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									                                                               Friday 11 July 2008            Vol 2—No 2

                        A message from the Deputy Vice
We all know well the power of words and symbols to build up and unite, to
destroy and to divide. The saying of sorry by our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and
the government has created a new space for reflection, acknowledgment and
moving forward. The journey of the World Youth Day Cross and icon through the
Kimberley in recent days has been a sign of hope and encouragement. May the
saying of the word sorry and the strength of the cross and the icon continue to
herald a change for a better, more genuinely united Australia. Together may we
express our desire for reconciliation in new and ever more practical ways.

This edition of Blackchat shares some of the good news stories that tell of the ripples of hope and energy
that are alive among us, signalling small steps but significant none the less.

As Archbishop Oscar Romero reminds us:

This is what we are about:

We plant seeds that one day will grow.

We water seeds already planted,

Knowing that they hold future promise.

We lay foundations that will need further development.

It may be incomplete, but it is a beginning, a step along the way,

An opportunity for God’s grace to enter and do the rest.

We may never see the end results …

We are prophets of a future not our own.

Thanks to all who have contributed their work and their words to this edition of Blackchat.

Sr. Sonia Wagner—Deputy Vice Chancellor

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  Centre for Indigenous Studies                    P2      Puggy Hunter Scholarship Info               P7

  VET News                                         P3      Royal College of Nursing Scholarship        P8

  Campus Structure                                 P4      Study Tip—Distance Education                P9
  Noonkanbah Careers Expo                          P5
                  Back (L-R): Steve Kinnane & Joe Edgar.

                  Front (L-R): Joanine Howard, Terri Hughes, Erica Spry &
                  Lyn Henderson-Yates

                         Centre for Indigenous Studies
Welcome to your second and final semester for 2008. This year is proving to be a very exciting year for
those of us studying and working on the Broome Campus. Not only are students resting after a hectic first
semester but a lot is happening on our Campus. However, one student who has not been resting is Antonia
Buckle from Derby. Antonia was crowned both Derby Boab Queen and Charity Queen on Friday 4 July.
Congratulations on this great achievement, Antonia.

As mentioned in our last edition of Blackchat, our new Centre for Indigenous Studies commenced with re-
search projects well underway. The Centre will be launched on the Broome Campus on 21 st August 2008.
The Centre resides in the School of Arts & Sciences which is now in its new offices on the upper floor of the
main Administration Office. All students are more than welcome to pop in for a chat with staff. We will re-
commence our fortnightly morning teas which we hope you will attend. These morning teas provide staff
and Indigenous students an opportunity to share study tips, experiences and a chance to both support and
motivate each other. Joanine Howard will provide details about the morning teas.

In the last Blackchat, we also welcomed two new staff members, Mr Steve Kinnane, researcher and
lecturer and Mr Joe Edgar, who at that time was employed as a sessional lecturer. Steve has already
presented a public talk on land sustainability for the Barganna Series here on the Broome Campus. Joe has
now begun full time employment in the School of Arts & Sciences as the Indigenous Community Liaison
Officer. Whilst located in Arts & Sciences, Joe will work across all programmes on the Campus, including
research. We can also announce the appointment of Ms Erica Spry, School of Arts & Sciences
Administration Officer and research assistant. Both Joe and Erica are receiving on the job training as
Indigenous research assistants which will prove beneficial to the Centre. A new lecturer has also joined the
team in Arts & Sciences. Ms Terri Hughes will take on the role of lecturer in Aboriginal Studies. Terri brings
with her extensive experience in working with Indigenous people in community contexts. Terri is very keen
to provide students with learning experiences that are stimulating, up to date and exploratory. Welcome
Terri, Erica, Joe and Steve.

Next week Erica will depart for Sydney where she has been invited to speak at the World Youth Day 2008.
Erica’s speech is called ‘Caring for God’s Country: An Australian Aboriginal Perspective’. We wish Erica all
the very best for what will prove to be a very exciting experience. In September, Joe will be attending a
training seminar called ‘Bridging the Cultural Divide: Working Successfully with Indigenous Communities’ in
Darwin. Joe will use this experience to assist in further developing his liaison role and our own Aboriginal
Cultural Awareness programme.

