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					                                                                                 Annual National Water Leadership Summit

                     Senator Barnaby Joyce                                           Khoo Teng Chye
                     Shadow Minister for Regional                                    Chief Executive, PUB Singapore
                     Development, Local Government
                     and Water                                                        Mr. Khoo Teng Chye is the Chief
                     Leader of the Nationals in the                                   Executive and a Board Member of
                     Senate                                                           PUB, Singapore’s national water
                                                                                      agency since December 2003. He is
                     LNP Senator for Queensland
                                                                                      concurrently the Executive Director
                                                                                      of Environment and Water Industry
                                                                                      Development Council since May
                                                                                      2006 and also the Executive Director
                                                                  of Centre for Liveable Cities since July 2010. He sits
                                                                  on the Boards of Tropical Marine Science Institute
                     Senator the Hon Don Farrell                  of National University of Singapore, International
                     Parliamentary Secretary for                  Desalination Association, and Singapore-Delft Water
                     Sustainability and Urban Water               Alliance Board of Trustees. He is also a member of the
                                                                  Advisory Committee for the Nanyang Technological
                                                                  University School of Civil & Environmental Engineering,
                                                                  a member of the International Advisory Panel for the
                                                                  Institute of Water Policy under the Lee Kuan Yew School
                                                                  of Public Policy, National University of Singapore
                                                                  and a member of the Singapore Quality Award (SQA)
                                                                  Governing Council, SPRING Singapore.

                                                                  He was the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Planner from
                      Ms Anne Barker                              1992 to 1996 at Urban Redevelopment Authority.
                      Managing Director, City West                He headed PSA Corporation as its Chief Executive
                      Water                                       Officer/Group President between 1996 and 2002,
                                                                  and Mapletree Investments as its President and Chief
                      Anne Barker graduated in law from           Executive Officer (2002 to 2003). He was the Managing
                      the University of Melbourne and             Director(Special Projects) of Temasek Holdings in 2003.
                      after 12 years in legal practice took
                      up management positions at Myer             Mr. Khoo graduated with First Class Honours in Civil
                      Stores Ltd, then ANZ Banking                Engineering from Monash University, Australia in 1975.
                      Group Ltd, and later Executive              A President-cum-Colombo Plan Scholar, he also holds
                      Manager of the Commercial/Reset             a
                      Team at SPI Powernet Pty Ltd                Master of Science in Construction Engineering and a
(then Victorian electricity transmission network owner).          Master of Business Administration from the National
Anne was appointed Managing Director of City West                 University of Singapore. He attended Harvard
Water Ltd on 6 November 2002.                                     University’s Advanced Management Programme in
                                                                  1992. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers,
In these positions Ms Barker has had a range of                   Singapore.
experience including leading an organisation through
times of significant change, running a business delivering        He was awarded the Public Administration (Gold) in
an essential service to a large residential and industrial        1996 and the Public Administration (Silver) in 1987. In
customer base, economic regulation, cost control and              2008, he was awarded the inaugural “Outstanding PR
consumer protection. She has a strong interest in                 Champion of the Year” at the PRISM Awards by the
sustainability and really enjoys being obliged to apply           Institute of Public Relations of Singapore. He was also
triple bottom line considerations to management of the            conferred the Meritorious Service Award by the National
business at City West Water.                                      Trade Union Congress in 2008 for his contributions to
                                                                  the Singapore Labour Movement.
Ms Barker is currently a Director of LeadWest and
the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board,
a member of Victoria’s Plumbing Industry Advisory
Council and a member of the Whitelion Leadership

