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									Commodity Codes

05        Acoustical Tile, Insulating Materials, And Supplies

06        Actuarial Services

10        Aggregate Supply. eg. Sand, gravel etc

15        Air Compressors And Accessories
          Air Conditioning, Heating, And Ventilating: Equipment, Parts And
25        Amusement, Decorations, Entertainment, Toys, Etc.
           Animals, Birds, Marine Life, And Poultry, Including Accessory Items
35        Answering Services – after hours calls

40        Appliances And Equipment, Household Type

43        Appraisal Services – Real Estate
          Architectural Services, Professional (SEE CONSULTING-
46        Arena – ice resurfacing machines, ice painting equipment and supplies

47        Arena – miscellaneous equipment and accessories

48        Arena – Rinkboards, glass and netting

49        Arena – Scoreboard

50        Art Equipment And Supplies

54        Asphalt, pulverizing and cold in place resurfacing.

55        Asphalt Supply – hot and cold mix

60        Asphalt/Concrete Crushing Service

63        Auction Services
64    Audio Visual Equipment and Supplies

65    Automotive Accessories For Automobiles, Buses, Trucks, Etc.

70    Automotive Bodies, Accessories, And Parts

75    Automotive Shop Equipment And Supplies

80    Automotive Vehicles And Related Transportation Equipment

85    Badges, Emblems, Name Tags And Plates, Jewelry, Etc.

90    Bags, Bagging, Ties, And Erosion Control Equipment

95    Barrels, Drums, Kegs, And Containers

100   Boats, Motors, And Marine And Wildlife Supplies

105   Bookbinding Supplies

110   Bookbinding, Rebinding, And Repairing

115   Bridges and Tunnels

120   Bricks And Other Clay Products, Refractory Materials, And Stone

125   Builder's Supplies

130   Building Construction Services, New

135   Building Maintenance And Repair Services

140   Buildings And Structures: Fabricated And Prefabricated

145   Cafeteria And Kitchen Equipment, Commercial

146   Canvas Products and Tarpaulins

150   Cellular Phones

151   Cemetery Supplies, Equipment and Special Services

155   Chemical Laboratory Equipment And Supplies
160   Chemicals And Solvents, Commercial (In Bulk)
      Clocks, Timers, Watches, And Jewelers' And Watchmakers' Tools And
170   Clothing, Athletic, Casual, Dress, Uniform, Weather Related, Work

175   Communications And Media Related Services

180   Computer Accessories And Supplies

183   Computer Cabling and Wiring

185   Computer Hardware And Peripherals For Microcomputers

190   Computer Software For Microcomputers (Preprogrammed)

      Computer Wireless – voice and data (SEE WIRELESS)

193   Concrete, Sidewalk Curb and Gutter (including mudjacking)
      Concrete And Metal Culverts, Pilings, Septic Tanks, Accessories And
      Supplies – manholes and catch basins
200   Concrete Saw Cutting

201   Concrete Supply

205   Construction Services, General

209   Consulting Services – Electrical/Mechanical

210   Consulting Services – Engineering/Planning

215   Consulting Services - Architectural

216   Consulting Services – Human Resources

218   Consulting Services – Management, Human Services Issues
       Controlling, Indicating, Measuring, Monitoring, And Recording
      Instruments And Supplies
225   Coolers, Drinking Water (Water Fountains)
230   Crafts, supplies and daycamp equipment

235   Cutlery, Dishes, Flatware, Glassware, Trays, Utensils, And Supplies

240   Data Processing, Computer, And Software Services

245   Decals And Stamps

246   Demolition

250   Draperies, Curtains, And Upholstery Material (Including Automobile)

255   Drugs And Pharmaceuticals

260   Educational Services and Staff Training Facilitators

265   Electrical Contractors

270   Electrical Equipment And Supplies (Except Cable And Wire)
      Electronic Components, Replacement Parts, And Accessories: And
      Miscellaneous Electronic Equipment (Not For Testing Or Analyzing)
280   Elevators And Escalators, Building Type

283   Energy – Audits, Retrofits and Related Products and Services
      Engineering Equipment, Surveying Equipment, Drawing Instruments,
      And Supplies
290   Entertainment – buskers, clowns, comedians etc.

295   Envelopes, Plain Or Printed

300   Environmental And Ecological Services and Consultants
      Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning, And Repair Services - General
310   Excavating and Grading

312   Fabricating and Welding

315   Fencing
320   Fertilizers And Soil Conditioners

325   Financial Services and Consulting

328   Fire-Defibrillators

329   Fire Fighting vehicles and related equipment

330   Fire Protection Equipment And Supplies

332   Fire – Emergency Equipment and Provisions
      First Aid And Safety Equipment And Supplies (Except Nuclear And
340   Flags, Flag Poles, Banners, And Accessories
      Floor Covering, Floor Covering Installation And Removal Equipment,
      And Supplies
350   Foods, Frozen

355   Foods: Bakery Products (Fresh)

360   Foods: Dairy Products (Fresh)

365   Foods: Perishable

370   Foods: Staple Grocery And Grocer's Miscellaneous Items
      Forms, Continuous: Computer Paper, Form Labels, Snap-Out Forms,
      And Folders For Forms
380   Foundry Castings, Equipment, And Supplies

385   Fuel, Oil, Grease And Lubricants and Propane
      Furniture: Cafeteria, Chapel, Dormitory, Household, Library, Lounge,
395   Furniture: Office

400   Gases, Containers, Equipment: Laboratory, Medical, And Welding

405   Hardware And Related Items
407   Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Contractors and Supplies

410   Hospital, Surgical, And Related Medical Accessories And Sundry Items

415   Human Services, contracted labour and search firms.

420   Insurance, All Types

423   Irrigation, sprinkler systems etc.

424   Janitorial Services and Building Maintenance

425   Janitorial Supplies, General Line

430   Landscape Contractor – Large Project

435   Landscape Contractors – Small Project
      Laundry And Dry Cleaning Equipment, Accessories, Parts And Supplies -
445   Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services
      Lawn Maintenance Equipment, Accessories, And Parts (Non-Agricultural
451   Licenses – Dog and Cat, tags etc.

