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Fighting a Losing Battle


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									                                                          Est. 2005

                                          VOLUME II, ISSUE 16, 23rd MARCH 2007, PRICE 50p

                   An independent newspaper in association with Saint FM

                    Fighting a Losing Battle
                                Ascension Island Councillors resign
                                                outraged with FCO

“In conclusion,
your elected
representatives have been
used as pawns by HMG to legitimise
a regime that is questionable,
discriminatory, dishonest and
unfavourable to the taxpayers of this
island and we are no longer prepared to
continue this exercise in futility.”
Say Ascension Island Councillors

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Interesting times. The recent political         to find any candidates to stand in a new     eting show either. Every time a look at
events on Ascension have take up much           election. In the end, it might be neces-     the order papers before a LegCo meet-
of the space in the Independent this            sary for the Governor to suspend or          ing I get a flack-back experience.
week. It will, without doubt, receive a lot     even repeal the Council Ordinance for        Haven’t I seen these questions and
of attention in London as well. As it           Ascension and abolish the elected body.      motions before? Has Carol sent me the
stands, the resigning Councillors have          The Governor can do this but it would        order papers from the last meeting? Af-
managed to draw attention to the lack           mean an enormous loss in prestige for        ter investigation, I can confirm that Carol
of democracy and non-existing will from         the Foreign Office.                          is without blame but the range of ques-
FCO to improve the situation on Ascen-          The five (former) Councillors on Ascen-      tions is very similar to last LegCo, and
sion. Now the Foreign Office is faced           sion have made a huge impact on the          the one before… and the one before….
with some problems. They can either             democratic future of the Island, which        Mike
call for a bye-election to fill the six empty   will not go unnoticed. We are watching
seats or dissolve the Council and call          the space.                                   Applications for the post as Governor
for a general election. It is not likely that   I have to say that the Council in St         for St Helena and Dependencies
they are in a hurry to dissolve Council         Helena does not carry the same excite-       closes on Monday 26th March. Here
as a general election must be held within       ment as on Ascension. I attended the         are the latest odds according our
a month after such a decree. Ascension          Public Accounts Session on Monday. It        contributer.
can manage without a functional Coun-           was not a thrilling experience, to say the                       from
cil for quite some time as the day-to-day       least. To me, it appeared to be a com-

                                                                                                     t b
running of the Island is managed by the         plete waste of time and I would be sur-
Administrator but sooner or later the
empty seats must be filled. According
                                                prised if anybody got anything useful out
                                                of it. Looking at the order paper for
                                                                                                 tes t Eric’
                                                                                              La es
                                                                                               ‘Ho punter’s friend
to our information from Ascension it will       LegCo on Monday, the two days in the
be extremely difficult, if not impossible       Court House next week will not be a riv-           the
The following letter was sent to the British Foreign Secretary, the Right Hon                     (no refunds for non-runners)
Margaret Beckett, M.P, by Bishop John, earlier this week:                                             2/1 Caterina Alari
Dear Minister,                                                                                        3/1 Alan Huckle
                                                                                                      3/1 The woman from Montserrat
Greetings from the South Atlantic Ocean.
                                                                                                      5/1 Eddie Palmer
I write to you with concern about one requirement that appears in the Candidate                       8/1 Michael Hill
Brief for applications for the post of Governor of St Helena which is produced by                    12/1 Steven Hillier
Odgers, Ray and Berndtson (URL: www.odgers.com/15277Cand.doc), namely,                               14/1 Andrew Kettlewell
·       You have been resident in the UK for at least two of the previous ten years,                 16/1 Kurt de Freitas
at least one year of which must have been a consecutive twelve-month period.                         20/1 Colin Forbes
Furthermore, to enable the appropriate security checks to be carried out, you                        25/1 Tom Crowards
must have resided for at least three consecutive years in one country.                               25/1 John Styles
I realize that in this day and age careful security clearance needs to be made for                   28/1 Richard Winch
                                                                                                     33/1 Amias Moores
candidates for such an important post. However, the requirement of having been
                                                                                                     33/1 Adrian Green
resident in the UK for two years in the last ten and at least one year of which must                 40/1 Mike Hentley
have been a consecutive twelve-month period is discriminatory in that it excludes                    50/1 Karen Moran
people who are ‘Saints’ who live on St Helena and are British Citizens, but not                      66/1 Dr. Derek Topliss
resident in the UK. Indeed this requirement excludes any British Citizen in any of                   66/1 Peter Wilson
the Overseas Territories. It also excludes British Citizens living elsewhere be-                     66/1 Andy Bonner
cause of work that may have gifts which would make them a good candidate for                         80/1 Adam Kossowski
the Governorship of St Helena.                                                                       80/1 Tim Walpole
I feel sure that Her Majesty’s Government does not want to discriminate in this                     100/1 Tony Moloney
                                                                                                    250/1 Percy Teale
way and respectfully request that a solution might be found to remove such seem-
                                                                                                    250/1 Rodney Buckley
ing discrimination.                                                                                 250/1 Roger Morice
Please be assured of my prayers for you in your important work.                                     500/1 Ken Baddon
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                                  2
            Police and Courts                                                                      Poor
The Police Service received and dealt
with a total of 19 reports for the period
                                              same offence.
                                              Three criminal cases of serious nature
Monday 12th to Sunday 18th March.             were adjourned in the Magistrates’ Court      Tuesday night saw seven constituency
These included 3 criminal reports, 2 of       yesterday morning. Jonathan Stewart           meetings where councillors were in-
which resulted in arrests being made and      Herne stood charges with importation,         forming and consulting constituents
5 road traffic reports                        possession and possession with intent         about the legislation that will be put for-
On Tuesday 13th March, a person was           to supply a controlled drug, namely can-      ward to Legislative Council on Monday
arrested in the St. Paul’s area for the       nabis.                                        –The Parcel Tax Repeal Bill, the Eco-
offence of reasonable suspicion of theft      Anthony Mark Crowie appeared charged          nomic Development Bill and the Eng-
and later charged with the offence and        with an offence under the Sexual Of-          lish Law Application Amendment Bill.
bailed to appear before the Court in due      fences Act and Shavon Mark Henry ap-          Also other matters could be put forward
course and then released from police          peared charged with assault causing           for discussion. The total turnout to these
custody.                                      actual bodily harm. All three cases were      meetings was very poor. The best at-
On Saturday 17th March a person was           adjourned until 12th April.                   tendance was recorded in Longwood,
arrested for the offence of reasonable                                                      where six people turned up, four at-
suspicion of assault occasioning actual       During the period of last week from the       tended in Sandy Bay, three turned up to
bodily harm which had occurred in the         12th March to 19th March, the Police          the meeting at Blue Hill, only one in
Jamestown area. The person was later          Detachment on Ascension Island re-            Jamestown, Half Tree Hollow and
charged with the offence and bailed to        ceived and dealt with three reports,          Levelwood. In St Paul’s, nobody came
appear before the Court in due course         which includes two Road Traffic Of-           to the meeting.
and then released.                            fences, and one Road Traffic Accident.
On Monday 12th March, a report of theft
of fuel in the Jamestown area was re-
                                              On Friday evening the Police carried out
                                              vehicle checks on various roads on the
                                                                                              PAC Meeting
ported. This case is currently being in-      island and as a result two drivers were       The Public Accounts Committee met in
vestigated.                                   given verbal warnings for driving their       the Court House on Monday morning
Two persons were given verbal warn-           vehicles with defective lights. On the        under its Chairman, Councillor Robert
ings for the offences of driving a motor      early hours of Sunday morning the po-         Robertson. The purpose of the meet-
vehicle on a road without due care and        lice received and dealt with a Road traf-     ing was to scrutinise the accounts for
attention and causing unnecessary ob-         fic Accident on the main road between         2005-06 of the St Helena Currency Fund
struction to other road users.                Georgetown and Hogan’s Bypass Junc-           the St Helena Fisheries Corporation, St
One person was given a written warn-          tion. There were no injuries, but both        Helena Development Agency and the St
ing for driving a motor vehicle on a road     vehicles received damage. Both driv-          Helena National Trust. The main offi-
without a valid drivers’ license and two      ers were under the prescribed limit. This     cials of these statutory bodies presented
other persons were also reported for the      report is still under investigation.          the accounts and were questioned by
                                                                                            the Members of Legislative Council
                                                St Helena to commemo-                       serving on the Public Accounts Commit-
        Wirebird                                rate abolition of Slavery