17 November 2010, Canberra                                                      Presented by

                      Mr Jon Black                                                      Prof Paul Greenfield
                      CEO, Unitywater                                                   Vice Chancellor and President,
                                                                                        University of Queensland
                      Jon was appointed to the position
                      of CEO of the Northern SEQ                                         Professor Greenfield was appointed
                      Distributor-Retailer Authority (now                                Vice Chancellor from 1 January
                      Unitywater) in November 2009.                                      2008 and was Senior Deputy
                                                                                         Vice-Chancellor from 2002 to 31
                      Immediately      prior     to    this                              December 2007. Previously he was
                      appointment, Jon was the CEO of                                    Deputy     Vice-Chancellor    (2001),
the now disbanded, whole-of-South East Queensland                   Deputy      Vice-Chancellor    (Research)     (1997-2000),
(SEQ) water and sewerage distribution business. He                  Executive Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Physical
was also the first to hold the office of Executive Director         Sciences and Architecture and Pro-Vice-Chancellor
of peak local government advocacy body, the Council                 (Physical Sciences and Engineering).
of Mayors, upon its inauguration in September 2005. In
this role, Jon was instrumental in leading SEQ councils             After graduating Bachelor of Engineering, first-class
in their response to the State Government’s water                   honours in chemical engineering, from the University
sector reform.                                                      of New South Wales (UNSW), Professor Greenfield
                                                                    worked in the private sector before completing a PhD
Prior to his involvement in the water sector, Jon                   at UNSW. He worked at CSIRO before winning a three-
spent 25 years in the Australian Army. His defence                  year fellowship to the U.S. In 1975, he joined UQ as
and army experience involved significant command                    a lecturer in chemical engineering and a decade later
and management roles, including Director of Training                became Head of Department.
Management, where Jon managed and coordinated
the training regimes for approximately 40,000 trainee               In January 2006 Professor Greenfield was made an
soldiers and officers a year; Military Assistant to the             Officer in the General Division of the Order of Australia
Chief of the Australian Army; contingent command                    for service to science and engineering, particularly
in the Middle East and Commanding Officer/Chief                     through research in the areas of chemical engineering,
Instructor at the Royal Military College, Duntroon.                 biotechnology,    wastewater       and    environmental
                                                                    management, and to the tertiary education sector.
Jon has qualifications from the Universities        of NSW
and USMC in Virginia (USA), the Australian          Institute       Professor Greenfield has extensive experience as a
of Company Directors, and the Royal Military         College,       Board Director and is currently a Director on a number
Duntroon. He is a Director of the Water             Services        of company boards. He has also consulted and worked
Association of Australia (WSAA) and an               Adjunct        widely with industry on a range of projects spanning
Professor at the University of Queensland.                          biochemical engineering, wastewater treatment and
                                                                    waste and environmental management, as well as
                                                                    economic evaluation of projects (particularly in the
                                                                    biotechnology and environmental fields). His interests
                      Fraser MacLeod                                lie in biotechnology, environmental management and R
                      Executive Director, Basin Plan,               & D management and commercialisation.
                      Murray Darling Basin Authority
                                                                    He is currently Chair of the Scientific Advisory Group
                      Fraser has over 15 years of                   of the South East Queensland Healthy Waterways
                      experience       spanning     European        Partnership, a partnership involving the Queensland
                      agricultural     and     environmental        Government, 19 local councils, community groups,
                      policy,         integrated        rural       research institutions and industry which focuses
development, research and information management;                   on the health of the rivers, estuaries and bays of SE
and more recently in integrated natural resources                   Queensland. Recently he was appointed Chair of the
management in Australia. In his role as Executive                   Expert Panel on Purified Recycled Water; this Panel will
Director, Basin Plan, Fraser leads a wide range of                  provide advice to the Queensland Water Commission
programs that contribute to developing a new plan for               on health and environmental aspects associated with
the management of the water resources in the Murray-                the use of recycled water in South East Queensland.
Darling Basin: Australia’s most iconic river basin.                 He is also Chair of the Riversymposium Strategic
                                                                    Planning Committee, the Thiess International Riverprize
                                                                    Committee and the International Water Centre. In
                                                                    2008, he was appointed to the Defence Science and
                                                                    Technology Organisation (DSTO) Advisory Board
                                                                    representing the academic and research community.

                                                                                Annual National Water Leadership Summit

                    Mr Ian Robinson                                                  Dr Louise Minty
                    Commonwealth Environmental                                       Assistant Director, Water
                    Water Holder, SEWPC                                              Reporting Services,
                                                                                     Bureau of Meteorology
                   The Water Governance Division is
                   responsible for providing advice on                              Louise Minty holds the position
                   water market reform, urban water                                 of      Assistant   Director  (Water
                   policy and for the implementation                                Information       Services)  heading
                   of urban water programs. The                                     up one of four branches under
                   division also supports Water Group           the Climate and Water Division within the Bureau of
                   through the provision of project             Meteorology. This division is responsible for fulfilling
management, financial support, and reporting services.          the Bureau’s responsibilities in water information under
                                                                the Water Act 2007.
In addition to being Division manager, Ian Robinson
has also been appointed as the Commonwealth                     Louise is responsible for the overall planning,
Environmental Water Holder. This statutory position is          implementation and management of the Water
responsible for the management of water entitlements            Information Services Branch and, in particular, the
being acquired for environmental watering in the Murray         areas of development and implementation of water
Darling Basin.                                                  data analysis tools, conduct and publication of the
                                                                annual Water Resource Assessments and National
Ian joined the Department in October 2007 from the              Water Accounts.
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. Prior
to this he was an Assistant Secretary in the Department         Louise holds a PhD from the University of Tasmania, an
of Finance and Deregulation where he managed budget             MSc from the University of Melbourne and an Executive
and policy issues across a range of portfolios including        Master in Public Administration through the Australian
attorney-general, education, science and industry.              and New Zealand School of Government.
Prior to 2001 he worked in the NSW Government where
he was responsible for rail and public transport policy         Louise has had a long career with the Bureau of
and capital projects.                                           Meteorology, commencing in 1986 in the Bureau’s
                                                                Hydrology Unit working on extreme rainfall estimates
Ian has postgraduate degrees in economics (Macquarie            for dam and spillway design. After taking time out to
University) and in public administration (Harvard               do a PhD in climate modelling, Louise moved into the
University).                                                    Bureau’s corporate division, where she worked first
                                                                at the interface of climate change science and policy
                                                                and later in a strategic planning and budgeting role. In
                    Mr Peter McVean                             January 2007 she took up a Special Advisor position
                    CEO, Veolia Water Australia                 within the Bureau to lead the transitional arrangements
                                                                for the implementation of the water information
                 Peter McVean is the CEO of                     component of the Australian Government’s $12.9billion
                 Veolia Water for Australia and                 Water for the Future program.
                 New Zealand and a Director of
                 Veolia     Environmental     Services
                 (formerly Collex). He joined Veolia                                  Mr Paul Liggins
                 Water Australia in 1995 when the                                     Partner, Deloitte
                 company had one contract and six
                 staff. The group’s water businesses
now employ over 1,000 staff across Australia and New                                   Paul Liggins is a partner in
Zealand.                                                                               Deloitte’s economics team, having
                                                                                       joined in December 2007. Paul
Veolia Water is responsible for operating over $4 billion                              has over 20 years financial and
of drought-related water infrastructure developed in                                   economic experience in the water
the past three years. This includes the Gold Coast and                                 industry and has been involved
Sydney desalination plants and the Western Corridor             in economic and pricing regulation of the Australian
Recycled Water Project in Queensland.                           water sector since its inception. Prior to joining Deloitte
                                                                Paul spent 9 years with another consulting business,
                                                                and 11 years in a variety of water regulatory and policy
                                                                roles with the Victorian public service. This included
                                                                roles with the Essential Services Commission (formerly
                                                                Office of the Regulator General) and the Department of
                                                                Sustainability and Environment.

