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									                                  Current Contract Information 32206
                              Current Contract Information
                                  Revision Date: February 17, 2011

Contract number:             32206                                                    Commodity codes:
Category                     Contract CPA Services                                                  9850
                             Customer Survey Services                                         9836, 9739
                             Educational Consulting Services                                         9815
                             Environmental Consulting Services                                       9838
                             Financial Consulting Services                                           9850
                             Management Consulting Services                                          9811
                             Performance Audit Services                                9850, 9806, 9811

Contract title:              Professional Consulting Services
Purpose:                     Amend to reflect Contract Term Extension and resignation of vendor from
                                                                 July 1, 2010 to July 31, 2011
Term:                                            Current Term:

For use by:                  Any state agency or member of the Washington State Purchasing Cooperative.

Contract type:               This contract is designated as convenience use.

Scope of contract:           This contract is awarded to multiple contractor(s).

Contractor:                  Please contact or for the
                             list of available contractors and any additional information.

This page contains key contract features. Find detailed information on succeeding pages. For more
information on this contract, or if you have any questions, please contact your local agency
Purchasing Office, or you may contact our office at the numbers listed below.

                                Jeri Brown or Steve Jenkins
    Contract Information:       Email: or
                                Phone: (360) 902-7400                 Fax Number: (360) 586-2426

 Work Request Information:      Jeri Brown or Steve Jenkins
                                Email: or
                                Phone: (360) 902-7400                  Fax Number: (360) 586-2426

  Work Request Submittals:      Email: or or
                                Phone: (360) 902-7400                         Fax Number: (360) 586-2426
                               Visit our Internet site :

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                               Current Contract Information 32206
Only authorized purchasers included in the State of Washington Purchasing Cooperative (WSPC)
listing published and updated periodically by OSP may purchase from this contract. It is the
Contractor’s responsibility to verify membership of these organizations prior to processing orders
received under this contract. A list of WSPC members is available on the Internet Contractors shall not process state contract
orders from unauthorized users.

              The following activities include but are not limited to the categories listed below:

                   Current Available Pre-Qualified Vendor Categories

       Category Reference Number                Professional Services Categories            Page
                      1                   Contract CPA Services                               3
                      2                   Customer Survey Services                            4
                      3                   Educational Consulting Services                     5
                      4                   Environmental Consulting Services                   6
                      5                   Financial Consulting Services                       9
                      6                   Management Consulting Services                     12
                      7                   Performance Audit Services                         15

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                                       Current Contract Information 32206
Category 1                                                                  Contract CPA Services
Contract CPA Services             Return to top

Service Description:
             Assist on local government audits
             Assignments may include
              High risk
              Legal compliance
              Internal control
              Financial statements
              Federal grants

     Qualifications include:
    Statements that the proposed staff members are free from personal and external impairments to independence per
      AICPA and GAGAS.
    A statement that the firm is registered with the State Board of Accountancy pursuant to WAC 4-25-750 and the firm
      participates, as applicable, in the AICPA practice-monitoring or an equivalent peer review program and has had a
      peer review during the last three years.
     statement that the firm can provide proof of insurance as required

Vendors must possess appropriate professional certifications or educational achievements that qualifies proposer to deliver
services in these disciplines. A list of examples includes but is not limited to: CIA, CISA, CMA, PHD, MA, MS, & MBA.
Proposer must submit a copy of appropriate certifications at time of proposal submission.

      Category 1                            Contract CPA Services Vendors
                                                                                                       NTE Hourly
      VENDOR NAME                           OMWBE        HOMEPAGE URL                                     Rate
      Clifton Gunderson LLP                                               $ 150.00
      TKW Financial                                                              $ 175.00

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                                      Current Contract Information 32206

Category 2 Effective October 19, 2007
Customer Survey Services             Return to top                        (Service Description CG)
The term Survey refers to a sampling, or partial collection of facts, figures, or opinions taken and used to approximate
or indicate what a complete collection and analysis might reveal. The phrase, Customer Survey Services includes the
application of professional services by qualified consultants in one or more of the following areas: development of the
survey instrument, data collection (including web based, telephone, mailings, in-person, etc.), data review and
analysis, facilitation of focus groups, and presentation of results.

Examples of Services provided to Customers
Specific work requirements will be developed by Purchasers in the Work Requests they submit during a second tier
work request process. Purchasers may address a variety of Customer Survey Services projects. The following are
examples of the types of services that might be requested by Purchasers under awarded contracts. These examples are
by no means all inclusive of the types of projects that may develop.

