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					Dennis Crehan
             Over 18 years experience in software and systems engineering with over three years in
Summary      leadership positions. Competent in all development phases using both structured and
             object-oriented methodologies. Software experience in the areas of enterprise
             management systems, telemetry data processing; database design; embedded systems;
             digital image processing; simulation; automated planning and scheduling; graphical data
             editors; compilers for special-purpose languages. Systems engineering experience
             includes requirements engineering, system architecture analysis, performance and
             feasibility analysis, interface definition, implementation planning, and test planning.

             Leadership skills, developed as task lead for three projects, include project planning and
             scheduling, reviewing technical quality, tracking and reporting status, coordinating
             activity, mitigating risk, interfacing with customers, and acting as mentor and technical
             information resource.

             Programming experience with: Assembly (various), C, C++, FORTRAN, Java,
             LISP/Flavors, Pascal, Perl, and others. Also familiar with Ada, Prolog, and Smalltalk.

             Extensive UNIX/LINUX design and programming experience with Solaris, IRIX, Red
             Hat, HP-UX. Experience in Windows and Macintosh environments as well.

             Experience using: Ingres and Oracle DBMSs, NCSA HDF Library, CORBA (Orbix and
             Visibroker), RogueWave (including net and DB tools), VxWorks. Familiar with J2EE.

Experience   2/00-present                Telenetics, Inc.                       Alexandria, VA
             Senior Systems Analyst
             Senior software architect and systems engineer for the Naval Research Lab’s
             Enterprise Initiatives program – a program that applies innovative, distributed, and
             collaborative computing technologies to provide solutions for the intelligence community.
             Technologies include J2EE and CORBA. Accomplishments include system requirements
             specifications, interface definition, system and software design, software implementation,
             and verification and validation specification and conduct. Technical lead for Telenetics’
             team members. Additional lead roles as required in various projects.

             8/90–2/00                  Lockheed-Martin                       Seabrook, MD
             Software Quality Engineer
             Hubble Space Telescope Control Center System Management Subsystem team
             member. Defined a formal language for specifying the enterprise configuration and
             developed a compiler to produce control and monitoring scripts. Developed a graphical
             editor for a Tivoli knowledge base. Acted as UNIX expertise resource.
             NASA Renaissance Test Bed team member. Developed a CORBA-based telemetry
             distribution service.
             Landsat 7 Telemetry Data Processing System – Software Task Lead for Design
             Phase, Subsystem Task Lead for Build 3, Systems Engineer. Led a team of sixteen
             developers during design and three developers during Build 3. Contributed to system
             design spec. Specified software performance requirements. Performed software
             requirements analysis for two subsystems. Authored the operations scenarios for the
             software requirements spec. Identified reuse candidates. Prototyped HDF file formats for
             output products. Performed impact analyses for requested enhancements. Maintained
             Operations Concept, System Design Spec., Build Implementation Plan, and Operations
             Scenarios. Authored Release 1 User’s Guide (received written commendation from
                        NASA customer for the document’s quality).
                        NASA Packet Processor II telemetry processing system systems engineering team
                        member. Measured network performance to identify bottlenecks. Developed technical
                        performance measurement plan. Drafted security plan. Received written commendation
                        for quality of security plan draft.
                        NASA Spacelab Data Processing Facility Centralized Information System systems
                        engineering team member and software task lead. Led a team of two software
                        engineers. Specified interprocess synchronization mechanisms. Performed feasibility
                        study for automated data transfer and report generation. Specified system performance
                        requirements. Wrote ICDs. Collaborated on unit design standards. Authored project
                        guidelines for design in a concurrent environment. Received written commendation from
                        NASA, a STAR award from my employer, and a Peer Recognition award from the prime
                        Software developer for prototype automated scheduler and companion scheduling
                        request language for a NASA research project. Implemented advanced scheduling
                        features. Collaborated on operations concept document. Authored the technical portion
                        of the lessons learned document.

                        9/84-8/90                  Telenetics, Inc.                       Landover, MD
                        Senior Member of the Technical Staff
                        Test software engineer. Developed test equipment software for Naval Research
                        Laboratory’s next generation command and telemetry system.
                        Principal software engineer for NRL’s C&T system’s operating system. Specified
                        preliminary design. Led a team of four developers through detailed design
                        Software development support for KRS Remote Sensing. Implemented assorted
                        image processing programs. Developed image archive query software. Prototyped image
                        processing component configuration and purchase order generation software. Designed
                        order tracking database. Performed detailed analysis for VMS to UNIX transport of the
                        Meridian Image Processing System.
                        Software developer for NRL satellite flight software. Developed experiment data
                        compression strategies, special device tests, RAM error recovery strategy, start-up
                        memory tests. Optimized time-critical portions of software delivered by other
                        Software designer/developer for NRL satellite microprocessor simulator, including
                        assembler, debugger, and satellite component simulators.
                        University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA - Computer Science

                        The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. - Philosophy

                        ABD**, M.A, B.A

Clearance               Top Secret/SCI

    Departmental degree requirements exceeded; University general study requirements still pending.
    All But Dissertation. All Ph.D. requirements satisfied except submission and defense of dissertation.

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