Thank you, Joanine, for once again producing a great Blackchat.

On behalf of staff on the Broome Campus we wish all students a focused and successful Semester 2.

Best wishes

Lyn Henderson-Yates — Assistant Dean Arts & Sciences
                                           VET News

  Diploma of Enrolled Nursing                     Certificate III Teacher Assistant
At the end of semester one of the
                                                                        Left: Education lecturer Panda
Diploma of Enrolled Nursing program                                     Gardner visited the class during
Jennilee and Maggie each completed a                                    block 2 to explain more about
two week clinical placement.                                            the Curriculum Framework
                                                                        operating in WA schools.
Jennilee was based at Broome Health
Services, whilst Maggie went on a road
                                                                                 Left: Margaret
trip to Derby Hospital.
                                                                                 Fernandez (Mt Bar-
The practicum provided the girls with                                            nett) & Donna Lockyer
hands on experience working in a                                                 (Strelley Community)
hospital environment, where they were                                            studying hard.
both given the opportunity to put to use
knowledge and skills learnt this past
semester.                                                               Left: Saraiha Bin Maarus (Beagle
                                                                        Bay), Margaret Fernandez and
I would like to take this opportunity                                   Donna Lockyer.
to congratulate the girls on a semester
well done. Keep up the good work.

                                                                       Above & Left: Students visited
                                                                       Cable Beach Primary School and
                                                                       met with Dalissa Pigram who runs
                                                                       the Yawuru Language Program.

 L_R: Jennilee Sebastian & Maggie Aragu
                                              Right: Students watch
                                              on as a Yawuru version
                                              of ‘Simon says’ is

  If you know of anyone interested in enrolling in any of these courses,
          please contact Joanine Howard for further information.
                               08 91 920 639 or vet@nd.edu.au
                              Broome Campus Staff Contact Information

      Surname    First Name                            Position                         Ext                 Email
Wagner           Sr Sonia     Deputy Vice Chancellor                                    641      swagner@nd.edu.au
Quince           Lyn          Campus Manager                                            602      lquince@nd.edu.au

