Why Do You Need Swimming Pool Covers

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					Swimming pool covers carry out a number of highly useful functions. Depending on
what your needs are, you should choose the right cover for your pool so that you get
optimum results. Here are a few of the functions and benefits of a pool cover that
make it an important addition to the swimming pools.
  Helps Ensure Safety
  The first and most important function of a pool cover is that it helps ensure safety
around the pool area. When your pool is not in use, you are not likely to be keeping an
eye on this area of your home. Small children can accidentally fall into an uncovered
pool when playing near the water. The fact is that every year several fatalities among
young children occur due to drowning in home pools. A strong pool cover can make
sure that such accidents do not happen in your home.
  For homes with small children or pets, solid covers that can take the weight of an
adult without collapsing into the pool are best suited. Even if your child spots
something interesting atop the pool cover and walks across it, he is perfectly safe with
this kind of cover.
  Keeps your Pool Clean
  Maintaining and cleaning your pool is a tiresome and time consuming task. This task
is unavoidable but it is definitely possible to make it much easier to carry out. A pool
cover keeps debris from falling into swimming pools. If you live in a windy area, you
will appreciate the fact that your pool’s cover keeps out the many leaves, twigs and
other debris that are carried in on a windy day. By removing your pool cover with
extra care, you can keep your pool water completely free of all such large scale debris
accumulation. The cover can be cleaned or simply dusted off quickly and easily,
making the burdensome maintenance a much easier task.
  Prevents Water Heat Loss
  A pool cover also prevents your pool from cooling down too quickly as a result of
exposure to the elements. The cover helps contain the water’s warmth within the pool
so that the heat loss is reduced dramatically. A cover also reduces evaporation of
water from your pool. As evaporation accounts for the most loss of heat, covering
your pool makes it easier and cheaper to keep your swimming pool comfortably warm
at all times. For those who live in colder climates, a solar pool cover serves a triple
purpose. It protects your pool, keeps it clean and uses the sun’s heat to maintain a
comfortable temperature for swimming.
  There are many options to choose from when it comes to pool covers for swimming
pools. For those who simply want to keep out the debris, a simple, cost effective
manual cover will do the job quite effectively. These are pulled across your pool
manually using a rope or handle that is provided with the cover. For families with
small children, solid vinyl covers that can take an adult’s weight are advisable. If cost
is not a concern, you can opt for automatic covers that roll over your pool at the click
of a switch. Covering your pool and uncovering it is a task completed in minutes with
these automatic covers for swimming pools.
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