Xinhua Beauty Solely Settled In Yinchuan_ The First Dealer by djsgjg0045


									Xinhua group in the United States across the country to promote the channel changes,
channel capacity to enhance the background, rather Amoi East U.S. Electric Co., Ltd.
on April 25 morning officially launched in Yinchuan.

  Learned that the registered capital of 800 million U.S. Ning Xia Xindong Electric
Co., Ltd., Department of autonomous local Home Appliances Yinchuan Xinhua
Department Store chain leader in East Bridge Electric Co., Ltd., a wholly owned
subsidiary, and also the United States and Japanese Electronics Group to establish the
first dealer in the country owned monopoly distribution company.

 The new company located in Ningxia, Simon (Wuhai) 34 regional markets,
especially market distribution channel development and maintenance, and to take full
authority of the BtoB factory direct docking mode of operation, thus greatly reducing
the plant on the market the degree of intervention to further enhance the professional
market, market, brand and market competition, the degree of optimization.

  It is understood that, as early as 2007, the United States and Japanese electronic
group that is based on the lower channel costs, increase channel output channels to
enhance the competitiveness of rapid consideration of the regional agency to break the
traditional model, to take joint venture with dealers Sell The company's way of
channel strategy to promote the transformation.

 It is in "mass production, large-scale distribution" in the context of the core strategy,
in November last year, the company expects to invest 1.5 billion yuan after
completion of production capacity more than 32 million units / year, output will more
than 15 billion yuan Microwave Electric Industrial Park, construction of
ground-breaking vote; in March this year, while outgoing messages will be expected
to achieve 2013 sales target of 15 billion yuan of beauty Xinhua production base in
Wuhu, dishwashers, kitchen appliances, excellent electrical three projects can be
expected to put into operation during the year; this year in April, the companies
announced plans to invest 1 billion yuan investment and build the world's largest
Water appliances Industrial Park, is expected to continue in future years more than 10
billion yuan output value.

 After years of efforts, the company has set up more than 30 national business
organizations, the establishment of a nearly thousand stores, build a nationwide,
across urban and rural areas Marketing Network and in the Association of Southeast
Asian Nations and other overseas markets achieved good market performance. The
new Dominion dealer-owned brands, marks the day the United States Power Group
channel distribution strategy to further upgrade the capacity of 34 markets will further
enhance digestion.

 Chinese consumer Electronic Business bearer channels, said: "big time from
wholesale to distributors regional agency, joint venture sales company to company, to
represent the United States Xindong dealer-owned monopoly marketing companies,
game companies are the result of the various stages . Under the present circumstances,
manufacturers intervene in the market as a proxy to channel the interests of partners
or competitors, trying to control the channel, dealers fear bigger and stronger
traditional marketing ideas no longer fit the current pattern of urban market channels
continue to divide, 3 4 channels of maturing the market of new features. appliance
manufacturers to shape divergence in the point to massive radiation and professional
manufacturing and marketing business to choose between mixed. From this point, the
new Dominion of the establishment, no doubt is a home appliance market or
circulation will enter the 'factory who specialized in the production, circulation almost
fine operators' strong signal of the times. "
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