Mackle           Liam         Security Officer/ Gardens and Grounds                     627      lmackle@nd.edu.au
Boniwell         Stephen      Residential Assistant                                     652
Borthwick        Cathy        Lecturer Education                                        634      cborthwick1@.edu.au
Carter           Tim          Maintenance                                               627      maintenance@nd.edu.au
Chi              Francis      Campus Services                                                    fchi@nd.edu.au
Clark            Sally        Assistant Dean, Nursing                                   646      sclark@nd.edu.au
Davie            Liz          Senior Administrative Officer                             601      edavie@nd.edu.au
Dillon-Smith     Denise       Lecturer Education                                        642      ddillon-smith@nd.edu.au
Dodson           Patrick      Professor Arts & Science                                  650      pdodson1@nd.edu.au
Doyle            Michael      Marketing Officer                                         668      mdoyle@nd.edu.au
Edgar            Joe          Sessional Lecturer Arts & Science                         649      jedgar1@nd.edu.au
Farrell          Jennifer     Lecturer Nursing                                          629      jfarrell2@nd.edu.au
Gardner          Panda        Lecturer Education                                        611      pgardner1@nd.edu.au
Gendre           Olivia       Relief Nursing Admin Officer                              630      ogendre@nd.edu.au
Hatton Le Bars   Maya         Librarian Assistant                                       644      mhattonlebars@nd.edu.au
Healey           Renay        Education - Admin Assistant / Flexible Delivery           622      rhealey@nd.edu.au
                              Assistant Dean Arts & Sciences/Lecturer Aboriginal
Henderson-Yates Lyn           Studies                                                   637      lhenderson-yates@nd.edu.au
                              Indigenous Liaison Officer/ITAS Coordinator/ VET
Howard           Joanine      Admin Officer                                             639      jhoward7@nd.edu.au
Hughes           Julie        Manager Student Administration                            603      jhughes4@nd.edu.au
Hughes           Peter        IT Support Officer                                     632 / 614   phughes@nd.edu.au
Hughes           Terri        Manager VET Reporting/Aboriginal Studies Lecturer         625      thughes1@nd.edu.au
Imber            Glen         Lecturer Nursing                                          618      gimber@nd.edu.au
Kinnane          Stephen      Researcher/Lecturer Arts & Sciences                       651      skinnane@nd.edu.au
Lake             Bette        Lecturer Education                                        636      blake1@nd.edu.au
Lee              Merri        Senior Finance Officer                                    604      mlee5@nd.edu.au
McCubbin         Amanda       Assistant Dean Education/Lecturer Education               643      amccubbin@nd.edu.au
Mitchell         Rose         Casual Lecturer Education                                 642
O'Brien          Jill         Campus Minister                                           669      jobrien@nd.edu.au
Posa             Carmel       Coordinator Theology                                 638 / 628 Home cposa@nd.edu.au
Skinner          Jill         Library Technician                                        640      jskinner@nd.edu.au
Spry             Erica        Arts & Science Administrative Assistant                   652      espry1@nd.edu.au
Stringer         Kay          Lecturer Nursing                                          613      kstringer@nd.edu.au
Tamwoy           Timena       Receptionist/Admin/Finance Assistant                    9 or 600   ttamwoy@nd.edu.au
Tosch            Jen          Residential Manager                                       615      jtosch@nd.edu.au
Walters          Nicola       IT Support Coordinator                                 632 / 610   nhumphris@nd.edu.au
Williams         Sandra       Lecturer Nursing                                          670      swilliams4@nd.edu.au
Wood             Shane        TEP Coordinator/ Lecturer / Student Services              671      swood@nd.edu.au
Yates            David        Sessional Lecturer Nursing and Arts & Science             635      dyates2@nd.edu.au
Reception                                                                             9 or 600   brmreception@nd.edu.au

If you require a copy of the Campus structure please do not hesitate to contact Reception on 9192 0600.

Alternatively if you would like to locate other staff members go to http://www.nd.edu.au/broome/.au and select staff
Scitech worked with the Yungora Community, on
Noonkanbah Station, to host the first Careers Aware-
ness Festival in the Kimberley. The festival was held
at Kulkarriya Community School with another five
community schools attending the festival: Ngalapita,
Looma, Yakanarra and Bayulu.

The University sent three representatives; Sandy
Williams, nursing lecturer, Elise Kerr, 2nd year nursing
student and Terri Hughes, VET Manager and lecturer.
Sandy and Elise gave students stethoscopes to listen
to their heartbeats before asking the children to do a
short run. Following their run the students listened
again to hear how much faster their hearts beat after
exercise. Terri ensured stethoscopes were sterilised
between use and handed out fresh fruit to all.

Mary G entertained everyone throughout the day and
into the evening. After a barbeque dinner everyone
headed off to the woolshed to sing along with Mary G,
dance with the Indigenous hip hop boys from Mel-
bourne and listen to one of the local bands.

It was a fantastic event and a wonderful opportunity
for University staff and students to enjoy the hospital-
ity offered to them by Yungora Community and the
staff at Kulkarriya Community School.
                                            Important Dates
 Kullarri NAIDOC Festival 27 Jun—12 July 08                  Shinju Matsuri 22 Aug—31 Aug 08

 Orientation Week 28 July 08                                 Non Teaching Study Break 29 Sept 08

 Semester 2 Commences 4 August 08                            Queens Birthday 29 Sept 08

                                                                    (Campus closed)

 Financial Penalty Date 20 Aug 08                            Academic Penalty Date 10 Oct 08

 Centre for Indigenous Studies Launch 21 Aug 08              Semester 2 Exams 17 Nov 08

