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					      PO Box 26821 Monument Park Pretoria 0105                                    DUE NORTH -- HARDCOPY!                                                            Issue 53 : June 2005

CHAIRMAN’S ADDRESS                                                                                    IN THIS ISSUE

                                                                                                   ♦ Chairman’s Address

          inter has just about arrived and the mercury is dropping, so take out those
          winter woollies and start up that fireplace.                                             ♦ 2005 AGM Agenda

This year’s 46th Annual SACSA Easter Tournament was held in Bloemfontein for the
                                                                                                   ♦ Hot Pot Fundraiser
first time. And by all accounts it was a well organised tournament, considering that               ♦ Easter 2005 Results
this was the first time that their young enthusiastic Free State Planning Committee
had taken on such a momentous task.                                                                ♦ Easter 2005 Awards
                                                                                                   ♦ Table Tennis
There was plenty to eat at the Welcome Party, which was decorated to all extremes with
drapery and a lavish spread of traditional and oriental finger foods. The Presentation Dance       ♦ Basketball
was also very well coordinated, with two large screens up-front with all the awards being          ♦ Volleyball
projected for better viewing. The décor was great too, with velvet table clothes, candles and
floral bouquets at each table.                                                                     ♦ Golf
                                                                                                   ♦ Tenpin Bowling
However, Easter this year was not without a couple of unsavory incidents involving some of the
Soccer players. The incidents are presently being handled by a SACSA Commission of Enquiry,        ♦ Soccer Suspension
and the outcome for Soccer and its participation in future tournaments will be released shortly.

But let us not forget about Northerns’ fantastic performance at the Tournament. Congratulations
must go out to all the players. We came home with an impressive 7 trophies, including awards           NORTHERNS
for Junior Men’s Basketball, the Golf Team, Squash, Table Tennis, and Soccer. And not to
mention a string of SACSA All Stars medallists!
                                                                                                        AGM 2005
And for the first time in the history of the tournament, Northerns brought home the Du Ling
Trophy for displaying great spirit and enthusiasm for the games. WELL DONE, NORTHERNS!              Sun, 26 June 2005
To celebrate a successful tournament in Bloemfontein, a post-Easter “Bring-and-Braai” was
                                                                                                    Pretoria Chinese
held on Saturday evening, 23rd April 2005 at the Pretoria Chinese School, where certificates
were awarded to all the winners and achievers, and to wrap up the Easter buzz. Although it was           School
slightly cold that night, the braai fires and friendships kept us warm.
                                                                                                        Tea & Cakes
Thank you very much to all who supported the Northerns Yum Cha fundraiser on 22nd May                   will be served
2005. With a variety of 17 different dishes, it was well attended, and Tong Lok in Commissioner
Street will definitely be considered for future functions.
                                                                                                   All NGCSA members
A very important event coming up this winter is the Northerns Annual General Meeting (AGM),           to please attend
which will be held at the Pretoria Chinese School on Sunday, 26 June 2005 at 14h00. This                this meeting.
meeting is important to all Northerns members, as it is where you get the chance to voice your
opinions on any matters concerning this sporting body, from sports-related issues to fundraising
ideas. The 2005/2006 Committee will also be selected and announced. Remember that your                Agenda on Page 2
annual subs of R30 is payable at the AGM. It would be great to see you all there, so please dia-
rise this date.
Wintertime also means Chinese “Hot Pot” time. Northerns will be hosting a “Hot Pot” session on       The views and opinions
Saturday evening, 9 July 2005. This fundraising event will be held at Tong Lok in Commissioner     expressed in this publication
Street. Seating is limited, so please contact an NGCSA                                             are not necessarily those of
committee member for further details or bookings.                                                   the NGCSA Committee,
                                                                                                   but of the writers who have
Until we meet again, stay warm and stay healthy!                                                    submitted their article to
                                                                                                   the NGCSA and the Editor.
                                                            Quentin Hing, NGCSA Chairman
                                                           Paulette Leong, SACSA Chairman
                                         NGCSA Newsletter — DUE NORTH!

                                                                                               Issue 53

            NORTHERNS AGM 2005                                        EASTER 2005 RESULTS

DATE: Sunday, 26 June 2005
TIME:  14h00 opening
PLACE: Pretoria Chinese School
                                                          C   ongratulations to all the winners,
                                                              achievers and players of the 46th
                                                          Annual SACSA Easter Tournament, which
         Pretoria Chinese School                          was successfully hosted by Free State in
         c/o Denil & Halse Street                         Bloemfontein from 25 ~ 28 March 2005.

