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					                                                                               IN THIS EDITION
                                                                               Coordinator’s Message
                                                                               Community Resource Unit‘s
August 2009                                                                    information session on
                                                                               Independent Living
Dear Families and Friends,                                                     Important dates to remember
                                                                               Craft and Fitness at Caloundra
I hope you’re enjoying having more regular updates with the                    Companion Card information
monthly newsletter being put together by Norm each month!                      Progress Plan information
Many of you say it can be difficult getting much info out of your
                                                                               Exciting News - Compass now
son or daughter on a daily basis so we hope the little updates
                                                                               has Charity status
from different units give you some ideas about what they’ve been
                                                                               CHAP - Comprehensive Health
up to – and some opportunities for conversation together. The
newsletters are also available on our web-site so it can be                    Assessment Program
accessed by friends and family elsewhere.                                      From David - The Good News or
                                                                               the Bad News?
We also like to keep you updated about other issues and
initiatives going on in disability service provision. If you have
feedback we’d love to hear it. Let us know what works for you – or
what you’d like to see. And don’t forget the “Improvement                   Do You Have Something
Suggestion Forms” available from any centre at any time – if
you’ve got a great idea we’d love to hear it!  (see box at right)
                                                                             You Want To Tell Us?
                                                                           We at Compass are committed to
Coming up in September is Disability Action Week and once                  ongoing service improvement.
again a group of local Service Providers are working with Spiral
                                                                           If you have a suggestion about
and the team from the Eumundi Markets to hold a “Celebration of
                                                                           how we can improve our service,
Abilities Day” at the Wednesday markets on 16th September. We
                                                                           please write your suggestion on
will participate with an Aikido demonstration (always a highlight)         one of our Service Improvement
and a small market stall. If you are interested in volunteering for a      Suggestion Forms (available from
few hours that day I’d love to hear from you. Put the date in your         staff, the office, or on our website:
diary and head up to Eumundi and help us celebrate.              , and we
                                                                           will carefully consider every idea.
                                           Til next time, Jan

 Community Resource Unit - Living More Independently Information
Many parents of young adults with a disability find themselves
wondering how on earth they are going to find a way to assist their son
or daughter to live more independently out in the community in their
adult years. Community Resource Unit ( is hosting a         Remember you are welcome to
discussion in Brisbane on Thursday 13th August from 5.30 to 7.30. The      bring along an advocate or
flyer advises: “Sometimes we rely on what we know and over time can        support person to any meetings
think that the traditional models are the only option. This conversation   you have with Compass.
with Janelle and Neil, the parents of a young man with a disability, and
Morrie, will spark your thinking about how to be creative when             Please ask us if you need more
supporting people to live in the community. There are excellent
                                                                           information or assistance with
examples of innovative housing and person centred support in
                                                                           arranging for an advocate.
existence.” Please refer to Page 3 for location and booking details,
and look at “Latest News” on the Compass website for the flyer.

                                               Exploring the Art of Life                                 Page 1
Week of 7-11 September – Careers Power Week
Wednesday 16 September – Celebration of Abilities Day at the Eumundi Markets
Thursday 17 September (Friday 18 September for Special Needs Unit) – Last Day of Term 3
Wednesday 7 October (Tuesday 6 Oct for Special Needs, Enrichment and Pre Vocational Units) – First Day of Term 4
The month of October – PINKTOBER (Women’s Health Issues)
The month of November – MOVEMBER (Men’s Health Issues)
Thursday 26 November – Palmwoods Markets
Thursday 3 December – Caloundra Markets
Wednesday 9 December – Last Compass Day for 2009
Sunday 13 December – Family Day

Trainees at the Compass Caloundra
Centre are learning new skills while
at the same time, producing high
quality pieces of craft to sell at their
popular Market Days.

Here, Sharlene, Jy, Troy, Robert and Judy are putting their woodworking skills to good use
in making some White Boards for the next Market Day, which will be held on Thursday 3
December – just in time for those special Christmas gifts. Some of the other products they
are making are Snakes and Ladders Game Boards, Shell Hangings, Decoupage Pot Stands
and Jewellery.