453   Lighting, Street and Park

454   Lockers – New Units

455   Lockers – Repairs & Retrofits

456   Lockers – Painted – On and Off Site

457   Washroom Stalls/Toilet Partitions

458   Machinery And Hardware, Industrial

460   Management Services
      Marine Construction Services; Marine Equipment Maintenance And
      Repair; Related Marine Services
470   Markers, Plaques And Traffic Control Devices

475   Marking And Stenciling Devices

480   Mass Transportation - Transit Bus

485   Material Handling And Storage Equipment And Allied Items

490   Microfiche And Microfilm Equipment, Accessories, And Supplies

493   Mudjacking (see 193) Concrete, sidewalk curb and gutter.

495   Musical Instruments, Accessories, And Supplies

500   Nursery Stock, Equipment, And Supplies

505   Office Supplies, General

506   Office – moves, reconfiguration, design services

509   Overhead Doors – Installation and Maintenance.

510   Painting Equipment And Accessories

511   Paint Removal, Sand and Water blasting, Graffiti removal

512   Painting Contractors

515   Pagers

520   Paper (For Office And Print Shop Use)

525   Paper And Plastic Products, Disposable

530   Park, Playground, Recreational Area And Swimming Pool Equipment

531   Parking, meters, management systems, pay and display etc.

535   Personal Hygiene And Grooming Equipment And Supplies

540   Pest Control

545   Photocopiers, Fax Machines
549   Photography and/or Graphic Arts
      Photographic Equipment And Supplies (Not Including Graphic Arts,
      Microfilm, And X-Ray)
553   Pipe (for underground services)

554   Plants, Indoor – Retail and Maintenance

555   Plumbing Equipment, Fixtures, And Supplies

557   Point of Sale Equipment, ATM’s, ABM’s, Electronic Currency Services.

559   Poles, concrete, sign, fence etc.

560   Police Equipment And Supplies

561   Pools – swimming – equipment and installations

562   Pools – chemicals and accesories

565   Postage Equipment, Folders, Inserters, scales

570   Power Generation Equipment, Accessories, And Supplies
      Power Transmission Equipment - Electrical, Mechanical, Air And
580   Printing And Related Services

585   Printing Plant Equipment And Supplies (Except Papers)

590   Public Works And Related Services
      Publications And Audiovisual Materials (Prepared Materials Only, Not
      Equipment, Supplies, Or Production)
600   Pumping Equipment And Accessories
      Radio Communication And Telecommunication Testing, Measuring, And
      Analyzing Equipment, Accessories And Supplies
610   Real Property Rental Or Lease

615   Refrigeration Equipment And Accessories
619   Renovations, small, woodworking and carpentry

620   Rentals - Mat, Mops, Coveralls, Wiper

625   Rental Or Lease Of Equipment - General Equipment

627   Restoration Contractors/Consultants

630   Road And Highway Building and maintenance contracting

635   Road Resurfacing, Rebuilding, New Construction Service
      Road And Highway Equipment: Earth Handling, Grading, Moving,
      Packing, Etc.
645   Roads – sweeping, cleaning services and equipment

647   Roofing

650   Sale Of Surplus & Obsolete Items

655   Salt –Road, Calcium Chloride, Water conditioning

660   Sampling And Sample Preparation Services (For Testing)

665   Sanitizers/Air Fresheners

670   Scales And Weighing Apparatus

674   Security Patrols

675   Security, Safety, Fire and Emergency Services (sprinkler systems)

680   Sewer, Watermain, Underground Services Construction Services

685   Shredding Services and maintenance

690   Shoes And Boots

695   Signs, Sign Materials, Sign Making Equipment, And Related Supplies

700   Snow Removal/Plowing/Sidewalk Clearing
705   Sod and Topsoil Supply
      Sound Systems, Components, And Accessories: Group Intercom, Music,
      Public Address, Etc.
711   Space Planning

715   Sporting Goods, Athletic Equipment And Athletic Facility Equipment

720   Spraying Equipment (Except Household, Nursery Plant, And Paint)
      Tanks (Metal, Wood, And Synthetic Materials): Mobile, Portable,
      Stationary, And Underground Types
727   Telecommunications and Related Services

730   Television Equipment And Accessories

732   Tents – Emergency, special event and temp storage

735   Testing And Calibration Services
      Testing Apparatus And Instruments (Not For Electrical Or Electronic
745   Textiles, Fibers, Household Linens, And Piece Goods

750   Tickets, Coupon Books, Sales Books, Strip Books, Etc.

755   Tires And Tubes

760   Toilets – portable singles and on site trailers.

761   Trade Show Displays, Exhibits and Large Format Printing

762   Tree and Stump Removal

765   Vehicle- Leased

770   Vehicles – Dealership – new auto purchases-heavy equipment

775   Veterinary Equipment And Supplies

780   Visual Education Equipment And Supplies
785   Voice Response Systems

790   Waste Services – garbage pick-up bin service etc

795   Water And Wastewater Treating Chemicals
      Water Supply, Groundwater, Sewage Treatment, And Related
800   Equipment (Not For Air Conditioning, Steam Boiler, Or Laboratory
      Reagent Water)
801   Water Meters and Products

803   Weather Services

805   Welding Equipment And Supplies

      Welding (use 312 – Fabricating and Welding)

810   Window Cleaning

815   Wireless Voice and Data

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