1.  Welcome by Chairman                                                 Men’s A - Southern Gauteng
2.  Apologies and Absentees
3.  Review & Acceptance of Previous Minutes                             Men’s B - Southern Gauteng
4.  Chairman's Report for 2004/2005                                Junior Men’s - Northern Gauteng
5.  Sports Directors Reports
6.  Treasurer's Report                                                   Ladies - Southern Gauteng
7.  Easter Tournament 2005, Report & Feedback                      Junior Ladies - Southern Gauteng
8.  SACSA Issues
9.  Fundraising                                                           Minis - Southern Gauteng
10. General
11. Nominations & Elections for 2005/2006 NGCSA
    Executive Committee                                                          GOLF
12. Announcement of new Executive Committee                       Winning Team - Free State D &
                                                                                 Northern Gauteng A
                                                                 Best Individual - Roy Lee (FS)
            JOIN US FOR HOT POT!

T  here’s no better way to beat the cold weather this
   winter than by spending an evening with good
company behind a hot pot of great food!
                                                                  Winning Team - Northern Gauteng

                                                                            TABLE TENNIS
DATE: Saturday, 2 July 2005                                       Winning Team - Southern Gauteng A
TIME: 19h00                                                         Single Open - Gary Lin (NG)
PLACE: Tong Lok Chinese Restaurant
         Commissioner Street                               Most Promising Player - Michael Kamson (NG)
         Johannesburg                                              Plate Section - Lesley Bu (NG)
COST: R80 per person or R750 for a table of 10

Sliced Beef, Fish Balls, Sliced Fish, Chicken,                    Winning Team - Northern Gauteng A
Beef Shin, Calamari, Meat Balls, Rice Noodles,
Golden Mushrooms, Tofu, Choi.
                                                                  Winning Team - Western Province A
Thank you for your support!

Tickets can be bought from —                                                POOL (social)
      Jenny Cheong 082 322 0188,
      Quentin Hing 082699 7274                                    Winning Team - Southern Gauteng A
      Or any Northerns representative.

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                          NGCSA Newsletter — DUE NORTH!

       Issue 53

             EASTER 2005 AWARDS                                          TABLE TENNIS REPORT

W     ell done to the following NGCSA players for
      playing with dignity, discipline, and pride
throughout the 2005 Easter Tournament. The
                                                             S    ince the Easter Tournament, Table Tennis in
                                                                  Northern Gauteng has been steadily picking up
                                                             pace — league began just after Easter and, I am
performance levels of these players raised the game          proud to announce that NGCSA will probably have two
to a new level, and their efforts did not go unrewarded.     new players joining us over the next few months. They
                                                             are Claire Hau and Liang Zhou, both are high school
JNR MEN’S BASKETBALL          MEN’S BASKETBALL               pupils attending Pretoria
                                                             Chinese School. Young though they may be, with
Tournament Winners            SACSA Team                     some training, we may have future champions in our
 Alex Lau                      Roy Chang                     midst.
 Andrew Shih                   William Kao
 Claire Zhang                                                Melanie Law, Dillon Law, Michael Kamson, and Claire
 Jackson Lam
                              LADIES BASKETBALL              Hau were chosen to represent Gauteng North Table
 Jacky Wei
 Kevin Kao                                                   Tennis at the Inter-provincials in the various age
 Reuy Yang                    SACSA Team                     groups. Unfortunately Michael Zheng only just missed
 Samuel Chen                   Liesel Chum                   out by losing one very close game. Better luck next
 Terry Liao                                                  year Michael! The Inter-provincials will take place
 Tim Wei                                                     towards the end of June 2005.
SACSA All Stars               SOCCER
 Terry Liao                                                  Finally, well done to NGCSA Table
 Alex Lau                     Tournament Winners
                               Alan Chau                     Tennis! They brought home all of the
                               Andrew Chau                   trophies from Easter 2005, save the
                               Ashley Keung                  A-section cup — Gary Lin defended his
                               Bradley Yan                   Single Open Title, Leslie Bu took the
SACSA All Stars                Brett Keung                   Plate Section of the Singles Champion-
 Hamilton Chong                Chiton Lau                    ship, Michael Kamson was voted the Most Promising
                               Elton Chin                    Player, and our C-Team, made up of Eugene Kamson,
                               Gary Fok                      Melanie Law and Dillon Law took the B-section cup.
GOLF                           Jack Huang
                               Jason Lee Kay
                               Jimmy Huang
                                                             Congratulations to all of you! Lets take a clean sweep
Tournament Winners
 Craig Jones                   Kenneth Fok                   of the silverware next year in Cape Town!
 Victor Ho                     Leroy Thompson
 Kevin Chow                    Nicholas Tseun                If anyone would like to join Table Tennis, feel free to
                               Nick Ho Lam                   contact Chris Kamson on 084 334 4218 or Eugene
                               Norman Ho                     Kamson 012 347 1126.
SQUASH                         Richard Ho
                               Wesley Looi
Tournament Winners            SACSA Team
                                                                                               Christopher Kamson
 Quinton Date Chong            Brett Keung                                                    Table Tennis Director
 Ronald Weng                   Leroy Thompson
 Greg Leong                    Nicholas Tseun
 Godfrey Ho                    Elton Chin
Open Winner                    Bradley Yan
 Quinton Date Chong            Chilton Lau