        Facilitator                           St Helena will join other countries
                                              around the world to celebrate the aboli-
                                                                                             LegCo on Monday
                                              tion of slavery in the British Empire.        A formal meeting of the Legislative
The St Helena National Trust is               In 1807 Parliament passed the Slave           Council will be held from Monday 26th
pleased to announce the appointment           Trade Act, which abolished the slave          March. This would normally be the
of Mrs Catherine Turner as Assistant          trade in the British Empire. 25 March         budget session but as the aid agreement
Facilitator for the Wirebird Workshop         will be the bicentenary of this historic      reached with the DAPM team a few
to be held in April. Participants will        event. Slaves did not gain their full free-   weeks ago has not received Ministerial
shortly be hearing from Catherine with        dom until 1838 and although slavery           approval at this stage, a motion will be
the draft programme. Dr Tony Prater           was finally abolished in the Americas in      raised saying “that until such time as the
and Ms Loretta Mackinnon from RSPB            1888, it is estimated that over 20 mil-       Appropriation Ordinance for the finan-
will arrive her on Saturday 7 April and       lion people are still in forms of servitude   cial year 2007/08 comes into operation,
the workshop will take place at A&NRD         today.                                        this House resolves that the Governor
courtesy of the Chief Agriculture and         The United Kingdom has organised vari-        be empowered to issue a Provisional
Natural Resources Officer, Mr Darren          ous events to commemorate the aboli-          Warrant to authorise the withdrawal of
Duncan from 10th to 12th April. The aim       tion of Slavery and on St Helena there        monies from the Consolidated Fund and
of the workshop is to work with key           will be a special service of thanksgiv-       Development Fund for the purpose of
stakeholders to produce a Species             ing. This is to take place at the Cathe-      meeting expenditure necessary to carry
Action Plan to secure the Wirebird’s          dral on Sunday 25 March at 5.30pm.            on the services and development
future.                                                                                     projects of the Government.”
Mrs Cathy Hopkins                             Public Relations/Information Office           In all, 11 motions and 15 questions are
Director                                      Office of the Chief Secretary                 scheduled to be dealt with over two
SHNT                                          22 March 2007                                 days.
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                                 3
     Generous Donation
On Tuesday, the French Consul, Michel Dancoisne-Martineau,
told the Independent/Saint FM about his plans to protect the
Pavilion at the Briars and the beautiful areas towards the
Heart-shaped waterfall for future generations. The first step
towards Michel’s dream was to transfer a large parcel of land,
which includes the waterfall itself to the St Helena National
Trust. To the enjoyment and gratitude of the National Trust,
this transfer was signed at a small ceremony at the Legal
and Lands Department in Essex House later on Tuesday. Mr
Martineau said that he bought the land at the Briars from
Cable & Wireless Plc about six years ago as a single plot. A           “If anything happened to me and the land came into other
large part of this original plot has now been signed over to           private hands”, Michel said, “the situation could be really
the Trust, without any conditions attached. Michel said that           awkward for the future of one of St Helena’s most important
he had full confidence in St Helena National Trust to take             tourist attractions.” He emphasised that the French Govern-
care of the land for future generations. He suggested that             ment had not accepted the offer to receive the land at this
the area, which is one of the most beautiful spots on the is-          stage but negotiations were ongoing. Michel lyrically described
land, could be carefully developed into a picnic area with walks       the Briars as the perfect spot on the Island, under the fog
and spectacular scenery only a stone-throw away from James-            belt, with a Mediterranean feel to it. It is ‘Paradisiac’ – like
town. The next step in Michel’s plan is to transfer a large part       paradise -, he said. This has to be protected against intru-
of land around the Pavilion to the French Government. Cur-             sive development for the benefit of generations to come. The
rently, the access road and the parking area outside do not            French Government would ensure that the Pavilion and its
belong to the Pavilion, which is French property, but to Michel        surroundings would continue to be a vital part of St Helena’s
himself.                                                               heritage and tourism industry.

   Advertising Delayed
The advertising of the posts as substantive Chief Secretary
and Financial Secretary for St Helena have been delayed.
                                                                                       SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN
According to DfID, this is due to a further consideration of the                    Cherish our past; value the future.
salaries and other benefits offered to a future successful ap-                Patron: HRH The Duke of York KG, KCVO,ADC.
plicant to the post of Chief Secretary. This time, DfID and              Honorary members: Mr George Benjamin BEM; Mrs Jessica
FCO are cooperating to avoid the future Chief Secretary to                                    March MBE.
earn more than the next Governor, as this could cause griev-                             Launched 21 May 2002
ance. Only a few years ago Governor Hollamby bitterly com-                  Tel/Fax +290 2190 e-mail: sth.nattrust@helanta.sh
plained that he earned less than the Chief Secretary. Hope-
fully, this problem will be sorted out shortly to enable adver-        The St Helena National Trust is pleased to announce the
tising to commence.                                                    donation of an area of land by M Michel Martineau. Michel
                                                                       expressed the wish to return it to the Saints and approached
    Elections on Tristan                                               the Trust earlier this year.

From Tuesday’s elections on Tristan it has been reported               The land is an area of great beauty and extends from under
that turnout was slightly down from the usual 60-70% for Chief         Black Bridge up to the Heart-Shaped Waterfall. The Trust
Islander and for the eight elected Island Councillors. In the          recognises the great potential & significant landscape value
event, of the 226 registered voters 127 completed ballot pa-           of this natural amphitheatre. The valley floor is currently filled
pers were handed in: a turnout of 56.2%. These included 10             with invasive trees and shrubs but the area is within easy
postal votes introduced for the first time for Tristanians cur-        walking distance of town and although the Trust will not be
rently visiting St Helena or Cape Town.                                undertaking any work on the land at present, in the future it
The new Chief Islander is Conrad Glass (Head of Police                 may well open up pathways and create a viewing platform
Department), who had a narrow 9 vote victory over a former             for visitors to enjoy the spectacular waterfall in flow. It may
Chief Islander, James Glass (Head of Agriculture & Natural             also be possible to re-introduce endemic flora to the valley.
                                                                       The Trust wishes to record its sincere thanks to M Martineau
For the Island Council, it seems that voters were looking for          for his generous donation. The donation will enable the se-
some new faces as none of the five candidates standing for             curity of the land for future generations and is part of Michel’s
re-election were successful this time round. The new team              desire to secure the long-term preservation of the bounda-
include both Connie and James Glass, Lorraine Repetto and              ries of the Briar’s Pavilion.
Iris Green of Finance Department, Postmaster Ian Lavarello             Mrs Cathy Hopkins
and Lillie Swain from the Post Office, Dereck Rogers the               Director
Agricultural& Veterinary Officer, and Robin Repetto, an elec-          SHNT
trician working for PWD.                                               20 March 2007
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                                    4
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    You too can submit an article, have a regular feature and become a free-
 lance journalist for The St Helena Independent ..... have a story relevant to St
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 United Kingdom - if it’s relevant to you then it’s relevant to Saints back home.
                     Saint FM and The St Helena Independent -                                         independent@helanta.sh
                      Connecting Saints from all around the world.

