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					           THE DESIGN ISSUE
                               1st edition   march 2009

                                                   DESIGN. But it’s not just about what we do. It’s

HELLO,                                             about every aspect of design: from what hits
                                                   the plates of Soweto to what jumps out at one

                                                   from the Design Indaba and loads more. This
                                                   issue is 100% energy, 100% urban and 100%
                                                   Timesquare inspiration.

Editor’s Note - Welcome to the very first issue     It’s our creative outlet and opportunity to ex-
of bespoke. Something we’ve created to in-         press and explore ourselves beyond that which
vestigate, discuss and bring to light all things   pays the bills. Now and in future we hope you
urban. We hope it will inspire and stir some-      will join us as we dig deeper and explore all
thing in you as you read through these pages.      aspects of the great urban experience, both
                                                   locally and abroad.
When I was young, or rather younger, I spent
many a day paging through books at the city        These pages are yours to feast your eyes
library, so much so that I eventually worked       upon, make your mind tick over and touch
there in the afternoons. My love for books         your heart.
has continued and so has my collection. Apart      bespoke forms part of our celebration of “ex-
from my affection for beautiful and informa-       traordinary possibilities”, so please celebrate
tive books, I have now just found a new joy        along with us. Share this with your friends and
for blank books, with their wide open spaces       please give us any feedback to help bespoke
to design, scribble and doodle thoughts upon.      grow from strength to strength, with each new
There is something exciting about opening a        issue. Also, don’t forget to visit our website,
blank book and making the first mark in it, just for even more behind
as exciting though, is to close that book once     the scenes news.
it has completely served its purpose to make
way for a new one.                                 Have fun and stay inspired,
Truth be told, only about half my books have
started well and few have been finished.

                                                            Kim Millar
There have been many times when I’ve fever-
ishly started a book, sketched and arranged
my photographs or written down recipes,
ideas and words. But time has not been my                                     Managing Director
friend...                                                                 Timesquare Advertising

So as much as I hold my blank books dear,
and those classical novels that transport me to
places where I can escape the rush of my day,
I find magazines to be the perfect tool that al-
lows me to explore the beauty of the things
that touch our lives and are a visual feast for
the eyes without eating away too much at
the precious seconds of our lives today. By no
means an easy feat to put together, maga-
zines are a fantastic way to express ourselves
and all the things we love in a visual, dynamic
and free-flowing way. This is why I have been
dreaming of one that will showcase our work
for a long time now.

In the spirit of bespoke – to design, create and      “Special thanks to my team for agreeing
inspire - the theme of this quarter’s issue is            to do the fun(ner) things in life”
  Editor’s note
  l’evolution de la femme en afro!
  design all around
  r.i.p - resuscitating instant photography
  my urban diary
  CN Furniture Photoshoot
  book,music,dining,web,event reviews
  everything design
  globe trotters

Chairs by CN Business Furniture, - Because our clients are styling and all that!

                                                        Innovation, ease-of-use, massive, beautiful, practical, dainty,
                                                              deadly, miniscule, chemical. It’s all around us.
                                                         Design is everywhere. From cutlery to zippers to missiles to
                                                            crazy-looking chairs. Have a look, feel free to stare.
L Evolution
 de la femme en Afro!
The evolution of the Afro Chic. Land of milk and
honey, tears and laughter, sunshine and storm…
Oui, oui, je decor mon Afrique (I do design my
Africa) With ochre and bronze, golden caramels,
emerald greens and shades of black.

My Africa is not my colour only. It’s too spir-
ited to be just gold, diamond and crude oil.
Too timeless to be remembered for its mother’s
pained cry… because my Africa is soul, the
birth of rhythm, humanity and hope.

My Africa is me.    by Nthabiseng Ngoasheng, Timesquare Copywriter, poet, song hummer and first lady of Hip Hop.

                                            I design my Africa.
                                           Je decor mon Afrique.
                                                                            When I was asked to write an article for
                                                                            Timesquare’s first edition of “Bespoke” The
                                                                            Design Issue, I was completely pumped up. The
                                                                            closer the deadline loomed however, the more
                                                                            I withdrew into gloom, realizing that on most
                                                                            days I write about stuff that I know very little
                                                                            about and in this instance “design” became one
                                                                            of them.

