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									                           The secret language of the

                       IRA                          LLC
                       Operating Agreement
                                By Jeff Nabers
                                CEO, Nabers Group Consulting
                             Founder, IRA Association of America

Within these pages you will find the valuable secret language of the IRA LLC Operating
Agreement that would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars. If you are considering
using an IRA LLC, but want to get to the bottom of things and understand what you are
paying for, then read ahead. This report will explain exactly what’s involved in forming
an LLC and how an IRA LLC contains special language within its documents.

Further, this report will disclose to you exactly what is in that special language. There’s
a lot of money out there in confusion, and this report aims to demystify the IRA LLC
setup process so that you can move forward with your investments without parting from
much of your money in the beginning. After you read this report, you will have the
understanding that enables you to either:

    Form your own IRA LLC using your local attorney;

    Select a boutique firm to form your IRA LLC; or

    Decide against forming an IRA LLC

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