Orthopedic Surgery- An Overview

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					Othopedic surgery is a specialized field where a medical specialist is trained to assess,
diagnose and treat medical problems and injury that occur in the bones, ligaments and
joints of the human body. Orthopedic surgeons are that special breed of doctors who
are qualified to make us of nonsurgical and surgical procedures to treat muscle and
bone trauma, congenital musculoskeletal disorders, tumors and infections, sports
injuries and degenerative diseases.
  Orthopedic surgery specialists deal with bone and its connecting tendons and
ligaments. Problems in parts of the central nervous system like the spine might also
need orthopedic surgery intervention as treatment or as a preventive measure.
Musculoskeletal and nerve disorders can be in-born, injury-related or due to aging.
These disorders can be acute, chronic or accident-related.
  Ortho in Greek means straight, while paideion means child. This shows that
orthopedic surgeons originally treated bone deformities in children. They used braces
and other such contraptions for corrective measures for straightening a child 鈥檚
bone deformity. Casts made of plaster of paris were eventually used for fractures.
Development in the field of medical technology and anesthesia brought about a
progression in the way orthopedic surgeons treat their patients. Surgical procedures
involving bones, connective tissues and nerves are now included in the line of work
for orthopedic surgeons.
  Though majority of orthopedic surgeons are into general practice of orthopedics,
there are those who choose to specialize in joint disorders, bone grafting, hand
surgery and disorders of the spinal column. There are orthopedic surgeons who
specialize in trauma medicine where they hold the fort in emergency rooms and
trauma centers. There are orthopedic surgeons whose work overlaps those of
pediatricians, plastic surgeons, geriatrics and even podiatrists. A new line for
orthopedic surgeons is that which deals in sports medicine. Many big league sport
teams retain the services of a qualified orthopedic surgeon for the care of their players.
In a nutshell, here is a list of specialized orthopedic surgery.
  鈥 ?Shoulder and elbow surgery 鈥 ?Hand surgery 鈥 ?Arthroplasty or joint
reconstruction 鈥 ?Foot and ankle surgery 鈥 ?Pediatric orthopedics
鈥?Musculoskeletal oncology 鈥?Orthopedic trauma 鈥?Surgical sports medicine
鈥?Spine surgery
  Note that the above list is not exclusive to orthopedic surgeons as in the field of
medicine. It is natural for a field of specialization to overlap with another field of
specialization. For example, though spine surgery is an accepted branch of orthopedic
surgery, neurosurgeons are also well-equipped and qualified to handle such
  It would be quite an extensive list if all orthopedic procedures are listed as there are
12 major fields of surgery relating to orthopedic surgery and some examples.
  鈥?Biomechanics- metal alloys and bone grafting 鈥?Elbow- as in arthrocentesis
elbow, coronoid fracture and more 鈥?Foot and ankle 鈥揳 s in Achilles tendon
pathology and more 鈥?Hand and upper extremity 鈥?carpal tunnel syndrome, hand
injury 鈥?Hip- pelvic fractures 鈥?Knee- patellar tendon rapture 鈥?Neoplasm -
Chondroblastoma 鈥?Pediatrics- cerebral palsy, fractures 鈥?Shoulder- rotator cuff
pathology 鈥 ?Spine 鈥 ?trauma, fractures 鈥 ?Systemic diseases 鈥 ?osteoporosis
 Orthopedic surgery specialists in Bangkok, Thailand are highly qualified medical
practitioners who have undergone years of medical school and years of residency and