Window Buying Advice For Timber Sash Windows

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					New windows are a tough decision for anyone, with a really competitive market and a
lot of voices and opinions claiming their type of window is the best. So what are you
going to choose? Sash or tilt? Timber or UPVC? Single or double glazing? Here is a
guide to what we think are the most important points you should be considering when
it comes to timber sash windows.
  Perhaps the biggest argument is single or double glazed. A lot can and has been said
on the subject, but are you going to need them? It’s true that double glazing will
improve heat retention and thermal insulation, but the same can be said for the proper
draught proofing of your windows and a pair of heavy curtains.
  Noise reduction is something that double glazing handles very well, and the benefits
this can bring in houses near busy roads or railways can be hugely beneficial to the
life quality of occupants. Other solutions like acoustic curtains or sound conditioners
can be expensive and unnecessary when you compare the cumulative benefits of
double glazing.
  A lot has been said against the build quality and strength of timber against uPVC and
aluminum frames. The fact is; low quality timber will produce weak windows, but
good quality timber, properly maintained, will last an incredibly long time. Timber is
also a lot easier to repair and maintain when something goes wrong with your
windows. Individual sections can be fixed and replaced as required, and it can be a lot
easier than fixing uPVC and aluminum windows.
  If aesthetics are a big thing for you, then timber is surely the way to go. Whereas the
colour of uPVC windows is set, various shades and colours of varnish can be used on
timber, and if you’re tired of a colour, it can be sanded down and changed with ease.
  But why choose sash windows? Sash windows are beneficial for a number of
reasons. Other than the fact that they have been in use for hundreds of years and are
aesthetically appealing, sash windows bring further benefits when it comes to security
and ventilation.
  Limit stops on your sash windows will be beneficial when a room needs ventilation
but security is an issue, allowing you to leave a window open enough to make sure
fresh air is filtering in, but closed far enough that break ins aren’t a problem. They are
also incredibly useful for personal safety and your children’s safety, where windows
need to be left open, but can be restricted so the risks of falling out or having an
accident are no longer an issue.
  As we mentioned in the introduction, there are plenty of solutions out there for all
your needs when it comes to buying windows. Timber sash windows are an incredibly
versatile, aesthetically pleasing and long term cost effective and their benefits can
outweigh the cost savings of their cheaper uPVC and aluminum cousins. So if you’re
considering your window choices, why not choose timber sash windows.

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