Wisdom behind the Wisdom Teeth by djsgjg0045


									Common folklore says 鈥渨 isdom 鈥?teeth grow at an age when humans start to
develop wisdom. They appear among 17 to 21 year-old men and women. In
Psychology, this phase is considered the transition stage from teenage to adulthood.
During this period, they begin to establish a sense of independence, which entails
wise decision-making.The growth of wisdom teeth indicates a more mature and
stronger individual.
  Presence of wisdom teeth is synonymous to 鈥渨 isdom 鈥?per se in conventional
knowledge. Nevertheless, science speaks of a different definition and function of
these so-called 鈥渨 isdom 鈥?teeth. Wisdom teeth are also known as third molar
teeth, the last teeth pieces to appear on human gums. They grow on the four corners of
the gums, distributed to the upper and lower portion of the mouth.
  Theories say third molar teeth function as chewing-support piece for carnivorous
primates during the Nomadic period. These teeth aid in the digestion of hard red meat
of animals. And since prehistoric people do not know how to cook, third molar teeth
help in the grinding of raw meat shards.
  However, other theories say that primeval primates experience early tooth loss
because of tooth decay and trauma. Third molars shift teeth placement, bringing back
the correct alignment of the teethstructure. They help fill in the place of the lost tooth,
giving a more complete bite. These are all according to studies done by scientists and
dentists. In Murfreesboro, TN and in other parts of the world, the appearance of the
third molar teeth is a very painful experience.
  Third molars cause dental problems because of the change in size of the gums and
mouth of humans. Theirsize has gradually shrunk because of a change in diet, as well
as the development of food preparation techniques. Consequently, teeth growth and
structure has also been altered, resulting to smaller teeth pieces and more compressed
teeth arrangement. Dentists in Murfreesboro, TN say third molars have maintained its
size and position in dental anatomy.
  In modern dentistry, the most common problem is the eruption of third molars on the
gums as impacted teeth. Impacted teeth results from of lack of space for third molars.
Dentists in Murfreesboro, TN treat this by tooth extraction to give way to the growth
of the wisdom teeth.

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