Dear Independent,                             would find it difficult to build a family       could find answers to these questions
I have to take up what you said in your       home for £11,875 starting from scratch.         for there seems to be a disconnect be-
editorial in the Independent last week        What the LDP has done is to raise the           tween the aims of certain policies and
about the Sustainable Development             threshold and put something as basic            what is being put into practice, particu-
Plan (SDP) and poor public attendance         as affordable housing out of reach of           larly when it comes to ownership by the
in discussing this document.                  most Islanders earning a living on St           public. According to the IMF, such a dis-
Perhaps it is not surprising that there is    Helena.                                         connect is one of the major factors that
little interest shown in the SDP when,        With the St Helena Government build-            would put at risk the success of a far-
as you showed in the 9 March issue of         ing few if any social (government land-         reaching process for change as is cur-
the Independent, SHG and DFID signed          lord) houses in the past decade, with the       rently planned for St Helena.
up to an Aide Memoire on the 5th March        high cost of renting private accommo-           Yours faithfully
setting out in detail what the aid pack-      dation, rising cost of building materials       BASIL GEORGE
age will be, based on the Draft SDP for       and labour, rising general cost of living,
the three year period 2007/08 - 2009/         how will young people, especially young
10. Given that government departments         people wanting to set up home on St             Dear Independent,
as part of the aid agreement have col-        Helena, manage for something as ba-             I read with interest Councillor John
lectively been asked to cut £1m from          sic as housing? Rather than encourag-           Reid’s report on the CPA meeting in Lon-
the overall SHG budget for the next fis-      ing this important group to stay and fami-      don, under the theme, “Restoring Trust
cal year, what additional financial provi-    lies to return, this policy is likely to have   in the Political Process,” and thank him
sion is likely to be made as a result of      the opposite effect. It also will not meet      for his report. In choosing to highlight
public consultation of the Draft SDP?         the aims of the SDP for social develop-         the presentation entitled “The Current
The beginning of the SDP shows that it        ment, nor the LDP to encourage private          Way of Doing Politics is Killing Politics”
seeks to establish “the future path for       housebuilding and reduce deprivation.           Mr. Reid seems to imply that the politi-
St Helena’s economic and social devel-        It is almost certain too that it will           cal system in today’s St. Helena is less
opment”. Ahead of public consultation         greatly increase the SHG budget to pro-         effective than it might be.
and final agreement of the SDP, the           vide more social housing. Currently             So far so good. What opinions has Mr.
Land Disposal Policy (LDP) came into          there are 70 people on the list for social      Reid formed as a result of his journey,
force on the 12 March 2007. A major           housing.                                        and what changes does he believe
principle of the LDP is to “reduce all        It is not as though people on the Island        would benefit the people of your island?
forms of deprivation, to encourage pri-       have not raised the matter of housing.          Specific changes, please, not vague ref-
vate housebuilding”. However when you         The Citizenship Commission in a paper           erences to “involving the youth” or “re-
look at the new prices in Appendix A in       “Bridging strategy - the informal               turning to our traditional values.”
the LDP for Crown Land for Islanders          economy” dated October 2005 showed              Management is a career. Leadership is
to build their family homes it puts it out    the importance of housing in any plan-          a calling.
of reach of affordable housing for most       ning for social and economic transfor-          London Reader
people earning a living on St Helena.         mation. This paper was discussed at an
Take the middle category where most           informal session of Leg Co and the prin-
people are building and likely to build       ciples put forward in a motion in formal        Dear Independent,
homes, I.e. in Half Tree Hollow, New          session in November 2005 with unani-            Sometimes it’s good to observe events
Ground, Longwood. A quarter acre plot         mous support. Why in moving to a free           in other Overseas Territories, where
of Crown/government land will now cost        market economy has a transition phase           we’re not emotionally involved. It pro-
£3125. A person earning £70 a week            not been planned to allow for adjust-           vides us with some perspective on how
will only raise a bank loan of £10,920.       ment, especially when it comes to some-         things are done in St. Helena — and
Deducting the cost of the land it means       thing as basic as housing?                      Ascension, whose elected representa-
the person will only have £7,795 to ex-       What should be raised is not so much            tives have just demonstrated what real
cavate, put in services and build a           that few people attend meetings of the          leadership is about. Over 11 years ago
home. Even someone earning £5,000             SDP but why do so few attend?
a year, raising £15,000 from the Bank         It would be helpful if the Independent                      Continued on NEXT PAGE

The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                                  5
Your                        Continued from
                                              was taken eight months before the elec-
                                              tion to take their money and deny them
                                              the advantages. In places blessed with
                                                                                                Some of us here at the asylum believe
                                                                                                there is a clear difference between
                                                                                                Clancy and his despicable predecessor:

