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									Are you the person who drives around looking for a parking space for what seems like
ever, only to end up parking so far away you might as well have taken the bus? Does
it seem sometimes as if everyone else has all the luck, and why can't just something
come easy for you?
  You might have thought when you moved into a new home that the big windows
were a blessing, until you realized that finding window treatments for large windows
might just about kill you in terms of effort and expense. However, this might be the
one time you're in luck instead of out of it. Window treatments for large windows
might have proved to be a headache and a wallet-drainer a decade ago, but now, with
the abundance of companies who can easily and affordably provide window
treatments for large windows, things are looking up considerably.
  And not only are custom-made window treatments more affordable and readily
available, but they can be gorgeous, too. Whether you're in the market for formal
drapery, eco-friendly solar shades, wood blinds, vertical blinds, woven wood blinds or
even a stylish panel system made of chic strings, the range of options for large
windows is now just as vast as for standard window sizes. And at prices that won't
want to make you jump through the window, you'll even have enough money next
time to take a taxi instead of going through the hassle of finding (or not finding, as the
case may be) a parking space.
  The Shade Store is the evolution and culmination of over 60 years experience in
custom window treatments for large windows. See for yourself how "affordable" and
"couture-quality" are no longer mutually exclusive by viewing the full line of
affordable, handcrafted shades, blinds and drapery from The Shade Store. To order a
free catalog and samples, visit theshadestore.com or call 800-754-1455.

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