Wonderful Ways to Maintain Men's Leather Bags

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					Leather bags have many advantages like soft natural colors, durable quality and never
outdated style. Many men choose leather bags to carry along, but do you know how to
maintain men’s leather bag with the least efforts to achieve maximum results?
1. Keep it dry and store in cool, ventilated place. Avoid exposure, broiled, washed,
and impacted by sharp objects as well as exposure to chemical solvents. If the bag is
without any waterproof process, please wipe the bag with a soft cloth when it is wet to
avoid leaving any stain or watermark that result in wrinkles on the surface. If you use
the bags in the rainy weather, you should pay special attention. In addition, you
should not use the shoe polish carelessly.
2. Scrubbing leather bag avoid wet, it is suggested to rub with raw rubber and special
care cleaning supplies, not use the shoe polish. All metal parts should be carefully
protected because humid and salty environments can cause oxidation.
3. Stain spots: use a clean sponge with mild soap, wine or alcohol to clean the stain
spots, then wipe with water and let the leather natural air drying. If the stain is
stubborn, you can deal it with a detergent solution, but you must be careful to avoid
damaging the bag surface.
4. High temperature and sunshine: Do not let the bag expose in the sun as much as
possible or make close contact with any heater, otherwise the bag will become
increasingly dry, and the flexibility and softness of leather will gradually disappear. .
5. Juice, use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe the juice immediately; if necessary, you
can take a clean warm cloth stained with warm water to erase juice and let the leather
dry naturally.
6. Butter or grease, wipe in the oil of the surface with a clean cloth, let the rest of the
grease slowly go into leather. Do not wipe the greasy stains with water.
7. It is proposed to clean up the dust before store leather bags. General Leather bags
should be applied the maintenance oil. The oil is put on a clean cotton cloth and then
applied on the surface evenly; avoid applying oil directly on the leather which may
cause the damage to the leather. If the suede products is contaminated, you can wipe
directly with an eraser; use a soft brush to brush along with the direction of the leather
fabric when do maintenance job.
8. The collecting cabinet of leather products must be kept well ventilated; one with
shutter door will be much better. At the same time, it is not advised to put too much
items in the cabinet. Natural oil of leather itself will gradually reduce after used too
many times over time, so even very advanced leather also needs regular maintenance.
9. When not in use, the best place to save the leather bags is the cotton bags, do not
put them into plastic bags because the air can not ventilate in plastic bag which may
make the leather too dry and damaged. The leather Bag should be stuffed with some
soft toilet paper to keep the bag's shape. If there is no suitable cotton bag, old pillow
case also does work. Leather bags is another kind of active substance like shoes, so
using the same bag every day is likely to cause cortical elastic fatigue, so you'd better
prepare several bags for interactive use; if you accidentally get the leather bag wet,
the first thing you should do is to use a dry towel to wipe the water, and then plug
some newspapers, magazines inside to dry; do not put it in sun exposure, which would
make your beloved bag fade and deformed.

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