Customer Survey Services
 Initial project review meeting with Purchaser to define survey needs and requirements
 Development of the survey instrument(s)
 Data collection
 Data review and analysis
 Facilitation of focus groups
 Presentation of results to Purchaser
 Delivery of final products/results of project

  Category 2                               Customer Survey Services Vendors
  VENDOR NAME                                OMWBE                     HOMEPAGE URL                          Rate
  Clearwater Research, Inc.                                              $ 70.00
  Communication Resources
  Northwest, L.L.C.                            MBE                $ 111.00
  Gilmore Research Group                                                   $ 98.00
  Hebert Research, Inc.                                                      $ 38.50
  Issues & Answers Network, Inc.                                                      $ 37.04
  Pacific Research and Evaluation, LLC                                      $ 79.00
  PRR, Inc.                                    MBE                                     $ 160.00
  Responsive Management                                                 $ 50.15
  Strategic Research Associates                                     $48.00

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                                      Current Contract Information 32206
Category 3
Educational Consulting Services              Return to top                        (Service Description CE)
Examples of Educational Consulting Services Provided to CUSTOMERS
Examples of Levels Consulting Services Provided to Customers
Customers will develop specific work requirement when their Work Requests during the second tier work request process.
CUSTOMERS may develop a variety of Educational Consultant Service projects. The following are some examples of the
types of consulting services that might be requested by CUSTOMERS under contracts resulting from this RFP. These
examples are by no means all inclusive of the types of projects that may result from this RFP.

Educational Consultant Services
   Education Program Assessment
   Provide Organizational Development:
   Develop various assessment/testing materials:
   Conduct research studies on various education topics directed by Customer:
   Develop instructional materials for teacher, administrator, and student use:
   Develop program rules and procedures for education projects:
   Provide professional enhancement/development trainings: 
   Develop and/or evaluate programs for English language learners (ELLs)
               Increase capacity and collaboration with community organizations
   School Safety planning and policy development
               Coordinate and develop action plans with ethnic groups and historically marginalized groups
               Other Services not defined herein

    Category 3                             Educational Consulting Services Vendors
                                                                                                      NTE Hourly
     VENDOR NAME                          OMWBE                    HOMEPAGE URL                         Rate
    Consortium On Reading
    Excellence, Inc. (CORE)                                                    $ 280.00
    Northwest Regional Educational
    Laboratory (NWREL)                                                             $ 95.00
    WestEd                                                                        $ 505.00
    Cascadia Consulting Group, Inc.                                   $ 175.00
    MGT of America, Inc.                                             $ 180.00
    Mary H. Bourguignon dba Steeple-
    jack Consulting                           W                        $ 125.00

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                                        Current Contract Information 32206
Category 4
Environmental Consulting Services                   Return to top             (Service Description CF)

                                       Service Descriptions: Site Assessment
CUSTOMERS will develop specific work requirements in the Work Requests they submit to OSP. CUSTOMERS
may address a variety of environmental issues or concerns that require Environmental Consulting Services. The
following Phase I, Phase II and Phase III Environmental Site Assessments describe assessment phases that may be
requested by CUSTOMERS under contracts resulting from this RFP. These descriptions are by no means all inclusive
of the types of assessments and/or projects that may result from this RFP.
Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
Phase I ESA: A Phase I ESA is an initial inquiry and general review of a defined location to identify potential
sites and/or sources of environmental impact and may include:
           Site visit and visual observation.
           Review of past use and history of site.
           Review soil survey histories and geological map.
           Review of adjacent properties.
               Interviews with previous owners, tenants, neighbors, and government officials.
           Review of additional federal, state and local government databases or other records (including
permit history and enforcement actions).
           Final report including identification of potential impacted areas, summary conclusions and
Phase II ESA: In the event that potential sources of environmental contamination or impacts are identified in the
Phase I ESA or other assessments performed, a Phase II ESA outlined in a statement of work serves to confirm
or deny the findings. A Phase II ESA may include:
           Monitoring of site.
           Sampling of materials.
           Laboratory testing and analysis of materials.
           Final report including conclusions and recommendations.
           Assistance with applicable permit applications.
           Assistance with regulatory compliance.
           Liaison service between customer & local, state and/or federal government agencies.
                             Training.
Phase III ESA: A Phase III ESA is a post-cleanup assessment to ensure that the environmental impacts identified
in previous ESA’s have been properly addressed. A Phase III ESA may include:
           Review of Contractors cleanup methodology and practice.
           Sampling of materials.
           Laboratory testing and analysis of materials.
           Final report including conclusions and recommendations.
                                  Services Descriptions: Consulting Services
   Environmental consulting can cover a wide array of different events and activities, making it difficult to develop a
    comprehensive listing of all of the possibilities. For this reason, this RFP and subsequent contracts will utilize the
    following four broad service descriptions that should cover the types of services needed by CUSTOMERS:
   Planning and Permitting - Planning and Permitting includes state/regional/local policy and plan development,
    environmental assessments (such as EIS's) and permitting for proposed projects, and special studies in support of
    either planning or project permitting. Included in the latter would be, for example, delineations and mitigation for
    critical areas, including long-term monitoring and adaptive management. Development and implementation of
    agency-wide environmental management systems are included in this category.
   Waste Management and Remediation - Waste Management and Remediation picks up the Phase I and II
    environmental site assessments, RIFS work, site remediation, hazardous material management, solid waste
    management, recycling, asbestos and lead paint abatement, and many other disciplines related to these topics (such
    as drilling and subsurface sampling, analytical testing, health and safety, public involvement, etc.).

