curriculum across degree     one of two leaders representing australia     Martin Fitzgerald
programs, recruiting staff from diverse ethnic      and sharing his engagement expertise was      Pro vice-Chancellor
and cultural backgrounds, and increasing            associate Professor martin Fitzgerald, who    Corporate Development
the cultural awareness and competencies             is both Pro vice-Chancellor of Corporate      and Community Partnerships
of staff and students. they can be seen
also in ongoing development of strong
relationships with international institutions
for both research and teaching. For instance,
our relationship with east China university of
                                                    FRom my DesK to youRs
science and technology in shanghai, reflects                                                      other regions, our graduates sojourn into
strong research relationships in the areas of                                                     the employment marketplace with genuinely
science and engineering and also provides                                                         portable skills which are making a difference
for students from that university to undertake                                                    in australia and around the globe.
their first year of study in China and then to                                                    In today’s world where the concept of global
come to the university of newcastle to study                                                      citizenship is encouraged, the university and
in areas of business, information technology,                                                     its alumni network are well positioned as key
and engineering.                                                                                  contributors. I recently spent time in asia and
the university has worked with the help                                                           connected with many of our graduates to find
of alumni, to build reputation and brand                                                          that they are not only fulfilling roles supporting
recognition across a range of countries in                                                        and building the infrastructure of the countries
recent years, including China, India, africa,                                                     in which they reside, but many are leading
and singapore. this assists in our recruitment                                                    research, innovation and major projects. It is
and support of international students from                                                        indeed a proud moment for this university
those and other countries around the world          the university of newcastle alumni            when its graduates win international alumni
to study at the university of newcastle in          network is now, more than ever, a             awards in competition against graduates of all
australia and in singapore. our ileaD program       global network.                               australian universities in the relevant country.
gives university of newcastle students the                                                        some of these stories are within this edition.
chance to develop international leadership          a network made up of international
                                                    graduates who may return to their             as well, there are domestic graduates who
skills through participation in activities that                                                   are having international influence in a range
range from exchanges and conferences to             country of origin, and many domestic
                                                    and international graduates who work          of ways – our feature article on page 3 is an
internships and community work.                                                                   example of this.
                                                    around the world and make their homes
the benefits of a global approach are clear         in other nations. Furthermore, many of the    I trust you will enjoy this august edition of the
and tangible. It provides opportunities for staff   honorary doctorate recipients in our alumni   alumni magazine which celebrates the new
and students, it ensures our students will have     network are located in far ranging parts of   and expanding horizons of both the university
the perspective, knowledge, and skills to live      the world.                                    and its alumni.
and work around the world, and it helps the
university and its alumni to have a presence        We continue to attract students who are       Rosemary Thomson
in the world.                                       more likely to become citizens of the         associate Director
                                                    world than ever before. as a result of the    Corporate Development and
Professor Kevin McConkey                            university’s approach to internationalised    Community Partnerships
Deputy vice-Chancellor                              curricula, global linkages in research and    (leading university alumni)
(academic and Global Relations)                     the delivery of education in asia and
                                                                                                                                       03 | alumnI

settInG an

mr Brandon Gien went to his first job at          “He was able to explain how just about
standards australia in 1997 as a new              anything was designed, what material it
graduate armed with a Bachelor of Industrial      was manufactured with and how it was
Design from the university of newcastle.          manufactured – from toasters, vCRs, DvD
Grateful to gain work experience with that        players to air conditioners and fridges! as
organisation, he had no idea he would forge       design students, he expanded our thirst for
his career with them in a variety of roles over   wanting to find out how things worked and
the past 13 years.                                how they could be improved through good
                                                  design. It certainly changed the way I look
those early days are a long way from his
                                                  at the world we live in,” Brandon said.
current role as General manager Design
strategy for standards australia. Recognised      Brandon is also the executive Director of
by the Government as australia’s peak             the australian International Design awards,
standards body, it coordinates standardisation    australia’s longest standing design awards
activities and develops internationally           program. He has been responsible for
aligned australian standards to benefit           restructuring the Design awards over the last
australia and its people. through the             decade to transform it into one of the most
australian International Design awards, it        highly regarded design award programs in
promotes excellence in design, creativity and     the world.
                                                  among other roles, Brandon represents
Brandon is a passionate advocate of the           australia as an executive Board member              this exciting initiative will be officially
industry.                                         and treasurer of the International Council          launched at the World Design Congress in
                                                  of societies of Industrial Design (ICsID),          taipei in 2011 and will help promote the role
“Industrial design is one of the most                                                                 of design in making our world a better place.
                                                  created in 1957 by a group of international
interesting and fascinating professions
                                                  organisations committed to promoting the            on a more humorous note, Brandon says one
around today. you just need to look at the
                                                  benefits of design around the world. ICsID          of his best memories was the university Bar
broad range of new products and services
                                                  now has over 150 members associations               where he worked for four years behind the
consumers are bombarded with every day.
                                                  in more than 50 countries, representing             bar while studying.
Good design plays a crucial role in bringing
                                                  an estimated 150,000 designers. It has a
those products to market and helps ensure                                                             “Being behind the bar, you get to see and
                                                  particular focus on design policy, design
they are safe, functional, offer value for                                                            hear some pretty funny things” Brandon said.
                                                  for developing countries, and design for
money, and have minimal impact on the
                                                  sustainability – only some of its key activities.   some things about the university experience
environment,” he said.
                                                  through his work on the Board of ICsID,             are never forgotten!
But he has not forgotten where it all began.
                                                  Brandon helped develop the framework for
Industrial Design was a favourite core subject    the World Design Prize, a new initiative aimed
when he studied at the university and he          at rewarding projects that use design thinking      note: Brandon is featured on the cover of
recalls the influence of a very talented and      to make a positive impact on the world.             this edition.
dedicated lecturer, Graham Paver.
alumnI | 04

                                          austRalIa –
                                          a GloBal ClassRoom
                                          an article by alumnus mr arvin yana