17 November 2010, Canberra                                                  Presented by

                    Ms Chloe Munro                                                  Mr Rob Skinner
                    Commissioner,                                                   Managing     Director,    Melbourne
                    National Water Commission                                       Water

                    Chloe Munro brings to the role of                               Rob     Skinner    was  appointed
                    NWC Commissioner more than                                      Managing Director of Melbourne
                    a decade of experience in senior                                Water in February 2005.
                    public policy roles combined with
                    strong commercial skills developed          He is currently a Board member of the Water Services
                    in a range of industries.                   Association of Australia and actively involved in
                                                                a number of significant sustainability initiatives in
She is currently the independent non-executive                  Melbourne.
chairman of AquaSure, the consortium building Victoria’s
desalination plant, and a director of Hydro Tasmania,           Prior to joining Melbourne Water, he was Chief Executive
Australia’s leading renewable energy business.                  Officer of Kingston City Council for ten years, during
                                                                which time he held a number of key positions in the
Between 2004 and 2009 Ms Munro was an executive                 water sector including Chairperson of Southern Rural
director at Telstra. She held leadership positions in           Water and Chair of the Victorian Stormwater Advisory
human resources, business operations, information               Committee.
technology, public policy and communications and
customer service.                                               Other senior appointments prior to 1995 include Chief
                                                                Executive Officer of Dandenong Valley and Western Port
Serving in the Victorian public sector between 1996             Authority, Chief Executive of the Coode Island Review
and 2004, Ms Munro was appointed Secretary of the               Panels and Manager of Parliament and Government
Department of Natural Resources and Environment in              in the Department of Premier and Cabinet. He has
June 2000. In this role and then as Secretary of Primary        been a leading figure in Victoria’s water sensitive urban
Industries, she made a significant contribution to a            development programs.
number of inter-governmental initiatives, particularly
in developing a national approach to water policy.              Mr Skinner has initiated a number of collaborative
Also during this time Ms Munro served on the board of           relationships between Melbourne Water and agencies
Food Science Australia and as a Murray Darling Basin            in a range of countries, including Singapore and UK.
Commissioner, including a period as Deputy President.
                                                                                    Mr Andrew Speers
                                                                                    National Manager - Policy,
                    Dr John Salerian                                                Australian Water Association
                    Assistant Commissioner,
                    Productivity Commission                                         Andrew     Speers    is     National
                                                                                    Manager, Policy with the Australian
                    John is an Assistant Commissioner                               Water Association, responsible for
                    (Economic       Infrastructure)    at                           policy development and advocacy
                    the      Productivity     Commission                            on behalf of the Association and its
                    and     currently    managing    the        members.    He has 25 years experience in the water
                    Commission’s         inquiry    into        and environment fields.
                    Australia’s Urban Water Sector.
                                                                Previously, Andrew was Director, Member Services and
John has managed teams undertaking: a diverse set               Programmes with the International Water Association
of public inquiries and government commissioned                 (IWA) based in London. In this role, he was responsible
studies, performance monitoring of government                   negotiating the Bonn Charter for Safe Drinking Water
trading enterprises, and supporting research for public         and the developing IWA’s sustainability framework.
inquiries. Previously, John has worked for the State
Energy Commission of Western Australia, the Western             Before joining IWA, Andrew was Director, Urban Water
Australian Department of Agriculture, and the University        with CSIRO. The Urban Water Program sought means
of Western Australia. John holds a PhD (economics),             by which water, wastewater and stormwater services
Master of Agricultural Science, and Bachelor of                 could be made more sustainable and provided research
Agricultural Science (first class honours).                     services to industry and government in Australia and

                                                                Andrew has also been engaged as Manager,
                                                                Environment with Sydney Water and as a Senior Policy
                                                                Advisor to the NSW Minister for the Environment, during
                                                                which time he project managed a series of significant
                                                                environmental law reforms.


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