                                                           Page 6
                                          Current Contract Information 32206
     Regulatory Compliance - Regulatory Compliance services do just what the name implies. CUSTOMERS would
      use these services to ensure that both their own facilities and any facilities or operations they permit are in
      compliance with relevant environmental and land use laws and regulations (including management of hazardous
      and toxic materials, air and water discharges, resource protection, reporting and record-keeping, corrective actions,
     Natural Resource Management - Natural Resource Management includes all natural resource activities that are
      not directly related to plan development, project permitting or regulatory compliance. This includes watershed
      management, salmon restoration in general and Endangered Species Act responsibilities (non-project) in particular,
      cultural/historical resource inventories, water quality services such as those related to TMDL rules, aquifer and
      water supply studies, geological hazards studies, etc. Note that GIS and mapping services are often a part of this
      work, but such services could also be included in any of the other categories.
     Other Services not defined herein

    Category 4                                  Environmental Consulting Services Vendors
                                                                                                               NTE Hourly
    VENDOR NAME                                 OMWBE       HOMEPAGE URL                                         Rate
    AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc.                                                        $ 140.00
    Anchor Environmental, L.L.C.                                               $ 140.00
    Aspect Consulting, LLC                                               $ 150.00
    Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp.                                                     $ 170.00
    Camp Dresser & McKee (CDM)                                                               $ 180.00
    Cascade Economics LLC                                   None                                                  $ 120.00
    Cascadia Consulting Group, Inc.                                           $ 175.00
    Castle-Rose, Inc.                                                                $ 75.00
    Converse Consultants                                                     $ 130.00
    Corporate Recycling Services                                                   $ 96.00
    Dan Silver                                                                     $ 150.00
    EA Engineering, Science, and
    Technology, Inc.                                                                         $ 135.00
    EcoChem, Inc.                                   W                                         $ 120.00
    Ecology and Environment, Inc.                                                              $ 148.00
    EDAW, Inc.                                                                       $ 122.00
    ENSR Corporation                                                                 $ 102.41
    Environmental Resolutions Inc.                                                          $ 115.00
    Eppard Vision - Applied Preservation
    Technologies (APT) Program                                                 $ 78.00
    ESA Adolfson                                                                          $ 130.00
    GeoEngineers, Inc.                                                                $ 170.00
    Geomatrix Consultants, Inc.                                                          $ 140.00
    Golder Associates Inc.                                                                  $ 160.00
    Hart Crowser, Inc.                                                                 $ 165.00
    Herrera Environmental Consultants                                                  $ 130.00

    HydroLogic Services Company                                                 $ 120.00
    Integral Consulting Inc.                                                  $ 130.00
    Jones & Stokes Associates, Inc                                                  $ 134.20
    Kane Environmental                                                          $ 140.00
    Kleinfelder, Inc.                                                                  $ 105.00
    Landau Associates, Inc.                                                              $ 145.00
    Meridian Environmental, Inc.                                                       $ 97.00
    Paladin Data Systems                                                               $ 160.00
    Parametrix                                                                          $ 145.00

                                                            Page 7
                                 Current Contract Information 32206
Patriot Technical Consultants, Inc.     $ 146.36
PBS Engineering and Environmental          $ 120.00
PBS&J (Corporate headquarters)                      $ 115.00
R2 Resource Consultants, Inc.                      $ 120.00
RIDOLFI Inc.                           W               $ 120.00
Robinson, Noble & Saltbush, Inc.          $ 110.00
Shannon & Wilson, Inc.                     $ 150.00
Shaw Environmental, Inc.                         $ 125.00
Skillings Connolly, Inc.                       $ 160.00
Sound GIS                              W              $ 125.00
Stearns Conrad & Schmidt Consulting
Engineers dba SCS Engineers                 $ 145.00
Stillwater Sciences                        $ 110.00
TEC Inc. (TEC)                                    $ 130.00
TechLaw, Inc.                                 $ 85.00
TerraGraphics Environmental
Engineering, Inc.                          $ 95.95
Tetra Tech, Inc.                               $ 124.00
The Watershed Company                 $ 110.00
Water & Natural Resource Group                  $ 130.00
White Shield, Inc.                           $ 116.00