                                          I must admit that in deciding to study             explicitly than some Westerners) against
                                          “down under” at the age of 20, thanks to an        our own indigenous peoples.
                                          australian government scholarship, the focus
                                                                                             I returned home with much self-realization
                                          of my excitement was to see the country. It
                                                                                             but also left australia celebrating common
                                          turned out to be an experience far beyond
   Mr Arvin Yana                                                                             attributes among Filipinos and australians.
                                          australia itself!
   Bachelor of Arts                                                                          there was a similar brand of hospitality. If
   (Communications Studies)               the physical setting might be australia, but
                                                                                             Filipinos have bayanihan then australians have
   1999                                   you learn about every culture represented in
                                          your class, in your dormitory or flat, and they    mateship. there was a shared understanding
   Arvin is a Manila-based                can learn about yours. In this process you learn   that foreign films, television, music and other
   multimedia communication               about the world and your understanding about       cultural products have increasingly threatened
   specialist, IT systems trainer and     your own identity takes a broader and more         the foundation of our respective cultural
   social development researcher.         mature turn.                                       specificities. there was a shared feeling of
   He was the founding president of                                                          resistance against the domination of the so-
   the Filipino International student     I realised that in living in another culture one   called colonial powers or stronger states.
   organization at the University of      can appreciate the distinctiveness of one’s
                                          own. yes, in australia, I was made to admire       surprisingly, one thing that australians could
   Newcastle during his time there.                                                          learn from the Philippines is to redefine its
                                          the uniqueness of my own cultural heritage;
   He is a Committee Member of            my language for one thing and some genuine         concept of cultural independence, at least
   University of Newcastle Alumni         Filipino values. I also learned to confront many   in terms of deciding to elect an australian
   – Philippines (see page 14) and        ironies in myself and my society.                  head of state. Working on the referendum
   also serves as the press relations                                                        for a republic during my internship meant the
   officer of the Philippine-Australian   some little things I experienced modified          winning ‘no’ vote disappointed me as much
   Alumni Association in Manila.          my perspective on politics. I came home            as it did many modern australians. I took the
                                          enlightened that it is possible to associate       opportunity to touch on this when I was invited
                                          politics with public service and genuine           to give the graduation speech on behalf of
                                          modesty, instead of power and corruption.          some 300 foreign graduates.
                                          I was enlightened that the egalitarian society     “Coming from a republic that has fought
                                          I had observed in australia is possible as a       many colonial battles over centuries, I cannot
                                          social condition. I learned during my journalism   understand why a nation as great as australia
                                          cadetship that a senator would actually make       would still refuse to elect its own citizen
                                          a return call to an unknown journalist. that       as head of state,” I recall saying, before an
                                          it is normal for a company Ceo to enter his        audience of graduates, parents and academics.
                                          building and greet his janitors. that a senator    the discussion regarding australia as a
                                          would queue at a bar after work along with         republic still continues.
                                          everyone else – I couldn’t imagine a Filipino
                                          congressman doing any of this! I came home         the It-oriented mass communication
                                          convinced that to be addressed by our first        curriculum at the university of newcastle
                                          names is sweeter music than the alienating         made me a well-rounded communicator and
                                          formality of ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’.                    encouraged my creative potential. I came home
                                                                                             not just a writer but a web designer, a layout
                                          I came home enlightened that the best tool         and graphics artist, and a multimedia person
                                          for success is still what one knows and what
                                          one does with what he knows, no matter how         I enjoyed a global classroom of reciprocal
                                          limited. I came home with much less bias           and multicultural learning, available to every
                                          against other ways of life, and disappointed       incoming foreign student and the australians
                                          that while some Filipinos keep complaining         who sit with them.
                                          against racism overseas, we do not find            australia – I love it!
                                          it wrong to be discriminating (often more
                                                                                                                                         05 | alumnI

In tHe sPotlIGHt
at WoRlD eXPo
Commissioner General lyndall sachs opened         as members of our alumni and we can all
a wonderful evening at the unique australian      be proud of the four graduates who were
Pavilion at the World expo in shanghai on 25      announced as finalists on the world stage
may to celebrate sino-australian education        this evening,” he said.
and announce the finalists of the australia
                                                  People-to-people links play a vital role in the
China alumni awards. the pavilion, a design
                                                  australia-China relationship. With around
tribute to uluru stood out majestically at the
                                                  3.5% of australia’s population having Chinese
expo site.
                                                  ancestry, many australians also have deep
the awards are an initiative of the australia     personal ties and associations with China.          australian Pavillion
China alumni association (aCaa), a not-           With more than 140,000 enrolments in
for-profit organisation that reconnects           2009, Chinese students make up almost one
China-based alumni of australian universities.    quarter of all australia’s international student
australia’s ambassador to China, His              enrolments, and australia is one of the most
excellency mr Geoff Raby is the Patron of         popular destinations for Chinese students
aCaa and the university of newcastle was          wishing to study overseas.
their foundation partner when the organisation
                                                  australia and China have more than 75 sister
formed in 2008.
                                                  city/sister state relationships, which help
the vice-Chancellor, Professor nicholas           encourage tourism and business, and foster
saunders who was present at the event, said       cultural ties between the countries. after
he was proud of the university of newcastle       english, Chinese (mandarin and Cantonese)
graduates who live and work in China. “they       is now the most commonly spoken language
contribute to China’s development in key          in australia.
areas while maintaining ongoing professional
and friendship links back to the university
                                                                                                      Professor Kevin mcConkey, Deputy
                                                                                                      vice-Chancellor (academic and Global
                                                                                                      Relations) leads guests to the event

GRaDuates sHIne
At a gala dinner in Shanghai on 12 July,
two of the University’s four finalists emerged
victorious as winners of their categories.
                                                                            Dr Beibei Zhang receiving the 2010 australia education International
                                                                            young alumni of the year award.

WINNER                                WINNER                                FINALIST                               FINALIST
2010 Australia Education              2010 Business Events                  2010 AusAid Scholarships               2010 Business Events
International Young Alumni            Sydney Australia China                Alumni Award                           Sydney Australia China
of the Year                           Alumni Award for Research                                                    Alumni Award for Research
                                                                            Associate Professor
                                      and Innovation                                                               and Innovation
Dr Beibei ZHANG                                                             Zhou YUN
                                      Professor Fengming ZHANG                                                     Dr Shuguang WANG
Doctor of Business                                                          master of environmental
administration 2006                   Doctor of Philosophy                  studies 2003                           Doctor of Philosophy –
                                      in Physics 1997                                                              Psychology 1998
assistant General manager,                                                  Director of International
China merchants Property              Department of Physics,                Cooperation                            Director of Research, Institute of
Development                           nanjing university and;               Chinese Research academy               sociology, sichuan academy of
                                      vice President and Chief              of social science                      social sciences and;
                                      technology officer, tainwei                                                  associate Professor, school
                                      new energy Holdings Co ltd.                                                  of Psychology, university of
                                                                                                                   newcastle, australia

