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					       Student Comments of Dr. Gallant’s Teaching (2007/08)
Card: “It’s a simple procedure to calculate the number of seeds in an apple. But who
among us can ever say how many apples are in a seed? The seeds of greatness are within
you, each one ready to grow in countless and wonderful ways.” Dr. Wayne W, Dyer.

Dr. Gallant: Thank you for investing in my future. I truly stand on the shoulder of “a
giant”. Jessi Roper.

I had a great year. Naylan Kamleddine!!

This has been one of my best classes ever. You have moved me beyond words. You are
inspirational, Dr. Gallant. As always, Matthew McAvoy

This has been my favorite class by far. I learned from you an education I could never get
out of a book. Laura Crowley

Your love for both your students and your clients is unmatched by anyone. Your passion
and encouragement has been a true inspiration, it has been great having you as a
professor. You have a love and passion for social work. You have been a true inspiration.
Blaire Courville

Dr. Gallant: Thank you for one of the most inspirational learning experiences that I have
had in my entire (almost 50 years). You are amazing and always so true to yourself. You
have been inspirational to us. For this we are blessed. Hugs Pam

You are so zealous and fervent, so warm, caring and kind – all the good qualities a
professor should be and the qualities students in need in their learning.

Thank you so much for a great and fabulous year. Julie

Dr. Gallant. Thanks for a “super great” year. We will miss you next year.

Thank you. Melissa

Dr. Gallant: You are not only an excellent professor, but a great mentor. You have helped
us all remember what social work is all about. I will surely take all that you have taught
with me to the grave when I take my last breath but more importantly I will spread it
around so it can “live” as long as I live. What better complement could I give a “real
teacher”. Thank you for being not just a teacher but a mentor for us all. It
was…awesome!! You have been such a marvelous help and have managed to sharpen my
senses as a student, as a social worker and as a person.

Thank you for being conscientious enough to pass on what you have so arduously learned
and so carefully developed. Thank you for caring about the future of the profession. After
giving so much of what you have, you have every right to cut the ties and just lay
back…though we would appreciate your not doing so, so that we could have you for
another year. Thanks again! Ian Mayo

Thank you for making life in the class “a little piece of home”.

One of the most thoughtful, considerate and creative professors I have ever had. You are
so deeply interested and invested in your class and in your students and it shows so well
in every breath you take.

Your passion and zest for life is evident through all your hard work. Thanks for a
wonderful semester.

I have learned much more than expected, not only about the theory and practice of social
work but about myself and about life. You have shown me the “bigger picture”.

Card: “For giving all you give, for doing all you do, for caring as you care, thanks for
being you!”

Dr. Gallant: Justine and I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to
us (your students) throughout our university career. We are grateful to have a teacher
who cares for his students and believes in their aspirations. As we are entering the last
couple of years of university, we would like to tell you what we will never forget you. It
is through your teaching that will make us better social workers and individuals in
general. Thanks for giving all you give, thanks for caring as you care, but most of all
thanks for being you. Keep teaching Dr. Gallant, keep teaching! Luke DiPaulo

Amazing, truly amazing! All that I have learned from you has been so inspirational and
life giving. You have changed my life. You have made me grow and evolve into my “true
social work self”. I don’t know where I would be without your insights, your compassion
and your love. I could go on but for now words escape me. All I can say is: “thank you,
thank you so much, so very, very much”. Justine Danford.

In one word – POWEFUL!!! No I want to say more. You allowed for a transformation to
occur in me throughout the past two years. Never loose your zest, your zeal, and your
passion as it is “spiritually contagious”. AMAZING!! Justine Danford

Dr. Gallant: You are a beautiful person. Your have a charisma that is warm and
refreshing. You have been a true and authentic inspiration. You will never be forgotten.
These past three semesters with you have been wonderful. Thank you for being my
teacher, my role model, and someone I can call “friend”. May the hand of God be always
with you and may God bless you in the kindness way. Keep teaching; you were born to
teach!! Luke DiPaulo

Have a great summer. Karen Kennedy

Thanks and keep smiling. Jenny Brady

See you next year. Nicole Cote

Thank you Dr. Gallant for a great year. You were very supportive. I will never forget it.

I enjoyed listening to the moving stories about your clients and the work you did with
them. You have moved me to be an excellent social worker. You will always be
remembered as a person who touched me deeply and moved me to reach higher. Have a
wonderful summer. Lisa Allison

Thank you so much. You have been an inspiration and a joy to have as a teacher. You
will be dearly missed. Thank you for all of your insight. Erika

Dr. Gallant: Thank you for understanding me as an individual and picking me up on my
strengths. Indeed, you have helped me to embrace my strengths. I hope you enjoy your
spare time when you retire. Your efforts have motivated me to be a better social worker.
This has been an incredible year and a semester I will never forget. Amey Hannah

This class has taught me so very much. I think of myself as a spiritual person and you
have touched me and made me realize important things about myself. Thank you so much
and God Bless. Don’t change a thing about yourself. You are wonderful. Again, thanks so
much for your understanding and patience throughout the whole year. I am so
appreciative of your great teaching and how you enabled me to grow as a person and as a
social work student. Take care and be well! Lisa Chistian

Dated: April, 2008
47-337 (02)

Card: Caring people have a wonderful say of making a difference in the lives they touch.
Your kindness will always be remembered.