                                            Page 8
                                       Current Contract Information 32206
Category 5
Financial Consulting Services              Return to top                    (Service Descriptions CC)
      Opinion Audits of External Entities
      Internal Audit Services (to included but not be limited to: Fiscal Reviews, Performance/Operations Reviews,
       and/or, Control Self-Assessment Training)
      New Process/Change Management Consulting
      Risk Assessment Instruction: Used when an agency needs to develop self-knowledge on how to set up and
       when to conduct and document an ongoing risk assessment process.
      Financial performance audits exclusive of “Performance Audit Services” category
      Other Services not defined herein

  Sub-Category 1 Audit Services, category disciplines:
Opinion Audits of External Entities
Service Description:
      Conduct an entity-wide fiscal, internal control, and compliance audit of a state contractor or service provider.
      As supplemental audit services, conduct an entity-wide audit of the purchaser to provide an attestment of the
       purchaser’s financial statements and results of operations, system of internal controls, and compliance to
       federal or state or contracted regulations, rules, or the purchaser’s internal policies.
      Conduct such audit work in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Audit Standards (GAGAS) and
       in compliance with the US Office of Management and Budget Circular A-133, GAAP, or other applicable
      Report and give a professional opinion on such audit work completed with copies available to satisfy grant
       requirements, financial institution, oversight bodies, or other regulatory interests in or for the purchaser.
      Review Compliance with state/local/board policies, procedures, plans, laws, regulations, and contracts that
       govern operations.
      Review financial practices to ensure compliance with GAAP requirements.
      Review financial practices to ensure the absence of misfeasance, malfeasance, and non-feasance.
Qualifications include:
      Public Accounting Firm License issued by the Washington State Board of Accountancy.
      Experience in generally accepted auditing standards or generally accepted governmental auditing standards.
      Understanding of GAAP requirements.
      Auditing skills relating to financial practices.
      Good communication skills.
      Ability to identify internal control weaknesses and make recommendations for strengthening the controls.
      Ability to research and apply relevant laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

Internal Audit Services
Service Description:
      Review operations or programs of the purchaser to ascertain whether results are consistent with established
       goals and objectives and whether the operations or programs are managed according to plan. Based on this
       review, recommend improvements to operations or programs as necessary to aid in the accomplishment of
       agency identified goals and objectives.
      Review and report the adequacy or compliance of the management control system the purchaser established to
       ensure compliance with those policies, plans, procedures, laws, regulations, and contracts that could have a
       significant impact on operations and reports.
      Review the reliability and integrity of financial and operating information and the means used to identify,
       measure, classify, and report such information.
      Review the means of safeguarding assets and, as appropriate, verify the existence of such assets.
                                                           Page 9
                                       Current Contract Information 32206
      Work with departments to determine if services provided are appropriate and /or efficient and appraise the
       economy and efficiency with which resources are employed.
      Isolate problem areas and recommend a means for corrective action before the problem affects operational
      Consultation and education sessions to familiarize purchaser’s staff with control activity responsibilities.
      Complete fiscal or program or compliance reviews on purchaser’s subrecipients of federal or state assistance
       according to contract or program guidelines and regulations.
      Lead user agency in a self-risk or control assessment and provide user agency with the tools to continue such
       ongoing practices.
      Perform risk assessments to identify areas needing improvement.
      Evaluation of cash management practices.
      Performance audits relating to outputs and outcomes.
      Facilitate Self-Assessment Workshops.
Qualifications include:
      Capability to complete audits and reviews in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Audit
       Standards or adopt Institute of Internal Auditor Standards to the extent possible as an outside provider or other
       applicable acceptable Standards.
      Have or should be able to obtain sufficient knowledge of applicable accounting standards and purchaser’s
       operations to complete objectives of work statement.
      Demonstrated skill in disclosing problems constructively and identifying potential solutions.
      Experience in planning and evaluating services and systems.
      Demonstrate strong communication skills. Ability to manage and diffuse conflict, and to practice active
       listening to understand all viewpoints. Ability to express opinions, findings, recommendations professionally
       and in ways that can be understood by various professional and staff representatives.
      Ability to prepare clear, accurate and polished written products.
      Understanding of fiscal controls and security.
      Ability to facilitate diverse groups to accomplish set objectives.
      Ability to analyze and review business documentation to determine if objectives will be met.

New Process/Change Management Consulting
Service Description:
      Conduct or complete a needs assessment as determined by the purchaser.
      Review new business proposals or changes to current business processes and provide development and
       implementation recommendations for new or redesigned systems.
      Quality process improvement projects.
      Perform risk assessments of new processes or requirements.
Qualifications include:
      System analysis skills.
      Working knowledge of quality process improvement approaches.
      Project management skills.
      Good communication skills.
      Ability to identify barriers to successful business changes.
      Ability to work with diverse groups of people.

Risk Assessment Instruction:
Service Description:
      Instructing agency on how to do a self-assessment using accepted internal audit and risk assessment practices
       and procedures.
      Instructing an agency on the steps required to complete a self-assessment, including what to review, how to
       collect the information, and measure and assess the level of risk.
      Also include instruction on developing appropriate risk mitigation or monitoring tools.