                                              McDonald’s and terrorists we call that
                                              “fraud.” When people cooperate as a
                                              group to commit fraud, we call that a
                                              “criminal conspiracy.” This goes beyond
                                              the normal arrogance and secrecy that
                                                                                                Hollamby’s behaviour was more visible
                                                                                                and obvious. Both rose from anonymity
                                                                                                to international ridicule.
                                                                                                Two in a row is quite enough. Saints are
                                                                                                loyal, honourable people, not house
the then-Governor of Montserrat de-           surrounds governance in St. Helena.               slaves to series of arrogant rulers. I im-
clared a State of Emergency because           This is shameful, deplorable conduct.             plore the Overseas Territories Depart-
of the volcano crisis. We don’t hear          This is slimy colonialism at its best.            ment to send the Saints a Governor in
about it much today because it might          It appears that this conspiracy was ac-           October who cares about the people,
frighten the tourists, but the State of       tively led on a local level by Governor           their culture and their environment. I
Emergency continues to this day.              Clancy. If that is true, how does he jus-         remind them that management is a ca-
The economy is virtually dead because         tify hiding the truth from the people he          reer. Leadership is a calling.
of the uncertainty about the future, so       claims to represent? When did he first            London Reader
Montserrat is on grant-in-aid. These two      know the truth? Who benefited from his            [Reference: Ascension Islander, 1 July
factors give the Governor a great deal        deception?                                        1999]
of power. More than in St. Helena, if you
                                                                                        Taxation without representation
can imagine.
While the unsafe zone provides safety
for the residents from pyroclastic flows,
there have been renewed concerns this
week about the potential of an explosive
lateral eruption that might endanger peo-
ple in a larger radius. There are con-
flicting opinions about what to do.
Obviously, such a Governor’s leadership
qualities become vitally important. Peo-
ple must trust her, or there will be chaos.
And what is she doing this week to en-
gender the people’s trust? According to
the Montserrat Reporter she is having
secret meetings about whether to move
the safe zone boundary and evacuate
What would happen if everyone in every
corner of Montserrat knew all they            On Sunday 11 March, in Swindon, UK, St
wanted to know about the volcano, and         Helenian karate students Nicole Peters and
had open access to all the experts’ opin-     Bethany Robinson both graded successfully for
ions about it?                                the 7th time, on this occasion gaining their
                                              brown belts. The girls, both 10 years old, have
Don’t blame your elected leaders. This
                                              been students of the South England Martial Arts
is the way they have been taught by           (SEMA) Club now for nearly 2 years. Their in-
those sent to rule over you. History will     structor is Sensei Ron Collier a 4th Dan Karate
separate those who meant well from            & Kickboxing expert with over 25 years experi-
those who did well.                           ence training and teaching these skills.
It gets worse. In June of 1999 the then       The style of karate practiced by the club is Wado
Administrator of Ascension, Roger             Ryu, (         ) one of the world’s 6 major karate
Huxley, when asked about democratic           styles. On the surface Wado-Ryu looks very
rights, said that people need to be pre-      similar to other styles such as Shotokan, how-
                                              ever, to the trained eye there are very impor-
pared to contribute towards the island
                                              tant differences. For instance, a Shotokan prac-
financially and that for “proper demo-        titioner is likely to force an incoming fist out of
cratic government here, those people          the line of attack. A Wado Ryu expert, on the
taking part in the democratic process         other hand, will rather move him/herself out of
must put their money where their mouth        the line of attack while taking up a position that
is.”                                          will gain an advantage over the opponent. As
We shall overlook the concept of hav-         part of the karate lessons, SEMA students learn
ing to pay for democracy. Certain ad-         respect, strength & honour, discipline, gain
vantages were offered to the people of        more confidence and achieve a greater level
                                              of fitness. Nicole & Bethany continue to train
Ascension so that they voted to tax
                                              with the club in Swindon every week and are
themselves in order to be blessed with        already working hard toward their next grad-
a new democratic system in a new As-          ing.
cension Island. If what the ex-Council-       Contributed by Collin Peters, Swindon, UK.
lors are telling us is correct, a decision
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                                    6
 Council Resigns
Last Friday, it stood clear that Ascension Island was without an Elected Council.
One Councillor had resigned at an earlier stage and five more resigned at the end     ASCENSION ISLAND GOVERNMENT
of last week. This left the Council with only one member, Cyril Leo, out of the
original seven. The Administrator of Ascension, Mr Michael Hill said that it was      Press Release
regrettable that the Councillors had resigned but he said that he would not com-
ment on the reason for the walkout as it would be up to the councillors to give the
reasons for the resignations. As the Ascension Island Council now cannot form a       The Island Council held discussions with FCO
quorum, new elections – in some form - have to be forthcoming. The Attorney           Officials, Hugh Philpott, (Deputy Head OTD),
General for St Helena and Ascension Island, Ken Baddon, said last Friday night        Karen Moran, (St Helena and Dependencies
that “today’s events have raised constitutional issues that will be resolved over     Desk Officer) and Summiya Ahmad, (Sup-
the next few weeks”.
                                                                                      port Officer) who visited Ascension Island
JOINT RESIGNATION STATEMENT                                                           from 14-15 March. The main areas of dis-
                                                                                      cussion were the housing and business poli-
News travels fast on Ascension Island and as a result you are all now
                                                                                      cies. The Island Administrator also joined the
probably aware that the majority of Island Councillors have resigned fol-
                                                                                      lively sessions with the Island Council, which
lowing a visit by the FCO on the 14th and 15th of March. We feel very
                                                                                      were chaired by HE the Governor. The main
strongly that you as the tax paying electorate should be made aware of the
                                                                                      focus of the discussion was a draft housing
circumstances leading to a decision that for all of us was not only difficult to
                                                                                      policy, which was produced by the Island
make but disappointing in the extreme.
                                                                                      Council in 2006.
For three years Islanders were encouraged to believe that the ‘work camp’
                                                                                      The visitors also met representatives from
mentality that governed all aspects of Ascension Island was to be a thing of
                                                                                      some of the Employer Organisations and the
the past. The very fact that the fiscal regime was changed with the intro-
                                                                                      US and UK Base Commanders during their
duction of tax, that an electoral roll was established and that people were
                                                                                      two day visit. The participants made some
given a vote led us all to certain expectations. There is no doubt that the
                                                                                      good progress. The Island Council agreed
blow of the U-turn announcement in November 2005 caused all of us to
                                                                                      to draft a paper on certain aspects of the dis-
take a step back and it was difficult to see how any sort of democratic
                                                                                      cussion on housing policy and send it to the
system could continue without the introduction of basic rights. However,
                                                                                      visiting team when back in London. This will
we had undertaken to represent the public and felt that we should at least
                                                                                      be put to FCO Ministers in order to finalise
try to achieve some headway within the constraints placed upon us by
                                                                                      the policies discussed.
                                                                                      Administrator’s Office
During the FCO visit we were left in no doubt that not only were our hopes
                                                                                      Georgetown, 16th March 2007
misplaced but that we had all been misled and misinformed at every step
of the way.

Discussions with the head of the Overseas Territories Department con-
                                                                                      Islanders accuse
firmed that:
•     The decision not to allow Right of Abode, Land Tenure, Fiscal
                                                                                      Britain of betrayal
                                                                                      By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor
      Development or Social Development had been taken prior to our
                                                                                      The Telegraph 21/03/2007
      last election. In fact it was pretty much off the table as early as the
      beginning of 2005.
                                                                                      A bitter diplomatic row has broken out on a
•     Economic diversification and expansion will not be allowed which
                                                                                      south Atlantic island that played a key role in
      means that all increasing costs will have to be met by the tax payer.
                                                                                      the Falklands conflict 25 years ago.
      As a UK Dependant Territory, Ascension Island will have to comply
                                                                                      Almost the whole council on Ascension has
      with various international obligations, the majority of which will have
                                                                                      resigned in protest over Britain’s decision to
      financial implications. FCO have stated no financial help will be
                                                                                      withdraw promised rights.
      forthcoming from the UK. Taxes would have to be raised to meet
                                                                                      Islanders have accused ministers of betrayal
      these obligations.
                                                                                      and of deception - and a visit by a Foreign
•     Despite Lord Triesman’s claims to the contrary there is no other OT
                                                                                      Office delegation sent to smooth ruffled feath-
      that operates under a similar model to Ascension Island. Infact when
                                                                                      ers merely made matters worse.
      pushed the FCO could not name anywhere else in the world that
                                                                                      Ascension, a tiny volcanic island about the
      purports to have this anomalous system.
                                                                                      size of Jersey, is a UK dependency.
•     The Administrator acting alone will have the decision on housing
                                                                                      It serves as an air base for the RAF and the
      allocation, business licences, entry permits and work permits.
                                                                                      US air force and was an important refuelling
                                                                                      stop on the way to the Falklands during the
The majority of the above points were known by the Administrator and
                                                                                      war in 1982. About 1,000 people - mostly from
Governor prior to the election in 2005. Despite almost every manifesto
                                                                                      St Helena - live and work there, though they
containing aspirations contrary to this standpoint they let the election go