VOLLEYBALL                    TABLE TENNIS

SACSA Team                    B-Section Winners
 Claudia Accone                Dillon Law
 Darryl Eason                  Eugene Kamson
 Naomi Eason                   Melanie Law
 Jason Lok                    Singles Open Winner
 Jerome Lok                    Gary Lin
                              Most Promising Player
                               Michael Kamson

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                                              NGCSA Newsletter — DUE NORTH!

                                                                                                        Issue 53

              BASKETBALL REPORT                                              VOLLEYBALL REPORT

T   he Basketball in Bloemfontein this year was
    exciting and played in good spirit – experiencing
both great triumph and sad losses.
                                                               T    his year’s Easter Tournament took place with
                                                                    great excitement and enthusiasm from all the
                                                               participants and supporters. The volleyball matches
                                                               were contested between four Northern Gauteng
The Men’s A Team played very well and is determined            teams, two Western Province teams, and one team
to win the cup in 2006 as they have the players to do          from Eastern Province.
The Men’s B Team had plenty of fun and would like to           All the Northerns volleyball teams played their very
thank Craig Jones for his outstanding skills on the            best, and each Northerns team managed to get at
court, which helped lift the game of his fellow players.       least 1 win in the round robin phase. This is a huge
                                                               accomplishment considering the large number of
                  Thanks have to go out to Li Ming for         players that only started playing volleyball this year.
                  doing such a great coaching job with
                  the Junior Team’s Team, which re-            The finals were contested between Northern Gauteng
                  sulted in them winning the tourna-           A and Western Province A. It was a close and hard-
                  ment trophy. Congratulations to Li           fought match, of which Western Province came away
                  Ming and his team!                           with the victory. Recognition must be given to the
                                                               Western Province A team for completing the
The Ladies Team played hard under the coaching of              tournament unbeaten.
Peter Ho-Tong, resulting in them beating some very
strong opponents.                                              We would also like to commend the SACSA Volleyball
                                                               directors, Darryl & Naomi Eason for working tirelessly
The Junior Ladies’ Easter Tournament was hard, fun-            to ensure a well organised and enjoyable volleyball
filled and exciting. Thank you, girls, for being our first     tournament.
Northerns Ladies Team!
                                                               Congratulations to Claudia Accone, Darryl Eason,
Our minis played exceptionally well with great                 Naomi Eason, Jerome Lok, and Jason Lok for
enthusiasm under the watchful eye of Malcolm Ho-               representing Northern Gauteng in the SACSA
Tong, which did a job well done with all the tears and         Volleyball team.
cheers displayed by his players.
                                                                            A large amount of interest has been
Thanks to Bloemfontein for a well organised                                 generated around this sport over the past
tournament. Basketball went without incident; thank                         two years, and we hope that it continues
you to everyone!                                                            to grow at the SACSA Easter
                                         Greg Ho-Tong
                                     Basketball Director                    See you all in Cape Town next year!

                                                                                          Kevin San Fat & Jason Lok
                                                                                                 Volleyball Directors

F    or a comprehensive breakdown of this year’s
     Easter Tournament’s Basketball results and all
Individual Player Statistics, please visit the SACSA
website at where you can view and
download the stats.

Also read up on the final results for Golf,
Squash, and Volleyball.

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                           NGCSA Newsletter — DUE NORTH!

       Issue 53

                  GOLF REPORT                                       TENPIN BOWLING REPORT (cont.)