 Graduation: Broome Campus 22 Aug 08

                                     Scholarship Information

                                        Cadetship information can be found at;


                                           Royal College of Nursing Australia


                                              The Kimberley Story

Tues 17 June—Steve Kinnane: Living Country: Working         Thurs 17 July—Dr. Mary Anne Jebb: Jack Wherra
                                                            Thurs 3 July—John Hickling: Diamonds are Forever
Tues 8 July—Joyce Hudson: Aboriginal Languages
                                                            Tues 22 July—Prof. Anna Haebich: Assimilation 2008
Tues 24 June—June Oscar: Jandamarra
Royal College of Nursing, Australia is proud to act as the fund administrator for this
scholarship scheme funded through the Department of
Health and Ageing.


 The Scheme was established in recognition of Dr Arnold
('Puggy') Hunter's significant contribution to Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander health and in his previous role
as Chair of the National Aboriginal Community Con-
trolled Health Organisation (NACCHO).

The aim of the Scheme is to help address the under-
representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
people in health professions and assist in increasing the
number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
with professional health qualifications.

The scholarship provides financial assistance to Aborigi-
nal and Torres Strait Islander people who are undertaking study or are intending to undertake
study at an undergraduate level in the areas of:

    Aboriginal Health Worker;
    Allied Health (excluding pharmacy);
    Dentistry/Oral Health;
    Health Service Management;
    Health Promotion/Education;
    Mental Health;
    Midwifery; and

 Applicants must identify as and be able to prove their Aboriginal or Torres Strait
Islander status.

The Scheme offers students scholarships worth up to $7,500 per annum for part-time study
and up to $15,000 per annum for full-time study for the usual term of the course.
For clarification of your eligibility under this scheme please contact us by on free call num-
ber 1800 688 628 or email: scholarships@rcna.org.au

Applications will be available to download from this website Saturday June 28 2008 when
the scheme opens.
                                Royal College of Nursing

The Undergraduate Scheme is available to students who live in rural or remote Austra-
lia and are currently undertaking or intending to enrol in an accredited undergraduate
or graduate entry, pre-registration (entry to practice) nursing course at an Australian
University to become a Registered/Division 1 Nurse.

There are 110 scholarships available and of these 10 are designated for awarding to
Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicants.

This scheme provides financial assistance of $10,000 each year per applicant if studying full
time or $5,000 per applicant each year if studying part time, up to $30,000. The total
amount awarded is dependent on whether a full or partial scholarship is required to com-
plete nursing studies.

There are also 20 scholarships available for enrolled nurses studying towards their
Registered/Division 1 nursing qualification.

For enrolled nurses upgrading their qualifications to that of a Registered/Division 1 Nurse,
the scheme provides financial assistance of $10,000 each year per applicant if studying full
time or $5,000 each year per applicant if studying part time, up to $25,000. The total
amount awarded is dependent on whether you require a full or partial scholarship to com-
plete nursing studies.

Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents and they must have had a
principal home residence in an Australian rural or remote area for a substantial period of

For clarification of your eligibility under this scheme please contact us by email:
scholarships@rcna.org.au or on free call number 1800 117 262.

This Scheme is now open. Applications must be received by Friday 11 July 2008.
Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by the end of September

           Mail completed and signed Application form by Friday 11 July 2008 to:

                                   Fund Administrator
           Nurse Scholarship Program: Rural and Remote Undergraduate Scheme
                            Royal College of Nursing, Australia
                           PO Box 219
                    DEAKIN WEST ACT 2600
            STUDY TIP — Distance Education

  Indigenous Tutorial
  Assistance Scheme
   Please remember that all         Aboriginal Studies,
   Indigenous students are          Notre Dame Broome

 entitled to tutorial assistance.
                                    Phone:08 91 920 600
                                     Fax: 08 91 921 247
For further information contact
Joanine Howard on 91 920 639
   or jhoward7@nd.edu.au.

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