                                                                            Still, today being the deadline, something has to     “Bey is continuously busy analyzing the real
                                                                            be churned out and I’m going to go with some          qualities and hidden values of phenomena and
                                                                            good advice a friend gave me years ago, “keep it      things around us. He even analyses phenomena
                                                                            simple, but try to be interesting.”                   like dust or waiting, that no-one else is interest-
                                                                            In 2007, I won a trip to the Design Indaba (not       ed in but which could be of huge value - as soon
                                                                            shabby for a copywriter), where I had the privi-      as we understand how to use it.” -Bright Minds,
                                                                            lege to attend a seminar given by a crazy Dutch-      Beautiful Ideas – Parallel thoughts in different
                                                                            man, called Jurgen Bey. Crazy, because of the         times
                                                                            naive way in which he views the world around us
                                                                            and the mind-blowing design concepts he comes         Talk about turning crud into art! And, he does!
                                                                            up with from these. What I mean here is that he       The great thing about great design is that it feels
                                                                            uses arbitrary things such as wood bark, gar-         (or should) effortless to the end-user or viewer.
                                                                            bage or human experiences, such as “waiting”          Take the zipper on your jeans, the smooth action
A machine to extrude a gardening bench from park waste,                     to come up with phenomenal ideas. And what’s          of the gear stick in your car, the way in which
such as hay, leaves and tree bark. It looks different every                 more these inspirations are not exclusive, they       your bum is so softly cradled by your favourite
season. Garden rubbish is pressed into an endless bench in                  are right there: for all of us to use, if we choose   chair or the very reason why you’re a [insert la-
extrusion containers. Any length is possible. Nature decides                to.                                                   bel here] slave! Take inspiration from a guy like
when it is time to have the organic material back.                                                                                Jurgen who takes his inspiration from every-
                                                                            Love that: “Bright Minds, Beautiful Ideas.” Any-      where. Whether you are actually a designer or
                                                                            way back to Jurgen and me. Back at the Indaba,        end-user, such as myself remember that design
                                                                            Mr. Bey spoke of the fascination he had for a fae-    is all around us and facilitates our very evolution
                                                                            ces producing simulator (yup, a poop machine)         as a species. It’s what keeps things easy, simple
                                                                            developed and used by the medical fraternity to       and very, very interesting.
                                                                            simulate bowel functions and the treatment of
                                                                            malfunctions of the human digestive system.           Jurgen Bey’s work includes the design for the
                                                                            Roughly at the same time he was working on a          backdrop of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s 2004 women’s
                                                                            project to provide outdoor furniture for a promi-     summer collection show, product design for
                                                                            nent art gallery, in the Netherlands. While walk-     Swarovski, interior design for an HSL high-speed
                                                                            ing through the beautifully manicured grounds         train, and a nine-metre long city bench for To-
                                                                            of the gallery he came across the gardener busy       kyo. He has been awarded the 2005 Prins Ber-
                                                                            raking up leaves to make compost. Whirr, click,       nard Cultuurfonds Award, the Harrie Tillie Award
                                                                            buzz. Suddenly Jurgen’s mind was racing back          from Stedelijk Museum, Roermond and the Inte-
                                                                            to the inspiration he had experienced when first      rior Award 2003 from Lensvelt/de Architect, for
                                                                            faced with the peristaltic machine developed for      his meeting room for the Interpolis company.
                                                                            the bowel watchers.
                                                                                                                                  My thanks to Jurgen Bey,, the beauti-
                                                                            He’d cracked it and his, now famous, “garden          ful people at Bright Minds, Beautiful Ideas, http://www.
                                                                            bench” (love the name which says it exactly ,
                                                                            like it is), was born. The concept is simple to,
                                                                            explain: take common garden refuse and place          detail/gardening-bench-by-jurgen-bey/ and the folks
                                                                            into a compactor which moulds it into a gor-          from
                                                                            geous shape that people can sit on and relax.         gen-bey.html. And to the crew back at base, thank you
                                                                            Nature will decide when she wants the bench           for your help in keeping design, beauty and functionality
                                                                            back whereby the process starts all over again.       together and alive.
PHOTO ON RIGHT Jurgen Bey, seen here in his “world” studio, is driven       Howzat?
by the ambition to understand the world. He is able to question it in a
unique manner. According to him, wanting to think or create something
                                                                                                                                  Louis Maass - Timesquare Copywriter
new is bizarre, for everything and all solutions we can possibly dream of                                                         raconteur, food critic, critic, devoted son
already exist n the world around us.” - Bright Minds, Beautiful Ideas                                                             and ascending pool champion.
What happens when Timesquare peeps get “triggerhappy”. Thanks for the shots guys!
                                                      It was a wonder in its time: A camera that
                                                      spat out photos that developed themselves