                                                      Good Fun and Fabulously Fit
                                                     Part of this term’s program at Caloundra is a focus on
                                                     improving fitness and health. Some of the activities that we
                                                     will be doing to improve fitness, skills, coordination,
                                                     confidence and equip our trainees to participate in active
                                                     recreation pursuits in their community include: Gymnastics,
                                                     Fitness Walk, Aikido, Car Wash and Lawn and Garden Care.
                                                     Both the Education and Training Groups have been learning
                                                     how to safely use our new exercise equipment. Here
                                                     Annelise is having great fun, being assisted by Fiona, on
                                                     one of our exercise balls. Go Annelise!

                                              Exploring the Art of Life                                    Page 2
                That’s Right – FREE. But not only the Movies!

With the new Companion Card, someone who accompanies a person with a disability (who is a Companion Card
holder) to certain venues can have free entry to that venue. Cardholders present their card when purchasing
tickets at participating businesses and are issued with a second ticket for their companion at no charge.

There are many organisations that are now Companion Card affiliates. These include:
       Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinemas
       Numerous local Arts, Civic and Cultural venues
       Sunshine Coast Swimming Pools and Aquatic Centres
       Brisbane venues such as QPAC, Qld Museum and Sciencentre
       Selected transport operators
       Local attractions including UnderWater World and Australia Zoo
       Gold Coast attractions including Sea World, Movie World, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Australian Outdoor Spectacular
       Sporting venues including Suncorp Stadium (Broncos) and Skilled Park (Titans)

For more information, contact us, or click on the following link to the Queensland Companion Card website:

    CRU Discussion Night: Innovative Property
  Purchase and Individualised Support (from Page 1)
When: Thursday 13th August - 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Venue: QDN Building, Suite 11, 7 O’Connell Terrace,         Shortly you will be receiving an
       Bowen Hills                                          invitation to attend your son or
       Parking available at back of the building            daughter’s Progress Plan Meeting for
       $5 Donation (tea, coffee and light
       refreshments provided)                               this Quarter.
RSVP: Monday 10th August 2009 by phoning Ana on
                                                            Progress Plans are developed and
       3211 5700 or by email to
                                                            reviewed each quarter to identify key
                                                            goals and strategies for each of our
                                                            trainees to work on for the quarter.
                                                            This is a fantastic opportunity for you
                                                            to have valuable input into the programs
The Prevocational Unit in Nambour has been donated a
Gas BBQ, but now needs a gas bottle to be able to use it.   and support that we provide to your
                                                            family member, as well as to share
If you have a suitable gas cylinder that you are no
longer using, and would like to donate it, please contact   important information about his/her
Ross on 5476 4163. Collection can be arranged.              needs and how we may be able to help.

                                              Exploring the Art of Life                                 Page 3
                                               Comprehensive Health Assessment Program
Compass Awarded Charity Status!
This year the Compass Committee have
made a real push to gain the entitlements      Disability Services (formerly Disability Services Queensland) is
                                               making available what they believe is an easy to use
our kind of organisation is eligible for and
                                               Comprehensive Health Assessment Program (CHAP) which
the push has come to fruition. It has been     they anticipate will enable improved identification and
a slow process with each government            documentation of health needs of adults with an intellectual
department requiring extensive paperwork       disability.
and needing considerable time to process       Disability Services have a three year licence for the tool. CHAP
the application. But the persistency has       is available to every adult with an intellectual disability in
                                               Queensland who receives a Disability Services delivered or
paid off and we have gained the following
                                               funded service.
                                               CHAP has been developed by the Queensland Centre for
• Registered Charity – Collection Act          Intellectual and Developmental Disability as a two-part book.
1966. This allows us to fund raise, run        This book can be downloaded and completed by individuals,
                                               family members, carers, general practitioners and staff of
raffles etc for special equipment or goals.    government and funded non-government service providers on
• Stamp Duty Exemption – State                 behalf of a person with an intellectual disability.