Dr. Gallant: May God continue to richly bless you for your dedication and your love of
people. Thank you so much for the knowledge you have instilled in me this semester.
May you continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom so you can continue to share your
gift with others to help make the world a better place? I know you have made it a better
place for me. Albert Ankamah

 Students Comments of Wilfred’s Teaching in 337 (01) 8:30 a.m.

Thank you for teaching me “the will to….” Your tribute to us in the last class was breath
taking and unforgettable. Terri Alder

Dr. Gallant You are indeed a “bridge builder” between you and your students. You have
taught me to be a “bridge builder” between me and my client. Pathma Sivaken

You have a true love for helping others. Thank you for sharing your insights and
invaluable experiences. I also want to thank you for the most inspirational lecture you
gave last week. You move me to accept responsibility for my own creation. Ann Marie

Your pure heart radiates from our learned voice. Thank you for being an amazing person.
We will always continue to dream in service for others. You have paved the way. Debbie

Dr. Gallant: Thank you for the opportunity to grow in your class. I feel that I’ve learn so
very much about myself while obtaining my new social work skills which help me
immeasurably in the future. You have touched me a very profound and meaningful way. I
have realized through this course that I may have issues which I realize most of us do. I
have always felt that something was missing in my life and this course has given me a
place to start. N. G.

You are a gift to the social work profession and to the academic community.

You blended very well the social work theory with noble human strivings – you taught
love and concern for the human condition and undaunted belief in oneself.

Your lecture on being a bridge builder helped me to bridge a build for my clients and to
believe in my unrepeatable self in service to others. You have reinforced my belief in the
profession of social work.

You have indeed been like a “mid-wife” helping me give birth to my new social work
self. Trough your teaching, your modeling and your experience I have captured the true
essence of social work. You are the best.

You are a great teacher. It was a pleasure having you as a professor this semester. Thank
you for being so open and transparent. You have taught us invaluable lessons for social
work practice and for life. What an “educational deal”.

I had such a remarkable time in your class leaving me with an astounding learning
experience. I will always be grateful to you.

Personally, I just love your passion for what you do as a teacher, as a social work
practitioner, as a dad and as a mentor. Indeed you are a loving father and a nurturing
teacher. You have not missed your calling. Keep smiling; you light the world on fire with
your love.

I feel I have improved so much as a result of your efforts. You are beyond words a true
inspiration. I thank you for a wonderful semester and I look forward to seeing you in the
New Year.

You are on the path of healing which touches so many souls who are dying in the world. I
know you have touched me and I have been blessed by your presence.

You are a chosen man for the world and a healer for those who are blessed to be touched
by you.

I am so glad to have been connected to you as a student. You light up my world and make
me believe in “me”. Wow!

Dr. Gallant: Thank you for all your insights and for your support throughout the semester.
You are a genuine teacher and instructors like you are hard to come by. Robert Switzer

It is great to see such a passionate person in the social work profession and in higher
social work education. It has inspired me to strive to be a more “radical” social worker.
Thank you very much. Sandra Pope

Thank you so much for your support to me personally and professionally. You have made
my transition to Windsor so much easier and you have dared to walk with me with the
“going was tough”. You do practice what you teach and you do “walk the walk”. Marissa

Dr. Gallant: Thank you for a most marvelous experienced. More importantly, thank you
for encouraging self-reflection, introspection and openness – and I might add for listening
to our concerns and our personal stories. You had a depth capacity if I might say for
“radical listening”.

It has been a real pleasure to have had a class with you, one that will on in my memory
and in my actions for a long, long time to come. Jamie Lyn Dubois

Dr. Gallant: I would like to thank you personally for sharing so much of yourself with us.
You truly are fervent and passionate about what you do in the classroom with your clients
and in real life and you zeal inspires your students and motivates them to be imbued with
the same ardor that you have shown. Thank you for everything. I have taken a lot from
this class and I know that everyone appreciates your enthusiasm and dedication. Kristy

Your sincerity is appreciated, Dr. Gallant

You are a warm and loving soul; your generosity of spirit warms my day and spills over
to all those whom you so whole heartedly touch.

Dr. Gallant: Thank you so much for your immeasurable understanding and compassion.
You have been such a help to me during my special circumstances and I will never forget
your generosity. Ciara Holmes

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