A    nother Easter tournament has come and gone.
     Well done to the Free State Golfers for a well-
organised tournament, and the golfing venues proved
                                                             The North vs. South Friendly Tournament was played
                                                             at Cresta Shopping Centre on 21st and 22nd May 2005.

to be a good challenge.                                      Winners of the Tournament:
                                                             1. Southern Gauteng A
Results for the weekend:                                     2. Invitational Team
                                                             3. Northern Gauteng A
TEAM                                                         4. Northern Gauteng B
                                                             5. Southern Gauteng B
1st Place (Joint winners)                                    6. Northern Gauteng C
Northern Gauteng A — Craig Jones, Victor Ho and
Kevin Chow, and                                              The lane conditions were very tough for our bowlers,
Free State D — Paul Chen, Richard Hsu and Roy Lee            but all in all we had a great tournament.
                                                             Congratulations to Byron Poson for bowling the first
3rd Place                                                    ever high game of Cresta Centre with a score of 226.
Free State — TC Lin, CS Wu and George Lee                    In our Trios division we bowled the highest series
                                                             score of 641.
                                                             The top 5 ladies who qualified for the Singles
1. Roy Lee — Free State                                      Championship were:
2. George Lee — Free State                                   1. Valerie Dunne, 2. Jenny Chang, 3. Candice Way,
3. Craig Jones NG & SY Hong FS (Joint winners)               4. Jeanette Way, 5. Grace Wei

Congrats to all the winners, but more importantly to all     The winners in the Ladies Section were VALERIE
participants for a memorable weekend - till 2006!            DUNNE, GRACE WEI, JENNY CHANG, CANDICE
                                                             WAY, and JEANETTE WAY.
                                          Jonathan Ho
                                          Golf Director      The top 5 Men's Singles who qualified for the Singles
                                                             Championship were:
                                                             1. Wah Hong, 2.Justin Taylor, 3.Stanley Ho, 4.Byron
                                                             Poson, 5. Alan King
                                                             The winners in the Men’s Section were ALAN KING,
                                                             WAH HONG, JUSTIN TAYLOR, STANLEY HO, and

C   ongratulations to Kavan Ju and Jimmy Ju for
    winning the Men’s Double in our Gauteng North
Close Championship, held on 23rd and 24th April 2005.
                                                             BYRON POSON.

                                                             We will be having another friendly tournament, which
                                                             is going to be held in Menlyn Shopping Centre,
Well done to the following bowlers for making the            Pretoria. Date still to be confirmed.
                                                             Our Wednesday night Chinese League is still going
♦   Joanne Ho - Finished 6th overall                         very strong with ± 30 to 36 bowlers every week.
♦   Jenny Chang - Finished 14th overall                      Everyone is welcome to join. Cost is R 60.00 for 4
♦   Grace Wei - Finished 16th overall                        games. League starts at 7pm - 9pm.
♦   Kavan Ju - Finished 6th overall
♦   Jimmy Ju - Finished 3rd overall                                                                   Stanley Ho
♦   Byron Poson - Finished 9th overall                                                    Tenpin Bowling Director
♦   Stanley Ho - Finished 8th overall                                                              (083 290 6198)
♦   Gandy Chang - Finished 17th overall
♦   Bowan Chan - Finished 23rd overall (Came out to
    bowl 5 times; first Major Tournament - WELL


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                                          NGCSA Newsletter — DUE NORTH!

                                                                                            Issue 53

                                                                      WELL DONE TO EACH AND
                                                                        EVERY NORTHERNS
D    ue to some unacceptable incidents that
     happened during the 2005 Easter
Tournament, soccer has been suspended
                                                                    PARTICIPANT OF EASTER 2005
                                                                    FOR FLYING OUR FLAG HIGH!
from the tournament until further notice. An
announcement was made at the Presentation Dance                          AND THANK YOU TO ALL
on Easter Monday to all participants.
                                                                           OUR PATRONS FOR
At a special SACSA Executive Committee meeting                           YOUR LOYAL SUPPORT!
held on 4th April 2005, it was decided that an
appointed Commission of Enquiry is to investigate
the incident.

The Commission shall consist of 5 persons who
have no affiliation to either Southern Gauteng               Northern Gauteng Chinese
Chinese Sports Association, Free State Chinese               Sports Association
Sports Association, or any involvement with
Soccer. Francis Lai Hong will head the Commission.           PO Box 26821
                                                             Monument Park
The findings shall be presented to the SACSA                 Pretoria 0105
Committee in due course. It will include the disciplinary
guidelines, future team entries, spectator involvement,      Enquiries :
and the possible re-introduction of soccer to the Easter     Website :

                                       Paulette Leong                  Editor
                                     SACSA Chairman                    Janette Low

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