Full details regarding the work and achievements of our finalists and winners can be seen on the alumni website.
alumnI | 06

aDvanCInG tHe unIveRsIty
In sInGaPoRe

Right now, melbourne-born Bob        are 11 general and 11 full-time       research opportunities for the          With exciting times ahead,
Cochrane’s beloved Collingwood       academic staff, as well as about      university, through institutional       Cochrane is very optimistic
Football Club must take a back       80 sessional staff, tending to        partnerships in singapore and           about the future. “strategically,
seat. although he confesses he       some 2,000 students.                  Indonesia. In particular, he is keen    singapore has an important role
misses his aFl, the Pro vice-                                              to see the university’s masters         to play in cementing our presence
                                     Cochrane’s appointment to head        programs in environmental               in the asian region as well as
Chancellor and Chief executive
                                     the university’s thriving singapore   business management,                    enhancing our place in australia,”
officer of the university of
                                     operation is the culmination of       occupational health and safety,         he said.
newcastle singapore (uon
                                     more than two decades leading         and leadership and management
singapore) has his eyes set on a
                                     significant education development     in education introduced.
very different competition – the
                                     projects in asia for some of          “this is a major imperative for the
international education market.
                                     australia’s top universities. “It     campus,” Cochrane said.
“the market for international        is enormously rewarding to be
students is hugely competitive,      able to contribute to improving       equally important is the need to
higher than it has ever been,        the quality of teaching and           raise the profile of the university
not only in getting them to study    learning in developing asian          in singapore, to help it recruit
here in singapore but also at the    countries’ education systems,”        more international students to
university’s australian campuses,”   Cochrane said.                        study at its australian campuses.
said Cochrane who is two years                                             “I would like to see more student
                                     since taking up the singapore         exchange, and see more of our
into his post.
                                     position in august 2008,              singapore students going to
“more than ever, it is imperative    Cochrane is looking to build on       newcastle to study,” Cochrane
that the university demonstrates     the university’s strong reputation    said. “What we are doing here to
its leadership and capabilities in   in engineering, environmental         build our reputation will assist us.”
the field and for the singapore      health, communications and
operation to show the way            business and, if the right            Cochrane knows it is also crucial
forward,” he said.                   opportunities arise, expand into      for the university to play to its
                                     areas such as allied health,          strengths. “It is vital we promote
operating in private partnership     nursing and the sciences.             the significant range of courses
with PsB academy, uon                                                      we offer, the substantial number
singapore has been growing           at the moment, Cochrane is            of graduates we have put through
rapidly since moving to PsB          working on developing the             the university and our leadership
academy’s 19,000 square metre        uon singapore’s postgraduate          in fields such as engineering
campus in may 2007. today, there     programs and aims to generate         and health.”

It is enormously rewarding to be able to contribute to improving the quality of teaching
and learning in developing Asian countries’ education systems

article and image has been drawn from the university’s teaching and learning 2009 publication.
                                                                                                                                     07 | alumnI

sCHolaRs ReunIte
In sInGaPoRe
on a tropical evening in may as the sun was setting over the              who with his committee, worked to locate as many of these scholars
beautiful greens of the Jurong Country Club in singapore, a growing       as possible and bring them together for a dinner with the Chancellor,
buzz escalated from a room overlooking the golf course. the 2010          vice-Chancellor and other senior staff.
Colombo Plan scholars Reunion dinner was underway!
                                                                          mr tay speaking on behalf of the scholars gave a moving reflection
the Colombo Plan for Cooperative economic and social Development          on how the program provided them an education and career
in asia and the Pacific was launched on 1 July 1951 to help further       opportunities that they would never have had access to otherwise, and
the economic and social advancement of the peoples of south and           how the scholars will always have a great affection for australia and
south east asia. It has grown from a group of seven Commonwealth          the university of newcastle in particular. the scholars presented a
nations (including australia, Britain, Canada, Ceylon now sri-lanka,      gift to the australian High Commissioner to singapore, His excellency
India, new Zealand and Pakistan) into an international organisation       mr Doug Chester, as a token of their appreciation to the australian
of 26, including non-Commonwealth countries. It is based on the           government for the program and what it had meant to their lives.
partnership concept for self-help and mutual benefit, exchanging
                                                                          Reunion Committee: Peter tay (1968 group) CHaIR; GoH song
resources, technology, and knowledge between developing countries.
                                                                          How, tony, (1971 group); Bill Chua (1972 group); KWan tuck on
a number of Colombo Plan scholars who attended the university of          (1972 group); nG ek Cheong (1973 group); CHonG Chung nee
newcastle from 1966 through to 1981 reminisced together. this was         (1974-81 groups); HoW ah meng (1975 group); loI Hwee yong (1976
made possible by a major project headed by alumnus mr Peter tay,          group and mC) lee Kwong Weng (1976 group)

31 of the Colombo Plan scholars assemble for a photo.                     alumni leaders catch up – l to R; mr Bill Chua, Colombo scholar and
                                                                          a Patron of the singapore alumni Chapter; mr CHun loong Chu,
                                                                          Colombo scholar and the Foundation President of the Hong Kong
                                                                          alumni Chapter; mr mohammed Hussein graduate and a Patron
                                                                          of the malaysia alumni Chapter.

mr Peter tay, Chair of the organising committee presents a gift of        Guests entranced with a slide show of their student days from the
appreciation on behalf of the scholars to australia’s High Commissioner   1960’s onward.
to singapore, His excellency mr Doug Chester.

any Colombo Plan scholars who were not aware of this event please contact to be included on the list for future events.
Photos can be viewed online at

alumnI PRoFIles

DR aGustInus BanDuR
                      Gus to his friends, returned to st     His work was recognised this          Dr Bandur jokingly refers to the
                      Paul’s College of education in         year when he was announced            university of newcastle as a “wild
                      Flores, Indonesia in 2008 armed        the winner for the 2010 Indonesia     jungled corridor” but enjoyed his
                      with his PhD and is now the            australia alumni award for            time at newcastle. He highly
                      Director of the Research Centre        excellence in education.              valued the research skills and
                      and Community Development.                                                   academic writing workshops,
                                                             the award was offered through
                                                                                                   the study of leadership and
                      Dr Bandur is passionate about all      the australian government in
                                                                                                   management in education and the
                      aspects of research in education,      recognition of his contribution
                                                                                                   support of his supervisor Dr David
                      and even with the local challenges     to the improved understanding
                                                                                                   Gamage during his time at the
                      like fluctuating electricity           of successful school-based
                                                                                                   university of newcastle.
                      provisions and poor resources, he      management practices in
                      has worked tirelessly to improve       Indonesia, and for influencing        He says his degree assisted him
                      research capacity in the region.       implementation of such for the        in the daily application of his
                                                             benefit of school children in         duties when he returned to Flores.
                                                             eastern Indonesia.

