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					It may be surprising, but the number of young people that use condoms for
intercourse is much greater than the number of people aged 40 and over.
  It is clear that the advertising campaigns pertaining to the safety of using condoms is
mostly aimed at college-aged or younger. A grant of about $400 million was given to
a total of 28 programs to raise the rate of condom use among teenagers. It is factors
like this which suggests that too much of the 'advertisement' funds are geared toward
the youth, and perhaps it is time that some of this moneyput towards educating the
older sexually active people.
  Trojan (the American condom manufacturer) revealed that somewhere between 70
and 80 percent of teens say they use condoms for intercourse. This number is much
lower among older people. The LA times backed these thoughts up, saying that
teenagers are not as reckless as people assume when it comes to practicing safer sex.
  There are many theories surrounding why this may be the case, it is not thought that
the elder generation are confused on the subject as there is global coverage of the
hazards of unsafe sex. Accompanied with the knowledge that many parents are
inclined to learn the issues to teach their children, and you will understand why
people do not think that the absence of education is the cause of why there is a low
condom use rate in the over 40's.
  Although, it should never be assumed that adults are knowledgeable on the subject
of safe sex. It is a well known fact that teachings pertaining to sex was less
informational decades ago, so, unless there has been some research, than that
individual's level of intelligence on a matter will only equal what they have previously
learned. Only in more recent years has sex education been more in-depth.
  In regards to all the findings, the determination has to be found that a lack of
education has to be one of the major causes of poor condom use in adults around the
age of 40. Adults from the ages of 21-29 show better use statistics than those of 40 or
over. This is about the time when sex education undoubtedly meant actual hard
information, rather than avoidance of the tough realities, which all young people need
to know in order to make their decisions. Current sexual education is without a doubt
much sterner than before, and it might be a good idea for some of the older generation
to learn the cold, hard truth on HIV and AIDS.

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