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									Career Path Assignment                        Name:

Due date:

Outcome: C3.1 Demonstrate an awareness of ways that behaviours and values related to work
and career have changed over time. D5.3 Demonstrate an understanding of the ongoing role
of decision making in life/work building.

Talk to someone who is currently in the workforce and prepare a flowchart for the career
path they have taken. Then create a flowchart to map out your proposed career path.


What is it?

A Flowchart is a tool that graphically represents the steps of a process.

Why use it?

The Flowchart helps you analyze the number of steps and the time required
for each step, to detect bottlenecks, unnecessary steps, repetitions, and
other obstacles.

When to use it?

When you want to describe activities, identify problems, identify the causes
of problems, detect "bottlenecks," and define indicators.

How to use it:
                                      Different symbols are used in a
                                      Flowchart to indicate the different
                                      types of actions in the process:

                                            a circle for the beginning or
                                             end of the process
                                            a rectangle for a step in the
                                             process (activities)
                                            a diamond for the decision

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