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					A trend in luxury living today is creating an outdoor space that is equally as inviting
and delightful as the indoors. How are people doing this? There are many options
available with the right vision, landscaper, designer and vision. They include:
  1. Vanishing Edge Hot Tubs - Vanishing edge or negative edge swimming pools have
been a round for a while now but what about a vanishing edge hot tub? Yes, they
make these as well. With no visual barrier between the hot tub and the surrounding
environment, bathers can become immersed into the view. Such hot tubs are
particularly design worthy when one has a property with a view or even a bit of
elevation change. The hot tub should be placed on your property in a way that it flows
with the natural setting of it. The vanishing edge portion of the pool will become the
focal point, therefore you don’t want it overlooking neighbors property or a cluttered
portion of your yard. The hot tub can be placed in a way that it integrates itself with
the landscape and offers bathers great serenity. With a negative edge system, one
doesn’t need to keep their hot tub skimmed or cleaned as often as with a standing one
as floating debris falls over the edge into a filtration system.
  2. Fire Pits - What better way to enjoy the outdoors than with a man-made fire, just
as if you were camping but with elegance. Outdoor fire pits or fireplaces provide a
focal point to your property and can anchor an outdoor room. They can accommodate
more people and provide a cozy atmosphere. Outdoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits
can be built with many types of rustic (think natural stone) and man-made materials,
as long as they are fireproof. Many people choose natural stone such as fieldstone,
flagstone, river rock or sandstone. If these are not available and too expensive, you
can also opt for man-made faux-stone. Going faux offers you a number of colors of
which you can match to your surroundings. Natural wood, gas, propane or a
combination can be used in your fire pit. One can also use faux logs with gas or
propane. As for style, you can have your fire pit appear as a campground-like ring of
natural stones or an upscale mortared and veneered pit. Outdoor fire pits can range in
price from $200 to $15,000.
  3. Outdoor Kitchens - More and more people are moving outdoors to attend to their
cooking needs. Outdoor kitchens have many advantages. For one, family and guests
can more easily be involved in the cooking process and production of the meal. If the
food you are cooking has a lingering odor, such as fish or curry, no worries - cooking
outside keeps your indoor kitchen smelling fresh. Outdoor kitchens can range in price
and functionality. One can simply arrange for a counter and grill or go all out with
appliances, sinks, drawers and grills. Some are even opting for wood burning ovens to
cook pizzas, breads, roasts and more. Want to keep your dishes outside, you can have
a sink built in as well as enclosed shelving. By keeping all your pots, pans and dishes
outside, you won’t have to pull them out each time from the indoor kitchen and then
carry them back in to be washed. Before having your outdoor kitchen designed,
determine what your needs are and what features are important to you and your family.
You will also want to consider your budget as outdoor kitchens can become quite
pricey. How is your weather? If you are in an area where you can spend numerous
days outdoors, it may be worth investing a little more in your outdoor kitchen as
opposed to being in a colder climate.
 All of the above additions will not only add value to your quality of life and the
enjoyment of your home but also to the value of your home itself. Many say that
something as simple as the three above additions will bring back returns by 200% on
the investment.
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