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					LE CONSEIL DES                                                         The MHRFF’s Board of Governors
GOUVERNEURS DU FFDPM                                                              rewards
                                                                         MACUMBA INTERNATIONAL
ENGAGEMENT SOCIAL, CULTUREL                                                                        with
                                                                    the 2010 ARTHUR LAMOTHE AWARD

                                                   The evening is organised with the support of l’Institut d’études internationales de Montréal

                                          In 2009, the Montreal Human Rights Film Festival’s Board of Governors honoured Arthur
Honey A. Dresher, Présidente,             Lamothe for significant contributions to Quebec cinema and for his real and steadfast concern
Culture, Diversité, Communications
                                          for human rights throughout his entire work.
André Paradis, Président,
Amnistie internationale Canada            In 2010, the MHRFF’s Board of Governors announces the creation of the Prix Arthur
                                          Lamothe which will be awarded each year to artisans of a dedicated cinema who question
MEMBRES HONORAIRES                        themselves on the world’s fate and denounce attacks on human dignity.
Kathy Assayag, Vice rectrice,
Soutien universitaire et Relations avec   For outstanding efforts to advance the cause of human rights, the 2010 award goes to
les diplômé(e)s, Université Concordia     Macumba International, a Quebec company devoted to the creation and production of auteur
Charles Binamé, Cinéaste                  documentaries shot outside Canada. Macumba was founded in 1995 by Richard Cornellier,
                                          Patricio Henriquez and Raymonde Provencher
Michèle Boisclair, Présidente,
Centre international de solidarité
ouvrière (CISO)                           After directing numerous reportages in about thirty countries, within the frame of the Télé-
                                          Québec’s Nord-Sud program, Robert Cornellier, Patricio Henriquez and Raymonde
Gaétan Cousineau, Président,
Commission des droits de la personne      Provencher, founded in 1995, Macumba International, a true laboratory for the present.
et des droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ)      Under their guidance, these three globetrotters, with the constant desire “to open windows and
François Crépeau, Titulaire               build bridges between all the inhabitants of the planet”, give speech to those we hear too little,
Chaire Hans et Tamar Oppenheimer en       and dare denounce injustices prevailing in our societies. Their works were rewarded with
droit international public, Université    numerous prizes in Canada and on the international scene, and were shown throughout the
Ellen Gabriel, Présidente,
Femmes autochtones du Québec              Macumba International’s three aficionados have been roving the planet for 15 years now, with
Danièle Lacourse, Cinéaste,               their passion for international information, suggesting us deeply human documentary films.
productrice, présidente, Fondation        They have written, directed and produced a significant work corpus, among those are two
Alter-Ciné                                great series: Living in the City, 13 documentaries on the daily life of people living in the
Dany Laferrière, Écrivain et              world’s large cities (4 Gémeaux Awards) and EXtremis, eight programs exploring the extreme
                                          living condition of millions of individuals on the planet (3 Gémeaux Awards, 2002).
Hugo Latulippe, Cinéaste
Janet Lumb, Directrice, Festival          Among Robert Cornellier’s works, we can name Voices of Disposable People (2003), about
Accès Asie                                modern slavery, and Black Wave, the Legacy of the Exxon Valdez which received in 2008, the
André Melançon, Cinéaste,                 Gemini Award for the best documentary direction.
                                          Patricio Henriquez, came to Montréal after the 1973 coup d’état against the Allende
Brenda Paris, Consultante en              government. We owe him: The Last Stand of Salvador Allende (1998), on the Chilean
                                          President’s last day; Images of a dictatorship (1999), on the daily life of the Chilean people
Dominique Peschard,
Président, Ligue des droits et libertés
                                          under Pinochet (Jutra 2000 for the best Québécois documentary film); Juchitan, Queer
                                          Paradise (2002), about a gay community in Southern Mexico; The Dark Side of the White Lady
Raymonde Provencher,
Cinéaste, productrice, scénariste,        (2006), about a Chilean boat transformed into a detention and torture centre in September
Macumba international                     1973; Under the Hood, a Journey Into the World of Torture (2008, Jutra 2009 for the best
Patricia Rimok, Présidente,               Québécois documentary film).
Conseil des relations interculturelles
                                          Among the films that Raymonde Provencher has directed are: L’enfance assassinée (2000),
Hubert Sacy, Associé principal,
                                          La Planète ravagée (2001), War Babies... Nés de la haine (2002), on the fate of children born
                                          from rapes during wars (4 Gémeaux Awards, 2003); Leaving or Dying (2005) about
Alexandre Trudeau, Cinéaste,
Films JuJu                                clandestine immigration, and Blue Helmets: Peace and Dishonour (2007), on abuses
Laure Waridel, Auteure,                   committed by Blue Helmets on foreign missions.
écosociologue, cofondatrice               Macumba International invites us to take a different look.

                                          5e Montreal Human Rights Film Festival • March 11-21, 2010
                                          Montréal : Cinéma du Parc, Cinéma ONF, Cinéma Parallèle • Québec : Musée de la civilisation
                                          MÉDIA: Marie Marais, Press officer – 514-845-2821 –