ms elIZaBetH toWleR
                      From marketing hosiery in              today she heads up the client         and collaborative as a global
                      australia to driving client            marketing function globally for       business. a distinct highlight
                      marketing for a global banking         the corporate client segment at       was staging Citi’s first ever
                      business from london, ms               Citigroup’s Global transaction        Jam, an intense, online brain-
                      elizabeth towler’s career is a trail   services, a $9.8 billion business     storming session involving over
                      of innovation.                         serving the cash management,          4,000 employees from some 88
                                                             working capital and securities        countries across the globe over
                      Graduating with a Bachelor             services needs of corporations,       55-hours to contribute ideas on
                      of Business in 1999 after a            financial institutions and public     how to improve the business!
                      marketing lecturer suggested she       sector entities in 140 countries
                      change her major from accounting                                             “my study at newcastle gave
                      to marketing and communications,                                             me invaluable skills in research,
                      she is very grateful she listened      elizabeth counts among her            analysis, the ability to work
                      to the advice! she worked in           most satisfying successes, the        independently, apply knowledge
                      sydney in various marketing roles      management of the business’           and formulate my thinking,”
                      including the securities Institute.    senior client advisory board which    she said.
                      moving overseas five years later,      convenes twice a year to provide
                                                                                                   “think outside the box and have
                      she landed the all-important           insight and to influence the
                                                                                                   fun with innovative thinking – as
                      first london-based role as a           strategic course of the business,
                                                                                                   an approach to communication
                      communications executive with          and embracing the adoption of
                                                                                                   it has resulted in some of my
                      Reuters for their Global Change        social media tools to help Citi
                                                                                                   proudest achievements to date.”
                      and Communications Program.            become more agile, responsive

                      Here is a graduate passionate          evolving and developing country       with specialised references for
                      about both the “Great                  like saudi arabia.                    students of technical Colleges in
                      university of newcastle” (as he                                              saudi arabia.
                                                             He is now a supervisor of english
                      affectionately refers to his alma
                                                             language at abha College of           abdulaziz believes the university
                      mater) and about language. He
                                                             technology and has developed          equipped him with confidence and
                      considers teaching english a
                                                             evaluation systems for all english    motivation to manage challenges
                      wonderful adventure.
                                                             language programs at the College,     and to do effective research
                      mr abdulaziz Binghathith has           and he belongs to a broad             which is still a focus of his own
                      been teaching english as a             range of professional language        professional activity.
                      foreign language since 2000.           associations.
                      He graduated with a master
                                                             He was recently certified as a
                      of applied linguistics in 2007
                                                             professional translator with the
                      from the university of newcastle
                                                             arab translators network and
                      which he believes prepared him
                                                             the arab Professional translators
                      to go and make a difference to
                                                             society, and is currently assisting
                      his students and to society in an
                                                                                                                            09 | ALUMNI

DR elHam DoRooDCHI
                      Winner of the 2009 Rising star        Graduating from the university          interaction between the different
                      award recognising the university’s    of newcastle with a Bachelor of         phases (i.e. solid, liquid and gas)
                      best and brightest early career       Chemical engineering (1st class         in a given multiphase flow under
                      researchers who have developed        Honours and university medal)           conditions pertinent to industrial
                      strong commercials links, Dr          in 2001 and a PhD in multiphase         scale systems. the unique feature
                      elham Doroodchi continues to          Flows (Fluidisation) in 2005, she       of this approach is that the
                      make her mark.                        is currently a Research Fellow at       knowledge gained through the
                                                            the Priority Research Centre for        research can be directly applied
                      she is the co-inventor of Granex      advance Particle Processing at          to the engineering design of
                      technology – an effective means       the university of newcastle.            such systems.
                      of recovering low grade heat
                      in various processing plants          Her research goal is to                 “I learned nothing in life is
                      which will lead to economic and       develop technology platforms            impossible as long as it is not
                      environmental benefits. the           that are energy efficient and           against the first and second laws
                      invention won the aBC’s               environmentally friendly.               of thermodynamics! I also learned
                      new Inventors Judges’ Choice                                                  first hand that strong curiosity,
                                                            Her research encompasses a
                      award and People’s Choice                                                     imagination and determination
                                                            wide range of experimental and
                      award earlier this year.                                                      are fundamental to innovation
                                                            modelling techniques tailored to
                                                                                                    and success,” she said.
                                                            gain fundamental insight into the

mR tRenton olDFIelD
                      mr trenton oldfield is an urbanist.   tInaG encourages people to              essays, transcripts of recorded
                      ‘What is that?’ you ask. Prepare to   step outside of professional and        conversations and actions by
                      be intrigued.                         academic silos to discuss and           emerging urbanists.
                                                            shape the future of our cities,
                      trenton graduated with a Bachelor     and seeks out perspectives from         trenton says, “By 2030, around
                      of social science (Recreation and     non-professionals who have              60% of the global population will
                      tourism) in 2000. as a student he     first-hand experience of issues         live in urban areas requiring new
                      had combined his study with the       that affect urban citizens, such        forms of urban citizenship and it
                      need to be involved in the city. He   as migration and discrimination.        is important that we look outside
                      says it was a very interesting time   tInaG holds regular ‘salons’            of conventional academic and
                      in newcastle as the process of        where participants from a range         policy circuits to do this. It’s a lot
                      globalisation sped up the closure     of disciplines and backgrounds          more complex than is currently
                      of the steelworks and the Council     discuss pressing urban questions.       understood.”
                      was attempting to rebrand the city.
                                                            He is the co-editor of the              If you are interested in trenton’s
                      Relocating to london he co-           recently published book Critical        work or the book referred to,
                      founded this Is not a Gateway                                                 you can view his website at
                                                            Cities, which offers an intriguing
                      (tInaG) in 2007 with Deepa                                          
                                                            collection of critical papers, visual
                      naik, an artist and curator.