                                                         Page 10
                                        Current Contract Information 32206
        This category focuses on instructing an agency in doing their own assessments; vendor does not actually
         perform the assessment their self.
Qualifications include:
        Sufficient knowledge of risk assessments in order to guide and facilitate the agency through the assessment.

       Category 5                                       Financial Consulting Services Vendors
                                                                                                       NTE Hourly
       VENDOR NAME                                      OMWBE        HOMEPAGE URL                        Rate
       Branch, Richards & Co., P.S.                     W                  $108.00
       Center for the Support of Families, Inc.         W                         $120.18
       Clark Nuber P.S.                                                        $325.00
       Clifton Gunderson LLP                                                   $160.00
       Dye Management Group, Inc.                                           $175.00
       Eclipse Solutions, Inc.                                           $175.00
       Kraght Snell, PS                                 W                     $100.00
       Sierra Systems Inc.                                                  $230.00
       STIRN AND ASSOCIATES, LLC                        W                        $160.00
       Talbot, Korvola & Warwick, LLP                                                 $195.00
       TechLaw, Inc.                                                            $85.00

                                                          Page 11
                                      Current Contract Information 32206
Category 6
Management Consulting Services Return to top                                      (Service Description CA)

   Services to assist management with operation or management of the agency or unit or division of the agency
    (when related primarily to the business processes of the agency, not to human resource issues).
   Services that impact agency policy, regulatory and business issues or that have broad agency or statewide policy
    implications. Services that result in operational or managerial recommendations (related primarily to business and
    policy issues), management reports and studies, including those requested by the Legislature; and feasibility
    studies with significant policy impact. Services for needs assessment and business process re-engineering related
    to the agency’s business and policy responsibilities.
   Services for program development, implementation and coordination; program evaluation and/or external quality
    review; services for project management and quality assurance services (exclusive of information technology
   Services related to consulting on risk management and loss prevention.

The Department of Personnel (DOP) transferred their Organization Development contracts to General Administration.
To find the Organization Development contracts that DOP used to manage, please see contract 32010. Contract
32010 has the following categories:
         Business Analysis                                          Leadership
         Coaching                                                   Organizational Development & Change
         Conference Planners                                         Management
         Conference Speakers                                        Performance Management
         Customer & Stakeholder Management                          Personnel Investigations
         Effective Communication                                    Personnel Issues
         Executive Recruitment                                      Strategic Planning
         Facilitation                                               Team Development

In general, contract 32206’s consultants are used when the primary focus of the contract is for conduct of the agency’s
business related to its statutory mandate and mission.
Contract 32010’s consultants are typically used when the primary focus is on organizational and human resource
activities, assessment of agency culture, process improvements, and strategic planning.

Use THIS contract (32206):
When a customer needs to hire a contractor to:
 Conduct a feasibility study on a public policy issue or analyze long-term funding strategy for a state program,
   etc. May include benchmarking analysis, cost/benefit analysis and related services.
 Evaluate the effectiveness of an agency program from a public policy standpoint and make recommendations
   (often mandated by the fund source).
 Develop, implement, and coordinate a new business program or business process as mandated by the

Use contract 32010:
When a customer needs to hire a contractor to:
 Facilitate work groups including both internal staff and external stakeholders
 Provide organizational development or assessment services in an agency.
 Provide investigation services for personnel related incidents
 Assess an agency’s culture and recommend methods to improve or enhance it.
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                                      Current Contract Information 32206

