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					Bangalore is known as software or IT capital of not only India but entire Asia region.
It is a most happening and booming place for the IT field. Mostly, every IT company
has an existence in this city. The existence could be in the form of development
centers or marketing or sales business. This ensures that lots of IT jobs are available
in this city. Software or IT Jobs in Bangalore are available for all the domains
presently in operation in the IT field. Jobs in Bangalore provide good way for
personal as well as professional growth of a person working in this city. The jobs
available are for experienced as well as fresh graduates. There are many companies in
Bangalore city, who decides to appoint fresh graduates every year. One should be very
alert for the announcements done regarding this employment drive. These
employment drives are generally massive and take place once or twice the year. The
probable time for such employment is just after the results of engineering or
management colleges and universities. Sometimes, companies also prefer to conduct
campus interviews in the colleges and select the most talented students even before
they have completed their graduation degree. Apart from IT Jobs in Bangalore, other
fields such as mechanical and biotechnology are also good domains to build careers.
  Kolkata is a place where companies are targeting in recent times and plenty of new
job opportunities are rising day by day. When one is trying to find a job as fresh
graduate or has some experience, Kolkata is a good place to go for. Jobs in Kolkata
are available in their peak times. The leading opportunities exist in the field of bio
informatics and related sciences. Kolkata has witnessed many important events during
the historical periods and thus becomes a major point of attraction for tourist coming
from all over the world. This means, plenty of jobs are available in the hospitality and
tourism domain. The new developments and formal management courses available in
tourism and hospitality make it possible to serve people in a better way. Tourism jobs
in Kolkata are available for fresh graduates and experienced candidates. Another
booming domain for jobs in Kolkata is the real estate. Many people from other
countries are willing to develop or finance real estate projects in Kolkata, so right now
jobs in this area are at their peak point.
  Another sector which is active in providing jobs for residents of Kolkata and to
outsides too, is the insurance and finance. Looking at the sound amenities available in
the city, it is also becoming a choice for many BPO companies. As an effect, many
MNCs have established their offices in Kolkata and have started to offer jobs to local
people as well as outsiders. However, not very large number of IT jobs available right
now in Kolkata. In future, they can be expected in large numbers. Kolkata, also
known as "city of joy" is thus bringing happiness in the lives of many people by
providing them suitable jobs and good professional careers.
  Bangalore is an established hub for IT and software and hence, now have a steady
and assured flow of jobs available. Jobs in Bangalore can be achieved by taking some
help from placement consultants. Whereas, Jobs in Kolkata have started emerging just
now as the MNCs business in the city is still in the stage growing larger.

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