BHaRtee DWaRKa RamJutIn (CHanDnI)
                      Born on the exotic island of          lumpur. on her return to mauritius      launching her own travel company
                      mauritius, Bhartee Dwarka             when her husband’s contract             on the exotic isle she calls home.
                      Ramjutin, who is called Chandni,      was completed, she chose not
                                                                                                    “I owe my success to the
                      has had an exotic career to match!    to return to full time work in
                                                                                                    university of newcastle – my
                                                            broadcasting as she had enjoyed
                      after a successful career in radio                                            education has now opened a
                                                            her education so much.
                      and tv on mauritius during the                                                range of doors. the university
                      1990s, Chandni gave up her life       now days, Chandni can be                name itself spells success and
                      as a local celebrity to follow her    found lecturing at the Charles          is well respected. the kind of
                      husband to malaysia.                  telfair Institute on mauritius. she     university where character is
                                                            provides consultancy services to a      forged, personality is carved and
                      there her life changed direction
                                                            private radio channel on the island,    futures are founded,” she said.
                      and she completed a master
                                                            and hosts a live radio show once
                      of marketing in 2004 with
                                                            a week that has a wide following.
                      the university of newcastle
                                                            not satisfied with all this activity,
                      through one of the university’s
                                                            Chandni is in the process of
                      educational partners in Kuala
alumnI | 10

alumnI PRoFIles (continued)
We are proud to announce that two of the four 2010-2011 menzies scholarships awarded to australian graduates to study a masters of Public
Health at the Harvard school of Public Health in Boston, usa, were awarded to university of newcastle graduates. the scholarships are nationally
competitive and open to candidates from all walks of life.
they have the good fortune of being able to get advice from another recently returned recipient, newcastle alumnus, Dr stephanie Ward.

DR laKsHmI vootaKuRu
                                     twenty five years old and             communities around australia. In       awareness of developing world
                                     taking on the world, lakshmi          2008, she was selected to work         health issues. Interestingly, when
                                     vootakuru is a senior Resident        as a policy and diplomatic officer     reflecting on the most valuable
                                     in the anaesthetics Department        for the Department of Foreign          thing she learned at university,
                                     of Concord Hospital in new            affairs and trade, working on          she thinks it is best summarised
                                     south Wales. she graduated            policy formation in the areas of       by the quote of John Wooden
                                     with a Bachelor of medicine in        aid, trade, humanitarian assistance    (american, b1910);
                                     2006, completed her internship        and international relations.
                                                                                                                  “success is never final, failure
                                     at Westmead Hospital and her
                                     residency at Royal Prince
                                                                           a keen advocate for the interests      is never fatal. It’s courage that
                                     alfred Hospital.
                                                                           of junior doctors, lakshmi             counts.”
                                                                           continues to lobby for safer work
                                     she has had the opportunity to        practices in hospitals and raise
                                     work in remote and Indigenous

DR GReG Keane
                                     In the eight years since leaving      indigenous communities was             homeless people and Iv drug
                                     medical school, Greg Keane says       an adventure, a challenge,             using clients.
                                     he has had nothing less than a        an honour and ultimately an
                                                                                                                  “as well as having a well deserved
                                     fantastic adventure!                  inspiration,” he says.
                                                                                                                  reputation for nurturing a focus in
                                     He completed his internship at        Greg is currently a consultant at      its students on social justice and
                                     Princess alexandra Hospital in        Headspace in victoria. Headspace       equality, newcastle medical school
                                     Brisbane and then moved to            provides mental and health             offers fantastic opportunities to its
                                     the united Kingdom where he           wellbeing support, information         students, opportunities I learned to
                                     discovered a love for psychiatry.     and services to young people and       create and seek for myself once I
                                     Returning to Queensland to            their families across australia.       had graduated,” Greg says.
                                     complete his training, he spent
                                                                           He is also a psychiatrist in a         “I feel incredibly lucky to have
                                     time working in Cape york and the
                                                                           mother-baby unit looking after         been given the chance to study
                                     torres strait.
                                                                           mothers with mental illnesses and      at newcastle, it has opened doors
                                     “Crossing flooded creeks, seeing      focussing on improving crucial         for me everywhere, and when
                                     the country from light aircraft and   early attachment relationships.        they weren’t open, given me the
                                     meeting amazing australians:          He continues to work with              confidence to keep knocking until
                                     in short, working with remote         marginalised communities, the          they were.”

DR stePHanIe WaRD
                                     Dr stephanie Ward has recently        and moved to melbourne where           held me in very good stead as a
                                     returned to australia from            she undertook physicians training      doctor and also in my recent time
                                     the Harvard school of Public          through the Royal australian           at Harvard where case based
                                     Health where she completed a          College of Physicians. she was         learning was also championed,”
                                     masters of Public Health. she         awarded a fellowship in Geriatric      she said.
                                     is currently working in a large       medicine in 2008.
                                                                                                                  “I am really grateful as practising
                                     teaching hospital in melbourne
                                                                           “my five years at the school of        medicine well, especially in
                                     as a Geriatrician, caring for
                                                                           medicine in newcastle really           the care of older people, really
                                     older people and their complex
                                                                           taught me the value of critical        requires a lot of creativity and
                                     needs both in hospital and the
                                                                           thinking and problem solving. all      lateral thinking, and I think my
                                                                           of that problem-based learning,        degree at the university of
                                     stephanie graduated with a            starting with the beloved ‘fishing     newcastle helped me prepare
                                     Bachelor of medicine in 2000          trip’ during orientation, really has   for that.”
                                                                                                                                         11 | alumnI

Class notes

RuHIl amal aZmuDDIn
Master of Educational Studies 2006
Lecturer at the University of Malaysia, Pahang
What is your fondest memory of your University experience?
Cultural awakening week, where I met people from a diverse range of cultures and made a lot of friends. australian BBQs, hotdogs and
salads! as a research student – the service and systems were great, and the amount of subscribed journals available to me was amazing.
What was your favourite subject at University?
Difficult to pick one as my study experience was exceptional. Professor Doug absalom taught me english for special Purposes not just
content, but how to express myself in class and Research methods where I was taught to think outside the box as a researcher and
learned in-depth about researching.

tanJa BlICKFelDt JoRGensen
Master of Business Administration 2002
Human Resource Consultant and Assistant Manager, Crewing and Training (for crew members within Training)
My proudest achievements are...
Being valedictorian at the 2002 graduation ceremony, and establishing a social club at newcastle Graduate school of Business while
I was studying in order to integrate foreign students and help them get to know australian students. I am still friends with Indian, Chinese,
australian, French and norwegian students, friends and staff from that time.
at work, it is locating and successfully matching candidates in top management positions.

muHammeD usman Kemal
Master of Business Administration 2008
Senior Lecturer at Fatima Jinnah Women’s University, Pakistan
What is your fondest memory of your University experience?
there are many, but I can’t forget ‘multicultural night’ where I represented my country.
In the future I’d like to....
I really miss the university of newcastle so I would love to come back to uon, give a few lectures if possible and meet my teachers and
friends again.