                                                  Continued on NEXT PAGE                                Continued on NEXT PAGE

The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                                    7
 Council Resigns
JOINT RESIGNATION STATEMENT                                                          Islanders accuse
Continued from PREVIOUS PAGE
ahead. It would have been much kinder and far more honest to have in-
                                                                                     Britain of betrayal
formed the island pre-election of this change in attitude and let the elector-       Continued from PREVIOUS PAGE
ate and the candidates make much more informed choices as to where
their votes should go or, if indeed, the election should go ahead.                   were expected to leave once their employ-
Even the FCO realised that with the introduction of taxation the need for            ment ended.
representation had to be addressed. However it is impossible to achieve              However, a few years ago, the islanders were
any effective representation that does more than simply pay lip service to           told that permanent rights of abode and prop-
the term without changing the fundamental basis upon which the island is             erty ownership would be introduced. The idea
governed and run. Unfortunately for us the FCO failed to understand this             was to create a ‘’settled society’’, with taxa-
basic point and have tried to force together two totally incompatible sys-           tion and representation for islanders. Since
tems. The situation should not, and indeed must not, continue. Without a             2002, they have elected their own seven-
commitment to real change and forward movement then they should do the               member council and set about building up
honorable thing and abolish the tax regime and return to ‘per capita’ charg-         tourism and private enterprise.
ing or a similar employment contract based system. At least then no one              A draft land register was prepared to allow
could have any illusions as to their rights or stake in the future.                  property ownership and islanders invested
Over the last sixteen months the Council has in turn been insulted and               in the hotel, petrol station and shop, previ-
ignored by FCO officials. Locally, it has proved impossible to move forward          ously Crown property or owned by the com-
on many issues due to the isolationist attitude of the local FCO official. The       mercial “users”.
one person who should have been facilitating dialogue between elected                Last year, however, the Government
representatives and FCO/HMG has simply failed to even attempt to do so.              changed its mind and said there would be
The recent press release regarding the FCO visit sums the situation up               no reforms after all.
more eloquently than we ever could. This release was made to the public              The islanders believe the American military
even though the majority of Island Council had already resigned. This head           objected to the idea of a settled community
in the sand mentality is exactly the sort of attitude that has led to the frustra-   on Ascension. The controversy has been lik-
tion felt by all Councillors. In conclusion, your elected representatives have       ened to the treatment of the Chagossian is-
been used as pawns by HMG to legitimise a regime that is questionable,               landers, forcibly removed from Diego Garcia
discriminatory, dishonest and unfavourable to the taxpayers of this island           in the Indian Ocean to make way for the
and we are no longer prepared to continue this exercise in futility.                 American air force.
                                                                                     The Ascension islanders were hoping for a
Paul Bennett, Chris Cochran, Lawson Henry, Geoff Jones,                              reconsideration but after last week’s visit from
Caroline Yon. March 2007                                                             the Foreign Office five of the councillors re-
                                                                                     They are now threatening to withhold taxes
                                                                                     because they have no rights or proper rep-
                                                                                     In a statement, the councillors said: ‘’During
                                                                                     the FCO visit we were left in no doubt that
                                                                                     not only were our hopes misplaced but that
                                                                                     we had all been misled and misinformed at
                                                                                     every step of the way.”
                                                                                     Lord Triesman, the foreign office minister,
                                                                                     told parliament last year that the reforms were
                                                                                     dropped because of the contingent financial
                                                                                     liabilities that British taxpayers would face if
                                                                                     they had to bail out the islanders.
                                                                                     Geoffrey Fairhurst, a former administrator of
                                                                                     Ascension, said last night: “Ministers should
                                                                                     be ashamed.”

The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                                    8
 Council Resigns
     The following letters from the councillors of Ascension have been
  submitted for publication in the St Helena Independent and The Islander
To The Electorate of Ascension                Resignation Statement by Caroline           Submission by Ex-Councillor
Island                                        Yon                                         Paul Bennett.
You will have by now learnt that I have       It was with extreme disappointment and
resigned from my position as a mem-           reluctance hat I found it necessary to      Dear Governor,
ber of the Ascension Island Council.          tender in resignation as an island Coun-    Regrettably, I am obliged to resign from
I set out the reasons for this in my letter   cillor last week. I dislike leaving a job   the Ascension Island Council and con-
of resignation to HE the Governor and         half done and, as many of you know,         sequently the Finance Committee.
which are reiterated in a joint Press Re-     I’m sucker for a lost cause. However,       With progress in the past few months
lease issued with four of my fellow           being a Councillor brings certain respon-   being minimal this decision had been
Councillors who resigned at the time.         sibilities and a duty not only serve the    contemplated but was delayed in antici-
This was not an easy decision but one         taxpaying electorate and represent them     pation of the visit by FCO officials, in the
that I felt I needed to make as to have       to the best of my ability but not to mis-   hope that there might be some improve-
carried on would have meant I was as-         lead them and raise false expectation.      ments envisaged to enhance the quality
sisting to legitimise a democracy that        By remaining on the Council I would ef-     of life for the people that live and work
doesn’t really exist on Ascension Island.     fectively be legitimising a system that     here. However, it has been made clear
In my view this would not have been in        had no possibility of ever developing or    during discussions with the FCO team
your best interest and frankly is contrary    significantly improving the framework       that no future developments on Ascen-
to the principles for which I stood for       under which people are expected to live.    sion Island will be supported by HMG,
election in the first place.                  I cannot in good conscience continue.       except of course those that may benefit
 Recent events were in stark contrast         It is a shame to give no hope but it is     the ‘Users’. I certainly believe the people
to the expectations I had following a         responsible to raise hope. The demo-        of Ascension and in particular the locals
message to the first Island Council from      cratic system as envisaged by HMG/          subject to direct and/or indirect taxes are
the Foreign and Commonwealth Office           FCO means no rights, no stake in the        entitled to a decent standard of life within
Minister for the British Overseas Terri-      island and no influence in the important    the political framework laid out by the
tories, Baroness Amos, when she wrote:        issues. This is no charge from the “com-    ministers. It is against my political and
“I wanted to send my congratulations to       pany town” model most of us are famil-      moral principles to continue in the coun-
you following your election as Council-       iar with. The big difference now is you,    cillor role when I believe it is a tool used
lors to the first Island Council on Ascen-    the taxpayer and not the companies, will    solely to legitimise the taxation process
sion Island. I am pleased that island         be expected to pay for any increased        here. It paints a pretty picture and gives
residents have been actively involved         financial burden to AIG brought about       the administration a shield to hide behind
in the moves to democratic representa-        by decisions made by our absentee           but it has become increasingly difficult, if
tion, which led to the vote on 1st Novem-     landlord 4000 miles away. It does not       not impossible, for me to justify to the
ber. This is an historic step for the is-     matter how often the FCO want to pro-       electorate the benefits of them now hav-
land. You will play an important role in      test that we have a democracy (albeit a     ing to pay tax.
shaping the future of Ascension Island.       limited one); as President Roosevelt        The ‘company island’ that once existed,
I hope that Councillors will work in close    once said “Repetition does not transport    whilst being less than ideal, remained
partnership with the Governor and the         a lie into a truth”.                        open and truthful as everyone knew
Administrator for the benefit of the is-      It has being an honour to represent the     where they stood and it was generally
land”. I did sincerely hope that we could     island taxpayers over the last four and a   accepted that the companies called the
have worked for the true and proper rep-      half years and I have been lucky to have    shots. Now we pay tax but are still re-
resentation of the democratic process         alongside enthusiastic and dedicated        strained in our endeavour to instigate
on Ascension Island, but our efforts were     Elected Representatives (during both        small changes that will enable significant
blocked every step of the way by the          terms). I now look rd to spending time      enrichment for our society. I am con-
very office that introduced the change        with my family who deserves medals for      vinced that with some empathy on be-
in the first place                            being so supportive for my Council work     half of the government reasonable meas-
In closing I would like to place on record    over the last few years.                    ures can still be taken to alleviate some
my thanks and appreciation to all of you      Caroline Yon                                of the difficulties faced by taxpayers. It is
who have supported me over the last 5         Georgetown                                  only fair to reveal the truth, that the ‘Us-
years while I was a Councillor and who        March 07                                    ers’ still hold all the cards and the coun-
voted me in on two general elections.                                                     cil is simply a puppet with the strings held
Yours despondently                                                                        by the government. While I accept that
Lawson A Henry
19th March 2007                                                                                       Continued on NEXT PAGE
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                                 9
Letters continued from PREVIOUS PAGE