Category 6                               Management Consulting Services Vendors
VENDOR NAME                               OMWBE                 HOMEPAGE URL                           Rate
Barney & Worth, Inc.                                                $ 155.00
Ben Adkins & Associates                                           $ 135.00
Berk & Associates                           W                $ 125.00
Brewer Information Technology
Services                                                        $ 124.00
C.M. Colvin and Associates, LLC             W                           $ 175.00
CACI, INC. - FEDERAL                                                          $ 167.79
Cascade Economics LLC                                             $ 120.00
Cascadia Consulting Group, Inc.                                 $ 175.00
CASE Associates Inc.                                         $ 125.00
CBCP, Incorporated                                                         $ 200.00
Center for the Support of Families,
Inc.                                        W                         $ 120.18
Christie O'Loughlin & Associates            W       ult.aspx                                        $ 180.00
CIBER, INC.                                                           $ 125.00
Communication Resources
Northwest, L.L.C.                           W              $ 135.00
Coraxis Corporation                         M       None                                            $ 140.00
Covestic, Inc.                                                     $ 165.00
Dan Silver                                                           $ 150.00
Deloitte Consulting LLP                                            $ 235.00
Demarche Consulting Group, Inc.             W               $ 165.00
Dye Management Group, Inc.                                   $ 175.00
Eclipse Solutions, Inc.                                           $ 175.00
enVISage Associates LLC                                              $ 150.00
Envision Consulting                         W                         $ 135.00
Faithful + Gould                                                    $ 185.00
Health Management Associates, Inc.                                $ 225.00
Informatix, Incorporated A52                M                           $ 182.50
John Rhodes, Inc., DBA Rhodes
Consulting Services, Inc.                                        $ 165.00
LM & Associates, Inc.                                                  $ 130.00
ASSOCIATES, LLC                                                 $ 160.00
MAXIMUS, Inc                                                       $ 225.00
MCM Project Management, LLC                            $ 116.00
MGT of America, Inc.                                           $ 180.00
Miller & Miller, P.S.                                                  $ 185.00
MTG Management Consultants, LLC                                      $ 165.00
Organizational Resource Group, Inc                                        $ 180.00
Paladin Data Systems                                                   $ 160.00
Parametrix                                                              $ 200.00
Point B Solutions Group, LLP                                        $ 230.00
Public Knowledge LLC                                                       $175.00
Quality Plus Engineering                                    $ 210.00
RBA International, Inc.                                                    $125.00
                                                  Page 13
                                Current Contract Information 32206
Relevant Strategies                            $ 125.00
Resource Management Solutions,
Inc.                                         www.ResourceManagementSolutions.Com   $ 155.00
Schumaker & Company, Inc.                                  $ 225.00
Sierra Systems Inc.                                 $ 230.00
Skookum Educational Programs dba
Skookum Contract Services                                 $ 175.00
SparrowHawk Consulting Company,
Inc.                                                $ 150.00
Sterling Associates, LLP              W                  $ 300.00
STIRN AND ASSOCIATES, LLC             W                      $ 205.00
Strategica, Inc.                                   $ 160.00
T. S. Marshall & Associates, Inc.         $ 175.00
Talbot, Korvola & Warwick, LLP                                $ 175.00
TechLaw, Inc.                                          $ 85.00
The Connections Group, Inc                       $ 150.00
Treinen Associates, Inc.                        $ 124.50
V.A. Lubans dba Systems Design
Group                                        None                                  $ 125.00
Ventura LLC                           M                    $ 150.00
White Shield Technologies, LLC       M/W               $ 116.00
Win Win Resolution                               $ 140.00
Wolf Consulting                       W              $ 120.00

                                           Page 14
                                             Current Contract Information 32206
     Category 7
     Performance Audit Services                 Return to top                              (Service Description CA)
     Performance audit means an objective and systematic assessment of the state agency or agencies or any of their programs,
     functions, or activities by the CUSTOMER in order to help improve agency efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.
     Performance audits include economy efficiency audits and program audits. Performance Audits may be initiated by
     CUSTOMERS other than the State Auditor’s Office.

     Examples of Services Provided to CUSTOMERS
     Specific work requirements will be developed by CUSTOMERS in the Work Requests they submit during a second tier
     work request process. CUSTOMERS may develop a variety of performance audit projects. The following are examples
     of the types of services that might be requested by CUSTOMERS under contracts resulting from this RFP. These
     examples are by no means all inclusive of the types of projects that may result from this RFP.

      Performance audits provide information to improve program operations and facilitate decision making by parties with
        responsibility to oversee or initiate corrective action, and improve public accountability. 
      Performance audits encompass a wide variety of objectives, including objectives related to assessing program
        effectiveness and results; economy and efficiency; internal control; compliance with legal or other requirements; and
        objectives related to providing prospective analyses, guidance, or summary information.
      Performance audits may entail a broad or narrow scope of work and apply a variety of methodologies; involve various
        levels of analysis, research, or evaluation; generally provide findings, conclusions, and recommendations, and result in
        the issuance of a report. (See GAO Auditing Standards, chapters 3 General Standards, 7 Field Work Standards for
        Performance Audits, and 8 Reporting Standards for Performance Audits for standards and guidance for auditors
        conducting a performance audit in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards.)

    Category 7                 Performance Audit Services Vendors
    Clifton Gunderson LLP                                                                       $200.00
    Deloitte & Touche LLP                                                                         $195.00
    Faithful + Gould                                                                        $185.00
    Kraght Snell, PS           W                                                               $125.00
    MGT of America, Inc.                                                                    $165.00
    Miller & Miller, P.S.                                                                      $185.00
    MTG Management
    Consultants, LLC                                                                                 $180.00
    Public Knowledge                                                                       $175.00
    Quality Plus
    Engineering                              $210.00
    Schumaker & Company,
    Inc.                                                                                            $225.00
    Strategica, Inc.                                                                        $160.00
    Talbot, Korvola &
    Warwick, LLP                                                                                       $195.00
    TechLaw, Inc.                                                                                $85.00

