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									                                  Instructions for Using the Exhibit Template

The attached template is designed to make drafting and formatting a new Policy and Procedure Manual
Exhibit easier and faster, requiring fewer formatting updates before it can be sent out for formal review.

         To enter information into the header:
              o Either double-click in the header on the template, or go to the View menu and select Header
                  and Footer. The header section of the template will be activated.
              o Enter the policy section number in the header where it states 000-00.
              o Enter “Draft” and the current date on the Date line.
              o Enter the letter reference for the exhibit where it states X.
              o Click the Close button on the Header/Footer toolbar.

         For easier revision, it may be better to maintain forms on your own Web site rather than including
          them as exhibits. Consider what will be easier for users on campus.

         Use the pre-formatted styles for formatting your section.

I.       Level 1 for main headings numbered with a roman numeral.
         Indent 1 for information that falls under the main heading.
         A.    Level 2 for information lettered with an upper-case letter.
               Indent 2 for information that falls under level 2 headings.
               1.    Level 3 for information numbered with an Arabic numeral.
                     Indent 3 for information that falls under level 3 headings.
                     a.     Level 4 for information lettered with a lower-case letter.
                            Indent 4 for information that falls under level 4 headings.
                            1)    Level 5 for additional detailed information
                                  Indent 5 for information that falls under the level 5 headings.

         Do not double space between paragraphs of text. The styles are designed to leave appropriate space
          between paragraphs.

         Do not use auto-numbering/outlining. Please letter/number your entries manually to avoid delays in
          distribution for review and publication.

         Delete this instruction page before submitting the policy to your unit policy coordinator.

For more information, refer to the Preface of the Policy and Procedure Manual, or contact the Policy and
Communications Unit (policy@ucdavis.edu).
         Section 000-00
              Exhibit X


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