the council cannot expect to have all           i)     that it was (and is) well known that   only does this circumnavigate democ-
their suggestions met favourably, on the        I favour the granting of right of abode to    racy until a very late stage in policy de-
contrary, I will not settle for zero devel-     the population of Ascension,                  velopment, but it has also created an
opment initiatives and take ownership of        ii)    that I wrote a “Councillor’s diary”    atmosphere in which I felt unable to pro-
policies that will not benefit but rather       page in the Islander whilst I was on the      duce an equivalent of the “Councillor’s
hinder the population. It is my personal        first Council and people anticipated I        diary” column as I had done during my
opinion that we are no better off today         would do the same if re-elected,              time on the first council.
than we were before the tax regime              iii)   that it was (and is) well known that   The trigger for my resignation came last
started, in fact I’m afraid to say we are       I have a deep affection for Ascension         week when Councillors were told of
worse off for it. The efforts by my fellow      and its people and wish the Island and        HMG’s vision for Ascension which is to
councillors are admired and I wish them         its society to develop as far as is possi-    maintain the status quo on Ascension
much luck as they continue to struggle          ble.                                          for the benefit of those organisations
within the ‘limited’ democratic model in        Within weeks of the election we were          already here and that neither social nor
which we operate.                               informed, by decree, that the right of        economic developments were to be fa-
Regards,                                        abode was to be denied to us. Clearly         cilitated. Now that it has become ap-
Paul Bennett.                                   this decision had been taken by HMG           parent that the Council will not be per-
As a final note I would like to acknowl-        prior to the election on Ascension and        mitted to lead the development of As-
edge the people that voted for me and           in my mind invalidated those elections;       cension and indeed that Ascension will
gave me their support since I became            I considered resigning from the Council       not develop at all, I feel that I would be
elected. Thank you for your understand-         at that point but decide instead to fight     misleading the Electorate were I to con-
ing. I think it is true to say my worst fears   the decision with my fellow Councillors       tinue as a Councillor, hence my resig-
have been realised.                             ultimately via the asking of over 30 par-     nation.
                                                liamentary questions concerning the           I would like to thank those that voted
                                                decision and its consequences. Finally        for me in the election, it was an honour
                                                having reconciled myself to the fact that     to represent you; I would like to thank
To the Electorate of Ascension,                 right of abode would not be granted in        my fellow Councillors for their hard work
It is with the deepest regret that I write      the near or medium term I resolved to         and good humour in trying circum-
to inform you of my resignation from the        continue on the Council to assist in pro-     stances, it was an honour to serve on
Ascension Island Council.                       gressing social and economic develop-         the Council with you; and I would like to
I stood for election to the second As-          ments on Ascension.                           thank Sandra Benjamin for all of the as-
cension Island Council on the basis that        Since then continual pressure has been        sistance she has given to all of the
it would build upon the progress made           put on Councillors not to communicate         Councillors.
by the first Council, and I believe that        directly with members of the Electorate       Yours sincerely
those of the Electorate who voted for me        prior to the formation and release of         Geoff Jones
did so for one of three reasons;                agreed policies or draft ordinances; not

                                                                                              Swearing in of
                                                                                              Acting Governor
                                                                                              Last Friday morning, Ethel Yon, Acting
                                                                                              Chief Secretary, was sworn in as Acting
                                                                                              Governor of St Helena and its Depend-
                                                                                              encies. The appointment runs until 10
                                                                                              April 2007. The ceremony took place in
                                                                                              the Library at Plantation House and the
                                                                                              Oaths of Office were administered by the
                                                                                              Sheriff, Pat Musk, JP MBE, and the
                                                                                              blessing was given by Bishop John. The
                                                                                              Acting Governor appointment has been
                                                                                              made because Governor Clancy is cur-
                                                                                              rently away from the Island. The Gover-
                                                                                              nor departed St Helena on 6 March to
                                                                                              attend meetings on Ascension and in the
                                                                                              UK. Governor Clancy returns to St
                                                                                              Helena on 15 April 2007 via Ascension
                                                                                              Public Relations/Information Office
                                                                                              Office of the Chief Secretary
                                                                                              16 March 2007

The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                                 10
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007   11
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007   12
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007   13
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007   14
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007   15
         PUBLIC WORKS                                                                Solomon & Company (St Helena) Plc
                                                                                        Prosperity Through Partnership
           & SERVICES                                                    Solomon & Company (St Helena) Plc have vacan-
                                                                                cies for two Clerical Assistants.
          DEPARTMENT                                                            Secretarial Assistant
                                                                        A Secretarial Assistant is required to work within their
  Contractors who are registered on the ‘standing list’                 Secretariat Department. The successful applicant should
  for Miscellaneous Minor Works and interested in                       have a good command of English, good organisational
  the following Contracts are invited to apply for                      and IT skills with knowledge of word processing and ex-
  inclusion on a select list of Tenders to bid for one or               cel, a clear and pleasant telephone manner and willing to
  both of the works:                                                    be part of a small but busy team.
                                                                        For further details, please contact Miss Marilyn Johnson,
  1.   Construction of a Semi-detached GLH                              the Senior Secretary on tel no: 2380.
  Bachelors Flats at Ropery Field “A” Block.
  2.   Construction of a Semi-detached GLH
  Bachelors Flats at Ropery Field “B” Block.                            Mercantile Clerical Assistant
                                                                        The Mercantile Department is seeking to recruit a Cleri-
  These Contracts will be awarded on the ICE                            cal Assistant to support the General Manager (Mercan-
  Conditions of Contract (Minor Works 2nd Edition) with                 tile). The ideal candidate should be flexible, have a good
  the normal Public Works & Services Department                         command of English, good organisational and IT skills
  amendments.                                                           with knowledge of word processing and excel, good com-
                                                                        munication skills and a pleasant and helpful personality.
  Written “expressions of interest” should reach the                    For further details about this position, please contact Mrs
  Manager/HoD, Public Works & Services Department                       Linda Richards, General Manager (Mercantile) on tel no:
  by 16:00hrs on Tuesday 27th March 2007.                               2104. Application forms may be collected from Solomons
                                                                        Cashier’s Office and should be completed and returned
  For further information, contact Keith Moyce on                       to the Human Resources Manager, Solomons Office by
  telephone 2470 extension 233.                                         Friday, 30 March 2007. Please include an up to date CV
                                                                        and contact number.”