CaRmen laRDIZaBal
Master of Human Resource Management 2009
Human Resource Officer with the Department of Public Works and Highways in the Philippines
What was your favourite subject at University?
none in particular, but all of the subjects have been very relevant to my work.
What is your fondest memory of your University experience?
my fondest memory is working with other international students in work groups and the life-long friendships that develop from it.
In the future I would like to...
Do a master’s degree.
alumnI | 12

FaCulty FoCus –
FaCulty oF sCIenCe anD
InFoRmatIon teCHnoloGy

tHe WoRlD’s
With the global population
projected to double over the
next 50 years, attention is
turning to the pressure the
world’s natural resources
will face as a result. Adding
to increased pollution and
climate change, a major
concern will be how to feed
in excess of 12 billion people.

China, the world’s most populated nation,          “It is essential that basic science and applied    It is this kind of cooperative research that
already has an increasing focus on how             science work together so that research in our      scientists in China and australia hope will
science can support massive population             laboratories can be efficiently translated into    lead to improved crops that could help feed
growth. a key interest lies in how to improve      field breeding. that is our main intention and     and clothe millions of people in a time of
the productivity of major food crops to provide    the expertise of partners provides the skills to   climate crisis.
a defence against future food shortages.           achieve that.”
                                                                                                      Beyond advancing crop quality and future-
In its infancy is a collaboration between          Centre scientists have already achieved a          proofing food supply for generations to come,
leading Chinese and australian plant science       major breakthrough by identifying a gene in        the Centre is also supporting the next
experts that is already achieving major            tomatoes that can be ‘knocked out’ to create       generation of plant scientists and researchers.
advances in crop longevity, yield and quality.     sweeter fruits with longer-lasting leaves. the     the Centre plans to jointly supervise PhD
                                                   work has been published in the Plant Cell, the     students and the host institutions will
the australia-China Research Centre for Crop       world’s top – ranking plant science journal.       exchange visiting scientists and experts,
Improvement, launched in october 2008, is                                                             further strengthening the burgeoning
being hosted by the university of newcastle        they discovered that the gene InvInH1              research relationships between australia
and the Zhejiang academy of agricultural           played a major role in limiting the amount of      and China.
sciences in Hangzhou, China with partner           sugar delivered to each part of the plant and if
groups from other top institutes including         this gene was prevented from expressing

the Chinese academy of sciences. a major           itself, then more sugar could be delivered to
focus is to improve the productivity of key        seeds, fruit or leaves. When applied to other
food crops and make them more adaptable            fruits and vegetables, the technology could
to climate change.                                 increase crop seed yield, fruit quality and
Director of the australian arm of the Centre
                                                   lengthen shelf life.                               It is essential that basic
is associate Professor yong-ling Ruan. “the        Ruan sees the breakthrough as an exciting          science and applied science
Centre is strategically important for various      development that has resulted from the
reasons. We are all aware of the problems of       collaborative focus of the Centre. much of the
                                                                                                      work together so that          “
climate change and population increases and        research was done by the Centre’s PhD              research in our laboratories
the impact on food supply. the world is facing     student Jin ye under Ruan’s guidance with          can be efficiently translated
the challenge of how to sustain and improve        funding support from the university
crop yield and quality.                            of newcastle and the national science              into field breeding
                                                   Foundation of China.

article has been drawn from the university’s Research 2009 publication. Picture by martin Pieris.
                                                                                                                                        13 | ALUMNI

                                                 a man FoR
                                                 all seasons
An entrepreneurial scientist,                    I recall being at a conference in singapore in
                                                 2008 and choosing to support the session
                                                                                                     Professor Roberts retired from his position in
                                                                                                     singapore in 2008, but his passion has seen
with warmth, energy and lively                   of the inaugural Dean of the university’s           him walk into a new season with as many
intent, Professor Tim Roberts                    singapore campus and Ceo of uon                     demands.
                                                 singapore Pte ltd, Professor tim Roberts.
focuses on inspiring all to build                                                                    “the beauty of being an academic is whatever
a sustainable future, writes                     Why would he need support?                          you do isn’t work, it is just love,” he says.

Rosemary Thomson.                                Well, this was an international alumni              now we understand the drive and the energy
                                                 conference and he was there as a research           that surrounds him.
                                                 Professor speaking on his study of free-
                                                                                                     Professor Roberts is an acknowledged expert
                                                 ranging dogs associated with an outback
                                                                                                     in the area of chronic pain, fatigue and autism.
                                                 community in the northern territory, where
                                                                                                     In line with his appointment as Conjoint
                                                 his group discovered the first incidence of
                                                                                                     Professor in Biology he continues to be active
                                                 ehrlichia infection (anaplasma platys) in
                                                                                                     in research in the laboratory of his long-
                                                 australia. His laboratory had recently identified
                                                                                                     time collaborator, associate Professor Hugh
                                                 a new disease-causing intracellular bacterium
                                                                                                     Dunstan, at the university of newcastle. He is
                                                 Rickettsia marmioni, which causes spotted
                                                                                                     the newly appointed Director of the tom Farrell
                                                 fever in humans and is transmitted by ticks.
                                                                                                     Institute for the environment and the ideas for
                                                 and he was going to tell alumni from every
                                                                                                     his work there bubble out of him.
                                                 corner of the planet all about it.
                                                                                                     He was elected to the executive Committee
                                                 as someone with a background in
                                                                                                     of alumni (Convocation) in 2009. President of
                                                 communication, I didn’t expect to be too
                                                                                                     alumni, mr Brian Kennaugh, says tim brings a
                                                 engaged with the topic. But, with a group
                                                                                                     unique blend to the Committee.
                                                 of uon alumni we bounced in like a cheer-
                                                 squad ready to help one of our own – a              “With his unusual mix of research, academic,
                                                 Professor with (from a communications               marketing and business skills he is a man of
                                                 point of view) a session topic I thought            ideas and contributes much to the plans for the
                                                 would drive people away!                            future of the university of newcastle alumni
                                                                                                     network,” he said.
                                                 sitting among a rather packed room of people
                                                 (my first surprise), I felt perhaps many had        “We are lucky to have him and the Hunter is
                                                 stumbled into that particular lecture theatre       lucky to have him, as he will do much for the
                                                 by mistake – seriously, who else without a          region through his new leadership role at the
                                                 noble mission like our own would have chosen        Institute.”
                                                 to spend an hour and a half on the isle of
                                                 singapore, contemplating ehrlichia infection        so, next time you see a topic offered by a
                                                 and how ticks can kindly share spotted fever        certain Professor tim Roberts in any forum,
                                                 with humans?                                        put aside the time to attend and prepare
                                                                                                     to be inspired!
                                                 I learned something that day about the
                                                 quintessential qualities that have made tim
                                                 Roberts the success he is. Bringing a warm
                                                 dynamic and humorous passion to the podium,
                                                 he began to deconstruct his science. He held
                                                 the audience captive and inspired everyone to
                                                 walk away thinking about optimal health, and a      Anyone wishing to learn more
                                                 sustainable future.                                 about the Executive Committee
                                                                                                     of Alumni can email
                                                 this is what drives him – he wants to see us all
                                                 working to build a sustainable environment and      or visit
                                                 future, for our children and grandchildren, our     about/executive-committee.html for
Picture by anita Jones, newcastle Herald         regions and our planet.                             more information.