                                                      in a few minutes as you watched. You got to
                                                      see them where and when you took them,
                                                      not a week later when the prints came back
                                                      from the local CNA.
                                                      But in a day when nearly every cellphone has     instant
                                                      a digital camera in it, “instant” photography
                                                      long ago stopped being instant enough for
                                                      most people. So today, the inevitable end of
                                                      an era came: Polaroid is getting out of the      The company, which will concentrate on dig-
                                                      Polaroid business.                               ital cameras and printers, filed for Chapter
                                                      The company, which stopped making instant        11 bankruptcy protection in 2001 and was
                                                      cameras for consumers a year ago and for         acquired by a private investment company
                                                      commercial use a year before that, said to-      in 2005.
                                                      day that as soon as it had enough instant        It started in 1937 making polarized lenses
                                                      film manufactured to last it through 2009,       for scientific and military applications, and
                                                      it would stop making that, too. Three plants     introduced its first instant camera in 1948.
                                                      that make large-format instant film will close   Remember how magical it was to watch the
                                                      by the end of the quarter, and two that make     image gradually manifest itself from the
                                                      consumer film packets will be shut by the        chemical murk right there in your hand?
                                                      end of the year, Bloomberg News reports.         Loyal users take heart, though — Polaroid
                                                                                                       said it would happily license the technology
                                                                         by Andre Hansen               to other manufacturers should they want to
- Art Director Extraordinaire and hug dispenser (Thanks for a stunning bespoke layout!)                go on supplying the niche market with film
                                                                                                       after 2009.
                                                                                                       Die hard Polaroid supporters and others
                                                                                                       who believe that the future isn’t brighter in
                                                                                                       digital should take a moment and visit www.
                                                                                              to make a final stand.
“The Mishap”: 100 happy random cows on your set!   The Final Shot! Mad Hatter peeping over our dear Alice’s shoulder.
              Kim’s Travels - Managing Director, Timesquare
If doors of opportunity could be designed, I bet they’d look a little something like this.   barcelona, Spain
                                                                                           Calling All Aspiring Filmmakers:
                                                                                           Let’s Take It To The Movies In
                                                                                                                                                               3                3
                                                                                           Entries Now Open For Africa In Motion 2009 Short Film

                                                                                           Competition. If You Have Not Yet Completed A Feature-Length
                                                                                           Film, And Have A Short Film Of Up To 30 Minutes That Was
                                                                                           Completed Anytime Between 2006 And Now… Then Now Is

                                                                                           The Time To Get Famous! Deadline For Africa In Motion (Aim)
                                                                                           Film Festival That Takes Place In Edinburgh Is 30 June 2009.
                                                                                           Selections To Be Made In July And Announced By The End Of
A little birdie told us that if you were looking forward                                   August 2009. Get Noticed By A High PRofile, International Jury
to the Joburg Fashion Week this year, then you better                                      Of Film Specialists And Established African Filmmakers.
cancel that date fast… and we say this with absolutely no                                  Africa In Motion Festival Takes Place In October 2009.
apologies.                                                                                 All Shortlisted Films Will Be Screened At The Festival.
                                                                                           One Overall First Prize, Plus An Audience Choice Award.
Because the very first Africa Fashion Week is taking over this space!
When: 12 – 19 June 2009
Where: Sandton Convention Centre
Featuring up to 15 countries, including top South African designers.
Set to become an annual event and sure to cause a right African riot!

Africa Fashion Week has already been given a pretty respectable
position on the FIFA World Cup 2010 social calendar…

Visit for more details.
                                                                                                                            The Return of the Man Behind
                                                                                                                            GALLERY MOMO, JOHANNESBURG,
                  2                                                                                                         19 MARCH - 14 APRIL 2009
                                                                                                                            (with: Rodney Place)
                                                                                                                            What happened when the two lobes of the European brain
      Hatch Cracked it                                                                                                      (separated after World War 11) were rejoined in 2004?
Beyond cream white doilies and Ndebele murals...
Hatch explores the depth of South African Design.                                                                           This project is explores the migrations that arose through
                                                                                                                            a series of experimental works-in-progress that have been
This program cracks open the “mystery relationship” behind design,
                                                                                                                            shown in Poland, France, Netherlands, Austria and Slovenia.
functionality and appeal - and the minds of those who create it.
                                                                                                                             Now showing in South Africa and Europe into 2011.
Inquisitive, quirky, lateral and pacey. You’ll fall in love with great local talent from
Graphic Design, Advertising, Performance Arts, Fashion, Music, Film and Video, to
                                                                                                                            Opening Thursday 19 March @ 18h30 – 20h00
Industrial Design, Landscape, Architecture, Interior Design and lots more. Design                                           Closing 14 April 2009
is all around you. It’s authentic. It’s an expression. It’s a world of ideas from an
(South) African perspective. Check out Hatch on SABC 3. Starting April 2009,                                                More info at or (011) 327 3247
Sunday, 4.30pm. First episode aptly titled “Loud and Proud”.
Stoney Ridge Office Park, Ground Floor Block A
   Cnr Witkoppen Road & Waterford Place
             Kleve Hill Park 2151
        TEL (011) 021 6891/2/3/4/5/6
             Fax 086 525 9278

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