                                                                       To a special little
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         1. French’s Gut Water Project: Install LV 3 phase               Auntie Megan
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         to the new pumping station in French’s Gut,                    Papa Raymond
         approximate distance 800 metres.                              Uncle David and
                                                                          Auntie Pat
         2. Ruperts Power Station: Relocate the over
         head lines in the vicinity of the proposed new
         workshop into HV service duct.
                                                                       To my special son
         3. Molly’s Gut Water Project: Install HV 3 phase                 Christo Blake
         overhead line from Distribution Sub-Station 46                 Happy 2nd birth-
         to the new pumping station in Molly’s Gut,                       day for today
         approximately 2000 metres.                                      I hope you will
                                                                        enjoy your party
  “Expressions of interest” should reach the Manager/HoD,               And have lots of
  Public Works & Services Department in writing by                        nice presents
  16:00hrs on Friday 30th March 2007.                                       Love from
                                                                          Your mummy

The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                                  16
                                                                              TY BY ON
                                                                            ERLE TI
                                                                         O SA AUC
                                                                       PR R IC
                                                                        FO L B

                                                                       The sale of Hutt’s Gate Store will take place by
                                                                        Public Auction at Hutt’s Gate TOMORROW,
                                                                               Saturday 24th March at 11 a.m.
                                                                               Viewings are between 10 -11am
                                                                       Contact Eric Benjamin, Auctioneer, on telephone
                                                                       (0290) 2354 or by email to marriots@helanta.sh

The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                      17
     APPLICATION FOR                                                                      Vacancies for Mechanics
                                                                                               Transport Division

   WORK PERMIT                                                                                     The Transport Division
                                                                                                    of the Public Works &
                                                                                                     Services Department
  Notice is hereby given that Mrs Lorna                                                               is seeking to recruit
                                                                                                       a Mechanic to work
  Wastell of Red Gate House, St Paul’s,                                                                in the Garage
  has applied for a Work Permit to en-                                                                  Complex at Donkey
  able her to produce and sell items of                                                                The main duties of
  craftware, for a period of three years                                                               the post is to
                                                                                                      properly maintain a
  on a self-employed basis.                                                                          fleet of vehicles and
                                                                                                   heavy plant equipment
  Any objections to the granting of the                                                           to meet the demands of
                                                                                               the government of St
  above Work Permit may be lodged, in                                                     Helena in the pursuit of its
  writing, with the Secretary, Immigration                             business and to ensure that Health and Safety
                                                                       becomes a fully integrated part of the management
  Control Board at the Office of the Chief                             and staff in the working environment.
  Secretary, The Castle, by 16 April                                   For further details and a full job description,
                                                                       interested persons should contact Mr Brian Thomas,
  2007.                                                                Garage Manager on Tel No 3065.
  C A George (Mrs)
  Secretary                                                            Applications should be submitted to the Manager/
                                                                       HoD, PW&SD by Friday 30 March 2007.
  Immigration Control Board

                                                 A highly recommended service provider
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The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                       18
A good home for 3 nice cats
                                                    The public is advised that the Traffic Section at Police
                                               Headquarters will close for business on Friday 30th March from
                                               12 noon and all day on Saturday 31th of March, but will open for
approximately 5 or 6 years                       normal business hours on Wednesday 28th March. This is to
old. All have been sprayed
                                                enable the usual end of financial year transactions to be made.
and neutered. Please leave
                                                      Any inconvenience caused is very much regretted.
    a message at 4491

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The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                               19
   Party Night Café St Helena
    Tonight                                                                will be open for
                                                                       Sunday lunch
   at the Café St Helena                                               where roast pork and roast
       Free Vodka Punch with food order                                  lamb will be on offer
     Food: Tapas – strips of Sirloin Steak,
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    fish or chicken, with 4 dips – hot chilli,                           Booking is advised, call 2896.
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 For Sale is Firewood                                                                     To Jessica O’Bey who
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                                                                            Birthday wishes to Chloe
                                                                       Wainwright for her 11th birthday
                                                                        on Tuesday 27th March. We love
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                                                                       you this year, lots and lots of love
                                                                        from Daddy, Nanna and all your
   Please call Melanie or                                                  family and friends here in
   David on 2944 or 2896.                                                     Seaton Carew, U.K.
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                           20
        Press Releases
Arrival of Ascension Profile:Lorna A. Drummond
                       Year of Call: 1998
Crown Counsel
The new Crown Counsel for Ascension, Mrs           Devil Masters: D.C. Rae; Sheriff W.J. Totten; Sheriff N.C.
Lorna Drummond, will arrive on Ascension           Stewart
on Friday 23rd March, accompanied by her
husband and two children. As Crown Coun-           Qualifications: LL.B., University of Glasgow 1989; M.Phil.,
sel, Mrs Drummond will (unlike the previ-
                                                   University of Cambridge 1990; Dip. L.P., University of Ed-
ous Legal Adviser) be a full time Govern-
ment Lawyer; she will not provide advice di-       inburgh 1991
rect to the public, but will (provided there is
no conflict of interest) be available to assist    Biography:
the Ascension Lay Advocates. The Attor-            Lorna Drummond was formerly Assistant Scottish Parliamentary Counsel and As-
ney General, Ken Baddon commented: “I              sistant Legal Secretary to the Scottish Law Officers. She was appointed Standing
am delighted to welcome Mrs Drummond               Junior to the Home Office in 2002. She specialises in administrative/constitutional
to the legal team, and am sure she will be         law and commercial litigation. She has appeared in arbitrations, planning inquiries,
an asset to the Ascension Island Govern-           the Land Court/Tribunal, Registration Appeal Court, Sheriff Courts, Inner and Outer
ment.” Before departure for his current busi-
                                                   House of the Court of Session and the House of Lords.
ness trip, Governor Clancy agreed in prin-
ciple (subject to passages being available)
that the Attorney General should make a            Cases:
short visit to Ascension soon after Crown          Instructed in approx 50 judicial review cases last year.
Counsel’s arrival, to carry out induction brief-
ing. Passages have now been confirmed,             Publications:
and Mr Baddon will leave St. Helena on 3rd         Drafted primary legislation for Scottish Parliament/Scottish Law Commission and
April on the MV Hebridean Spirit; he will re-      secondary legislation for Tribunals and Courts.
turn on the RMS St. Helena, arriving James-
town on Sunday April 15th. During this trip,
he will continue to manage St. Helena work,
except that which requires personal attend-        Appointed member of panel to the Non-Executive Bills Drafting Unit of the Scottish
ance at meetings.                                  Parliament since 2000.
Public Relations/Information Office                Member of sub-committees of the Faculty of Advocates (Scottish Parliament Regu-
Office of the Chief Secretary                      latory Procedure Inquiries Sub-Committee and Inquiry into private legislation pro-
22 March 2007                                      cedure by the Scottish Parliament.)
                                                                                                           winning the draw.
                                                                                                           The Staff Officer said that St
                                                                                                           Helena has always recog-
                                                                                                           nised the contribution the St
                                                                                                           Helenian crew made. He
                                                                                                           added that it was nice to see
                                                                                                           that the Falkland Island Gov-
                                                                                                           ernment was also recognis-
                                                                                                           ing the Island’s contribution.
                                                                                                           Nine St Helenians were inter-
                                                                                                           ested in visiting the Islands
                                                                                                           but financially, it was not pos-
                                                                                                           sible to send all. The Falkland
                                                                                                           Islands Government is spon-
                                                                                                           soring Patrick and William’s
                                                                                                           visit in recognition of St
 Two St Helenians to Participate in Falklands Anniversary                                      Helena’s involvement.
Two St Helenians will travel to the Falk-                                                      Part of the criteria for this visit was that
                                                   Islands on Tuesday afternoon at the         individuals should not have been to the
land Islands to commemorate the Is-                Small Court House in Jamestown. The
lands 25th Anniversary of liberation, fol-                                                     Falklands since 1982.
                                                   Acting Governor, Ethel Yon, announced       The visit is to take place in June of this
lowing the Argentinean Invasion. The St            the names, which were drawn from the
Helenians are Patrick Williams of                                                              year.
                                                   hat by Miss St Helena, Tiffany Plato.       Public Relations/Information Office
Gordon’s Post and William George of                Staff Officer, Amias Moores and Senior
Half Tree Hollow. Patrick and William                                                          Office of the Chief Secretary
                                                   Assistant Secretary, Leeanne Henry,         21 March 2007
have not visited the Falklands since               were also in attendance along with
1982.                                              members of the media who verified the
Both men were part of the RMS volun-               process.
teer crew who travelled to the Falk-               The Acting Governor extended con-           Photo: Volunteer Crew 1982 by Bob Wilson
land’s. They were selected to re-visit the         gratulations to Patrick and William on      Picture courtesy of St Helena National trust
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                                          21
                                                                              Cricket Continues on NEXT PAGE

