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									Mrs. Ball’s Spectrum Class

                                   Sunnyside Elementary

                                     School District 91
                                      Idaho Falls, ID

        Mrs. Ball’s Philosophy
        Spectrum is…
        Class Information
        Accelerated Reading
        Literature Studies
        About Mrs. Ball…
        Mrs. Ball’s Publications
Mrs. Ball’s Philosophy
                  “I believe in teaching with love, appreciation, consideration, and a sense of community. Students
                learn to use these characteristics to enhance and enrich their innate love for learning. Children
                deserve full recognition for their efforts. Learning is natural and I believe in providing a safe and
                enriching environment which ensures their growth in education.
                   “Every child has gifts to share, and it is the sharing of those gifts that enhances their lives as well
                   as others. We are not born with all gifts, so earning them is the greatest of accomplishments.
                           I believe children love to learn and must become engaged in their environment. This is a
                              classroom that provides children with the opportunities to learn to their full potential.”

                                       We have an annual program performed by the children with such themes as
                                    air travel around the world and a program that explores the
                                  history of the United States and the greatness of our country. These
                               performances are an adventure in learning that helps the children understand
                             themselves and the world.The children are provided with all kinds of hands-on
                        experiences, such as, working in groups to explore a
                 concept, literature studies, curriculum fairs, and publishing books.
                 For example, science is taught with my new books, Brown Bag
                 Science, which explore the district curriculum with interactive and
                 thematic learning. The main goal is to have lifetime learners who
                 value knowledge as essential in their lives forever.                                   HOME
          “The vibrancy of children remains ever constant, and they are my
        mentors. Teaching is my passion because learning is a life time
        adventure and children naturally want to explore .”
                                  SPECTRUM is. . .
  … first, second and third graders in one classroom, looping from first to third in an
  atmosphere of…

            Learning from One Another
             Building Community
                Different Ages
                       Sharing Gifts and Talents
                        Meeting Individual Needs
                          Differentiating Instruction

                          Interactive Hands-on Learning
                         Special Talents
                       Love for Achievement
                   Accommodating Different Learning Styles
                 Valuing, Sharing and Appreciation
               Teaching Empathy
              Eagerness to Learn
             Developing a Sense of Honor
            Creating an Eagerness to Learn                               HOME
Students have the opportunity to explore, expand and
benefit from individualized lessons for a variety of learning
levels and styles. Children are given the opportunity to learn
at their academic and emotional ability.
                       Class Information
           Sharing provides the students with a great opportunity to give presentations and learn
           information. Sharing topics should be factual. It is very rewarding for the children to
           write down this information and draw a picture for their portfolios. Parents are informed
           at the beginning of the year which day of the week their child may share.
                     Homework is about 20 to 45+ minutes each night, depending on how much
                     students read. This is very difficult at first for the first graders, but the
                     purpose is to teach responsibility and discipline. Please be patient with
                     your first grader in the beginning. It is quite an adjustment but a life skill is
                     being learned. It is essential that a child reads everyday at home in the
                     early years. Reading with your child is a lifetime gift. Homework sheets
                     are due every Friday.

                                        Spelling tests are each Friday from lists sent home the
                                        previous Monday. Since every child is on a different list,
                                        spelling is an “at home” project. Parents are asked to do
                                        the 5-step spelling program, give a practice test and mark
                                        the number missed on the home worksheet.

                     Math homework is required Monday- Thurs.
                     Please set aside 10 minutes a day for math and
                     help your child with the Saxon math sheets.
                     Saxon math spirals so concepts are constantly
                     reviewed. Please correct and mark the number
                     missed on the home worksheet.

      Class Information
                         This “Gold Medal Reading” program is very effective
             in teaching children to focus on their reading. In a six-week period,
             students are required to attain points toward medals.

                  First graders who are learning to read earn medals by minutes
             of reading until January when they go to the point system. If the
                  children are reading 20 minutes, 4 days a week, everyone can
                       achieve the Bronze Medal.

                       The Gold Medal requires going the extra mile. The points
                   depend on students’ reading levels and they participate in
                setting their goals. The children track the points they earn.

