Jeffrey Epstein by IvanMishev


									Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Oracle Corporation

Jeffrey Epstein has 20 years of finance experience as CFO of several public and private
companies and now he is also a Chief Financial Officer of Oracle Corporation, which
makes him the perfect candidate according to the second (Company profile relevance)
and third(Financial Accounting, Cash Management, and Corporate Finance Competence)
criterium.The current company that he is working for – Oracle Corporation is a computer
technology corporation and this is closely related to the sphere he is applying for. He
most recently served as Executive Vice President and CFO of Oberon Media, a privately
held internet game technology provider and publisher – this also shows that Mr. Epstein
is well-acquainted with the work of Google Inc. Mr. Epstein has more than 25 years of
experience in senior financial and general management positions at leading media and
consumer services companies, which shows that he has both problem-solving abilities
and leadership skills. Epstein is also known for his strong support of Jewish causes,
which covers criterium 5 – involvement in industry organizations. Grade – 5.

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