                                                                       Golf Club news
                                                                       On Saturday and Sunday the 36 hole
                                                                       ‘Charles Duncan Challenge Cup’ was
                                                                       played and 25 players took part.
                                                                       The winner was Antonio Green with
 The Public Health & Social Services Department has vacancies for      73 and runner-up was Bobby Crowie
                                                                       with 72.
 Temporary Nursing Assistants.
                                                                       On Saturday the 2 Ball Pool winners
 For further information, interested persons are asked to contact      were John Cranfield; Brian Coleman
 Miss Shirley Anderson, Senior Nursing Manager on telephone no         and Joan Thomas and on Sunday
 2500. Application forms, which are available from the department      Leon Crowie; Jack Horner; Paddo
 should be completed and submitted to the Chief Administrator,
                                                                       Johnson; Shotty Green; Bobby Crowie
 Health & Social Services Officer by Thursday, 29 March 2007
                                                                       and Brian Turpin.
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                         22
                                                                                              To Aunt Freda, Uncle John, Uncle Tex,
                                                                                                   Aunt May, Nanny NoreenAnd
                                                                                                    All the family on St Helena,
                                                                                               So sorry to hear of the passing away of
                                                                                             our very special Great -grandmother and
                                                                                              Grandmother,dearest ‘mum Emily Van-
                                                                                              guard. Sadly we cant be with you at this
                                                                                             time and words of comfort are difficult to
                                                                                               find but our thoughts are with you all.
                                                                                                       With deepest sympathy
                                                                                              Sharon, Ivy,Leslie,Rob,Terry and all the
                                                                                                            family in uk.

Cricket Fixtures
START TIME     TEAMS PLAYING                                  UMPIRES                ORGANISER                TEAMS          CAPTAIN
24 March                                                                                                      Longwood       Dax Richards
09:30hrs       Longwood      v          Jamestown             Les B & Darren I       PatrickHenry Tel: 4456   Jamestown      Gavin George
13:30hrs       Blue Hill     v          Levelwood             Jerry R & David G                               Blue Hill      Ronald Williams
                                                                                                              Levelwood      David Francis
25 March                                                                                                      St Paul’s      Eddie Duff
09:30hrs       St Paul’s     v          Half Tree Hollow      Alan T & Gavin G                                HTH            Jerry Roberts
13:30hrs       Sandy Bay     v          Longwood              Jackie L & Gilbert Y                            Sandy Bay       Ian Williams

(a) In the event of an umpire being unable to meet his scheduled appointment he should first contact the following who have agreed to do
stand in’s
Lionel Leo         4918              Derek Thomas 3647                   Nicky Stevens 2034/3623              John Joshua    2780
(b) Organiser’s duties
(i) Remind Umpires of their appointment. Umpires are responsible for arranging their own substitute.
(ii) Make sure that the score book & equipment like chalk, pencils and sharpener are delivered to Francis Plain each Saturday morning
(III)At the end of the last game on each Sunday collect or arrange for the score book to be delivered to Derek Richards

Jamestown Community Centre                                                  Skittles Godfathers Rock Club
6-A-Side Skittles Results                                                   15/03/07      Has Beens – 443       WON       Lucky Strikes – 431
                                                                            Highest Score Inez Richards 56                Doreen Thomas 54
12/03/07      Oldies But Goldies – 338         WON     Alcometers - 320
Highest Score Peter Williams 64                        Gary Corker 59                     Rowdies - 422         WON       Happy Go Luckys – 420
                                                       Clarrisa Osborne 59 Highest Score Bessie Peters 52                 Eugene Williams 53
Highest Spare Sheila Richards 15                       Clarissa Osborne 9
                                                       Kerry Furniss 9     20/03/07       Old Timers – 445      WON       Left Overs – 423
                                                                           Highest Score Dwayne Osborne 14                Diana Fowler 52
              6 Pak – 350                      WON     Veterans – 326      Highest Spare Cyril George 15
Highest Score Larry Clifford 63                        Pat LeBreton 62
Highest Spare Ann Andrews 13                           Simon Johnson 12
              John Lawrence 13                                             FIXTURES
                                                                           Tuesday 27th March
14/03/07      Never Readys 356                 WON     Weakest Links 327 8:00pm           Has Beens             vs               Rowdies
Highest Score Fred Johnson 64                          Leigh Richards 58
Highest Spare Melanie Osborne 15                                           Thursday 29th March
                                                                           7:30pm         Happy Go Luckys       vs               Left Overs
              Ruthy’s Angels 353               WON     Choc N Nuts 313
              Paula Stevens 71                         Shelly Thomas 57    9:30pm         Lucky Strikes         vs               Never Readys
                                                       Clayton Thomas 57
Highest Spare Paula Stevens 17, 14, 9                  Clayton Thomas 10

The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                                            23
Enter tainment this weekend
                               Consulate Hotel
                                              Friday Night
                                               Disco in the Main Bar with DJ
                                                                                         Friday- Sundowners and music videos on deck
                                                                                         Saturday- Children’s disco. On deck there will be
                                                  Saturday Night
                                                                                         mixed music
                                                  Disco in the Main Bar with
                                                  DJ Cameron
                                                                                         Sunday- Robbie’s
                                                                                         Disco on


                                                                                         Please note
                                                                                         there will
                                                                                         not be a
                              Friday night – fish fry for members only.                  children’s
                              Music by Peter fuller and Charlie.                         disco next
                              If anyone who would like to become a member then           weekend.
                              you can be on the night
                              Saturday night – Live music by king George and friends

       Press Releases
                                                                                 bilities, implement agreed strategies and lead major invest-
New Head of Energy Division                                                      ment projects relating to energy.
Selected                                                                         In related news, the Energy Division will soon see the return
                                                                                 of Colin Anthony from successful overseas training. Colin has
Simon Oliver has been selected as Head of the Energy Divi-                       completed an Authorised Persons Electrical Training course
sion. Simon is the current post holder and has been carrying                     with Schneider Electrical Limited in Chippenham. He has also
out this role since his arrival in 2004. He reapplied earlier this               completed a Wind Turbine Course with Wind Energy Solu-
year.                                                                            tions in the Netherlands and has successfully passed all ex-
                                                                                 aminations. Colin will return to St Helena shortly and he will
The Department For International Development is funding                          take on the role of Senior Engineer in the Energy Division.
this key post, and Simon commences his new contract on 1
April 2007.                                                                      Anders Bowers is also in the UK taking an access course to
Before working on St Helena, Simon was an Operations and                         a BTech First Diploma in Engineering. Anders is studying with
Maintenance Manager with Interserve Defence Limited on                           Highbury College in Portsmouth. Anders is making excellent
the Falkland Islands. He has also worked as a Maintenance                        progress with his studies and his tutor commented that he
Manager for MITIE Engineering, and as an Electrical Engi-                        has performed exceptionally well in his first year. He will re-
neer for Southern Electric in the UK.                                            turn to the Energy Division as a Senior Electrician.
Simon has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic and                         Public Relations/Information Office
Electrical Engineering and has completed various other post-                     Office of the Chief Secretary
graduate courses.                                                                22 March 2007
As Head of Energy, Simon will take on managerial responsi-
The St Helena Independent Volume II, Issue 16 Friday 23rd March 2007                                                                         24

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