                                                                Page 15
                                      Current Contract Information 32206

                                                                                Expected                Date
         SECOND TIER SELECTION PROCESS STEPS/ACTIONS                          Process Time            Completed

 CUSTOMERs provide OSP with a short synopsis and timeframe for
 their requirement                                                            As Required

 OSP provides CUSTOMERs with list of available, pre-qualified
 vendors and Work Request template (Optional)                                1 business day

 CUSTOMERs prepare and submit Work Request with selected
 vendors to OSP at or                                                      As Required

 OSP reviews Work Request and statement of work.                             1 business day

 OSP posts Work Request to Pre-Qualified Pool of vendors via
 WEBS..                                                                      1 business day

 OSP provides CUSTOMERS with evaluation tools and assistance
 as needed.                                                                   As Required

 Vendors submit Work Request Responses (response to statement
 of work, resume(s) and price proposal) to CUSTOMER within                As specified in Work
 specified time.                                                               Request

 CUSTOMER conducts evaluation and checks references.
 Conducts interviews and makes selection. Then negotiates and
 executes Work Order with Contractor. CUSTOMER sends copy of
 properly executed work order to OSP.                                         As Required

 Vendor bills CUSTOMER for services that have been provided.                Monthly or upon

 OSP tracks Work Order purchases against each Contract and
 provides (quarterly) usage report to OFM.                                      Quarterly

 CUSTOMER monitors the work performed and ensures proper
 compliance with the terms of the Work Order, and upon completion
 of work completes a vendor performance “report card.” [In the
 event it is necessary to amend a Work Order, CUSTOMER is
 responsible for coordinating appropriate amendment action with
 OSP prior to authorizing additional work.]                                   As Required

 OSP tracks vendor performance and shares with CUSTOMERS.                       On-going

Please direct any questions to Jeri Brown or Steve Jenkins at (360) 902-7400 or e-mail:   or .

                                                      Page 16
                                   Current Contract Information 32206

                       Contract #32206 - Personal Services: Work Request
   This Work Request is issued under your Convenience Contract #32206 with the Department
   of General Administration, Office of State Procurement.
 Work Request Number:                                          Date Issued:

Category of Service:        1.   Contract CPA Services              2.   Customer Survey Services
                            3.   Educational Consulting             4.   Environmental Consulting
                            5.   Financial Consulting               6.   Management Consulting Services
                            7.   Performance Audit
Number of business days to respond to this request:
Responses are due by Close of Business on:
                                   Late submissions cannot be considered.

Please have your response submitted via email to:
Expected Work Period. Work period is projected from:
Expected Work Commitment:

Scope of Work:


Other factors for this Work Request:

      Agency (Project Manager):
  Phone:                            Email:                               Fax:

                                                  Page 17
                                   Current Contract Information 32206
Submit completed Work Request’s to or

                                        Instructions to Vendors

       Please ensure that you have included the following information in your response, as these
       are the items that will be used to evaluate your response:
       1.     In X or fewer pages (normally 3), describe your proposed solution, methodology and
       overall approach to the customer’s defined Scope of Work. Include all of the following in
       your response:
       2.     The number of hours required for you to complete the Scope of Work;
       Hourly rate proposed for consultant(s) to complete the work. A firm, fixed cost for
       completing the Scope of Work;
       3.     A detailed project plan and schedule to complete the Scope of Work.
       4.      In 2 or fewer pages, describe a similar project completed in the last 3 years by the
       consultant(s) submitted for this work request. Include the outcomes achieved for the
       customer. Identify this customer and provide contact information (name, telephone, email,
       etc) for this customer
       5.     Number of staff that will be available for this Work Request.
       6.     Affirm that proposed consultant will be available to begin work no later than DATE.
       Indicate any known staff scheduling issues during the proposed project period including but
       not limited to other project engagements and holidays.
       7.     Commit that the staff proposed for this work will actually perform the contracted
       services. The bidder, by submitting a proposal, agrees that he/she will not remove the
       selected staff person without the prior approval of Project Manager. If removal is permitted,
       the bidder agrees that it will submit the name of the proposed replacement, who must meet
       the qualifications/experience requirements, for Project Manager’s review and approval
       before the individual is assigned responsibility for services of any Work Order awarded as a
       result of this Work Request.
       8.     Résumé for each staff person submitted for this project, including subcontractors if
       applicable (include company names and phones numbers worked for past three years for
       each individual).
       9.     Availability of staff for possible interview with customer.
       10.    Vendor's contact information for this Work Request. Include project lead name, title,
       email, phone & fax numbers.

       A Work Order number will be assigned, and formal Work Order issued, after a vendor is
       selected to perform this Work Request.

                                                  Page 18
                               Current Contract Information 32206

Please indicate Work Request #______ when responding to this Work Request.
If you have any questions please either email ______________ at _________
or you may call (___)___-____.