anyone wishing to donate to the tom Farrell Institute for environmental research can contact the uon Foundation on (02) 4921 7454 or
visit for more information.
alumnI | 14

CHaPteR ConneCtIons
Enjoy feedback from a number of the Alumni Chapter Committees. In various stages of
development they all have a unified trait – a great affection for the University of Newcastle!

                                                                              PaGBatI mula sa manIla!
                                                                              Greetings from manila!
                                                                              the Committee in manila have been busy this year.
                                                                              they enjoyed a Graduation Recognition Ceremony in april followed by
                                                                              a dinner with the manila alumni hosted by Professor Kevin mcConkey,
                                                                              Deputy vice Chancellor (academic and Global Relations). the
                                                                              Committee is currently working to finalise a Constitution to register
                                                                              the Chapter in the Philippines.
                                                                              to join future activity, make sure you have updated your details on the
                                                                              university website so that we know
Manila Alumni Chapter Committee Members (l to R) alvaro                       you are living in the Philippines.
Calara (Chair); shenna Primero; lotus Postrado; Ricky estrera; Ruby           you can contact the Philippines alumni Chapter Co-ordinator,
andrion (external affairs and Publications); arvin yana (secretary);          alvaro Calara (master of social Change and Development 2000)
absent: michael David tan (vice-Chair), Corona Rivera,                        directly by email:
Rommel Billena, and Diosdado san antonio.

                                                                              BeIJInG BuZZes
                                                                              Grateful thanks go to amy Jia who has coordinated the Beijing alumni
                                                                              Chapter for the past few years. amy has moved to Hong Kong as a
                                                                              doctoral candidate.
                                                                              WanG Jun, has kindly taken responsibility to lead the Committee and
                                                                              they are already swinging into action. they held an alumni activity last
                                                                              month, and have drafted a statement of Purpose.
                                                                              Beijing alumni are on the move!
                                                                              to join activity, make sure you have updated your details on the
                                                                              university website so that we know
Beijing Alumni Chapter Committee (l to R) lI Zhidong (David);                 you are living in Beijing or nearby regions.
JIanG mao Xue (James); WanG Jun – Chair; ZHanG shuang                         you can contact the Beijing alumni Chapter Co-ordinator,
(serena); Du yiran (noah); CHI shanshan (Iris)                                WanG Jun (master of Common law 2000) directly by
absent: ZHenG Xiaolu (nina); lI yao (Rena); Cao li (lily)                     email:

                                                                              taIWan Is Keen!
                                                                              Josefine, viola and teresa are keen to get alumni activity going
                                                                              in taiwan.
                                                                              they are also excited about the links that could be made with their
                                                                              immediate neighbours – the Hong Kong and China alumni and ask the
                                                                              graduates living in taiwan to contact them so they can investigate what
                                                                              type of activities are preferred.
                                                                              to join activity, make sure you have updated your details on the
                                                                              university website so that we
                                                                              know you are living in taiwan.
Taiwan Alumni Committee (l to R): lee yueh-Huang (teresa);                    you can also contact the taiwan alumni Co-ordinator,
Wu li-min (viola); CHanG Hsiang-yu (Josefine)                                 Josefine Chang (Bachelor of Human Resource management 2006)
                                                                              directly by email:

                                                                              sInGaPoRe sIZZles!
                                                                              the singapore alumni Chapter continues to gain momentum with a
                                                                              number of activities like the recent movie night, an event to welcome
                                                                              new graduates into the singapore alumni Community. a BBQ is
                                                                              planned for september.
                                                                              of course, the gala dinner where the singapore alumni join new
                                                                              graduates and university staff after the graduation ceremonies in
                                                                              november, is an annual highlight of their program. Keep an eye on
                                                                              the website and don’t miss joining in the fun and the networking
Singapore Alumni Chapter Committee: (l to R seated) eeleen tay;               to join activity, make sure you have updated your details on the
William Wong; Peter tay (committee guest – alumnus, Colombo Plan              university website so that we know you
scholar and uon singapore Director); li yi. (l to R standing)                 are living in singapore.
nayan Patel; tK, aazac Goh; William anthony; Kaushik Bhanushali;              you can contact the President, mr William Wong (Bachelor of
Christopher Chim; mark Chim.                                                  engineering 1988) by email through
                                                                                                                                             15 | alumnI

       sHanGHaI suPeRB                                                          our shanghai alumni tell us that
                                                                                they have suffered two years
                                                                                of road works and construction
                                                                                                                      Pictured above are some of the
                                                                                                                      shanghai alumni who gathered
                                                                                                                      for a university of newcastle
       as a WoRlD staGe                                                         challenges as the city prepared
                                                                                to host the 2010 World expo, but
                                                                                                                      alumni dinner in shanghai in
                                                                                                                      may, hosted by vice-Chancellor
                                                                                what a great job the government       Professor nick saunders pictured
                                                                                did. the city looks fantastic!        in the front row.
                                                                                James shi (master of applied          the shanghai alumni
                                                                                Finance 2000) and Wendy shen          co-ordinators James shi
                                                                                (master of Business 2004) have        (front row, far right) and
                                                                                anchored the alumni activity          Wendy shen (second from
                                                                                happening in shanghai over the        left in the back row), invite you
          Also available is membership to the Australia China Alumni            past couple of years, and several     to update your details on the
          Association – open to all graduates of all Australian Universities,   other alumni have recently put up     university website www.newcastle.
          they conduct a range of events across China. Details can be           their hands to form a Committee so that they know
          found at                                      for the benefit of the alumni in      you are living in shanghai or email
                                                                                the region.                  to
                                                                                                                      indicate your interest.