            The program needs parental support and
 involvement in the first grade and second grades for
the children to reach their goals and develop lifetime                HOME
reading habits. Reading with a parent on a daily basis
enriches their ability to master and have a love for reading
that will last a lifetime.

                   Spelling is an independent, individual program.
                   It is an “at home” project because of the
                individualization of each list. A list is provided of
                essential spelling words to be learned each
                   The words are “no excuse” words in their

                  1. LOOK at the word and spell it.
             2. THINK about it and copy it.
         3. COVER the word and guess how to spell it.
     4. CHECK your guess and see if you’re right.
5. TAKE spelling test.
• Solid Liquid and Gases
• Matter
• The Life Cycle of Butterflies
• The Life Cycle of Frogs
• Plant Habitats
• Animal Habitats

• Life Cycles of Plants and Animals
• Vertebrate Animals
• Weather
• Simple Machines
• Sound
• Rocks and Minerals
• Ocean Habitats
                           • Count number/objects
                           • Identify & write numeral/word form
                           • Order & compare objects/numbers
                           • Determine ordinal position
                           • Identify place value
                           • Recall/understand number facts
                           • Perform operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
                           • Recognize/represent/compare fractions
                           • Solve word problems
                           • Develop/apply problem-solving strategies
•   Count number/objects   • Use skills of estimation/rounding

                           • Measure & compare
                           • Length, weight, volume
                           • Understand time & temperature
                           • Recognize & determine value of money
                           • Understand perimeter, area & circumference
                           • Identify & classify geometric figures
                           • Understand geometric relationships
                           • Find, extend, identify, use patterns
                           • Identify & solve number sentences
                           • Organize data: graphs, charts, tables                           HOME
                           • Classify & sort objects and/or information
                           • Formulate & analyze problems
                           • Use number properties
                           • Use number line
- Step Writing
1. Brainstorm
2. Rough draft
3. Edit
4. Revise
5. Final draft

Areas of Focus
1. Ideas & content
2. Organization
3. Voice
4. Word choice             HOME
5. Sentence fluency
6. Conventions
Literature Studies
             Literature Studies focus on knowing
             the following concepts:
             • Print Concepts
             • Phonemic Awareness
             • Decoding Skills
             • Vocabulary
             • Reading Strategies
             • Reading Comprehension
             • Elements of Literature

          • Map Skills
          • Manmade and Natural Features
          • American Government and History
          • Patriotism
          • Native Americans
          • Regions of the United States
          • American Leaders
          • Continents
          • The World
          • Communities
          • Timelines                      HOME
Mrs. Ball’s                                With my co-author, Barbara Morris,
                                           two classroom-type workbook series
                                           have been published by ESC
                                           Learning Systems of San Antonio,

Publications                               Texas.
                                           Wake Up, Brain! challenges students
                                           daily with brain stretching activities in
                                           language arts, math, geography,
                                           grammar, and spelling.

              I am thrilled to announce
           our new 16-book science
        series was published in the fall
   of 2003. Brown Bag Science
 consists of 8 different science
 subjects and spans grade levels 1-4.
 The subjects correlate with many of                                   HOME
 the District 91 science curriculum
 objectives and a literature study was
 written for each subject.
About Mrs. Ball…
             After graduating from the University of Utah and teaching in Salt Lake
         City, Mrs. Ball and her husband, Doug, moved back to their hometown of
            Idaho Falls, Idaho, where she continues to teach. Mrs. Ball has three
                  children, and her family is an immense support in her life.
                          Mrs. Ball’s seventeen years of teaching Kindergarten, primary
                       grades, and a multi-aged classroom have given her many
                             opportunities to understand the variety of ways children
                                 learn. She believes in hands-on experiences and
                                      providing students with the opportunity to investigate,
                                     as this is when the most valuable learning takes place.

                           Teaching a multi-aged class of first, second, and third
                         graders has given her the chance to develop curricula that allow
                       the teacher and the students to explore, expand, and individualize
                     lessons for a variety of learning levels and styles.
                “My students have enriched my world in numerous
           ways and bring enlightenment to my life everyday. I
         am grateful for the community teaching has given me.
       Developing a community is the foundation of life and                   HOME
     learning. A career that provides so many opportunities to
   grow is truly a blessing.”

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