Complete and return the following reference information with your response:

  Name of 32206 Consulting Services Vendor for whom this reference applies:

  (Note: Vendor submission of this form constitutes permission for Customer to contact the
  reference indicated herein.)
  Contact Name of Reference:                      Contact's E-mail:

  Contact's Phone Number:                        Name of the Vendor’s Consultant(s) who are
                                                 known to this contact:

  Time Frame of Services Provided:               Budget for Services Performed by Vendor:

  Description of Services Performed:

  (This space reserved for Customer use)

                                            Page 19
                                               Current Contract Information 32206
WORK ORDER                                                                             Work Order #                           Contract #
This Work Order is issued under the provisions of a CUSTOMER contract. The services authorized are within the scope of services set
forth in the Purpose of the contract. All rights and obligations of the parties shall be subject to and governed by the terms of the contract
including any subsequent modifications, which are hereby incorporated by reference.

                                               (Attach additional sheets if necessary)

Statement of Work

Deliverable(s) and Due Date(s):

                            Deliverables are subject to review and approval by AGENCY prior to payment.
                                                  (Attach additional sheets if necessary)
Start Date                                                           End Date
       Description / Task                                                        Quantity             Unit       Unit Cost          Total
1.                                                                                                               $              $
2.                                                                                                               $              $
Business Objective Supported:                                               AGENCY shall pay an amount not to exceed            $

                                                               Cost Codes
     Prog Index         Org Code               Fund              Appn Index               Object              Sub-Object         Dollars

Both the Agency and the Contractor are responsible for ensuring work performed is within the scope of this Work Order. The Agency
must monitor proper compliance with the terms of this Work Order and RCW 39.29. Any changes or amendments to this Work Order
must be in writing and acknowledged by the GA Coordinator. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Work
Contractor                                                                  AGENCY Approval

(Signature)        Contractor Authorized Representative      (Date)         (Signature)             AGENCY W/O Manager              (Date)

W/O Manager                                           (Print Name)          W/O Manager                                      (Print Name)
Telephone No.                                                               Telephone No.
Email:                                                                      Email:
                                                        GA Acknowledgement
Signature:                                                       Date:
GA Coordinator:                                                  Email:                                    Phone:
                                                                  Page 20
GA Work Order Reference #
Agency Contract #


                                             TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE
     FACTORS/RATINGS                                          Outstanding   Excellent   Satisfactory   Marginal   Unsatisfactory
                                                              (5)           (4)         (3)            (2)        (1)
1.   Completion of major tasks/milestones/deliverables
     on schedule
2.   Responsiveness to changes in technical direction
3.   Ability to identify risk factors and alternatives for
     alleviating risk
4.   Ability to identify and solve problems expeditiously.
5.   Quality of work performed.

                                           MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE
     FACTORS/RATINGS                                          Outstanding   Excellent   Satisfactory   Marginal   Unsatisfactory
                                                              (5)           (4)         (3)            (2)        (1)
6.   Overall communication with the Agency
7.   Effectiveness and reliability of Contractor’s key
8.   Ability to recruit and maintain qualified personnel.
9.   Ability to manage multiple and diverse projects/tasks
     from planning through execution.
10   Ability to effectively manage subcontractors.
11   Ability to meet goals for use of DBE subcontractors.
12   Ability to accurately estimate and control cost to
     complete tasks.
13   Overall performance in planning, scheduling and
14   Use of management tools (e.g. cost/schedule, task
     management tools)
     FACTORS/RATINGS                                          Outstanding   Excellent   Satisfactory   Marginal   Unsatisfactory
                                                              (5)           (4)         (3)            (2)        (1)
15   Met scope of work/technical specification
16   On-schedule.
17   Employs approved standards, regulations, tools and
                                              CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
     FACTORS/RATINGS                                          Outstanding   Excellent   Satisfactory   Marginal   Unsatisfactory
                                                              (5)           (4)         (3)            (2)        (1)
18   How would you rate the Contractor’s overall
     technical performance on this contract, including task
19   How would you rate the Contractor’s overall
     management performance on this contract, including
     task orders?
20   How would you rate the Contractor’s ability to be
     businesslike and concerned with the interests of the
21   How would you rate the Contractor’s ability to be
     businesslike and concerned with the interests of the
22   Would you hire this vendor again?

23   How would you rate the Contractor’s ability to be
     businesslike and concerned with the interests of the
     FACTORS/RATINGS                                        Outstanding   Excellent   Satisfactory   Marginal   Unsatisfactory
                                                            (5)           (4)         (3)            (2)        (1)
24   How would you rate the Contractor’s
     overall technical performance on this
     contract, including task orders?

Expand this section as needed.
COMMENTS [Ratings of less than Satisfactory must be supported by facts concerning
specific events or actions to justify the rating. Please reference the applicable ratings/factor
number (1-21) with your comment)]:

Explanation of contract terms and/or conditions not met.

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