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Facebook Fan Page Ideas


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									Facebook Fan Page Ideas

Among the best Facebook fan page ideas is making pages that have high interactivity features
as Facebook is all about sharing. So, you can have a simple hyperlink flashing into your
Facebook page where fans can upload their photos with the newest products offered by your
business. This high interactive medium assists in displaying user-generated content of happy

Facebook fan pages have the ability to create and customize new tabs utilizing FBML or
Facebook markup language. These customized tabs can be utilized to integrate mini-websites
of companies in the fan pages on Facebook. In this way, they provide rich multimedia content in
the Facebook fan pages. Some fan pages have produced tabs where you can browse and
customize your choice and finally the tab content has a small hyperlink to the main web site of
the company where you can finish the buy. In this way, you can interact with your buddies to
ask their viewpoint by sharing your preferences with them on Facebook. You are able to do all
this without really linking even just one Facebook application to your account.

Other useful Facebook fan page idea is including updates and posts of the newest offers and
discounts that your company or business is providing. This is simply because most followers are
often interested in understanding the most recent promotions of their favorite brands, especially
during the festive season when all are in the mood of shopping. In this way, you provide fresh
content to your page that keeps flashing in the news updates on the Facebook account of

 You can also create and customize a special offers tab in your Facebook page for business. In
this way, it produces an additional incentive to individuals visiting your page. You can also alter
the default settings to this special offers tab. Thus, the landing page for people who are not yet
fans of your Facebook page will be the special offers tab. Within this way, they could be
tempted to be fans of your Facebook page and avail of the offers.

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