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					WoW Guides

If your a new world of warcraft player or don't know much about the game then
please read. So you just want a couple general rules of thumb? I am here to give you
some guides regarding WoW. Before playing this game, make a good plan and set
some objectives this will make your WoW destination really enjoyable and you will
move a smooth pace in the wild environment of the game. Now I will share some of
my experience of world of warcraftand give you some hurried overview of its all

Wow is the biggest multi-player role playing game in the world with over 16 million
players, crazy or what, and it was released in november 23 of 2004. This game depicts
the fantasyvision of world of Azeroth.

Once activating your account you will be able to gain access to 10 different classes
you can pick and choose from. Abilities and talents vary from each class as well as its
power and faintness.

These classes will regulate your definite role in the World of Warcraft so be careful
while choosing the class. The 10 WoW character classes include:

1.    Death Knight (Wrath of The Lich King expansion)
2.    Druid
3.    Hunter
4.    Mage
5.    Paladin
6.    Priest
7.    Rogue
8.    Shaman
9.    Warlock
10.   Warrior

This was the quick glimpse of the overview.

Alchemy is a profession that is has concerns with herbalism. Alchemy at low levels
can provide you with a quick way to heal your character or get extra mana depending
on what you need, and at higher levels you get flasks for raiding. Alchemy has a wide
range of potions and recipes for experimenters.If your profession is not an herbalist,
you have to spend a lot of gold to get its favor.

Herbalist is happy and has best opportunities to farm ancient lichen. But the main
objective is to level all your professionals to 450. Having an achemist in the guild will
give you much needed extra stats that will make your raid do more damage, heal
better and become more tank, and depending on your gear will make or break your
ability to down difficult bosses. If you don't use the potions and flasks for the raids
and you don't need them for the next week of raiding, take them to the AH for a nice
amount of gold. Make sure, keep it in safe, may be helpful in the later upcoming skill
leveling. One of the first potions that you will need to get is a health potion which will
help you level your alchemy quickly. You can quickly make these and they may even
sell in the auction house, but you should save them because they can be used for later
skill leveling. Leveling your alchemy up to level 125 is easy in the begining with the
minor healing potions. Carry on this activity, until you reach level 155. After that, you
must start healing larger remedies until the elixir of nimbleness take you at level 200.
Beyond level 265, levels get easy. With the additions of the two expansion you get to
level all of your professions to 450.

Make sure that while you level up, that you always keep in contact with other players
as you level because once you hit 80 you will be able to join a guide and you never
know who will be where? People over gathering will help you and share you some
useful tips. Not only will this teach you to choose the character of your desired
abilities. In this way, you will move to advancing levels quickly. Another tip is when
you get a quest that is just to hard for your class it's important to form a group so you
will be albe to continue to move forward. For instance, priest is no more than a
philanthropist and helps your character to heal up his health or get a new life. This
was a brief guide and I am sure you must experience the profession of alchemy and
enjoy having recipes.

 Wow has been open for over 4 years and I have been through the journey of
struggeling to level quickly and get additional wow gold.