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									It" Brit designer, Paul Smith, has come up with a novel way to encourage Londoners
not to litter as part of the Design Museum's Super Contemporary Exhibition at Covent
Garden Piazza in London. The just unveiled five-foot rabbit rubbish bin is best
described as a "throw your trash into the bunny basket" carnival-like game (though it's
not rigged). No one stands next to the receptacle yelling "step right up!" and, thank
God, there isn't anyone guessing your weight! But it does light up whenever garbage
is deposited. Score! You don't win a cheap stuffed animal if you make the shot (and
you better make the shot!). Three dunks in a row doesn't equal the huge, top-shelf
prize. And, no, you won't have a goldfish in a Ziploc to take home. But you will be
doing the right -- and apparently, now stylish -- thing! Sadly, at the moment, it's just
part of an art exhibit, but we could totally see one in front of Topshop! and really hope
next time we hop the pond the sidewalks are rabbit ridden. In 1987 Smith opened his
first shop in New York, 108 Fifth Avenue. The international growth of his business
began and most famously in Japan, where his British designs have been particularly
popular,[citation needed] while he expanded into three adjacent stores on Floral Street.
A converted town-house in Notting Hill, London opened in 1998 and is now his
flagship shop, with the company's operational heart remaining between Nottingham
and London. In 1998 Paul showed his first women's collection at London Fashion
Week, the women's mainline collection continues to this day. Most recently[when?],
within the last 2 years, Smith has opened shops in Dubai, Bangalore, Leeds, Antwerp,
Los Angeles and another shop in London, in addition to a brand new warehouse
building in Nottingham. Smith remains fully involved in the business, designing
clothes, choosing fabrics, approving the shop locations and overseeing every
development within the company.[citation needed] Paul Smith also has
impressive[vague] and diverse showrooms in London, Paris, Milan, New York and
Tokyo. The success of Smith's business may be attributed to his understanding of his
dual roles of both designer and retailer; the success of his designs to his combination
of the classic and the quirky. and which allows men to buy relatively traditional (and
hence commercially popular) designs that offer a 'twist' of individuality. If you want
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