Why Louis Vuitton Is a Hit in the Replica Handbag Scene

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					There is a far wider history of Louis Vuitton handbags than can be covered in a single
article, but who can resist re-telling the success story that is this designer fashion
house? Popular for its monogrammed luggage and casual handbag lines, Louis
Vuitton has captured the hearts of many bag romantics. As a testament, it has spawned
a whole industry of designer replica handbags!
  Born in 1821, Louis Vuitton opened his first store in Paris, France in 1854. Since this
time, artisans at this fashion house have been crafting high-quality leather goods that
have timeless yet always stylish designs.
  Louis Vuitton handbags and other products have been so well-patronized that by
1977, its Paris and London stores alone were earning around $10 million annually. It
has also covered its base and conquered not only Europe and North America, but also
other countries like China, India, Russia, and South Africa.
  Perhaps you 鈥檙 e wondering: when was the famous LV monogram canvas first
produced? It was created in 1896 by Louis Vuitton 鈥檚 son George. The iconic logo
has been redesigned by the other contemporary fashion giants like Takashi Murakami
in 1999 and 2003 in a memorable print called the Mini Lin Monogram.
  Itching to get those LV replica handbags? Here are some LV handbag trivia to keep
you inspired 鈥?and lusting for more LV goodies!
  鈥?Louis Vuitton 鈥檚 ticket to the lucrative designer handbag trade is luggage.
  鈥?Marc Jacobs joined Louis Vuitton as its artistic director in 1998. He created the
Monogram Vernis range, which has embossed patent leather in rich, vivid colors.
  鈥?The Speedy and Keepall look alike! The difference is that the Speedy is a
handbag with 鈥済 rab bag handles.鈥?br> 鈥?One of the newest and most urban LV
creations is the Neverfull, a spacious beach bag that you can get in three sizes.
  鈥?A Takashi Murakami fan? Another innovation he introduced to LV bags is the
cherry blossom print on the classic brown monogram.
  Other popular LV ranges include the Multicolore, Damier, Mahina, and Vernis
collections. The Damier Graphite is made for men on-the-go and looking for some
fashionable luggage, bag, and wallet picks. Louis Vuitton also makes it a point to
thrill its anticipating clients with seasonal collections.
  Designer replica handbags enable handbag lovers to experience the well-loved Louis
Vuitton style without going beyond their budget. But with the glut of replica handbags
online these days, how will one choose the imitation handbag with the highest quality,
almost 100% like LV?
  The best factor to consider is the replica handbag website 鈥?its credibility as an
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  Having your own well-crafted replica handbags could be an experience close to
owning genuine LV goodies! Be part of LV 鈥檚 rich fashion history 鈥?and enjoy
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