                                                                                leavInG a leGaCy
                                                                                each of us find different ways to     students and assist them to fulfil
                                                                                make our mark on the world. one       their dreams – dreams that might
                                                                                way to leave your mark is to make     not have come true without the
                                                                                a bequest. a bequest is a gift left   financial support of a scholarship.
                                                                                in a will.
                                                                                                                      “making a donation to education is
                                                                                a bequest to the university of        not just a gift – it’s an investment
                                                                                newcastle can help fund such          in the future.
                                                                                things as research, student
                                                                                scholarships, equipment, additions    “I wanted to give back to the
                                                                                to historical collections or a        university that put me on the road
                                                                                university project.                   to my own personal success in
                                                                                                                      business and life,” Dr leonard said.
                                                                                alumnus Dr Geoffrey leonard am
                                                                                (Bachelor of Commerce 1965,           leaving a gift in your will is one
                                                                                PhD honoris causa 2002) has           way to make a gift that you may
                                                                                made a bequest to the university      not be able to make during your
                                                                                in his will. His bequest will fund    lifetime. making a bequest to
                                                                                scholarships to support students.     the university of newcastle can
                                                                                                                      benefit the entire community.
                                                                                as a commerce graduate Dr
                                                                                leonard decided to support            For more information on making
                                                                                students studying business.           a bequest contact the university
                                                                                                                      of newcastle (uon) Foundation
                                                                                “In making a bequest I can make       on (02) 4921 7453 or visit www.
                                                                                a direct difference to the lives of
alumnus Dr Geoff leonard with scholarship winner Kieran Dixon in may 2010.
alumnI event DIaRy auGust – DeCemBeR 2010
Make sure your contact details are up to date to receive your invitation to Alumni events.

auGust                                              Canberra
                                                    Friday 3 September
Newcastle                                                                                                    Wednesday 13 October
                                                    6.00pm – 9.00pm
Wednesday 18 August                                                                                          7.00pm – 10.00pm
                                                    Canberra alumni Reception
midday – 1.00pm                                                                                              2010 Alumni Awards Gala Event
                                                    Hotel Realm
seminar by visiting international alumnus                                                                    Newcastle City Hall
                                                    18 national Circuit, Barton
Dr Wanbil lee                                                                                                To register your interest email
                                                    no cost. RsvP required for catering
“Doing the right thing in                                                                          
                                                    by 27 august. Please email
cyberspace: an ethical analysis.”
es305 engineering science Building
Callaghan Campus                                    Newcastle                                              novemBeR
RsvP to                                             Saturday 18 September                                  Newcastle                             6.30pm – 9.00pm                                        Tuesday 9 November
                                                    architecture Foundation Dinner                         7.30am – 8.45am
                                                    “Celebrate architecture”                               alumni advantage Breakfast Program
Wednesday 25 August
                                                    newcastle City Hall                                    Hosted by executive Committee of alumni
6.00pm – 7.30pm
                                                    RsvP – monday 23 august                                & Faculty of Health
Convocation lecture
                                                    For more information email                             open to all students, alumni and staff.
speaker: Professor nicholas talley
                                                        RsvP required for catering by 5 november
“Back to the future –
educating health professionals
in the 21st Century”.                               Newcastle                                              Malaysia
Inaugural lecture of the PvC                        Tuesday 21 September                                   Saturday 20 November
for Faculty of Health                               7.30am – 8.45am                                        3pm – 5pm
newcastle City Hall                                 alumni advantage Breakfast Program                     annual alumni Reception
no cost. RsvP by 24 august                          Hosted by executive Committee of alumni                Hosted by the Chancellor and vice Chancellor                       & Faculty of science and Information                   shangri-la Hotel, Kuala lumpur
                                                    technology                                             Register early interest by email:
                                                    open to all students, alumni and staff.      
Friday 27 August
                                                    RsvP required for catering by 17 september.
5.30pm – 8.00pm                                                                                            Singapore
university of newcastle sports awards                                                                      Monday 22 November
Brennan Room, Callaghan Campus                                                                             7.00pm drinks for 7.30pm dinner
university of newcastle                             oCtoBeR                                                alumni and new Graduates Dinner
Cost: $45 per person (incl refreshments)            Newcastle                                              Hosted by the Chancellor and the
RsvP by 13 august                                   Thursday 7 – Friday 8 October                          vice-Chancellor in partnership with the                       Callaghan Graduation Ceremonies                        singapore alumni Chapter Grand Copthorne
                                                    Great Hall                                             Waterfront Hotel
sePtemBeR                                           Newcastle                                              Hong Kong
Newcastle                                           Friday 8 October                                       Wednesday 24 November
Thursday 2 September                                6.30pm – 11pm                                          From 6.00pm till late
1.00pm – 2.30pm                                     the Wollotuka Institute Graduation Dinner              alumni and new Graduates combined
Human Rights and social Justice lecture             Birabhan Building                                      Graduation ceremony/dinner
speaker: the Hon. Catherine Branson QC,             RsvP required by 24 september to                       Hosted by the Chancellor and the
President of the australian Human                   Renee Chambers                                         vice-Chancellor in partnership with the Hong
Rights Commission                                   02 4921 2013 or                                        Kong alumni Chapter Hotel nikko, Hong Kong
RsvP required to Belinda munn             
02 4921 6552 or email

 LONDON!                                             SAUDI ARABIA                                            MELBOURNE MOMENT...
 alumni got together in london recently with         Abdulaziz Binghathith (M of Applied                     an alumni dinner took place in melbourne recently
 visiting associate Professor martin Fitzgerald.     Linguistics 2007) is keen to get an alumni              at the instigation of alumnus Brendan swift
 the alumni plan to make it a more regular           group happening in Saudi Arabia. Please                 (Bachelor of arts [Communication studies] 1989).
 event. Invite all graduates you know who are        update your postal details online if you are            the group had a great night and are keen to
 living in london to update postal details on        living in Saudi Arabia and email your interest          include others. Please encourage graduates you
 the university’s alumni website so they can         to                              know living in melbourne to update their postal
 be included. email your interest to                                                                         address online and alumni can indicate their                                                                                     interest by email to

ContaCt                               Alumni Relations
                                      t +61 2 4921 6380
                                                                                      We WelCome
                                                                                       youR vIeWs
                                                                                                                         email us at
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