Revenue Duties Act 2001. This gives us         The Compass Institute is registered with Disability Services to
                                               be able to access and download the book on behalf of our
exemption from duty tax paid on vehicles
                                               trainees and their families.
and insurances.
                                               Essentially, we can download CHAP and complete the first part
• Charitable Institution – Australian          of the book. You would then make a “long appointment” with
Taxation Office. This entitles us to Income    your usual general practitioner, and take the book along to the
                                               appointment. The doctor then reviews the first part of the
Tax Exemption and GST Concessions.             book, and completes the second part following an examination
The Australian Taxation Office has             of the patient. A Management Plan is then drawn up by the
                                               doctor, who keeps a copy of the plan on file and includes a
recently granted us conditional Public         copy in the CHAP. There is a special code that the doctor can
Benevolent Institution (PBI) status that       use to claim for this service from Medicare.
will allow us to receive Deductible Gift       Families may see this as an opportunity to receive a
Recipient (DGR) donations and gifts from       comprehensive       health   assessment     and   establish a
businesses and individuals, which they         comprehensive and accurate medical record for their adult
can then claim on their tax return. This       child, which may be of assistance in a range of situations
                                               including travel, respite and independent living.
should be finalised within the next two
months.                                        Please contact us if you would like more information or
                                               assistance with accessing this program.

  Enrolments for 2010                              Have you moved?
Do you know someone who is interested in           Do you have a new phone number?
coming to Compass next year?                       Has your email changed?
     To be eligible, they need to:
                                                   Have any health, medical or medication details changed?
          • Be a minimum 18 years old
                                               If so, please let us know so that we can update our details to ensure that
          • Be registered with DSQ
                                               we can contact you in an emergency, or pass on important information to
          • Have needs that can be             medical personnel in an emergency situation. All information is treated
             developed through our             with the strictest confidence.
             programs and approach.            To let us know of any changes, please advise the Compass Office (5445
If so, please ask them to contact Jan on       9116) or complete the Change of Personal Details Form from our website:
5445 9116 for further information.

                                               Exploring the Art of Life                                        Page 4
There are a few things happening in the sector that may be of interest to you as parents of people with a
disability. One of these was referred to in my last column. The pay equity decision from the Queensland
Industrial Relations Commission is potentially a double edged sword.... naturally it is wonderful that at last
people employed in this sector are being recognised as grossly underpaid. (When you consider that a 15 year
old can receive $15 per hr for washing dishes, trying to attract and retain quality support staff for less than $4
per hour more AND factoring in the education, training and skills requirements AND the level of responsibility -
it is quite a task.) The other side of the decision is that the ruling will have implications for the non-government
disability service sector, because the capacity of non-government disability organisations to pay increased
wages depends heavily on government funding. It is critical that the Queensland Government funds the
additional wages bill that will flow from this ruling, for the simple reason that if wages increase and funding is
not topped up to reflect that, it means the only alternative is a reduction in service hours.

The National Disabilities website states that.... We understand from the recent briefing with the Director-
General of the Department of Communities that the pay increase will flow on automatically from mid-
September, backdated to 13 July 2009, which is when the increase will take effect. A commitment has been
made that all services will be advised as quickly as possible on their priority status, and that payment will not
be subject to an application process. While the process for prioritisation is still being established, it is
clear that some service types will receive little or no increase in their funding levels to accommodate
the wage increase. While the Director-General has promised to renegotiate outputs for these affected
services, it is expected that job losses and contraction of services will occur.

Despite my enquiries, the situation is that we are awaiting a letter from the Minister to inform us of the effect of
the pay decision on our service. We will let you know more as soon as we can.

On a more positive note, we have just received our Audit report from IHCAC for the maintenance audit in May
against the Disability Service Standards. This report finalises our results and I am very happy to say that we
received a great deal of positive feedback and NO non-conformities against the standards. Many thanks to the
trainees who participated in the interviews, the staff for their great work and particularly Jan for her tireless
effort in coordinating the efforts of so many people. This audit also really focussed on administration and
management practices so of course Wendy needs a big wrap as well .

Finally, Compass has recently received its Certificate of Registration as a Charity from the Department of Fair
Trading. We are also in the final stages of our application to the Australian Tax Office for ‘Deductible Gift
Recipient’ status. In combination, these two changes represent major advances in our ability to successfully
navigate the funding and fundraising maze and are very much in line with the input received from participants
in the Strategic Planning Workshop. The Draft Strategic Plan has been displayed on the website for several
weeks now and I’d like to thank all who have taken the time to read through it and for your very positive
feedback. We will shortly host the second meeting where we can finalise this plan before ratification by the
Compass Board. I look forward to seeing many of you then if not before.

Cheers, David

                                                Exploring the Art of Life                                  Page 5