07-Dec-2010 - New Liverpool Hospital multi-faith chapel blessed

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					Date: 7 December 2010

         New Liverpool Hospital multi-faith chapel blessed
        Liverpool Hospital’s role in caring for the multi-faith community of Liverpool
        will be recognised this week with the dedication of its new Pastoral Care
        Centre by Anglican, Buddhist and Muslim chaplains and local church

        The Centre, located in the new Clinical Services Building, has been
        specifically designed to meet the emotional and physical needs of patients
        and their families of all faiths.

        It incorporates a chapel, a multi-faith room, a prayer room with an
        ablutions/washing area for both male and female worshippers and a
        meditation room with a Buddhist theme for everyone’s use.

        Liverpool Hospital Anglican Chaplain, Paul Hueston said the Centre
        chaplains would be available for all faith groups, as well as those of a
        secular or atheistic world view.

        “The Hospital’s Pastoral Care Service will be staffed by chaplains from the
        Anglican, Buddhist and Muslim religions, as well as volunteers from
        different faith groups and denominations who regularly visit patients,” Mr
        Hueston said.

        “Chaplains are involved in the holistic care of patients by providing spiritual
        and emotional support and care.

         “A person’s emotional and spiritual state can have a positive effect on their
        physical wellbeing and their response to health care.

        “We hope patients, their families and visitors to the Hospital, visit the
        pastoral care centre when they need a quiet place for reflection or prayer,”
        he said.

        The Pastoral Care Centre features four stained glass panels from the
        original Liverpool Hospital chapel, which opened in 1985.

        The windows were salvaged by the late Rev John Ross from St Silas’
        Anglican Church in Waterloo during its demolition in 1977. Each panel
        represents one of the four gospels of the new testament- Mark Matthew,
        Luke and John.

        Pastoral Care is located on Level 2 reception number 232, across from the
        Intensive Care Unit waiting room. Chaplains are available at any time, 24
        hours/day and are on site, Monday – Friday during business hours.

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