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									Vaginal itch can bring a lot of stress to a woman. The most troublesome part is talking
or confessing about it to your doctor. Most women feel awkward talking about it to
somebody because it involves issues regarding their feminine area. How will you get
rid of vaginal itch and burning when it starts to give you embarrassments?
Vaginal itching and burning sensation can be caused by many factors. It can be caused
by an STD ("sexually transmitted disease"), infection, hives, vaginosis or yeast
infections. Whatever the cause is, it is very stressful every time you feel it itchy and
you have strong urges to scratch it.
Here are some tips to on how to get rid of your vaginal itch:
- Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes. Avoid wearing jeans for the meantime. When
your clothing gets wet, you must change it instantly. Wet clothes could harbor many
bacteria that could cause you some itching.
  - Try home remedies like vinegar to wash on your feminine area. It could bring back
the natural pH of your vagina as well as kills bad bacteria not the good ones.
- Yogurt is a good remedy. Eat some yogurt whenever you take antibiotics to prevent
killing of natural acidophilus bacteria in your feminine area. It could also prevent
yeast overgrowth. You can also put on yogurt in your feminine area for about 15-30
minutes then rinse.
- If you have diabetes or if you're pregnant, vaginal itching and burning can be a sign
that you are eating too many sweets in your diet. You could prevent it of you have
proper diet and you should decrease sugar intake.
-You can change detergents or soaps you are using. In some cases, scented soaps
could cause itching in the feminine area. You can switch into a milder one.
-Check your feminine wash if it has a normal ph balance of the vagina. Vagina is used
to be acidic. Frequent washing of vagina could kill away bacteria as well as the good
ones who are protecting it.
  -Avoid douching. It could only make your itching worst. And if ever you have an
infection, it could get into inner vagina that would bring you more problems.
If all of these tips haven't changed your condition, may be its time to consult your
vaginal itching and burning with your gynecologist. He/she may prescribe you
anti-infectives or anti-fungals to ease your condition. You can also do a research for
some other ways on how to get rid of your vaginal itch.
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